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“Now or never” is a side task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which opens as you progress through the Novigrad storyline. This task is the main one for the novel with Triss, and if you want to start a love line with the sorceress, you must complete it. The task is not easy, and, as always, the consequences of events, the lives and destinies of people depend on your decisions. Let's get down to the quest.

How to start the quest - Now or Never

The mission “Now or Never” will be available only after:

  • Execution of the story quest “A Favor for Radovid”.
  • Passage of the additional task “A Matter of Life and Death”.

If you did not have a task, it means that you need to move forward in the story and complete at least “A Favor for Radovid”. And if you have already completed the “A Favor for Radovid” storyline earlier than “A Matter of Life and Death”, then our quest will appear automatically.

Immediately after Geralt leaves the ship of Redansky, a messenger with a note from Triss will approach him. “Now or never” must be completed before you go to the Isle of Mists, otherwise it will be considered as failed, as will your opportunity to cast a red magic stick. But this is not the only consequence - all alchemists, magicians and healers of Novigrad will be killed and impaled on stakes. You will be able to find out about this during the quest “Blindingly Obvious”.

Detailed walkthrough of the mission - Now or Never

Well, now it's time to start the quest. As has already become clear, the magicians of Novigrad are going through hard times. Everywhere there go patrols of witch hunters, they calculate and kill mages, hunt them and, to put it mildly, do not like them. We also have a familiar sorceress, who is now in the city, so it is worth visiting her.

Where to find Triss

Yes, where and always, in a rented house near the central square, referring to the mark on the map. Approaching the building, the witcher will immediately notice that something is wrong. In the eastern part of the building two guardsmen and one hunter are already shifting from one foot to the other. They are obligatory characters of the task and in any case will be here. Approaching them, the dialogue will immediately begin. You can politely leave, or snarl and fight with three ignoramuses.

The western part of the building may have no one, but there may be as many as 5 hunter sorcerers. With these no longer talk, and they will attack Geralt as soon as they see him. After death, some of them may respawn over time. Having dealt with opponents, we go in the house.

  • If Geralt killed the guards near the house, then reaching the second floor, you will find the sorceress and the owners of the apartment for a quarrel. The owners will be unhappy that because of Triss and the actions of Geralt, the guards will now be interested in this house and will suspect them of sheltering the sorcerers.
  • If the witcher did not kill the guards, then you still find a scandal. Only this time, the owners will demand an additional payment for accommodation from Madame Merigold.

Now or Never - the walkthrough of the quest

You have two options - to intervene and cool the heat of the hosts, or to remain silent. This decision does not affect anything significant. If you threaten the impudent owners, they will silently leave. And if you keep silent, then Triss will give them a necklace as payment.

Now we have the opportunity to talk with Triss. As you know, magicians have long been going to flee the city, and now the plan is in full swing. Almost all the magicians have already gathered together in the indicated shelter, except for two - Berthold and Anissa. Here we have to decide whether to try to find the lost pair or give up on them and go to those who are already waiting for Triss in a safe place.

Quest Now or never in the game The Witcher 3

  • Do not risk everything for the sake of two - having chosen this option, the witcher from Triss will immediately go to Kingfisher Inn, where other magicians and sorceresses are waiting for them.
  • We have to help Anisse and Bertold - in this case, you will wade through the streets of Novigrad in search of a pair of magicians.
  • You have to cope on your own - the task will be suspended, but you can return to Triss and continue at any time.

Attention! If you want to start a relationship with Triss, then you definitely need to go in search of Anissa and Berthold. That is what we choose.

Then everything is simple - we follow Triss through the city. If you did not kill the guards near the house, then right now they will attack you. You will fight along with the sorceress, so there should be less problems. After the battle we go further, simultaneously hiding from the patrolling guards. If your witcher badly “hides” and will fly straight to the patrol, then you will have to solve everything in the usual way - with the help of a sword.

How to help Anissa and Berthold in The Witcher 3

We'll get to the house of Berthold and Anissa at the right time. While we were away, the witch hunters had already descended on them and began to threaten the couple. Quickly we rise to the third floor and enter into battle with the guards. There are only two of them, so it will be easy. After winning, you will have the opportunity to talk with the victims of the attack.

  • If one of the magicians died during the fight, the second one will be inconsolable and flatly refuse to go with us.
  • If both survived, then Berthold will still refuse to escape, but he can be persuaded with the help of Axia second level.

How to help Anissa and Berthold in The Witcher 3

Cast a sign and go back to Triss, this time to a common meeting place.

