Quest "Unpaid debt" in the game The Witcher: the passage and consequences of choice


“Unpaid debt” is one of the side quests on Skellige in The Witcher 3, which, in essence, is a continuation of the “Stranger in a Strange Land” task. Many players miss this quest, because in order for it to be activated, certain conditions must be met.

Let"s look at how to do it.

How to get the job “Unpaid debt”

After completing the witch order The Phantom of Eldberg” (if you haven’t started the quest “King's Gambit” yet), a couple of rowdy will immediately come to the witcher. We will have no choice, so we will have to fight with the help of former customer Yorunda. No matter how the White Wolf fights, he will still be knocked out, and his comrade in fists will be seriously wounded.

Having recovered from the knockout, we can already get a sword, deal with the gopniki and watch the cut-scene of the death of Yorunda. After that, it remains to go out of the tavern to find out what kind of noise has risen there, and get into a new cut-scene.

On the street, Leif, the father of the hooligans who were killed by Geralt, will be waiting for us. Attempts to convince him that the witcher was only defending himself will not lead to anything, and the only thing left for us is to go to court for the sovereign of the southern part, Ard Skelliga, to Jarl Lugos Mad.

Here the task “Alien among strangers” will automatically begin. Waiting for the trial, we will be left without armor and weapons in the Kaer Muir quarry (Caer Muir is the residence of Lugos), and we are told to stay with free labor. When the earl summons the witcher to the court is unknown, and I don’t want to work in the quarry either, so Geralt will try to find a way out of this situation.

There are 3 ways to get out of the quarry:

  • Go to the cell of the camera, start a conversation with the guard, and, if you have Axii pumped up to level 3, use the skill Cheating. The poor guard under the influence of the sign will immediately lead the witcher to the Jarl. If Axii you have not pumped to the desired level, then no persuasion on the guard will not work.
  • The second option - to arrange a scuffle with the rest of the "prisoners". There will be only 4 of them, signs and food can be used, which will greatly simplify the matter. It is enough to start a fight with one of them, so that all four become aggressive at once. After that, we will also be taken to the Jarl.
  • The third option is to go to the prisoner after negotiations with the guard, because he stands at the very end of the quarry and calls the witcher himself. This option will lead to the task “Unpaid Debt”.

Passage of the quest "Unpaid debt"

The prisoner is called Simun Finch, and it will be possible to talk to him only after talking with the guard. Then Simun will offer Geralt to get out of here as soon as possible. How? Just one of the guards owes our new friend, and Simun will forgive the debt of the guard, and Geralt will, in turn, owe Simun for it.

What to do in the quest "Unpaid debt"

Having agreed to remain in debt with Simun, we thank him for the information, we again return to the guard and hint about Firsdal and that Simun will forget everything if Geralt is sent to Jarl right away. After a small cut-scene, the task “Alien among strangers” will be completed, and soon we will be able to complete the quest “Unpaid debt”.

Passage of the quest "Unpaid debt"

As Simun Finch got out of the Kaer Muir quarry - no mention, but he did it. And some time after the completion of the “Stranger in a Strange Land” task, he will wait for Geralt at Kaer Trolde near the tavern in the port.

Simun Finch and the "unpaid debt" quest on the map

Attention! Perform the task "Unpaid debt" immediately after the "Alien among strangers" does not work, you have to digress for several other quests. To understand whether Simun has already fled or not, it is enough to check the map of Kaer Trold or sometimes resort to a tavern to find out if it is worth it.

Having reached the designated place, we begin a conversation with the savior, after which Finch will ask us about the service. To agree or not is your business. Consider the answers.

  • First tell me what you need - this is an optional answer, you can ask, but Simun refuses to answer until the witcher agrees to help.
  • Okay, what should I do? Simun will ask the witcher to meet near the lonely house near Bladener on the lake shore. And already in place, he will lead us in.
  • Fuck off - even in the quarry Geralt and Simun agreed on a service for a service, the witcher is not obliged to keep the word. However, refusing, the task will be failed, and Finch will declare that the witcher has covered himself and his whole family with shame.

Having agreed to help, we go to the indicated place on the instructions - the lake house, our new friend will be waiting there. And besides him, we will meet there two more, one of which Simun decided to deal with. In general, the case is very simple, the witcher just needs to kill the finch. Want to know for what? Judging by Wolund, for no reason, it is our Simun who deserves to die because of the fraud and betrayal of his brother. Here you have to quickly decide what to do:

  • And speech can not be. I am not a murderer - if he refuses to be a hired killer, Geralt will have to kill his prison rescuer and Wold with a friend will help him in this.
  • Nothing personal, I just pay the bills - choosing this option Geralt with the help of Simun will fight with Wolund and his partner.

Consequences of choosing

After the battle, the Witcher will have a word with the side he decided to help - from two replicas you can choose only one. If Geralt helped Simun, then he suddenly starts talking to himself, standing over the corpse of the murdered man.

  • Are you talking to yourself? - As it turned out, for many years Chaffinch hid from Wolund assassins, wandered through forests and caves, got used to being alone and started talking to himself.
  • I suppose I returned the debt? - yes, of course, the witcher returned the debt, and Simun will deal with the rest himself.

If we helped Volund, he will declare that for a short moment he thought that the witcher would really kill him. Despite the fact that you answer, Wold will give advice not to tell anyone about what happened. On Spikeroog, Chaffinch still has a cousin, and he will definitely avenge his brother.

After this dialogue, the side job “Unpaid debt” will be completed.

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