Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard and Mouse | Buyer’s Guide | Comparison Charts


Buying a reasonable wireless keyboard and a mouse are vital to your gaming setup. The gamers are usually very conscious about their gaming devices because gaming needs specialized tools that can meet the specific requirements and take your gaming experience to the next level. That is why I have brought a detailed review of some of the best mouse and keyboards in the market, followed by a comprehensive buying guide along with the comparison chart allowing you to view all the necessary features quickly. The top picks include devices with different features and varying prices ranging from the premium quality highly-priced models to reasonable and cheap priced devices to make sure that you will definitely add one to your cart.

Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

Comparison Chart

1. CORSAIR K57 RGB Wireless Gaming Keyboard

CORSAIR K57 RGB - Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

Go wireless with CORSAIR K57 RGB that has excellent backlighting function and less power consumption than the conventional wireless keyboards. This keyboard is equipped with Capellix LEDs that shine brighter and consume extra-ordinary lesser energy than the other ordinary keyboards. On top of that, you can choose out of 18 lighting effects as per your wish. The keyboard enables gaming of continuously 35 hours with lighting and about 175 hours without illumination.

It comes with a detachable soft rubber hand rest that provides excellent comfort for long hours of gaming. CORSAIR wireless gaming keyboard has exclusive Volume and multimedia controls that help you to adjust the settings without hassle. There are two convenient modes of connection you can connect your keyboard through. Superfast 1 ms Slipstream wireless technology enables you to play the game without the hassle of wires, Low latency Bluetooth and wired USB allow you to play games even when the keyboard’s energy has been drained.

The size and weight of the keyboard are ideal. It is super-light with little or no flimsiness. It is a membrane keyboard, and the typing is fun. It is made up of plastic, and the bonus is no requirement of any extra software for installation. Overall, the keyboard is worth the price. The only downside is that it is a membrane keyboard, so the keys are not separated like the mechanical one.


  • It comes with a comfortable and detachable rubber palm rest.
  • Three convenient modes of connection.
  • Low energy consumption.
  • Exemplary backlighting function.
  • Dedicated controls.
  • Affordable price.


  • Sometime Capslock and Numlock stop working.
  • It is not a mechanical keyboard.
  • It does not work well with the steam software.

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2. Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED - Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

Take your gaming to the next level by Logitech G613 wireless mechanical keyboard that is appropriately designed for gaming. The functions are all exclusively intended to make your gaming experience enjoyable. The light speed wireless technology enables super-fast 1 ms operations and mechanical keys that are no other than the exception. These Romer G mechanical switches deliver quiet performance and make complicated tasks easier for you.

You can also customize the G-keys with the Logitech software to make your working more comfortable. It is a Bluetooth enabled device that is compatible with Windows 8 or later, Mac OS X 10.12 or later, Chrome OS, or Android 3.2 or later, iOS 10 or later. This battery-operated keyboard simply needs 2 AA batteries to function, which lasts upto 18 months. Moreover, It has an integrated palm rest to make your long sessions comfortable. It has phenomenal battery life. However, the keys are not illuminated.

As far as the price is concerned, The keyboard offers excellent utility and value for money that justifies its price. It is equipped with all the advanced features; a modern wireless gaming keyboard should have. So, I will recommend Logitech G613 Lightspeed wireless mechanical keyboard if you are brand conscious and want to buy a branded keyboard at a competitive price.


  • It is a wireless mechanical keyboard.
  • It is Equipped with superfast 1ms technology and Bluetooth connectivity.
  • No lag while gaming.
  • It is equipped with exclusive Media Keys and G Keys.
  • It has an excellent battery life.
  • It has an Integrated Palm rest.


  • It is a bulky keyboard.
  • It is not backlit.

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3. G-Cord Wireless Mechanical Rechargeable Keyboard with LED Backlit for Gaming or Office

G-Cord Wireless Mechanical Rechargeable Keyboard - Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

If you want a wireless gaming keyboard at a low price, then the G-Cord mechanical keyboard must be your pick. It comes with full functionality and all that you need for gaming. This keyboard is versatile, and you can use it for everyday computing and for your office as well. Whether its accounting or gaming, This keyboard fits all your needs.