All the magicians had already gathered in the basement of Kingfisher Inn and waited only for us. And besides the magicians, the witcher will notice another interesting person who he definitely did not expect to meet here.

Detailed passage of the quest - Now or Never

It turns out that the former Redan spy had long realized that it was very convenient to have friends in Kovir, where all the magicians go. And even better when your friends are magicians. Therefore, he volunteered to help Triss with escape. Well, this is all clear, looking for benefits everywhere. But we will not be able to talk with Dijkstroy, because after a couple of phrases Triss will begin her speech, after which we will have a job.

How to find the walkthrough through the Dungeons

Since all the magicians gathered, it's time to go on board the ship. To do this, find a path through the tunnels that leads from the base of Kingfisher directly to the port. The tunnels are most likely teeming with utopians and other creatures, so the White Wolf will volunteer to help and clear the way. Triss will keep us company and will immediately thank the witcher for his help.

At the very beginning of the sewage system it is impossible to get lost, so just stomping forward, fighting off the bogs together with fireballs of the sorceress. After some time you get to the dam. No problem! Pass to the right along the tunnel, use witcher's instincts and see a flimsy wall, which can be spread by Aard.

Quest Now or Never - to find a walkthrough through the dungeons

Once in the library, we reach the far left corner and repeat the trick using the sign.

Quest Now or Never - Triss is stuck in the door

Attention! Known bug in which Triss can not go further. Stuck on the door and that's it. Try to run up close to her, talk a few times, run back and forth. If it does not help, then you will have to download the game until the moment when you break the first wall, and try again.

After the second broken wall we go further, on the move sorting out new batches of bogs.

How to get around rats, and what to do if rats kill heroes

Ahead of you is waiting for a large hall, teeming with rats. Carefully, if you run and accidentally jump from the top tier of the room, you will immediately die. Get around rats or kill rats? Unfortunately, it is possible only to kill them. Triss will immediately jump down and start a fight, so keep up with her, use Igni and cut out the whole pack of rodents. Carefully, there are a lot of them, and they bite painfully. I have often had that rats kill Geralt, so make the save before the fight.

Quest: Now or Never - rats are killed

Having dealt with baleen opponents, do not forget to collect loot and money from them (I wonder where they come from them). Rodents in this room attracted a large number of corpses, which someone dumped on top. This building is located directly under the residence of Tesak, which is not difficult to guess. After collecting loot, we go further.

After several spans, our heroes will find fresh corpses. After examining them, Geralt will note that the bodies are pale and withered. Another corpse has wounds in the neck and throat, which makes one think.

Now or Never - the walkthrough of the dungeons

Your guesses turned out to be true, and, literally after a couple of rooms, we run into a vampire. Not just a vampire, but a katakana. The battle will take place in a small room, which is extremely uncomfortable. Be sure to use vampire oil to increase damage. In battle, a katakan can become invulnerable, to take him out of this state, use Yrden. Quen will also be great in battle and will protect you from painful blows.

Congratulations, you're almost there! After the battle with the katakan, it was just before you left the pier. Triss will immediately hear the cries of the seagulls and lead you to the port. Thus, the passage through the dungeons becomes open to other magicians, so it's time to get on the ship. But it was not there.

Quest Now or never - access to the pier

While Geralt will discuss his love affairs with Dijkstroy, the guards and witch hunters will appear ashore, seven people. Triss and Dijkstra will help you in battle, which will greatly simplify the battle.

After the battle will begin a new cut-scene. The magicians freely reached the port through the tunnels and embarked on the ship, which means that the time to go to Kovir, until a new guard arrived. And that means it's time for the witcher to say goodbye to a red-haired beauty.

Quest Now or Never - Choices and Consequences

Now there will be a decisive moment on which it depends, whether Geralt will have a romance with the sorceress or not.

Quest Now or never - the consequences of the choice

If you want to start a love line with Triss, then ask her to stay. After selecting “Stay with me” another dialog will appear in which you will need to select “I love you”.

Even if you have chosen everything correctly, Triss will go to the ship to leave this city forever. The ship will straighten the sails and go to Kovir, and Dijkstra will try to console the White Wolf. But suddenly it will stop and advise Geralt to turn around. Behind the witcher there will be a sorceress who decided to drop everything and stay with the white-haired Casanova.

After that, the couple will spend a wonderful night at the lighthouse, the mail of which will discuss their potential future. And you will have the opportunity to watch the erotic cut-scene! And if you decide not to confess Triss in love, you will have to leave alone, listening to Dijkstra’s condolences.

Quest Now or Never - a novel with Triss

The “Now or Never” quest will be completed on this.

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