Cookie and Related Technology Policies


This site uses cookies to make your browsing more convenient and personal. Cookies store useful information on your computer to help us increase the effectiveness and relevance of our website for you. In some cases, they are necessary for the site to function properly.

By accessing this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies.

You can observe a similar message when you visit not only our site, but also many other resources that offer users any information services or products.
The legislation of the Russian Federation (mainly Federal Law No. 152), as well as a number of legislative acts of the European Union, established the obligation to notify users of working technologies for collecting and storing personal information.

What are cookies

«Cookies» - these are small files containing alphanumeric combinations (for the most part - this is the name of the site, the period of storage of cookies, their unique number, generated automatically), which are installed by the browser on the user's computer after the corresponding agreement.

These files, and other technologies similar to them, are aimed at improving the operation of the site, increasing the efficiency and usefulness of the information displayed, as well as in order to distinguish users from each other.

For regular and uninterrupted functioning of the site, we use the following cookies in our work:

  • Files in the category «Necessary» - ensure the correct operation of the site xGamerss.com;
  • Information and technical files – serve to collect information about the number of visits to the site and obtain estimated information about the most interesting content for the user;
  • Individual files – necessary to obtain targeted information about the user, contain information about the number and depth of visits to the site, as well as the links that the user clicked on;
  • Function files – allow you to identify the user at the time of visiting the site, to display personalized information and the selection of content in accordance with the interest shown.

Cookies are used by us to achieve the best fit for each user’s needs.
For example, based on the information received from cookies, we can:

  • Improve the site as a whole, optimizing the location and search of sections, in accordance with demand, which allows to make the interface more understandable and informative;
  • To display for the user only that information that will correspond to his interests, determined by past visits and identified preferences;
  • Avoid displaying ad units that would not be in the best interest of the user.

Extremely important! note that cookies can be accessed by third parties, which is fixed by the existing «Privacy Policy», according to which third parties can be: advertising companies, providers, as well as other persons authorized to process this information.

Please check out «Privacy Policy» to obtain detailed information about the nature of the collection and use of personal data, as well as information about persons who have access to them. This will avoid misunderstandings and most of the additional questions.

It should also be noted that you have the right to block the receipt of certain files by activating certain settings in your Internet browser (Browser).

But we inform you that these actions can lead to loss of access to some pages of the xgamerss.com site, as well as to the functionality of the site as a whole!

How long are cookies on a device

It is customary to distinguish two main categories of cookies, determined by the duration of their storage on the device.

First – these are «Session Cookies», the working hours of which are calculated by the activity of each particular session in the work of the Internet browser (Browser). That is, from launching the browser to closing it completely.

The second is – «Permanent cookies», not burdened with a specific time period of its existence. The working hours of representatives of this category depend on the functionality they perform.

How to delete cookies and prevent them from downloading

As mentioned above, you, as a computer user, have the full right to prevent cookies from being downloaded to your device, but this can directly affect the accessibility of the site / s.

It should be understood that the vast majority of browsers from the first launch work with cookies.

Therefore, to disable and / or block the download of cookies, you need to contact the technical support of the browser developers and get detailed instructions from them on how to implement the software functionality that will correspond to your attitude to this type of files and to the privacy policy of personal data in general.

These steps must be repeated for each browser and device that you use to gain access to network resources.

Using similar technologies in work

It must be understood that, like in the work of all other sites, for the full and uninterrupted operation of the site, we use not only cookies, but similar technologies aimed at obtaining additional information.

This information may include information of the following nature:

  • Read IP address
  • Domain and provider;
  • Site visit time
  • The version of the browser used;
  • Operating system version;
  • Login page to the site;
  • The nature of viewing the page of the site, including the recording of user actions;
  • Key phrases that led to the site.

This list is not exhaustive, but is aimed solely at improving the interface and functionality of the site.

How to contact the site administration

We inform you that if changes are made to the use of cookies and technologies similar to them, the relevant information will be timely reflected in this section of the site, as well as in the «Privacy Policy for Personal Data».

If you have questions regarding the operation of the site with cookies and related technologies, as well as the overall operation of the xgamerss.com site, you can contact the administration by writing to info@xgamerss.com.