It is easy to use and connect. You just need to plug a USB receiver, and here you go. It does not require any extra software to be installed in order to function. Another plus point is the availability of wired mode. It is suitable for high-speed data transfer, so you can also use the wired mode if comfortable while gaming. Moreover, the keyboard is equipped with a long life 1300 mAh rechargeable battery that enables you to play 240 hours for heavy use and 600 hours for regular use. The G-Cord wireless keyboard is a large-sized keyboard armed with 104 keys and universal compatibility. It is compatible with almost all operating systems, including XP / VISTA / WIN7 / WIN8 / WIN10 / Mac OS X/OS X/Mac OS/IBM and others.

What I like most about this keyboard is its low price with such competitive features and the excellent value for money it offers. Another unique feature is the versatility it provides. It is appropriate for any use, whether you need to do everyday computing or gaming.


  • All the keys are illuminated.
  • The keys have a large and bright font.
  • It delivers a tactile response.
  • It has a long-life rechargeable battery.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It is lightweight and easy-to-use.
  • Two modes to use, wireless as well as wired.
  • Sturdy built and great looks.


  • The keys are hard to press.
  • It has a limited range.

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4. GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1

GameSir Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Z1 - Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

GameSir Mechanical gaming keyboard supports both PC and your mobile phone through the BattleDock technology that converts the keyboard’s input signal so that they may be recognized by the mobilephone. It supports both the platforms appropriately, but there are some specialized requirements that need to be fulfilled in order to use this keyboard for your Phone. It helps only a few games on the phone and asks to enable a few modes.

The device is armed with four programmable macro keys that are dedicated to fulfilling multiple commands and 29 programmable keys. The keys require minimal effort and exhibit a great response. Moreover, the keyboard is backlit with 16.8 million different color shades that offer fantastic lighting effects. You can customize the lighting settings according to your choice. The manual is ergonomically designed with a detachable palm rest, ensuring comfort. GameSir Keyboard has a 2000 mAh rechargeable battery.

The keyboard is not wireless, which is the downside. However, it is compact and portable, so it is the most attractive feature fo me. The price is reasonable, but the option of going wireless is not their so many of the gamers may not choose to buy this model.


  • It is Suitable for Pc and mobile as well.
  • It is Compact and suitable if you are a mobile gamer.
  • It has an affordable price.
  • It Allows RGB LED-backlit.
  • It has mechanical switches.
  • It has programmable keys.


  • It does not have Bluetooth connectivity.
  • It does not work wireless.

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5. SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL - Best Gaming Wireless Keyboard

If you are looking for a durable, sturdy, and super-fast keyboard with excellent response time and exemplary actuation, then go for SteelSeries Apex Pro TKL mechanical keyboard exclusively made for gaming. It has magnetic sensors that deliver ultrafast performance and perfect actuation for number of games.

The keyboard is sturdy enough to guarantee 100 million keypresses and does not wear down with time. It has a consistent performance that allows gaming without the hassle of downloading any extra software. OLED smart display allows adjusting settings and viewing information regarding your game. Moreover, You can save five profiles on the keyboard for different games with customized actuation distance, per-key RGB, and others.

SteelSeries Apex is equipped with integrated palm support that provides comfort and convenience. It has dedicated multimedia controls to adjust different media settings just with a tap. This keyboard has a solid construction that differentiates it from other ordinary keyboards. It is made of an Aircraft-grade aluminum alloy frame that provides incredible durability. The keyboard is pricier enough, but if you want a perfect combination of sturdiness, easiness & fast, reliable performance, then Apex Pro TKL must be your choice.


  • It has Ergonomic design with comfortable hand rest.
  • It is exclusively designed for gamers.
  • It has an ultra-fast response and actuation.
  • It has software free customization.
  • It has exemplary durability and sturdiness.
  • It is exclusively made for gaming.


  • It has a high price.
  • It is hefty.
  • The keys are loud.

