The Witcher 3: Geralt | Scars | History | Appearance and Character Traits


"A lie differs from the truth in that it becomes a reality"

He has many nicknames, for example, he is known to many as "Butcher of Blaviken", for which he is also despised and feared by many, we know him as "Gwynbleidd", and of course we have often heard him called "White Wolf".

Yes, that's right, this article is devoted to the main character and protagonist of the books and the game universe "The Witcher" - Geralt of Rivia.

"The white-haired Witcher" combines many character traits that make him an extraordinary character with outstanding charisma and inner strength.

He spent his whole life fighting, fighting forever against evil spirits and against wicked/evil/cruel and insidious people.

Geralt is a character who has been loved by hundreds of millions of people from all over the World, and this love and undying interest in the universe created by pan Sapkowski is absolutely deserved.

So let's take a closer look at the Witcher and remember some of the highlights of the story of "Butcher of Blaviken".

Appearance and Character Traits

Witcher 3 Geralt: Appearance and Character Traits

He's not young, but he's not old, he's not hood, but it is not full, he's not handsome, but he's not a freak, he's not good and not evil, he is not a man, but he is not a monster…

This list can be continued for a very long time, since Geralt's appearance and character are a kind of collaboration of the incongruous, which for a surprising reason were able to find a balance.

To Geralt of Rivia can be treated in different ways, someone fears and despises him (and not without reason), someone admires them and imitates him, again with good reason.

"Gwynbleidd" is the type of character that is extremely rare, that in books, that in games, that in movies.

For all who are familiar with the story of the Witcher (read the book, played in the same game), I remember how much they had to make difficult decisions, how many errors they have made, how many lives ruined and many lives saved.

Andrzej Sapkowski (author of books about the adventures of the white-haired Witcher) describes to us his main character as a tall man, with a slender build and with gray hair like milk, as well as with "cat eyes with a vertical pupil", which together became a kind of "chip" Geralt or his distinctive feature.

But for other characters of the saga Geralt appears in a different guise, or to be more precise, for them he looks different.

For example, Yennefer calls him peculiarly handsome, and Triss, behind all this witchy bravado, sees a haggard, emaciated and wrinkled face and eyes as all-seeing, sick and seeing too much.

But for most his face is unpleasant, and a significant role in this is played by the character of Geralt.

Given the experience of decades on the "bolshak" (road), Geralt is accustomed to never lose his temper, and in any situation he is restrained and reasonable and acts according to his personal principle/credo.

"...stuffed with principles like a Fox's coat with fleas...»

This in a certain way affects the attitude of others towards him. After all, he is straightforward, he is honest when it is necessary, he is eloquent, but he knows how to keep secrets and be silent no matter what.

Despite the largely system by writing the hobo way of life, Geralt is no stranger to warmth and comfort.

His profession obliges him to maintain a certain reputation, which is achieved not only by the mastery of the sword, but also as a result of his hidden, devoid of emotions behavior.

But even taking all of the above, women are supernaturally attracted to Geralt and he never disdained communication with the opposite sex, which often led him into a difficult situation

All this diversity of contradictions is Geralt.


Based on the way of life, the whole body of Geralt is a canvas of scars that were inflicted not only by monsters, but also by people, including people were inflicted and much deeper (spiritual) wounds.

"Butcher of Blaviken" is the nickname that left the greatest mark on the Witcher's soul, and this mark had a certain impact on him in making difficult decisions until the end of Geralt's life.

"Evil is evil... Smaller, larger, average-no difference, the proportions are conditional, and the boundaries are blurred. I'm not a Holy hermit, I've done more than one good thing in my life. But if you have to choose between one evil and another, I prefer not to choose at al"


We do not know much about Geralt's past, because the story of his adventures begins in the already venerable years.

His mother was a healer and master of the Circle of Magicians – Visenna, which we can read in the stories "Something More" and "A Road with No Return".

The story "A Road with No Return" tells us about the meeting of Spring and the assassin Korin, whom many continue to consider the father of Geralt, but Sapkowski himself has repeatedly refuted this theory.

Visenna gave her son to be raised in the "school of the Wolf", where his named father became Vesemir.

Up to the time of our first acquaintance with Geralt, He had already gone through more than one war, and this difference in the chronology and history of an important character is gradually revealed to us in subsequent books and stories. But let's not spoiler, because each of you can independently explore the universe of the Witcher from the works of Andrzej Sapkowski, as well as during the passage of a series of games from the company "CD Project Red".

But in the order of their reading it is easy enough to get confused, as they came out at different times and covered different time and story lines.

You should follow the following order of reading books:

  1. The book / collection "The Last Wish" includes stories:
    • «The Witcher»
    • «A Grain of Truth»
    • «The Lesser Evil»
    • «A Question of Price»
    • «The Edge of the World »
    • «The Last Wish»
  2. The book «Season of Storms»
  3. The book / collection "Sword of Destiny" includes stories:
    • «The Bounds of Reason»
    • «A Shard of Ice»
    • «Eternal Flame»
    • «A Little Sacrifice»
    • «Sword of Destiny»
    • «Something More»
  4. The book «Blood of Elves»
  5. The book «Time of Contempt»
  6. The book «Baptism of Fire»
  7. The book «The Tower of the Swallow»
  8. The book «The Lady of the Lake»

This order should be adhered to even despite the fact that the book "Season of Storms" is nominally 8 in a row, since it was released in 2013, but the chronology of the events described in it corresponds to the time interval between the collection "The Last Wish" and " Sword of Destiny ".


In conclusion, it is worth noting once again that Geralt was a favorite of women. The love triangle between Yennefer-Geralt-Triss, which is particularly evident in the game "The Witcher 3" will allow players to decide with whom the Witcher to link the rest of his life.

This will significantly help the story "The Last Wish" from the same collection, which can have an impact on the choice in the quest with the same name.

"The Witcher" is one of the best phenomena in the world of fantasy that in book/literary that in its game manifestation.