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Everybody seeks comfort when it comes to gaming, and reclining on a couch is all you need after spending a hectic day. Here, the gaming lapboards come in to play. A lapboard is a lap-sized tray that gets fixed in your lap, accommodating your keyboard and the mouse. It allows you to sit comfortably, providing you a relaxed gaming experience. It helps you to aim the mouse perfectly and use the keyboard at your ease. Now, there are different lapboards for different uses, and the market is flooded with a lot of options for every kind. The choice is undoubtedly yours because you know your usage better that is why we have shortlisted different lapboards with varying features and designs followed with a comparison chart to get an idea of the reviewed products, just in a look. We have all-in-one lapboards to the basic models for laptops, so check out our detailed review of the best gaming lapboards of 2020 to easily choose the one to buy.

Comparison Chart

Best Gaming Lap Boards Reviewed

1. Couchmaster CYCON - Couch Gaming Lapboard

Couchmaster CYCON - Couch Gaming Lapboard

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If you are searching for a lapboard that provides superior comfort, then this Couchmaster CYCON is the best choice for you. As the name indicates, the Couchmaster is designed to relieve your body. It has an ergonomic design that promotes a perfect back posture, relieves stress on the shoulders and neck muscle that usually gets affected during gaming. It is made up of high-quality leather or microfiber that ensures premium comfort and luxury for long gaming sessions.

It is equipped with an integrated USB hub that provides connectivity for four devices like mouse, keyboard, headset or speakers, etc. On top of that, the latest chip technology enables you to move the lapboard anywhere without the hassle of extra cables or a separate power supply. 16 ft. The active extension connects the board to your PC, and it can be extended to 32 ft. As well.

It is designed in the compartments you can manage all the cables in. A mouse pocket and a side pocket is also given to place your mouse or other gaming accessories inside. The lapboard is compatible with almost all the equipment, so you do not need to think much while buying this. The armrest and lapboards are separated so they can be adjusted for any body size.

If I look at the price, the equipment seems quite reasonable at a reasonable price because it gives immense comfort for that is worth trying. It also has 4.4 stars rating at Amazon, proving it a viable option.


  • Designed to provide premium comfort to your body.
  • Contains extra compartments and pocket to place your accessories.
  • It is equipped with the latest chip technology.
  • The armrest and lapboards are separated to fit anybody's size.


  • The height of the side bolster is not adjustable,
    so it is only suitable for the people having a certain height.
  • The armrests are rigid, and the transition ridges are rough.
  • The port hub is not powered, so we will have to buy a power adapter.

2. Roccat Sova - Mechanical Gaming Lapboard for Gaming

Roccat Sova - Mechanical Gaming Lapboard for Gaming

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Roccat Sova is the most popular and the best-for-all lapboard in our list. It bridges the gap between PC and TV, providing a great gaming experience on your couch. It comes with two versions i.e., Mechanical and membrane. Sova MK, the mechanical version, is equipped with TTC BROWN mechanical switches that are famous for the lightness, sturdiness, and non-clicky sound.

It is made up of high-quality material that is super light and ultra-comfortable. The 4-meter cable connects the board to the PC. The most fantastic element is the built-in keyboard that comes with a customizable backlighting feature. This lapboard has a slim and sleek design that is perfect for your living room. It comes with a huge replaceable mouse mat that gives you enough space to move the mouse freely.

The bottom is equipped with a built-in cushion for improved comfort and stability to your posture. Sova has two USB ports; you can attach your accessories with. It is armed with a Swarm technology that gives you full control over your game. It is fully customizable, and you can change your mouse pad, wrist rest, and the cushion, according to your preference. At a realistic price of nearly $150, the equipment works best. The technology it utilizes and the functionality it offers is worth the price. Moreover, it has 4.1 stars rating on Amazon that endorses its utility.


  • It is equipped with a unique Swarm technology.
  • It comes with a built-in keyboard with customizable backlighting.
  • It is fully customizable according to your preference.
  • It is super-light and comfy.
  • The mechanical version is equipped with the famous TTC BROWN version.


  • The keyboard does not deliver satisfactory typing experience.
  • There is no wireless functionality.
  • The mechanical switches are not suitable.

3. Corsair Gaming LAPDOG - Gaming Control Center

Corsair Gaming LAPDOG - Gaming Control Center

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Corsair is a big lapboard with aluminum construction. It does not come with a built-in keyboard or anything else. However, it is compatible with only K 65 and K 70 series keyboards while you can use any type of mouse with it. It has a built-in mouse pad providing a generous area to move the mouse freely. It is equipped with a 3.0 USB hub through which you can connect any of your devices like keyboard, speakers, headset, and mouse, etc.

Corsair gaming lapdog is designed for your comfort, so the setup also includes a secret compartment you can put all your accessories or extra cables inside. This gaming control panel in the cushioned underside to provide comfort. As far as the price is concerned, I think that the quality and the feature can be improved to give a better gaming experience.