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Best Gaming Wireless Mouse

Comparison Chart

1. Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Basilisk Ultimate - Best Gaming Wireless Mouse

The company claims 25% faster performance than the ordinary wireless mouse combines with a modern Razer HyperSpeed wireless technology the provides wireless freedom with low latency and excellent interference reduction. The mechanical switches are 3x quicker than ordinary ones and utilize light beam actuation that actuated at the speed of light.

This mouse has an exemplary low-latency, and it is faster than any other existing technology. It is equipped with a 20,000 DPI optical sensor that detects even a minor movement or your mouse. The switches are long-lasting and ensure 70 million clicks. It enables customizable lighting effects featuring 16.8 million color shades. The rechargeable battery is quite powerful, which enables 5 hours of gameplay with only 10 minutes of charging. There are 11 programmable buttons that allow sensitivity adjustments and configuration of macro functions. You can also adjust the sensitivity of a scroll wheel through a dial located below the mouse.

As far as the price is concerned, This wireless mouse seems very pricey because I think it useless to spend so much on the mouse for the functions that are also being delivered by other cheap models. However, if you do not have a budget constraint and looking for a branded mouse with excellent performance, then Razer Basilisk Ultimate HyperSpeed Wireless Gaming Mouse is what you would really like.


  • It delivers ultra-fast performance and excellent actuation.
  • It delivers low-latency and brilliant interference reduction.
  • It has great sensitivity.
  • It allows customizable backlighting.
  • It has long battery life.
  • Durable and sturdy switches.


  • Very high price.

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2. Logitech G502 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

Logitech G502  - Best Gaming Wireless Mouse

Logitech G502 is another mouse with excellent performance and a relatively low price. It utilizes super-fast wireless technology that is exclusively designed for pro gamers.It has a strong sensor that constitutes 16000 DPI enabling great speed, exemplary accuracy, and steady responsiveness.

It has 11 buttons that can be customized to assign different commands for each game. The scroll wheel is super fast to scroll down the long web pages and more. Moreover, this mouse comes with RGB LED technology that lights your mouse up with about 16.8 million different shades. You can also create your personalized effects through this RGB technology.

The mouse is made up of lightweight plastic that is easy to control, along with immense durability and iconic design. It is compatible with POWERPLAY through which you can continuously charge your mouse wirelessly.


  • It is a wireless mouse with ultra-fast performance.
  • It has customized backlighting effects.
  • It constitutes of 16000 DPI that enables accuracy and responsiveness.
  • Lightweight built.
  • Iconic design.
  • High-quality optical sensor.


  • It has a high price.

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3. Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed Lightest Wireless Gaming Mouse

Razer Viper Ultimate - Best Gaming Wireless Mouse

This is another high-performer from the same manufacturer. This competing mouse delivers 25% faster performance than the traditional devices meeting the needs of most of the fast-paced games. This mouse gives immense control and wireless freedom to the users adding value to their gaming experience.

It has an excellent optical sensor that constitutes 20,000 DPI enabling great responsiveness and unmatchable accuracy. The switches utilize light-beam based actuation that delivers the response and actuation as fast as the light. Another unique feature is the ergonomic design that is manufactured for most of the users, whether they are left-handed or right-handed. It has eight programmable buttons on both sides.

Razer Viper Ultimate Hyperspeed wireless gaming mouse is equipped with RGB backlit technology that features 16.8 million color shades. You can customize the lighting according to your wish for different games and save preset profiles. It has a great battery life that allows 5 hours of gameplay just in 10 minutes of charging.


  • Ergonomic design and built.
  • High-quality optical sensor.
  • It delivers high performance and a 25% faster speed.
  • It is equipped with RGB backlit technology.
  • Lightweight design.
  • It comes with a charging dock.


  • It has a high price.
  • RGB is limited to the back logo.

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4. SteelSeries Rival 650 Quantum Wireless Gaming Mouse

SteelSeries Rival 650 - Best Gaming Wireless Mouse

The SteelSeries Rival 650 is made to take your game to the next level by its superb precision and a strong optical sensor. It utilizes Quantum Wireless technology that delivers faster performance, classic accuracy, and lag-free functioning. The battery life is exceptional that allows continuous usage of 24 hours and more on a full charge of 10 hours.

