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"A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3" is one of the side quests you will encounter in Velen. Quest becomes available after meeting with Keira and the battle with the first of the generals of the Wild Hunt. After completing this mission, Keira will ask the witcher to look in on her free time (task “An Invitation from Keira Metz”), which we will do.

The task is interesting, in the course of it we will have the opportunity to listen to the conversations of spirits and even talk to them. The task has several endings, and, as always, the consequences depend on your choice! Let us find out what is the request of a familiar sorceress, and how best to complete the task.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3” mission - detailed walkthroughs and all endings

So, we can’t immediately get the “A Towerful of Mice The Witcher 3” mission - first you need to complete the quest that precedes it - “An Invitation from Keira Metz”. It cannot be called a quest either - after all, to complete it is enough to run home to the magic and ... everything. We already know the destination and the map of Velen, so we’ll go straight to her and find a friend for a conversation with someone unknown.

Walkthrough of the task (A Towerful of Mice)

The essence of the dialogue is captured with difficulty, but something about rats. Maybe this is somehow related to our future assignment? No wonder it is called the “A Towerful of Mice”. Seeing Geralt, Keira will immediately interrupt the conversation and turn to the witcher. We can talk to her, buy the necessary for elixirs or go directly to the case.

Keira will ask the witch to remove the curse from Fyke Isle, which is located near the village of Oreton. In the center of the island is the tower of the magician Alexander, who has long been dead. As soon as we agree, the task “Invitation ...” will end and a new one will begin - “A Towerful of Mice”.

To help us, Keira will equip the witcher with a magic lamp (yes, the very one we were looking for in the last assignment), Xenovox (analogue of our mobile phone for keeping in touch) and various instructions. Unfortunately, she will not go with us, but she can offer her boat.

How to get to the island

The island can only be reached by swimming. You can find 3-4 boats on the map around it, so you can use any one. Personally, I swam from the village of Mine, because it was closest. Rowing in your hands - and on the damned island!

Floating to the island, we can test the performance of Xenovox - the enchantress will contact us to "check the connection." The device, unfortunately, is one-sided, so we cannot “call” it, but it’s easy for us. Geralt was outraged, to which the enchantress replied that she should trust her female intuition, which amused the witcher even more.

In addition, to remove the curse from the island, Keira asked the witcher to find all the spirits and use the magic lamp to find out what they were talking about. This is an additional task, but if you want to know the whole history of the island and get additional experience, then ghosts should be searched.

How to find all the spirits

To find all the ghosts, go to the green “cloud” and activate the lamp. Therefore, do not rush into the tower right away, let's search the island. Here a lot of Drowner and Ghoul live - you get tired of killing them. In addition, there are several houses on the pier with loot and the tower itself magician. Outside the tower you can find three clusters of ghosts:

A Towerful of Mice - all ghosts

  • Ghosts near the picket fence, which you will surely notice when it approaches the tower.
  • Green cloud of ghosts on the lake.
  • And the third ghosts are already at the gate of the tower, right behind it.

How to find all the ghostsQuest - (A Towerful of Mice)

Carefully, as soon as you enter the territory of the tower, you will be attacked by a water woman, who stands at the very entrance. Here you can also find different loot in bags and suitcases. After exploring all the surroundings of Kolomnitsy and finding three places with ghosts, you can safely go to the tower.

How to inspect the tower

A tall old building will meet us with ruin, twilight and rats. Here you have a mouse tower. To find out what happened here, you need to inspect all the floors where you can also find many places with ghosts.

On the first floor, with the help of a witch's vision, one can notice the axes scattered across the floor, the corpses of little rats, and dried blood traces before entering the basement. And the rest - nothing interesting. There is also a closed door on the ground floor. The key to the door does not have to look, because it is just out of the tower on the other side.

Slowly climbing to the top, you will meet many clusters of spirits, which should be examined with the help of a magical lamp. I will list the places that you will have to find on the way to the top of the tower:

The basement opposite the stairs is immediately on the first floor.

Quest (A Towerful of Mice) - inspect the tower

The second floor - the ghosts in front of the fireplace (it looks pretty creepy, and the atmosphere in the tower is not pleasant - the howling, knocking, and some sounds are constantly heard).

The Witcher 3 Mouse Tower - Where Spirits

The third floor in a small room. This is an important place, be sure to listen to the ghosts and explore the bodies lying on the floor.

Collect all the spirits of the Mouse Tower

From the ghosts we learn sad stories from the past. A couple of months ago, the peasants, frantic with hunger, decided to break into the tower in which the baron lived with his family. The cruelty of the people knew no bounds, so they did not spare anyone - in the tower you can find a lot of corpses, both old and new. Where do new bodies come from? Apparently, someone still kills them.

Laboratory mage

Having risen to the penultimate floor, we will come to a standstill, and at the same time Keira Metz will contact us via the “mobile phone”. From her we learn that at the very top of the tower there should have been a secret laboratory of the magician, and if we are not in it, then there must be a secret walkthrough somewhere.

Mouse tower - mage lab

We chop witch's flair and notice traces on the floor. It seems that here is the opening walkthrough, it remains to find how to activate it. To do this, we go to the left and still with the help of witch's intuition we find two levers on the wall with handprints.

Secret door to the alchemist s lab

In order for the mechanism to work, the levers must be lowered down. After that, you will immediately hear the sound of a moving wall, behind which you can see a wooden staircase to the uppermost floor. The secret is revealed!

