The Best Way to Stream on Twitch Using Xbox & PS5 (2022)


The Best Way to Stream on Twitch Using Xbox & PS5 (2022)

Image credit: Louis-Philippe Poitras via Unsplash

Twitch streaming has recently gained popularity, and it has become one of the most beneficial ways for online creators to connect with their audiences from all across the world. It is one of the best live streaming platforms that has opened new opportunities to online creators. One of the best features of Twitch is that gamers can use the platform for live streaming from devices such as PCs, Phones, Tablets, and even gaming consoles.

If gaming consoles are devices, you feel comfortable with and want to live stream on, Twitch has made it convenient. All you need to do is create an account and start the process. To help you out, here's how you can use Xbox and PS5 to live stream on Twitch.

6 Ways to Successfully Stream on Twitch Using Xbox or PS5

  1. Creating a Twitch account: In order to start streaming on Twitch successfully, the first and most fundamental step is to create a Twitch account. You can visit the Twitch website on a web browser or download the mobile phone app to get you started on the process. To create an account, you will need to use the email that you actively use and create a username that you want to be associated with your account.
  2. Modifying the Twitch account for your niche: The next step would be customizing the channel you created with your account to start streaming. It can include adding social links, channel descriptions, tags, etc. These things help your channel to be identified online amongst your audience or make it easier to find when people search for the name you use. Modifying the channel also allows it to stand out from the other streaming channels, as Twitch is a top-rated platform for both beginners and professionals.
  3. Setting up stream elements: Stream elements include chat interactions, mods, stream settings, and more that are required for your streams to run smoothly. These settings ensure seamless video processing, and interactions with your viewers. It helps in preventing network interruptions, unwanted communication, bots, and more issues. Make sure these stream elements or any other that you feel like adding, are set in place before you begin with your first live stream.
  4. Putting together your stream setup: If you're choosing to live stream with the help of an Xbox or a PS5, you must have your setup in place along with the following types of equipment. Ensure proper wiring, lighting, camera, and audio arrangements are in place. With the right equipment available at your fingertips, it will be more convenient to carry out hassle-free live streams. It will help you be prepared for all the streams you plan on hosting and smoothly operate them without any interruptions. Having suitable stream equipment at hand will also improve the quality of your streams which is beneficial in garnering a larger audience. More people are likely to join and watch your stream entirely when the quality is high, and they can enjoy your content.

    The Best Way to Stream on Twitch Using Xbox & PS5 (2022)

    Image credit: Triyansh Gill via Unsplash

  5. Connecting Twitch to PS5: One of the benefits of Twitch is that you can live stream from anywhere and through any device. In order to stream using your PS5, there are specific steps you need to follow to connect your Twitch account successfully.
    1. The first step is to go to your PS5 settings and search for the option of Users and Accounts.
    2. Within this option, there will be a prompt for connecting to other services, and you will be able to find Twitch here.
    3. Hover and select Twitch and then proceed to the account linking process directed to you.
    4. It will ask you to sign in with the help of a code, and you can do this from a mobile or web browser.
    5. To conduct streams after your account has been connected, hit the create button on your controller.
    6. It will show you the broadcast option, and you can select Twitch from the list provided to begin live streaming.
  6. Connecting Twitch to Xbox: Similarly to the PS5, it is possible to stream directly from your Xbox console. Following the correct steps makes it easy to understand how to stream on Twitch from Xbox.
    1. Firstly, one must download the Twitch Xbox app to link accounts for broadcasting streams.
    2. The next thing is to enable streaming from within your Xbox console settings. It gives Twitch permission to stream from the device.
    3. Once you have this enabled and your account connected, you can begin streaming with the help of your controller.
    4. Press the Xbox button, which will prompt options to pop up. Select the option of broadcasting and start broadcasting. It will enable you to begin a live stream on Twitch.


Live streaming on Twitch is a great way to promote your content in real-time and grow your audience. It enables you to connect with your viewers and interact with them in your streams. It is why it's necessary to conduct high-quality live streams when possible. If you choose to stream from an Xbox or PS5, make sure that you connect your account and enable all settings needed to permit live streaming. Also, ensure that you have all equipment in place, which will help you achieve successful live streams from your device.