The SteelSeries Rival 650 is equipped with two sensors. One is the most advanced optical sensor i.e., TrureMove 3+, and the other is the secondary depth sensor that controls movements. It has a sturdy built with long-lasting switches that are meant to guarantee about 60 million clicks. Moreover, you can personalize the mouse with different tuning configuration according to your preference.

SteelSeries Rival is equipped with a lag-free system with 1ms low-latency for improved controls and better optical performance required for long-hours gaming sessions.


  • It has a perfect design.
  • It is exclusively designed for gamers.
  • It is equipped with two strong optical sensors.
  • It has a great battery life.
  • It has a fast-charging mechanism.
  • It is sturdy and durable.


  • The rubber on the sides has weak adhesives.

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5. Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless - Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

 Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless - Wireless Rechargeable Gaming Mouse

If you are a gaming freak but have a tight budget, then Corsair Harpoon RGM wireless mouse is the best gaming mouse at a very competitive price along with all the modern features a wireless gaming mouse must-have. The mouse comes with the three connectivity modes i.e., super-fast 1ms slipstream corsair wireless technology, wired USB, and low latency Bluetooth.

The mouse is easy to use and want to you to simply connect the wireless adapter to the USB port. It has an ergonomic built with a contoured design. It also has rubber side grips for better control on the surface. The single full charge lasts up to 60 hours of usage, or you can also choose a wired mode in order to use the mouse during charging.

When we come to the optical sensor, it has 10,000 DPI that delivers reasonable performance for gaming. However, it is not as strong as the prior models in our list, but still, it delivers what a gamer needs. The mouse is sturdy and durable and reliable enough to guarantee more than 50,000 million clicks. It is also equipped with six programmable buttons to enable us to play with powerful macros. As far as the price is concerned, Corsair Harpoon RGB Wireless mouse provides a great value for money that does not cost you much.


  • It has a very affordable price.
  • It is easy to use and three connectivity modes.
  • It has a high-precision optical sensor.
  • Durable and sturdy.
  • It has an ergonomic design.
  • Long lasting battery life.
  • Easy charging.


  • You cannot turn off the RGB or change DPI settings when the mouse is connected via Bluetooth.

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Buying Guide For buying a perfect Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Buying Advice for KeyBoards

Before going to buy an appropriate gaming keyboard, just review some of my recommendations and research about the factors you must consider in order to get one. I hope they will surely help you out and you will end up buying a reasonable one.

1. Keys and Switches

A good keyboard must have the keys that are specialized for gaming. There are two kinds, i.e., Scissor style keys and dome-style key switches. However, nowadays, most of the users prefer laptop-style keys. Switches are the effective element of the gaming keyboards. There are two types of switches, mechanical and membrane. The mechanical switches are far more durable than the membrane ones, and the life and warranty of the keystrokes are greater.

2. Design

The design is another consideration while buying a high-quality wireless keyboard for your gaming setup. Make sure that the design of your gaming keyboard must be ergonomic and comfortable for your palm and wrist. Some of the keyboards come with comfortable wrist rest and palm rest that provides great comfort during long sessions of gaming.

3. Portability

Another important factor is the portability that attracts most of the gamers. Nowadays, things are getting compact, and people want to buy portable and lightweight devices rather than bulky and hefty keyboards. Those gaming keyboards which are without the numeric pad are relatively lightweight and space-saving. Going wireless is much about buying a portable device, so try to buy one that is not oversized.

4. Connectivity

The wireless keyboard is usually connected through wireless adapters, wired USB, and Bluetooth. Some keyboards are equipped with all three options. For me, the best in one that gives me all three options to connect with the gaming setup.

5. Battery Life

The battery life is important when we look at the wireless devices. Nowadays, wireless keyboards usually come with rechargeable batteries and long-lasting battery life. All of our reviewed keyboards have a reasonable battery life, so you can choose any one of them without having any doubt concerning the battery.

