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When it comes to choosing the right gaming console for your kids, everyone is kind of in a fix as what would be the right choice with durability, affordability, and appropriate content according to the age of children. We have thoroughly researched some of the best gaming consoles available online and prepared the right comprehensive guide for you to choose the best gaming console for your kids.

With a read on this, you will be able to make the right decision as to which gaming console suits your needs best, and you should be buying for your kids to play on without having to worry about durability, or appropriate gaming content according to their age.

1. Livoty Playstation Kids - Handheld Game Console

Livoty Playstation Kids - Handheld Game Console

Livoty PlayStation for kids is the right handheld gaming console for kids of all ages. This unique gaming console is developed to be super portable as it is ultra-lightweight and kids don't need to be sitting in a lounge or a particular place, but they can enjoy their favorite games on the go, or virtually anywhere. This awesome console comes in various colors keeping in mind that it is made especially for kids and they have the options to choose from Black, Red, blue or green colors. You can give your kids the right gaming console in their favorite color, so they don't have to stick to those same boring consoles that come in one color and have no other choices.

Livoty PlayStation features a 2.7" color digital TFT screen with enhanced backlight to ensure that the game can be used anywhere especially outdoors as well without having the hard effects on kid's eyes. It has a great ergonomic design that is easy to hold and kids can manage the gaming console easily with their little hands. It also features a powerful 700mAh built-in battery for extended gaming pleasure of your kids. The console also allows connectivity with the TV and your kids can simply connect it with a TV to enjoy their favorite games on big screen or to involve you with their favorite activity.

The controls on this gaming console are easy to manage for young kids and they don’t have any difficulty using it all day long. Also, the console features thing and lightweight design, making it easy to carry around for kids. There is a vast range of gaming options for kids with 999888 games pre-installed and the option to add gaming cards to play more of their favorite games on this fun gaming console for kids.


  • Budget friendly and light weight console for kids.;
  • Portable, easy to use
  • Comfortable design.


  • Only supports a limited type of games and you cannot download games directly.

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2. Gem Box – Video Game Console

Livoty Playstation Kids - Handheld Game Console

Gem box, is one of the best gaming consoles that are a great fit for kids, family gaming, and serious gamers equally. It is based on the concept of actual gaming consoles yet with a little less processing power and enables you to play android games on your TV with better graphics quality, processing speed and of course on a bigger screen.

This compact console can fit in the palm of your hand and supports connectivity with Wifi, Bluetooth and ethernet. This is the perfect console for you if you are looking to hook up your kids to the gaming world and want to be involved at the same time. There are several great features this console has to offer, and of course, the controller is one of the best parts about Gem Box. Gem Box comes with its own controller that is ergonomic and lightweight with great sensitivity and you can have the pleasure of your favorite android games on your TV with the help of Gem Box.

You can stream arcade quality games with stream fly streaming on Gem Box and it includes a one-month, non-obligatory free subscription to premium stream fly account. Gem Box does not only allow you to play games but you can also mirror your smartphone screen on your TV using Gem Box. It also supports some of the top Android apps like Youtube that you and your kids can use to watch their favorite videos on the bigger screen. Gem Box comes pre-loaded with 4 Gameloft games like Asphalt 8, GT Racing 2, Wonder Zoo and all-time favorite game of children, my little pony. The fun doesn't end here, and you can also install your own choice of games in Gem Box and have the pleasure of playing your favorite android games on TV with a controller attached.


  • Can be attached with any TV
  • Supports HD Android games and apps
  • Turns any TV into smart TV.


  • Does not have a screen, supports Android games only.

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3. MOQI I7S Game Phone Handheld 6"

MOQI I7S Game Phone Handheld 6

MOQI I7s is the perfect choice for you if you are looking for some powerful handheld gaming device for your kids. This powerful gaming console features Qualcomm Kyro 360 CPU and Andreno 616 GPU with 6 GBs of RAM and 64 GBs of ROM. With all those features, there is hardly any room to explain the possibilities of this great handheld gaming console.

MOQI I7s features a 6” touch screen, 6000mAh battery and is powered by Android 8.1 allowing you to play all the favorite games on this device on the go. Design of MOQI I7s being focused on being a gaming console is what differentiates it from and android phone and the shape of controls is ergonomic, designed to fit perfectly in small hands of your kids for the extended gaming pleasure without getting tired. The 6000mAh battery allows them to play for hours without draining the battery and it can last over a day at full charge as well.

To enhance the gaming experience for kids, there are stereo speakers with surround sounds being installed that make the gaming experience more immersive as the sounds are rendered perfectly and embedded to comply with graphics flawlessly. MOQI features Qualcomm 3.0 fast charging that allows the device to be charged in no time with extended pleasure. With this device in your kid's hands, the fun is never-ending and they are going to love gaming on this powerful, lightweight and durable gaming console that has a whole lot of gaming options to choose from for all-day fun.


