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“The Chosen One of the Gods” - a quest in The Witcher 3, which begins automatically after completing the plot task “The King is Dead - Long Live the King". Collapse en Craite asks Geralt to find his missing daughter Cerys, whom we have already met. Queen Skelliga she decided to go in search of adventure and fame to get more votes in the upcoming elections. Udalryk, earl clan Brokvar and lord Spikeroog island, is considered insane, Cerys decided to deal with this matter and prove the opposite. And now eraltu have to go for Caris and take care of her security.

Passage of the quest "Help Cerys uncover the secret of Udalrikov Madness"

Now we go to Spikeroog - a large island in the north-western part of the archipelago of Ard Skellige. You can get there by swimming, on a boat or using quick teleportation. If you chose the third option, then use the index sign on the road or sit in the boat, open the map, select the anchor icon at the destination and press "E" (it is in the default settings).

After that, you immediately move to the designated place.

Help Keris uncover the secret udalrikova madness Witcher 3

Once on the island, we go by the quest mark to the house of the jarl, where we find him and the local witness for a strange conversation. Apparently, Udalryk is a little confused, besides, he suffers from strange dreams and hears the voices of gods, who demand sacrifices from him.

To the question, where is Cerys Jarl nothing sensible will not answer and go to his chambers.

The Witcher 3 Udalryk

Khort, the local fortuneteller, can answer one of the questions of the witcher, after which we will be interrupted by the shout of Udallik.

  • To the question “Do you know where Cerys is?”, The fortunate replies that the girl went to the abandoned house of Udallrik. People are wary of this place, because they say that ghosts are found there.
  • And if you ask "What happened to him?", Then we will not get an answer, because at this moment Udallirk’s scream will sound and rush to the master, advising us to ask around the locals about Cerys.

Job tags will send us to two residents of the village - the fish maker and the islander:

We are looking for Keris in the game The Witcher 3

Quest for Keris in The Witcher 3

  • The first one cannot help us in any way, because it doesn’t know where Cerys is.
  • The islander will be more verbose and will tell you that she didn’t just see Cerys, but also sent that Eirika and Bergtore - a married couple who knew Udallrick’s father, the former Yarl of the village.

Bergtoru we easily find in the north of the village, sitting on a bench near the house.

How to find Keris in The Witcher 3

The girl, sharp on the tongue, would like to chat and gossip with the witcher. Before you learn about Cerys, you can choose the answer “And where are all the beauties?” And listen to what she thinks of everyone just a little nice girls in the settlement. And having asked about Cerys, the village gossip girl will send us ashore to her husband Eirik.

Having reached the place on the map, we need to go down to the water itself, near which we notice Eirik standing on a rock surrounded by three utopians.

Fisherman Eirik in the quest "Help Kayris uncover the mystery of the jarl"

Having dealt with the monsters, our would-be angler will get off the stone and the dialogue will immediately begin.

During the dialogue, it turns out that yes, Cerys was in the village this morning, but after Eirik began to shower the fishing nets and from that moment on, Craite’s daughter did not see. We also learn that Cerys was interested in Jarl's family and by Udalrik himself. Then we will have four possible answers, three of which will help to move forward.

A conversation with a fisherman in the quest Jarl Udalrik

Intimidation does not lead to anything, so you must either use the Aksiy sign (available only when pumping “Cheating” to the second level), or respond politely with either of the first two options.

Help Cerys uncover the secret of Udalrikov Madness - quest map

Eirik admits that Cerys went to the old house of Udalrik, so we go there too. The house is separate from the village in the north-west near the mountains, and a convenient path leads to it.

The quest: The mystery of the jarl Udalrik - location

The house is in a terrible state: rotten, falling apart and with a pressure inside.

With the help of witch eyes, we notice traces leading deep into the house. Fresh, presumably left Cerys.

We are looking for Keris in the house of Yarl Udalrik

Indeed, after following the tracks to the end of the house and turning to the right, we find an already familiar girl lying unconscious.

We take Cerys on hands and we take out from the house. After a while, she wakes up with a severe headache. From inquiries we learn that she came to this house after the sword of the Earl, but could not find him. All offers to return to the village will be refused - without a sword anywhere. What kind of sword is this?