Corsair is priced at a reasonably low side. Keeping in view the overall functionality it offers, I think that it provides a reasonable value for money. However, the manufacturer can make some improvements in order to give a better gaming experience.


  • The foam pad is contoured to adjust your legs.
  • It is a sturdy lapboard with aluminum construction.
  • It is equipped with a 3.0 USB hub that allows four connections.


  • The lapboard is quite hefty.
  • It is only compatible with Corsair gaming keyboards.
  • The armrest and the wrist rest are quite uncomfortable.

4. Hover X+ - Ultimate Gamer's LapDesk (for 17" Laptops)

Hover X+ - Ultimate Gamers LapDesk

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If you need an entirely mobile gaming control panel, the Hover X+ will do the job. It is a uniquely designed lapboard specially made by the gamers to improve your gaming experience incredibly. It fits your 17" laptops perfectly. It comes with an ultra-large mousepad to move and aim the mouse freely during the gaming. It is made up of a bamboo wood that not only gives it a great look but also absorbs the heat that the laptop releases. The desk is ventilated, so it provides proper airflow to the running components cool down the rest of the heat.

It comes with a docking station for your tablet or smartphone so you can be connected with your friends or office at the same time. The lapboard has a slim and sleek design with an aesthetically pleasing look that looks great in your living room.

It's a basic model with a cooling ventilation system at a reasonable price. I will favor this lapboard because it is simple yet useful, offering a great gaming experience. It is highly rated on Amazon that is a plus point you should consider when going to buy a lapboard.


  • It has a unique design with an excellent ventilation system for your laptop.
  • It is made up of sturdy bamboo wood.
  • It comes with a mobile phone or a tablet station.
  • It has a slim and sleek design.
  • It is entirely mobile.
  • It has an integrated mouse pad.


  • There are sharp edges under the vent area.
  • There is no extra slot to put the laptop power cable.

5. Slate 2.0 with Desk Space - Mobile LapDesk (for 11" to 13" Laptops)

Slate 2.0 with Desk Space - Mobile LapDesk

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Slate 2.0 is a portable table you can take anywhere with you. If you need something basic providing a good value for money, then this tool is for you. It is made of a bamboo wood featuring a secure viewing dock for your smartphone or tablet. It is equipped with an excellent ventilation system that cools down the excess heat released by the laptop.

This lapboard is super-light and sturdy. It provides great comfort to your posture. Moreover, the design is worth looking at. The bamboo wood looks aesthetically great, so it is perfect to be used in the living room or for any in-house use.

All in all, Slate 2.0 is something you should buy if you want something that offers great value for money. It comes at a reasonable price and the features that are enough to make your experience worthwhile. It also has a considerable Amazon rating due to its solid ventilation system.


  • It is equipped with a great ventilation system.
  • It is made up of bamboo wood that looks good.
  • It is a basic model at an affordable price.
  • It comes with a mobile/tablet dock.
  • It is ultra-light and sturdy.


  • The finish may not be very good in quality.
  • It is quite big.

6. Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming board

Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming board

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It is a one device gaming solution for gamers who want all in one place. It is exclusively made for Xbox One and PC. If you want a wireless connection that connects your keyboard and the optical mouse to the Xbox or the PC, then this device is made for you. The connectivity is fast and reliable and provides a gaming experience you will never forget. It is perfect for the extended gaming sessions because the keyboard and the mouse remain charged for up to 43 to 50 hours with disabled lighting and 11 to 30 hours with lighting.

The keyboard and mouse are durable enough to offer 50 million mouse clicks and 80 million keystrokes, so you should not worry about the money you are spending at this lapboard. The keyboard is mechanical and responsive. The board has a built-in mouse pad for free movement. The keyboard features a dedicated Xbox key to open the Xbox dashboard.

The device offers great functionality and convenience, but when I come to the price, I find this quite expensive as compare to the other similar lapboards in the market. There are various unique features like a built-in mechanical keyboard and mouse, long-life battery, and wireless functionality that may compliment the price, but if you have a restricted budget.


  • It comes with a built-in keyboard and mouse.
  • It has a great battery life.
  • It connects to your PC or Xbox wirelessly by a 2.4 GHz wireless USB receiver.
  • It is durable and compact.
  • It has customizable lighting.


  • It is a highly-priced lapboard.
  • The magnet effect is weak and does not hold the mouse appropriately.


So, here we had some best lapboard I found out of detailed research. Some of them were the basic models, while some are the premium quality desks offering varying features. Deciding to buy the one largely depends upon your needs and the specifications you require to play the game. That is why I reviewed the variety to help you decide for the one conveniently. I hope my top picks will make the challenge easier for you and offer you a great gaming experience.