The Witcher 3: the Best Swords - Characteristics and Ingredients


Surely, no one will argue with the statement that the game universe "The Witcher" - is not only one of the best in terms of the storyline and the created world (as well as the fan segment and attitude to gamers), but is also one of the best games of our time in terms of attention to detail and a variety of weapons and ammunition.

Each player, combining different types of weapons and armor, can choose for themselves the style of play (control Geralt), which will fully correspond to his skills in combat.

For some, the priority is fast attacks, for someone the main advantage in combat is a combination of fast and medium attacks diluted with Signs, and for someone the best style in combat is strong attacks.

In the game "The Witcher 3" for all of the players there is something to offer. In the last article we have already touched on the issue of finding armor Witcher schools, but no less attention should be paid to the competent selection of the sword for Geralt.

And that's what we're going to do today.

The Best Swords

But first it is worth noting that it is extremely difficult to uniquely answer the question - "What are the best swords in the game the Witcher 3".

The whole complexity of the issue is that personal preference in choosing a fighting style plays a huge role in the evaluation judgments.

Most swords in the game (and steel, and silver) (and there are more than 200 pieces) in addition to the indicator in the form of actual damage and have many additional characteristics.

Therefore, in order to determine the answer to the question indicated in this article, it is necessary to consider what they are-let's stop at Swords for Witcher Schools:

Precisely these swords, many "Geralt" consider best in game "The Witcher 3", that adjusted for full collection kit witcher schools achieve maximum effect from arm.

But, there are and other swords, in including and from other schools, namely:


Asalready mentioned, the game "The Witcher 3" more than 200 swords and other weapons, some of which can be obtained only by collecting, and some will be available only when using cheat codes.

The question of choosing the best sword is largely individualized, since each player has its own criteria.

But swords, the above is certainly worth paying attention to.