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“Fencing lessons” in The Witcher 3 is a quest not related to the main storyline and the walkthrough of which is optional. However, for the fulfillment of this mission, like any other in Witcher, the character will receive additional gaming experience and will be pumped faster. The advantage over opponents even in the level is always good. Contrary to the players' expectations, the romance with Rosa Varr Attre will not work, and then you will find out why.

How to start "Fencing Lessons" in The Witcher 3

This quest is given by Rosa herself during the walkthrough of the "Broken Flowers". According to the conditions, Geralt needs to question a few girls, one way or another connected with the missing Dandelion. The list also included the twin boys Var Attre, the daughter of the Nilfgaard ambassador, to whom the bard taught rhetoric lessons.

After training in the basement with wooden swords, Rosa, impressed with the art of the witcher in handling cold weapons, will be asked to teach her several lessons. It will be necessary to appear the next day to the estate of Var Attre. You can pass the time for completing other tasks or spend it in meditation.

Why a place is not marked in the task “Fencing Lessons”

According to the agreement, the protagonist must appear at the gates of the mansion a day after the agreement. If there are no marks on the map, then the agreed time has not yet come. No bugs and glitches in this task are noticed, so you just need to wait for the set time.

Walkthrough the quest "Fencing lessons"

Appearing in the appointed place at the right time, Geralt will meet the already familiar guard. The servant is aware of the persuasion, but Mademoiselle Rosa is absent - he went for a walk around the Temple Bridge and asked Geralt to join her.

Walkthrough Fencing Lessons - Witcher 3

On the bridge we will meet the girl, accompanied by security. Rosa will ask the soldier to leave, because Geralt will be able to provide her protection. During a walk on the bridge, a companion will offer a workout in the open air in the spirit of chivalrous romances. Fighting this time will have real swords.

Regardless of whether Geralt loses the battle or wins it, ask the lady to turn away, because she needs to fix the loose corset. These tricky tricks are just a reason to sneak away. However, the witch's flair is not so easy to conduct, so Rose can quickly be found on the hot tracks.

Consequences of the quest - Fencing lessons

A runaway will be discovered at a distance of a couple of hundred steps not far from the “Seven Cats” tavern. Rosa has already found adventures in her charming forms — a pair of local drunken peasants, disgruntled by Nilfard’s policy in general and a young lady walking around without protection, in particular, are sticking to her. There are several ways to resolve a conflict:

  • Give 50 crowns to get drunkards;
  • Use deception to make them change their mind;
  • Join the fray.

Possible consequences of the quest "Fencing lessons" in The Witcher 3

When choosing the latter option, Geralt will have to kill insolent, insulting noble lady. A pair of peasants armed with clubs do not pose a serious threat to the Blavikan Butcher, who skillfully wielded a steel sword and gutted more than one hundred people and monsters, and therefore would fall down from a couple of blows. With a peaceful solution to the conflict, revelers will go to the next step.

Quest Fencing Lessons - Is the bed scene possible?

This is followed by an unpleasant dialogue with Rosa, during which the witcher and the girl will finally quarrel. Sleeping with her will not work, as it is impossible to smooth out the conflict. After parting, Geralt will no longer meet Rosa. The guards will not let him into the house of Var Attre, and the secret walkthrough, which managed to get through while passing the "Broken Flowers", will be blocked.

How to sleep with Rosa Var Attre in the mission "Fencing Lessons"

Much to the chagrin of the fans of the game, this NPS cannot be dragged into bed in any way. In this task there is simply no peaceful ending, and regardless of the replicas selected in the final dialogue with the girl, she will be very offended by the witcher.

Killing drunkards will not entail any consequences - these are ordinary NPCs, in terms of an ENT, of no greater value than accidentally encountered forest robbers or Novigrad bandits. However, they don’t have much experience for killing them, and they don’t have valuable loot, so you can spare the unlucky revelers who happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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