An Eye for an Eye Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences


“An Eye for an Eye” is one of the additional tasks in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Walkthrough is not mandatory, but in the case of a good ending in the final battle, Geralt will be able to enlist the support of additional allies. Also for the fulfillment of this mission is given combat experience. And, of course, you can pick up any rubbish from the bodies of Nilfgaard soldiers, who will have to be killed during the mission, and then sell it to merchants. The Witcher, “quite up to the greedy,” extra crowns will always come in handy.

Beginning of the quest: "Eye for an eye" in The Witcher 3

After meeting with King Radovid in a chess club, gloomy Vernon Rocher will mention that he was suddenly in trouble. An old friend will offer to visit him in the camp of the Temer partisans, if Geralt has a desire to help with the solution of the problem.

By this time, the camp has already been discovered during the walkthrough of the storyline. Like any such object in Witcher, you can get there using a quick transition by activating a road sign.

The passage of the quest: Eye for an eye - The Witcher 3

During the visit, the leader of the Blue Stripes will tell you that Bianca disobeyed the order and went to the village of Mulbrydale, where, according to intelligence reports, a large detachment of Nilfgaardians would soon arrive. “Special” relations with the local partisans: the peasants repeatedly helped the rebels, so Ves decided to intercede for innocent people.

What to do if there is no Roshe at the gallows tree

If he agrees with the proposal of Vernon Roche, the next stage will be a meeting with him at the Hanged Man's Tree. It can also be reached using fast moving. Roche stands by the campfire next to the tree.

Roshe is not at the gallows tree - what to do

Some players note a bug related to the inadequate work of the in-game scripts. If the required NPS is not in the agreed place, you should take task "A Deadly Plot" and in the course of its execution several times check the neighborhood of the Hanged Man's Tree. This bug does not appear if, after a conversation in a chess club, you do not perform other tasks, and the rhinestones go to the partisan camp.

In the meantime, Geralt and Vernon will negotiate a plan of action, Ves and his soldiers will attack the nilfs.

To kill a captive Nilfgaardian in the quest "An eye for an eye"

With the walkthrough of the task you need to monitor the health of Ves, which is displayed in the form of an additional scale. It is best to immediately find a girl in Mulbrydale and protect her. Although you will have to fight with the regular army of Nilfgaard, only the squad commander armed with a two-handed sword is a serious danger. Even if your hero fails to cross arms with him, he will only survive in battle.

Quest (An eye for an eye) - whether to kill a Nilfgaardz

In clarifying his future fate, a new dispute will be ruined: Ves insists that no witnesses can be left, but Vernon believes that there are enough corpses today. The decisive word, as usual, for Geralt.

The choice doesn’t affect anything at all, and even if you kill a Nilfgaardian, there will be no obvious consequences with further walkthrough. That, in general, is quite logical, based on the main mission of the witcher. The search for Ciri is the personal request of the emperor Emhyr var Emreis, and what kind of firewood the hero breaks down, going towards the goal is already trifles. To kill or not a prisoner is rather a role-playing element of the game: if you play not the Butcher of Blaviken, who doesn’t care whose blood to spill, but Geralt’s darling who helps everyone he meets, you can spare the officer and give him life.

Quest (Eye for an eye) - captive

What does Ves death in the Eye for an Eye affect

If you do not have time to come to the rescue of the girl or deliberately give to kill her, Vernon Roche is extremely upset and refuses to conduct further business with Geralt. On the next visit to the camp of the partisans, he will tell you that Ves was buried with honors, and Geralt would be better not to appear here. The results of the walkthrough of the mission "A Deadly Plot" is not affected.

If you do not carry out the mission "An Eye for Eye", help from the Tumber guerrillas during the battle with the Wild Hunt is also not worth waiting. If you managed to save the girl and kill all the Nilfgaardians, Vernon Roche, accompanied by Ves, will arrive in Kaer Morhen before the final battle. When defending a fortress, traps set up by partisans will greatly help to thin out the ranks of the attacking infantrymen and hounds.

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