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In Red Dead Redemption 2, the main goal for the player is to survive in any way. If in the wild you need to master the skills of hunting and learn how to get your own food, then in the gangster world, money has the greatest weight. The game has many ways to enrich themselves, but the most interesting option is to combine adventure and search for rich gain. During the walkthrough of the story player will repeatedly be able to go in search of treasure and go through exciting multi-stage missions. About them we have a separate article treasure map. At the end of each quest, Morgan's will wait for a generous reward, mostly in the form of gold bars. This is an expensive ($ 500 each) and a rare item that can be sold, having saved money for it. Gold bars do not roll on the road, but there are other places where they can be found. About these mini-treasuries and will be discussed in our guide.

How to Find Gold Bars

In the Wild West has always been something to profit. Gangs of bandits were constantly operating there, and during the skirmishes with the Indians many jewels and gold were lost. Having received tremendous wealth, not everyone lowered him right there for the sake of a full life. Unexpected money always aroused suspicions and rumors that sooner or later reached the curious ears of lovers to profit by someone else's good. Something was carefully hidden in secluded places, but something unexpectedly enriched was kept at home, in the most hidden corners and vaults. Even during the raid, not everyone can be shaken out of the pockets of the victims. If you do not know where to look, then the profit will literally float away from under your nose.

Where are the gold bars in the game RDR2

As mentioned above, Arthur will receive most of the “gold reserve” of the Wild West after completing the treasure hunt missions. For example, "The Hunt for the Treasure of the Poisonous Trail" will enrich Morgan by as many as four full-bodied gold bars, which in total will give $ 2,000. "The treasures of Jack Hall's gang" will give a more modest prize - two gold bars, and this is another $ 1,000 in Morgan's wallet. The game has caches, which are hidden ingots. These are either strange places where someone laid down a golden Easter egg, or valuables in abandoned or burnt houses. Get their business dusty, and as a result, the budget of Morgan will increase by 3,000 dollars. Pretty good earnings, given the fact that work is not necessary for this. The main difference between finding gold gems and treasure caches is maps. Treasure will have to hiccup for a long time, collecting cards in parts. It is enough to know about the caches only their location.

Gold bar in a burnt house

How to Sell Gold Bars

Money bars in Red Dead Redemption 2 exchange only stolen goods buyers. There are four of them in the game. After the extraction will be in your hands, you need to get to the nearest buyer and give him your treasure. For each bar he will pay $ 500. Pretty good amount. In order not to have to come to the buyer twice, during the exchange, examine its range. Perhaps something from it is useful to you, so you can immediately pay for the purchase. There is no sense to keep bars. The only option is to make an emergency reserve of $ 500 for a rainy day, which can later be exchanged when the money is required urgently.

The Secret of the Braithwaite Manor

In the third chapter, Arthur learns about the disappearance of the boy Jack Braithwaite, with whom he previously fished. This news will be reported to Morgan by Dutch. As part of the quest "Blood feuds: ancient and modern," Arthur and the bandits camp will go in search of the boy on the estate of his family, as suspicions will fall on her. In the possession of the Braithwaite, an inhospitable reception awaits them. Older sons will begin a shootout, and then other opponents will catch up. A bloody brawl will start, during which the Dutch gang will shoot almost everyone.

Location where the cache is located in Chapter 3: The Secret of the Braithwaite Manor

Ultimately, Van der Linde himself will be questioned with passion by Catherine Braithwaite. Pressing against the wall, she still tells that she gave her younger son to Saint Denis Angelo Bronte. Since the Braithwaite family will be completely destroyed by the joint efforts of the members of the gang Van der Linde, the estate will be burned and only the burnt ruins will remain. After passing the third chapter, Morgan should return to this memorable place. The player needs to find the body of the murdered Catherine. It will lie in one of the rooms near the fireplace, behind which is a box. In this unremarkable safe, the player will find a gold bar.

Location where the cache of gold in RDR2

Treasure in a Dead Village

To find the second bar, Morgan will have to visit another ruin. This time you need to go to the village of Limpani, which once burned down. The settlement is located northwest of Flatnek Station. As a guideline, you can use the coordinates of the old gangster camp Datca in "Horseshoe Highlands". Among the burnt heads and skeletons of houses you need to find the building in which the local sheriff once worked. This will help the inscription "Sheriff" on the miraculously preserved sign. Inside, Morgan will find the legalist’s desk, and under it is a safe, in which lies a gold bar. The game had a bug associated with this find. Experienced players have established an interesting fact. If you take an ingot, save, exit the game, and after re-entering again to open the safe, the ingot will still be there. You can take it an unlimited number of times, but you can’t take the golden mountain with you, you need to take into account the physical capabilities of the character and his horse. When you visit the dead village again, the ingot will no longer be in the safe, that is, you could use the bug only once. Although even such a number of ingots is quite enough to ensure a comfortable life for several generations of the Morgan family if Arthur left descendants.