In the course of the dialogue, we learn that Cerysneeded Brokvar, the sword of the Udallrik clan, which was inherited. And he is needed in order to save the Jarl from the curse, because of the sword that spoiled the relationship with his brother Akka. According to the ancient laws, Brokvar was supposed to be inherited by Udalrik, but their father handed over the sword to his younger brother, Akka. Offended Udalryk was against the violation of traditions, for which he was punished. After that, the brothers went fishing, which ended tragically - the younger brother Akki drowned. Whether Udalrik is guilty of the death of his brother, or is it an accident - no one knows, but Cerys believes that the spirit of the younger brother torments the elder for his sins. So she decided to remove the curse and return the sword to its rightful owner, which should reassure the avenging spirit.

How to Remove the Curse from Jarl

The Witcher has no choice but to return to the house behind Brokwar. We will not be able to find it on the first floor, so we go in the first door and see the key illuminated by witch eyes, which lies on the back wall of the stove.

How to remove the curse from the jarl Udalrik

The basement hatch itself is located in the corner of the house, not far from the front door. Go down the stairs, use witch eyesight and see a sword that is highlighted on the table near the basement wall. We approach and pick up the sword, after which a shadow appears on the wall and immediately disappears. Geralt sees this, but does not pay attention, because we have a sword, which means we need to go back to Cerys. Cerys, of course, will be delighted with the find, and together we will go to the Jarl. Along the way, Cerys will touch on the theme of Geralt and Jennifer relations, their acquaintance and the sorceress’s acquaintance with Craite senior.

Near the house Udalrik begins cut-scene and see him with a bandaged arm in the company of the fortune-giver Khort. Where is the injury? Just another sacrifice to the gods speaking to the jarl. You can ask what happened to the hand or go to the point - performing a ritual to calm the spirit of the younger brother. During the conversation, we learn that the remains of Akka remained lying on the bottom near the place where the brothers were fishing. Udalrik suggests a place and says that the witcher will be able to find the remains of his brother using the family ring, which still has to be on the body.

By the way, during the conversation, follow the jarl's head. At the end of the conversation, when he still has to agree to the witcher delivering the family sword to the remains, black branchy horns will appear over his head.

Mystery of the Dominic Madness - map

The location of the remains is located near the village of Svorlag and marked on the map. Several drowned men will be waiting for us on the shore, and sirens are circling under the water. Having settled with them, we dive to the bottom and, with the help of witch's instincts, we see the skeleton of a brother.

The Witcher 3 Chemical Dot - Walkthrough

Leaving the sword to rest with the remains back to the village.

Approaching the house jarl, heard a deafening cry. Once inside, we learn that this time the deities ordered Udalrik to gouge out their eyes because of the death of their younger brother. We ask the jarl about the “deities” and find out that the gods connect with him from the shadow and only in a dream. A couple of times he tried to examine them, but dimly noticed a dark silhouette.

Khim Udalryk - Walkthrough and Consequences

We speak with Cerys, and, as everyone already understands, it’s not at all in the spirit of a brother. In addition, Geralt noticed horned shadow cast Udalrikom.

We speak with the daughter of Craite and explain that the family sword and the spirit of the brother are in no way connected with this matter. The curse of the jarl is a chemical - a creature that appeared back in the times of the Conjugation of the Spheres. The victim of the chemical is the person who has done something bad, and the monster has tortured the victim for years, forcing her to harm and injure herself.

You can deal with it in two ways - a good old silver sword or exile by deception. Unfortunately, each method has its drawbacks.

  1. If you kill him, then it is necessary that the chosen victim was present during that. Due to the fact that Udalrik is weak, he may not survive such an adventure.
  2. It is even more difficult to deceive a monster - you have to force the chemical to believe that someone blames himself for his deed without doing anything. In this case, the chemical will leave the past of the owner, but it will not be able to cling to the new and will eventually leave. It will work only if Udalrik will not know that all this is a setup.

Unfortunately, the Witcher has never heard that the chemical deception was successfully completed, but Cerys still insists on the second option. Therefore, we agree to help in a peaceful way, because in which case you can always get a sword. Upon completion of the dialogue, the choice of a quick move to the old house jarl is available.

