Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Arm Buying Guide


From the moment LCDs, computers and laptops came into being, we have been adjusting ourselves to sofas, beds, and even chairs to get that perfect viewing angle. Sometimes we succeed, but most of the time, we fail miserably.

It is quite understandable that we all want to have that perfect display angle that not only enhances our productivity but also keeps us from straining our eyes and shoulders. Nobody wants to go home from work all exhausted and drawn out, then why not get yourself a dual monitor arm?

The dual monitor arm efficiently eliminates the need to adjust yourself according to the position of your screen; in fact, it provides you with the benefit of changing your filter the way your posture finds comfortable. You can extend it closer to your or adjust its height according to your comfort and make the most of your time on the desk.

These dual monitor arms also allow the user to make the most of his time while working on not one but two screens simultaneously. It is a product worth investing in, which is why we are here with some reliable recommendations.

Take a look at all the following dual monitor arms and save yourself from the hassle of Google research. We have enlisted down top dual monitor arms in the market for you to choose from.

1. VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

VIVO Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount Stand

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The very first recommendation on our list is the product that was acclaimed as the bestselling dual monitor arm. The Vivo Dual LCS Monitor Desk Mount Stand is among the best screen mounts because of its fantastic construction and robust versatility.

The mount allows you to place your monitor either in landscape mode or portrait mode according to your requirement. Along with that, it also offers an excellent working experience. You can easily adjust the monitor height once you have placed it in your desired mode conveniently.

The Vivo Dual LCD Monitor Desk Mount also comes with the capabilities of 360-degree rotation and 180-degree swivel that helps you in viewing the screen just the way you want. You can use this mount by installing it on your desk via a grommet installation.


  • The mount is constructed by using heavy-duty steel
  • Offers 360-degree rotation
  • Very easy to install


  • The vertical adjustment settings are pretty limited

2. ONKRON Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

ONKRON Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand

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For anyone who wants to increase his productivity at work should always look into dual monitor desk mount. These bad boys really help and our next recommendation is something you’re thoroughly going to enjoy.

The Onkron Dual Monitor Desk Mount Stand fell into our list because of its aircraft-grade dual alloy construction and magnificent capabilities of handling two monitors simultaneously like a breeze. The stand is pretty sturdy but also extremely lightweight.

One of the things that we loved about this dual-screen mount is its ability to increase or decrease the height of each monitor efficiently. The arm offers you with full-motion that will allow you to adjust the height of the screen according to your ease and comfort.

Onkron has also integrated the mount with a built-in spring gauge that can be easily adjusted and handles the monitor weight efficiently. If you have a habit of changing positions while working, then this bad boy is what you need to look for.


  • Great construction quality
  • Height adjustability settings are easy
  • Very affordable desk mount


  • Installation is a bit tricky

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3. AVLT-Power Dual 35" Monitor Desk Stand

AVLT-Power Dual 35 inch Monitor Desk Stand

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Our second pick for this list is a top rated dual monitor arm known as AVLT-Power Premium Aluminum Stand. This is an ideal choice for anybody looking for a monitor arm that can hold a single screen within a size of 13-32 inches.

To ensure that your monitor is safe, you need to note down that this monitor arm can carry up to 19.0 lbs easily. With the help of this mounting gear, we assure you that you will have a very reliable mounting desk stand up your sleeve. The company has attached this monitor arm with a heavy and sturdy clamp that will effortlessly lift your screen without breaking a sweat.

If you're worried about that this mounting arm might get sag over time, then you should rest assured because it is meant to last for a very long time. You can easily make height adjustments with this monitor arm and set your screen on an angle that offers you maximum comfort.

Another thing that we must add here is that to provide their customers with user satisfaction, AVLT has powered this mounting stand with a 1-year warranty. So, if you're looking for a dual monitor arm that comes with a safety net, then you should go with this one.


  • Very easy to setup;
  • Highly convenient;
  • Sturdy clamp.


  • The clamp gets a little wobbly if there is too much movement on the desk.

4. Ergotron – LX Dual Stacking Arm – 13-Inch Pole, Polished Aluminum

Ergotron – LX Dual Stacking Arm – 13-Inch Pole, Polished Aluminum

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Ergotron has been a name of trust among all the computer users because they have been manufacturing trusted user gear to improve the viewing of digital display. The Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm is quite a versatile piece of gear that can healthily improve your view when it comes to working for constant hours.