6. Price

The most important factor that affects your buying decision is the price. Different people have different mindsets. Some gamers want to purchase high-quality ultra-fast and responsive keyboards with greater actuation and considerably high prices while some want to buy the reasonable one at a low price. The price ranges between 60$ to 300$ depending upon the make and brand.

7. Other Features

There are various other features that should be considered while buying a wireless keyboard. Some keyboards come with an RGB backlit option while some have dedicated programmable keys and other special keys for multimedia settings etc. Some keyboards include touchpads, speakers and separated wrist rest, etc.

Buying Advice for Wireless Mouse

A mouse is one of the most used hardware during gaming, so you must consider its importance and buy the one that is appropriate to your gaming needs. Gamers need to buy a dedicated mouse with exclusive optical sensors and low-latency that enhances your gaming experience.

1. Design

Usually, the mouse that has an ergonomic design works best for gaming. It not only reduces strain on your fingers but also offers great control to take your gaming to the next level. However, different users like different designs. So, you must buy the mouse according to your choice. Another important factor is size. Buy the one that appropriately fits in your palm. The mice come in both right-handed and left-handed versions, and some are suitable for both. So, it is important to test the mouse over some parameters in order to choose the best option for you.

2. DPI

Most of the people think that high DPI is always good for the mouse. DPI stands for Dot per inch. DPI signifies how fast the mouse pointer moves and faster is not always reasonable. Some games do not need to utilize the faster aspect of the mouse. High DPI is better for the high-resolution displays. Games are usually high resolution, so higher DPI is suitable for gaming. It allows you to respond quickly. However, lower DPI gives you better control. It is appropriate to buy a mouse that has adjustable DPI settings.

3. Optical Vs. Laser Mouse

There are two types of mice i.e., Optical mouse and the laser mouse. Both utilize operation differently. The optical mouse utilizes the LED to detect movement while the laser mouse user laser to do so. The optical mouse is suitable for even surfaces, while laser mouses can be operated on different types of surfaces. A laser mouse is more sensitive to the movements. Such that, you may need to lower down the sensitivity level. It may cause greater acceleration where the pointer moves more quickly than move the mouse. That is why the optical mouse is better for the gamers who want to avoid the acceleration.

4. Connectivity

There are two options i.e., RF and the models that utilize Bluetooth technology. Radio Frequency mice respond in a better way and are easy to use. Bluetooth mice are convenient for gamers. They have a greater battery life, and they can be utilized across different devices. However, it takes a few more steps to set up. You will have to pair the mouse with your computing device in order to operate. However, they are safer choices than those with the Radio Frequency.

5. Sensors

Older models utilized balls and infrared sensors to detect the movements. However, new technology utilizes LED lights and laser technology. LED lights are more appropriate for even surfaces like mousepads etc. while the laser mouse utilizes laser light to detect movement.

6. Other Features

There are various different features your buying decision may depend upon, ranging from the durability to the battery life and the recharging modes, etc. Some mice have programmable dedicated buttons to enable the users to play with macros. There are a number of other features as well that may influence your decision to buy a gaming mouse so better to think considerately before going to shop.

7. Price

The price varies according to the make and features. Those devices that contain value-added features like programmable buttons and high-precision sensors are more costly than those that are not so well equipped. However, generally, the price of the wireless gaming mouse ranges from 50$ to 200$. Some gamers consider it a wastage of money to buy an expensive mouse that delivers the same functionality as a cheap mouse does while some are brand conscious and do not compromise over the quality and make in any way.

Summing Up

So, this was my review about some of the highly-rated gaming mouses and keyboards that offer great value for the money. These devices are equipped with different specialized features that are highly recommended for freaky gamers who do not compromise over the gaming devices. Moreover, The buying guide will help you to decide about the better devices for your gaming setup. The comparison chart will enable you to have a look at the important features these devices contain. So, don't forget to go through this article even if you are in a hurry. This will allow you to get a better understanding of how to uplift your gaming experience by getting the high-precision gaming devices.