Once in the house, we begin to examine it. With the help of a witch's witness, we notice a stove, a baby cradle, a board and a broken mirror.

With the help of a witch s witness, we notice a stove, a baby cradle, a board and a broken mirror.

During the inspection of the mirror, the chemical sends the vision of the sleeping Cyril to the witcher, but Geralt realizes that this is an obsession and the monster is simply trying to intimidate us.

finding elements in room - witcher 3

The use of witch flair in the game The Witcher 3

During the inspection of the mirror, the chemical sends the vision of the sleeping Cyril to the witcher, but Geralt realizes that this is an obsession and the monster is simply trying to intimidate us.

After inspecting the whole house, a dialogue begins with Cerys, who decides in what way we will drive him away - by deception or murder.

After inspecting the whole house, a dialogue begins with Keris

  • The answer “I believe you” means that we will try to get rid of him by deception,
  • “There can be no talk” - the good old sword of the witcher.

Which option is better to choose, you ask? With any succession of events, we will save Jarl from the chemical, Udalrik will not suffer. The variant with deception is more dramatic, for it is only in the process that we will find out what Cerys conceived. The battle will still be, but much easier than in the force version. In which case you can always deal with the help of force. Let's consider both options.

First option - Killing him

Having chosen the answer option “There can be no talk”, the Witcher goes to the Jarl and persuades him to go at night to the old house of Udalrik to lure and kill the monster.

But first you need to prepare the room, namely, place the torches in the main hall so that the chemical can be clearly seen. We get the torches from Khiort and go to the house on the hill, near which we are already waiting for Cerys with a jarl. On the pillars of the common hall there are fasteners for torches, highlighted in the screenshot.

Before entering the grotto, with the help of witchacho

Install the torches and go back to Udalriku and say that all the preparations are made. Optionally, you can dedicate it to the plan or leave everything as it is.

The Witcher asks the victim Him to think about the pleasant, so that the demon does not drag himself into the experience of guilt, and the two of them come into the house. We light previously installed torches and immediately our monster appears.

We light previously installed torches and immediately our monster appears.

In the battle, we will help oil against ghosts, Yrden, bomb Moon dust.

We defend ourselves from blows as usual with Quen and jumps, we ignite Igni for additional damage. At some point, Udalrik will scream and run out of the lighted hall, as a result of which chemical will disappear.

Our task is to go after him, calm the poor fellow with the help of Axia and return to the light, continuing the battle. When the ghost has a quarter of hp, it will disappear, and his cry will come from the basement. We follow him through the already open hatch, if necessary we use the Cat, since there is no light in the basement.

We follow him through the already open hatch, if necessary we use the Cat, since there is no light in the basement.

After killing the demon, do not forget to collect loot from it and return to our Jarl. The cut-scene begins, in which the witcher, along with Cerys and the jarl, leave the house. The victim is dizzy, but the witcher assures that these are the consequences of exile and soon it will pass. The Dodger returns to his home with the monk, Cerys will also go with them.

Second option - Cheat him

Cerys asks Geralt to melt the furnace, and, without saying anything about the plan, she will go to prepare for deception.

We set fire to the stove and observe the cut-scene in which Geralt stands near the crackling stove and at this moment Cerys flies through the door with the baby Jarl in her arms, quickly passes it to Geralt and shouts to throw the baby into the melted oven. Behind her, an enraged earl with a retinue bursts into the old house and demands that the child be returned.

Witcher 3 child bold

For a successful jarl deception, you must trust the daughter of Craite and put the child in the oven. After that, the unfortunate father will rush to the furnace, but will not be able to open it. Guarding the village will attack the witcher, and we will have to fight with three opponents.

In order to continue the task enough to win two, after which a new cut-scene will begin, in which the chemical will be behind Geralt, but at this moment Cerys will leave the next room with the living child in her arms. Dodge rushes to his son, and chemical convulses and later disappears. The frightened Jarl cuddles the child, but Cerys" plan has already been crowned with success, and all the characters go out into the street, after which they are forgiven.

Video how to help Cerys reveal the secret of Udalrikov madness