If you're a laptop user who is looking for a dual-arm so he could view his monitor sideways, then LX Dual Stacking Arm is an excellent product to bet your money on. It is manufactured by the brand's trademark polished aluminum which very sturdy and has a solid base. It is designed to last for years and is highly recommended for those who regularly work on dual screens.

The tool is well-capable of holding a large display or a simple screen in place, which makes it one of the best dual arms for the monitor in the market. The arms lift the screen from the surface and provide you with an ergonomic workspace so you can efficiently work in a very well-distributed environment.

The Ergotron LX Dual Stacking Arm conveniently makes it easy for you to make a multi-configure screen. The flexible arms can quickly help you adjust the height and position of the screen for a far better viewing angle. It is relatively easy to set up on your desk as compared to other dual arms, and you can mount your screen within minutes.


  • Very stable dual arm
  • Easy to setup
  • Comes with 5-year warranty


  • It doesn’t support ultra-wide screens

5. AmazonBasics Premium Dual Arm Monitor Stand

AmazonBasics Premium Dual Arm Monitor Stand

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The AmazonBasics Premium Dual Arm Monitor Stand was manufactured exclusively to make adjustability motion smoother and easier. It will perfectly suit all your viewing angles and is highly versatile so it can adjust to different angles.

The side by side arms of this dual stand allows you to work simultaneously on both screens and adjust the heights as well. The arms are well-capable of holding more than 20-lbs, which indicates that this is a sturdy mount to own.

Most of the people who have used AmazonBasics Premium Dual Arm Monitor has ensured that this increased their productivity by 50%. The comfortable viewing angles don’t let you get tired when you have tons of work to do.

The stand can easily tilt to 75-degrees, and you can even bring this closer to you for a more clear vision for up to 34cm. AmazonBasics has used high-quality aluminum, which has enabled the mount to hold monitors efficiently.

Another added feature that this dual arm monitor has been integrated with is the cable management system. Now you won't have to deal with the cables of two monitors with the help of this mount. You can easily conceal the wires and make your workspace look all neat and tidy.


  • The side by side arms are thoroughly convenient
  • You can extend it and tilt it easily to adjust with your viewing angles
  • Very durable


  • A little expensive as compared to most of the products on this list

6. EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand

EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand - one of the best Dual Monitor Arm

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If you have a habit of always working for longer hours in office, then EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand is a pal that you need to get for yourself. It offers you a very comfortable working environment and allows you to get most things done in a day while staying in an utmost comfortable zone.

The EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand features three compartments that make your work easier and hassle-free. The top compartments hold your computers while the other chambers can have all your other accessories. You can even let the lower compartment hold your mouse and keyboard for better organization.

Another added feature that EleTab Dual Monitor has been integrated with is a storage box. You can keep your charger, mobile, data cable, power bank, and almost every essential easily in this storage unit. This is a very sturdy frame, made out of solid materials that can easily hold up to 33lbs of weight.

The dual monitor arm comes with an adjustable system that allows you to adjust its height and extend its viewing angle according to your requirements. The Best thing about this monitor arm is that it comes packed in a way that you won't have to go through any trouble assembling it. All you have to do is just take it out of the box and mount it on your desk. It is a vast monitor arm that easily allows you to place to monitors on it simultaneously. The touch screen controls are unlike we have seen in any other dual monitor arm that makes easy adjustments within seconds. The EleTab Dual Monitor Mount Stand is quite capable of handling your monitors sturdily.


  • Highly compatible with all monitors
  • Very sturdy construction
  • Comes with a storage space


  • Might not suit the needs of every kind of user

7. Vari Dual-Monitor Arm

Top 10 Best Dual Monitor Arm

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Instead of getting strained after an entire day of work because of working on a wrong angle, why not make it easier for yourself and get a Vari Dual Monitor Arm so you can work consistently and conveniently.

With the help of the Vari Dual Monitor Arm, you can easily set up two screens simultaneously to enhance your working or gaming experience. One of the biggest perks of using a dual monitor arm is to maximize your productivity and to be able to share updates with colleagues during a conference conveniently.

The arms of this mount are entirely functional, and you can adjust the height or tilt the screen just as you want to for your convenience and comfort. The best thing about Vari Dual Monitor Arm is the 360-degree rotation feature. With the help of this feature, you can rotate your computer screen entirely and get a much better viewing angle.

The mount can support over 20 lbs in weight, which means that it can easily lift most of the full screens display easily. While you can extend the screen at a maximum of 29 cm, you can also adjust the height up-to 12 ensures that makes sure it is suitable for people with all heights and viewing angles. It is also VESA compatible, which makes it all the more worth buying.


