Top 5 games to learn different languages


We are often told about the importance of learning different languages, all the reasons why we should do and try to make it fun to be able to retain the knowledge, but no one talks about how to learn any language in the form of games. This is because most people are experts at giving advice, but very few people are willing to struggle for you and provide you with some guidance.

We make sure that our readers are getting in-depth information about their topic of interest and thus we did some research about what are some of the games which can help you learn different languages in a brief period. These games are both which can be played by gadgets and board games if you do not have access to the devices. Let's dig into it.


The easiest way of learning any language is by playing the game hangman. We're pretty sure that most of you must know of this game, but in case you do not, allow us to enlighten you about this fantastic game which you can play anywhere and with anyone. Hangman requires at least two people to play. Each person decides a role. The first person thinks of a word, which can be in any language. The second person is required to guess that word. There are several clues provided to the person. It depends upon the intensity of the game and difficulty level. If you are playing an easy game, then your word could be short with one guess alphabet. If you are playing with a higher difficulty rate, then you could provide a complex, and longer comment with very few guess words.

The person can start by randomly guessing the alphabet, but once the alphabet starts fitting in some of the blanks, they get an idea about the entire word. If the person is brilliant or has a great vocabulary, then it would not take them a lot of time to guess what the word is. However, if the person cannot imagine what the word is and instead needs more time, then you can start making a hangman. You start with a circle, then the eyes, then the neck, and so on. It's straightforward. This game helps you increase your vocabulary by constantly practicing your language. You will realize that you start getting more and more words as the game proceeds, and you become an expert. This will increase your chances of getting better at the language in no time.


Top 5 games to learn different languages

Since we have already talked about how you can improve your vocabulary by playing games, let's talk about your sentence structure. It is essential to know sentence structure in different languages, but it is also complicated to ace that. An exciting game to improve your sentence structure and word conjugations are by playing Kloo. Kloo is a great game which is in four languages: Spanish, French, Italian, and English. You can play It on your own as well as with your friends or other people. There are two decks in the game which have enough vocabulary for you to use, along with different conjugations of verbs that help you in the sentence structure. Once you make the sentences, you can use those words to make longer sentences, and the longer your sentences are, the more points you get.


pubg is one of the best game for learning language

Are you into video games? If you are, we've got great news for you. PUBG is a game which is played by a lot of people nowadays. There are many people who love to play PUBG because they can easily interact with others online, but one feature of PUBG which is heavily undermined is that you can learn different languages while talking to people. There are many people who have learned French, Chinese, Japanese, and many other languages on PUBG, so download it now, and you can get to talk to different people all around the world and enhance any language that you're learning.

Twenty Questions

Twenty questions is one of the best game for learning language

Let's introduce you to a game which will be according to your interest. Twenty questions is a game that requires two or more people who need to guess a word. This is not like hangman because this has some different rules to play. You can take some sticky notes and write the name of your favorite celebrity, sportsman, game, or anything that you like. Stick it on the other player's head. The person gets twenty questions to ask from you, and you can answer them in any language that you are practicing. They get to start with simple questions like what's the gender, is it a living thing or a nonliving thing, etc.

However, as the game proceeds, you would realize that the questions have become complex, and now you need to use more vocabulary and instructors and conjugations to reply. Your response will define the level of your speaking. If you take a lot of time to respond to the questions, then you are not an intermediate-level speaker. You might be at the beginner level. However, if you're good at responding to the questions immediately, then you must fall into the category of intermediate. This also depends upon the intensity of the question, as there is no fixed measure to define your success rate. We assure you that this is an excellent way of practicing your language and learning new languages.


Scrablle is one of the best game for learning language

Last but not least, our favorite pick for you is Scrabble. It is an excellent way of learning any language. You can download an application for scrabble or get aboard for a Scrabble game to play in your desired language. The game is as easy as it sounds, and most people are familiar with this game. You get different blocks with alphabets written on them, and you have to combine those alphabets based on the instructions provided on the board. The more words you make, the more scores you get. This helps you in getting to learn more words from the people that you're playing with and use your vocabulary to make new words. A bonus point is that this game not only makes you a Pro at your desired language but also boosts your creativity, so you hit two birds with one stone.

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