Best Tennis Video Games of All Time


Best Tennis Video Games of All Time

There's absolutely no doubt that sports games are amongst the most popular with gamers; it's a point highlighted by experts at GamesIndustry.biz who reported that in 2021, across Europe, there was no bigger selling game than FIFA 22.

However, it's not just the football titles that gamers look for, as players look to replicate the moves and moments they see in various tournaments in stadiums and on TVs worldwide. While some may think tennis is too niche to be popular, they'd be wrong, as the game has a storied history in video gaming. With Tennis for Two, it is recognised as the first-ever video game invented. However, since that early adaptation of the popular sport created by William Higinbotham back in 1958, things have progressed significantly, to great success.

We've created our list of the best tennis video games of all time. Take a look below.

Virtua Tennis: World Tour

This game was released on the Sony PlayStation Portable back in 2005 and even now remains one of the best games to replicate the game. One of the biggest assets this game has is that it has your usual tournament fare, both online and offline, and a host of minigames for the player. So, it's a great choice if you're looking to dip in and out of a short game on a commute or fancy taking the world from the baseline.

Top Spin 4

Video game fans have long adored the Top Spin series since its first iteration was released in 2003. But there's no doubt that the fourth version of the game, developed by 2K Games, is the standout. It's so good that it is even referenced now as the tennis game to beat for developers of new titles, 11 years after its release. In fact, it could be said it's the video game equivalent of Rafa Nadal, who's still the favorite for the French Open in the current Coral markets, decades after first taking to the court! Top Spin 4 is a title that strikes a great balance for beginners and affords tennis fanatics enough playability to make it a true tennis experience, making it an unmissable title for all.

Mario Power Tennis

Not usually known for his prowess in sports, as he's more used to rescuing Princess Peach, did you know that the friendly moustachioed plumber known as Mario has a hidden talent of also being an ace at tennis! Yes, it's wacky, it's cartoony and has its own charm that maybe doesn't endear it to true tennis lovers; however, underneath its brash exterior lies a very good game. However, we're not talking about the game made for the newer console, the Nintendo Wii; the best version of the game was playable on the GameCube as the control system was far better than the erratic, motion sensor based offering on the Wii.

AO Tennis 2

This is the newest game on the list, released in 2020, and it certainly ticks all the boxes for the tennis fan. Its career mode is fantastic; with great character creation options and so many tournaments to play in, you can chart your path from qualifier to world number one better than any game before it. Also, with it being the most modern title, the likenesses of the pros that are licenced in the game are stunning, and it has the gameplay to match.