  • Easy to set up and adjust
  • Very flexible
  • Excellent customer service


  • Monitors get a bit wobbly if you’re constantly using the desk

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8. Loctek D7SD Dual Monitor Mount

Loctek D7SD Dual Monitor Mount

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When using a desk monitor, it is highly recommended by most of the experts that the eye level should be lower than the screen, at least 2-3 inches. This is where the Loctek D7SD Dual Monitor Mount comes into play.

This monitor mount is VESA compatible, and it ensures that you don't put too much strain on your eyes while you're always working. The longer an arm is, the more flexibility it provides, which is why we loved how compatible and adjustable D7SD Dual Monitor Arm is.

It is made with finely polished aluminum, and it provides the polished and unavoidable look most of the office desks need. The adjustability mode of this monitor mount is excellent, which just makes it all the more worth buying.

The Loctek D7SD Dual Monitor Mount supports all the monitors that have 75x75mm and 100x100mm patterns. Loctek has integrated this model with gas springs that can be easily used to adjust the height of the mounts or tilt it around and work with different angles.

You can easily place the monitors side by side or even adjust them one above the other, all according to your viewing requirements. One thing that is worth mentioning here is that this is the only monitor arm you will find in the market that offers such versatile and unique positioning.


  • Offers great support for LCD monitors
  • The swivel motions are extremely flexible
  • It easily fits in a wide array of desks


  • The customer care is really unhelpful

9. Flexispot 47 inch Standing Desk Converter Bundle

Flexispot 47 inch Standing Desk Converter Bundle

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This Flexispot is an innovative dual monitor stand, a style that we haven’t recommended before. This is a standing desk with a width of 42” and it can easily support up-to two computers. The unit is also well-capable of holding two screens simultaneously which makes it highly functional and easy to use.

The thing we loved most about this product is the flexible working space it offers. The monitor arm saves up a lot of surface and provides you with all the extra space you need to work efficiently. The Flexispot Standing Desk Converter Bundle also features a removable keyboard tray. With the help of this accessory, you can ease up your working hours and work as conveniently and comfortably as possible. You can also remove this tray when not in use to ease up more space on your desk.

The height adjustment comes handy since the monitor arm allows you to adjust the screen just as you want for maximum comfort. You can place this mount on any kind of table for efficient working experience, and the installation process is thoroughly convenient.

The dual monitor arm uses a single hand height adjustment that can be smoothly adjusted. It offers a very spacious desktop space, one that we have not found among most of our recommendations. The design of Flexispot Standing Desk Converter is thoroughly ergonomic. It fits the needs of different people with different heights accurately.


  • Very easy to setup
  • Can be smoothly adjusted
  • The ergonomic design is highly functional


  • The keyboard tray doesn’t provide a solid and convenient typing experience

10. VIVO Premium Aluminum Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

VIVO Premium Aluminum Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount

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The fact that a lot of thought and creativity was given due regard for the manufacturing of VIVO Premium Aluminum Full Motion Dual Monitor Desk Mount clearly indicates that it is one of the best monitor arms available in the market.

The dual supports a very sturdy construction along with a grommet mounting mechanism that ensures it will hold your screen as sturdily as possible. It provides excellent support to two monitors simultaneously and ensures that you will be able to enhance your working hours twice. It is optimized for most of the monitors that measure between 17 to 32 inches.

Each of the mechanical arms of VIVO Premium Aluminum Dual Monitor Desk Mount can lift of 17.9 lbs of weight. It is VESA supported, which means it is highly compatible with most of the monitors in the market except for Apple computers. Once you have attached the monitor screen to the arms, you can smoothly swivel them and place them in the comfortable position you want.

Another thing that is worth adding here is that this dual monitor arm features USB ports in its base that allows the user to transfer data or charge anything conveniently quickly. The stand also comes with an integrated cable management system that will keep your workplace mess-free.


  • It supports vertical and horizontal orientation
  • Very easy to install
  • The grommet mounting option is really sturdy


  • Quite expensive

The Buying Guide For Best Dual Monitor Arm

If you’re planning on investing in a dual monitor arm, that means you need to consider all the designated factors for buying this gear that will help you in achieving a more convenient and easier viewing experience.

There are several effects of buying an excellent dual monitor arm, the biggest one being that it enhances your productivity game and makes you more efficient during your working hours. A few things that can help you choose an ideal dual monitor arm include your requirements, such as the type of monitors or notebooks you're using, your level of comfort, and the measurement of your work desk. Before you indulge yourself through the shopping spree, you must consider the things mentioned above to make your purchase all the more worth it.

