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«A woman emphasizes beauty for the sake of improving health»

Triss Merigold, the beautiful Triss, who by her spontaneity and ease conquered the readers of Andrzej Sapkowski books, as well as many fans of the eponymous games from the Studio "CD Project RED".

Unfortunately, Triss never received the book and a lot of playing time, always speaking at the sidelines. It is an absolute injustice that we have been deprived of the company of a magnificent sorceress from the North.

In order to correct this injustice, this article will be devoted entirely to Triss, a woman who was not only an example of magical art, but also a wonderful friend or life partner for Geralt.

The Appearance and Character

The Appearance and Character - Triss Merigold in the Witcher 3

Triss Merigold is the complete opposite of her friend Yennefer, both in terms of ease of character, as well as in terms of attitude to Geralt and in principle to society.

The sorceress is known to all for her devotion to friends and her principles, mercy and sympathy for those in need, tenderness and sincere love for those who were able to win her kind and beautiful heart.

In Andrzej Sapkowski Book «Krew elfow», Triss Merigold is described as a girl with beautiful blue eyes and penetrating gaze, with luxurious hair the color of "October chestnut", with a stately appearance and the ability to best teach herself in any situation.

On one of the truly exceptional traits that always captivates Triss is her effortlessly girlish sense of humor.

«Merry Triss Marigold with brown hair, laughing at everything, looking like a girl. He loved her. And she his, too»

It is worth saying that in appearance between the book and the game Triss there is one small but significant difference. As many people know, during «Battle of Sodden Hill», the sorceress was seriously wounded, and even for a long time was listed as dead, which left a certain mark on the soul of Geralt.

Triss, sweet and selfless Triss, received a huge scar on her chest, which forced her to abandon her favorite previously low-cut dresses, which she also told Geralt, Recalling those terrible and bloody events.

In game "The Witcher 3" several otherwise, and in his image Triss us (players) aren open and deep cleavage.

«For us survivors, the most potent enchantments have been spared, "she continued dully," spells, elixirs, amulets, and artifacts. There was nothing that would not have been given for the crippled heroes of the Hill, we were cured, patched up, and restored to our former appearance, hair, and sight. Is almost not visible... traces'. But I'll never wear a low-cut dress again, Geralt. Never»


Hostory Triss Merigold - with brown hair, laughing at everything, looking like a girl.

Without unnecessary spoilers to the books and the game of the same name, it is worth saying a few words about the fate of Triss Merigold, developed in a similar way as that of her friend Yennefer and her lover Geralt, to whom she had sincere feelings, but in another way she does not know how.

She was born in 1235 according to the chronology of the Saga, but the exact date is unknown to us, in the city of "Maribor", in the second largest city of Temeria.

As previously announced, Triss was the most direct participant in the battle of Sodden Hill in the battle with Nilfgaardian's army.

Of the 22 sorcerers and sorceresses who participated in those events, only 8 were considered survivors for a long time, since Triss considered 14 dead and placed her name on the obelisk, which the inhabitants installed as a thank-you for self-sacrifice and help on the hill, later called the "Hill of Fourteen", and Triss became known as "Fourteenth of the Hill ".

The events and circumstances that led the sorceress to the injury, the most serious impact on the later life of Triss, but despite all the horrors experienced, she did not abandon her principles and fought with all her strength for her brothers and friends.

Separately, it is worth mentioning another event that took place in the book "The Lady of the Lake" - a pogrom in Rivia, in which Triss and Yennefer took part.

"Merigold's Hailstorm ", such an informal name received a spell that two friends created themselves unwillingly in the summer of 1268.

The spell caused severe hail the size of a hen's egg, which, with destructive power walked home and could have killed themselves witches, if only Yennefer hadn't conjured the shield at the last moment.

« - Bravo, Triss, Yennefer croaked. – I don't know what it was... but you did a great job

- There was something to defend," croaked Triss Merigold, The heroine of the Hill.

- There's always something to protect." Come On, Triss. Perhaps this is not the end »


Triss Merigold and Geralt in the Witcher 3

To end this article, I would like to information that as many players assume, the developers themselves give their preference to Triss in her confrontation with Yennefer for the heart of Geralt, despite the fact that in the main game, for the sorceress with brown hair was given very little playing time.

That is why and in including thanks to community gamers, "CD Project RED" issued addition "Blood and Wine", where under a certain choice player Triss Merigold moves in Kovir, but already together with Geralt in rank Sputnik's life.

But this is another story and we will definitely return to it

« No! I will not give in and I won't be swayed! I am the "Fourteenth of the Hill"! I am not a little frightened girl from a dark Maribor Tower anymore...»