  • Powerful handheld device for gaming
  • Right design
  • Long-lasting battery life


  • Runs Android only
  • Does not support connectivity with TV except screen mirroring

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4. Goldensky 3D RTRO game console

Goldensky 3D RTRO game console

Goldensky 3D RTRO game console is the perfect choice for you if you are looking to have light fun yourself or want to gift your kid the first ever console to start gaming with. The console is the right value for money as it supports 4k HDMI TV output and comes with 1 joystick. There is 2 USB interface on the console, and you can extend it by connecting more joysticks through a USB HUB. Controller that comes along with the console is greatly built in terms of quality and design and gives a great feel in hands. It is made to fit the hands of adults and kids equally so you can have fun on the Goldensky 3D RTRO without any age restrictions.

It comes with 2300 built-in games for free and supports a wide range of emulators including, FC, GBC, MD, PCE, and PPSPP. So, you can enjoy your favorite games from other consoles by installing the right emulator on this great console. The games are also downloadable and you can download 3D games for your gaming pleasure according to your choice. This console is simply a great choice if you are looking for something that the whole family can be involved with and enjoy together. You can gift this console to your kid as the very first control and it is safe to use for them, as all the games are appropriate for kids that come pre-loaded on the console and it is durable to endure all the usage of children.

Goldesky also offers their official warranty on this console, that being said is guaranteed for one year for any unforeseen damages or errors in the console. Different image quality settings are being supported on the console, so you can adjust the video quality according to your screen size and resolution to enjoy an optimal gaming experience from Goldensky 3D RTRO.


  • Powerful gaming console for kids
  • Supports multiple output options and controller’s connectivity


  • Doesn’t have much game options and you need to install emulators.

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5. Wii

Wii one of the best children s consoles

Who doesn’t know about the famous Nintendo Wii. Most of us remember those old Nintendo Gameboys we used to have in our childhood with our favorite 2D games on it. The times have changed, and Nintendo has got its fair share in the world of technological advancement, putting it in the world of gaming and bringing out the first interactive motion sensor console and controller for you.

Nintendo Wii is the right gaming console choice for your kids if you want them not to act as passive participants in the games by sitting at a couch and pressing some keys but also interact and move their bodies along with the game characters. Nintendo Wii features the motion sensor remote controllers that let your kids dive deep into the world of gaming with immersive controls and the great number of features that make the whole experience much more pleasurable for you and your kids.

Nintendo Wii supports connectivity of up to 4 wireless remotes, each enabled with motion sensors through its Bluetooth wireless support to ensure the involvement of your whole family and you can make your kid feel safe, and better by participating with them in their favorite game. Nintendo Wii requires connectivity with a TV screen and the output from Nintendo Wii is impeccable. It comes pre-loaded with some awesome games like Mario that is a whole new and remodeled version that can be played with active motion sensors on the Wii controllers.

Wii controllers can also be used for scrolling through menus and interacting with your favorite internet apps. Of course, it is comparatively a bit expensive. Yet, it is worth the money and you will not be regretting getting this amazing console for your kid.


  • The right console for active gaming with great many features and motion sensors.


  • Limited games and only runs exclusive Nintendo Wii titles.

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6. Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy‑Con - HAC-001

Nintendo has aced the game with the release of Nintendo Switch. Nintendo Switch is the dream console for every gamer as it has entirely redefined the gaming console concept. Nintendo Switch is a hybrid console that has both portable and large screen modes.

If you are looking to play your favorite games, sitting on the couch in your home and on your TV, Nintendo Switch set will have the controllers, that you can use. All you need to do is simply attach it to the console connected with TV and you can enjoy the controllers with your Nintendo connected to your TV. The best part about Nintendo Switch is that it can be converted conveniently to a handheld device and if you want to enjoy your favorite games on the go, you can simply connect the HD screen to your controller and have fun with your games wherever you are. Nintendo Switch offers a powerful battery that can last anywhere between 5.5 to 9 hours depending on what game you are playing.

The controls on the Nintendo switch are highly responsive and there is no lag felt while the testing of Nintendo Switch. It might not be suitable for kids of young age. Yet, if you are looking to have the right gift for your teenage children, Nintendo Switch is the perfect choice for you as the hybrid compatibility allows non-stop gaming fun without compromising on graphics quality, processing speed, audio experience or battery life. To put it in simple words, Nintendo Switch is a complete gaming package for optimal gaming experience for all ages. Your kids are going to love this as this is one of the dream gaming consoles for most kids of this generation and everyone wants to get their hands on this super-cool device.


  • Portable and multi-purpose device, supports HD and 4k gaming.


  • Games are expensive to purchase, limited memory.

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Summing Up

This is a complete guide that enables you to have an in-depth review of some of the top gaming consoles for kids that you can buy for them to make them feel special and have a positive gaming activity conveniently.