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The Witcher’s game world is really huge, beautiful and dangerous, and also has many opportunities for leveling Geralt’s skills, which some gamers mistakenly ignore.

There are many secrets and guides on the accelerated increase in the skill of the white-haired Witcher, among which a special place can be allocated to a visit to the so-called "Place of Power".

What it is? Where to find them? And how to use it?

The answers to these and other questions will be discussed in the framework of this article.

What is it and How to Activate them

So, “Places of Power” are magic stone columns located throughout the game world The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Visiting these places offers players two main preferences:

  1. This is getting 1 skill point, after «emptying» the stone;
  2. This is a temporary power boost of one of the five Signs.

There are 30 such stones in total, distributed in six pieces for each of the five Signs - “Aard”, “Igni”, “Quen”, “Irden” and “Aksiy”.

Need I say, what is the significance of these characters for passing the game? And taking into account the potential 30 points of skills, a visit to the "Places of Power" should be a mandatory action for every Geralt.

It should also be noted that if you activate one stone for five Signs, the player will receive the achievement "Great Strength".

To activate (dry) the Strength Place, you need to carry out only a few simple actions that are familiar to each player:

  1. It is actually to find the stone itself;
  2. Get up to him in such a way that there is a suggestion to press the "E" button;
  3. Press the "E" button until the corresponding animation ends.

The button must be clamped, not pressed, otherwise the skill point will not be received.

It is worth noting that a skill point can be obtained only once, but temporarily strengthening the power of the Sign can be obtained repeatedly.

Where to find places of power

Each stone has a corresponding appearance and individual color of a magical glow, and is also marked with the same Token, to strengthen which they are intended:

  • Aksy sign in the game The Witcher 3 - greenThe sign "Axii" is green;
  • Blue Aard in the game - The Witcher 3The sign "Aard" is blue;
  • Igney Sign - OrangeIgni Sign - Orange
  • Irden Sign - PurpleThe sign "Irden" is purple;
  • Sign Quen - yellow in the game The Witcher 3The Quen sign is yellow.

Accordingly, it is not difficult to determine which Sign represents the Place of Power, but this does not apply to the search for these stones, since not all of them can be found directly at the beginning of the game.

«Places of Power», as mentioned earlier, are scattered across all locations and can be located both in the forest and on the mountain (hill), and underground.

Some of them will become available only when completing basic and additional tasks, when the opportunity to visit the location in which they are located becomes available.

As you know, in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt (with additions) there are five main locations - this is «White Garden», «Velen and Novigrad», «Skelling», «Kaer Morhen» и «Tussent».

Places of Power are almost always guarded, so be prepared for an attack!

White Garden

Location where is (White Garden) in the game The Witcher 3

Velen and Novigrad

Location map Velen and Novigrad


Skellige location map in The Witcher 3

Kaer Morhen

Location on Map - Kaer Morhen

There is still the opportunity to visit the hidden "Place of Strength of the Aard Sign", but only when completing the task «Through Space and Time»


Tussent location map in the game The Witcher 3


It remains only to note that the order of visiting the "Places of Power" is an exclusively individual choice, since there are a lot of variations, but you should definitely visit them all!