Location where you can find a cache with a gold bar

Trains Bring Profit

Rob trains need to be very fast. Every player knows about it. Already five minutes after the start of the raid, you can begin to worry, as the lawyers very quickly arrive at the crime scene. We told about how to hunt for passengers' money and valuables in a separate guide. There is one relatively safe train for a gangster. Here, no one will come running to help passengers, as the composition is completely empty. The train earlier crashed and derailed. The crash site will be found not far from Cotorra Springs, just north of Fort Wallace on the Granit Pass.

Location where the train crash site

In the composition you can find not only two gold bars, but also a cache with jewels, a bag of coins and dollars. Why hunters have not yet been found on such a generous catch is an open question.

Cache of gold in the train that came off the rail.

It is very difficult to get to the train. Descend better from the north side of the road. The path will lie between two mountain ranges. Need money and jewelry. To get into the car with gold bars, you need to stick to the right side of the embankment. He stopped upright. All the same, that Morgan will still manage to overcome this obstacle. First, you need to be back to the composition, thoroughly accelerate and jump right on the hill. You can grab onto and help yourself with your hands.

How best to get to the train that crashed in the game RDR2

Be very careful during this climbing session, as the stones are slippery and the height is significant. It is easy to break and break to death. Then you need to make a dizzying jump and get into the car with ingots from above. The game is worth the candle, as only on gold Morgan earns $ 1,000. In addition to ingots, there is also an excellent rum in the car - a legacy of pirates, it is unclear how it turned out in this composition.

Riddle of Strange Statues

Riddle of Strange Statues RDR2

In one of the rocky faults west of the Donner Falls waterfall in Ambarino's location there are strange statues. Their location can be found right next to the road that passes by Mysterious Hill. It is inconspicuous, because the entrance is very narrow, resembles a crack in the rock from a distance. The statues are strange in the truest sense of the word. They resemble the Greek pedestals, which for completely unknown reasons were in the Wild West. In the cave, the figures were lined up in a circle about one central. If you click on each statue in a certain sequence, a cache of gold bars will open. You can guess about the sequence as long as you want, but it is easier to first visit another place in the rocks, where there is a solution to this puzzle.

Location where the cache of gold - Riddles of strange statues

The player must go to Window Rock. On one of the rocks, someone carefully painted strange images of eight eagles and men. You can not pay attention to people, as they have no relation to the solution. We are interested in eagles. The largest is located in the center, and seven crowded around it. The player needs only those eagles, the beaks of which "look" in the same direction as the head of the central bird. Now you need to count the feathers in the tails of these painted birds, and make a record of the find in the diary. The figures should be 2,3,5 and 7. The most forgetful players should better take a screenshot just in case. Now you can saddle a horse and go to the cave with statues. It is located very close, so it is not worthwhile to postpone the solution of the rebus for a better opportunity.

RDR2 - Location where the gold bars are hidden

Again, we squeeze into a rocky cleft and make our way to a strange architectural composition. It's time to count the fingers of the statues. For many, they are partially repulsed. Those pedestals, in which the number of fingers coincides with the number of feathers of eagles, and guard the cache. On them you need to press the buttons, after which the casket opens. The sequence should be the same as in the counted feathers: 2, 3, 5 and 7. Pay attention to the armless statue. Fallen off limb can be found nearby, it will roll on the floor of the cave. Three fingers on it are also counted. If a player accidentally made a mistake, then you can correct the situation. You just need to go to the statue from the rear and squeeze the button in the opposite direction.

The location of the statues in Arthur s diary

A beep will alert the player to the successful completion of the operation. You can pick up the reward and go to the buyer of the stolen goods for the transaction.

Rock painting in the game RDR2

Bottle Tree

The company Rockstar is known for its easter eggs and unexpected secrets that developers diligently fill the game worlds. In Red Dead Redemption 2 you can find, perhaps, the most non-normous tree. Its branches are not decorated with green foliage or lush needles, but something much more interesting. Between the dried-up bed of the Dewberry Creek river and the Flatnek station, this unusual tree grows - a dream come true and a real gift for the drinker. A crank hung ten bottles of whiskey to him.

Bottle tree - a gold bar in one of the bottles

In nine, the booze is really tempting, and a gold bar is hidden inside one of them. To determine in which, you have to activate the ability "Dead Eye". The desired bottle will be highlighted. Now it's time to get a weapon, take a good aim, shoot a bullet and smash glass containers into smithereens. After that, you can slowly come to the tree and pick up an unexpected gift. This place should not be walked at night, as many inattentive players missed a tree even during the day. If you ride on a horse, it really blends with the surrounding landscape.

Mark on the map where the tree with the bottles is located