There are other factors to consider, as well. Depending on how you would like to move your monitor, you need to consider the vertical movement, the tilt movement, side to side movement, and so on. The way you sit on your desk and work is also going to be a contributing factor in choosing the best dual monitor arm.

We always suggest that you go for monitor arms that come with straight-up adjustable manuals. These manuals thoroughly help you in setting up the mounting arm and making the adjustable settings. Another factor that is worth considering is the sturdiness of the monitor arm you're purchasing. Always remember the monitor arm that you're buying will be holding your expensive monitors, so you don't want to end up with something that isn't manufactured for the purpose.

Now, moving on, let’s take a look at all the factors you need to consider when buying a dual monitor arm.

  • VESA Standards

    Before you start looking for a dual monitor mount, you need to ensure that your monitors are VESA standard. If you own a MacBook or an Apple Computer, then you will have to get an adapter separately because Apply doesn’t comply with standards set by Video Electronics Standards Association.

  • Level of adjustability

    The next thing you need to consider is the level of adjustability amount is offering you. We all have different postures in which we work, and they change from time to time. You need to go for the mount that is offering you maximum settings when it comes to height adjustability and tilting. You should easily be able to tilt your monitor screen at the angle you want.

  • Arm specific preferences

    Depending on your height and the size of your upper body, you need to make sure that you choose a monitor very wisely. You also need to consider the swinging mode and the movement of these dual arms thoroughly.

    Another thing you need to consider is the weight of your monitor screen before you make the purchase. Even though most of the dual monitor arms that you find in the market come with the amount of sturdiness, but you still don't want to end up with a monitor arm that cannot hold your monitor screen efficiently.

    Every monitor arm has a specific weight capacity, so make sure you consider that before buying. Also, look at the distance to which the monitor arm can be extended. If it lies under your required range, then go for it.

  • Strength of the mount

    Dual monitor arms are most likely going to carry a lot of weight, so the power of their mounts matters a lot. They should be built with solid material and should be sturdy enough to hold your monitor in place.

  • Material

    You need to pick a dual monitor arm that is manufactured with robust materials so they can easily lift your screens. The most suitable monitor arms are built with aluminum, and this is what you will find most commonly in the market. Also, make sure the material isn't rusty in any way so that it may last longer than expected.

  • Tilt range

    Another factor that you must consider before buying a dual monitor arm is the tilt range. A right and reliable monitor arm should be able to tilt sideways and backward quickly. The maximum the tilting, the more comfortable you will be when working. Once you start looking, you will see that there are many PC mounts available in the market that can be easily tilted towards 200-degrees.

  • Easy to install

    Last but not least, the dual monitor arm that you are buying should be easy to install. Nobody wants to end up with a gear that requires a professional to be able to use it. Always go for easy to set up dual monitor arms so you won't have to depend on another person to fix it for you.

    Also, go for the dual monitor arms that come with detailed instruction manuals. These manuals, even though most of us intend to read it, really help a lot when it comes to fixing the arm to your table.

    So, these are a few factors that you need to consider when buying a dual monitor arm. We hope that our product recommendations were able to help you out in picking the right dual monitor arm for yourself; still, if not, we are entirely confident that our buying guide must've omitted all the remaining confusion.

Some common FAQS regarding best dual monitor arm

So, we came across some of the most frequently asked questions regarding dual monitor arms, and we are answering some of them below.

  • How to mount the dual monitor arm on the desk?

    Every dual monitor comes with a robust clamp that you can attach to the arm and then set it up on the desk. For any confusion, you can always read the instruction manual that comes in the package to set your dual mount up efficiently.

  • Is a monitor arm worth buying?

    There are several benefits of monitor arms, which included relieving neck and shoulder pain, enhancing your working hours, and comfort. If you have long working hours, then investing ina monitor arm will be worth it.

  • Are our monitor arms universal?

    No, not all monitor arms are universal. They can be attached to the specific size of monitors, which is labeled on their package.

What do we think?

According to our research, we have found AmazonBasics to be the most reliable brand when it comes to purchasing adjustable gear. Their quality is phenomenal, and they offer the most features in their products. Another brand that is worth buying is VIVO. They also have a wide array of products to choose from, and their quality is substantial.

We hope this article has been helpful to you. If you have any queries and recommendations in this regard, do let us know through your feedback below.