Annabelle - Ghost of the Mouse Tower

Yeah, the lab is not for the faint of heart. Along the walls are vessels with spirit-encrusted human bodies, everywhere there are many dead rats, flasks, scattered notes - well, just the standard refuge of the magician. Apparently, Alexander pursued experiments on people. On the shelf you can find his diary and familiarize yourself with the course of the experiments, and in the center of the room we see a cluster of ghosts, from which we can hear women crying. As always, you need to turn on the flashlight.

All ghosts of the mouse tower

The crying ghost turned out to be the daughter of Baron - Anabelle. If the other spirits could not see and hear Geralt, then she could. Asking what happened here, we will hear from her the story of the attack on the family of the baron. When the evil peasants broke into the tower, the magician gave the girl a sleepy potion. She refused because she waited for her beloved fisherman Graham to save her. But the peasants were already unstoppable, they grabbed the girl, tore off the dress, well, you understand what was going on. Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the girl managed to break free, get to the laboratory and drink a sleeping pill elixir.

After some time, consciousness returned to her, and she realized that she could not move. Meanwhile, dozens of rats crawled along her body, eating flesh alive. It turns out that her favorite fisherman threw the girl alone in the tower and ran away, leaving her to be eaten. After the story, Anabelle complained to the witcher that she was very lonely in this tower, but she could not leave the island. Therefore, every night it goes ashore and looks at the other side of the lake, on which the beloved's house is located.

After listening to the story, Geralt realized that the curse from the island can be removed if the girl forgives the guy. Hearing the witch, she immediately agrees, but first she needs to make sure that he still loves her. In addition, she will ask Geralt to take his remains to the fisherman so that he can bury her as a person. Then there are 3 answer choices on which the consequences and the ending of the task depend.

Answer options and consequences of choice

  • Believe the girl and go to the fisherman with her remains.
  • Doubt her words.
  • Ask for time to think and explore the tower again.

Attention! The option “Doubt her words” is only available if you notice a corpse on the third floor in the room and listened to the ghost story there. If not, you can take a break and go down to the third floor for information. Anabelle will not attack you until you try to leave the tower. It will be tantamount to “to doubt the words of the girl.”

Quest "A Towerful of Mice" - a Good and Bad ending

Geralt believed the words of the girl: Bad ending

The story of the Baron's daughter touched the heart of the witch, so he decided to help her and fulfill the request. Having completed the dialogue, we immediately go to the house of the witcher, who is near Kolomnitsy in the village of Rudnik.

From the dialogue with the fisherman, we learn that Graham was very fond of Anabelle and did not know that the girl was able to survive the attack. He was sure that the girl drank poison, so as not to suffer at the hands of the peasants. If he knew, he would never leave Kolomnitsy without her.

After the conversation, the witcher gave the fisherman the remains of the Baron's daughter, but as soon as he crossed the threshold of the house, he heard a piercing cry behind his back. Returning to the house, you will find Grahami's lifeless body, surrounded by a pack of hungry rats. And above him hangs the ghost of Anabelle, who previously could not leave the borders of the island. It was the death of the fisherman who helped her to do it, and now she is free.

After that, a girl with a wild cry will be carried away from the house of Graham. Well, a bad ending is also an ending, however, but the curse from Geralt Island was removed. Now you can go back to Keira and complete the task.

Geralt doubted the words of the ghost (or tried to leave the tower): Good ending

The story of Anabelle alerted the witcher, besides, he noticed a lie in her story. The ghost assured that he was alone on the island, and we found many fresh corpses in the tower and near it. If there is nobody else here, then Anabelle is the monster that kills people. Almost immediately after choosing this answer, the girl will attack, showing her true face. Just think, the Witcher wanted to empathize with the plague of the maiden. With a vicious hiss, the ghost flew out of the tower, so we need to follow him. The battle will begin in the courtyard, and we will have to put an end to the endless deaths on the island.

A Plague Maiden, like a noon, can use invulnerability, from which she can be pulled out with the sign of Irden or with the Moon Dust bomb. Do not forget to continue, the battle is extremely unpleasant.

After the battle with the witcher, Keira will get in touch with him, and after learning of all the details of the curse, he will offer to bring the fisherman Graham to the island in order to completely curse and reconcile the lovers. Find the nearest boat and swim to the village of Oreton. Rybak did not know that the girl had survived the attack on the tower and thought that she had drunk poison. After listening to the request of Geralt, he immediately agreed to go with him and do everything necessary so that the ghost of the girl would find peace.

Back to the island, you can teleport immediately or go yourself. In any case, having reached the tower and opening the front door, two ghosts will immediately attack you. But these are the only opponents that are waiting for you, so that you can quickly climb to the top. The sight of the ghost did not frighten the fisherman at all and did not hinder the removal of the curse. Graham kissed the girl and thus broke the curse. The ghost disappeared, this time forever, and the fisherman fell to the floor without feeling. Geralt needed only to take the notes of the magician who lived in the tower and go back to Keira. On this mission, "A Towerful of Mice" is completed.

Possible bugs

In the old versions of the game it was possible to meet a bug, because of which the ghosts did not appear even when you shine a lamp at the right place. Restarting the game did not help, it was necessary to "roll back" the whole quest and take it again. The latest version of this bug is gone.

A Towerful of Mice - video quest Walkthrough

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