Witcher 3 Grandmaster Armor of Schools (Cat, Wolf, Griffin, Bear)


The last article dealt with the existing armor for Geralt from 6 Schools. For quite a long time, precisely those sets that were given there were the main and most effective elements of weapons.

Only with the release of the DLC “Blood and Wine” four more sets were added to the game for the four main witch schools - Cat, Wolf, Griffin and Bear, which received the status of “Grandmaster”.

And what they are, what opportunities open up, as well as how and where to find them and will be discussed in the framework of this article.

Cat's Grandmaster Armor

This type of armor belongs to the type of “Light Armor”, for players who have the speed of the attacks carried out in priority. Their distinguishing feature is that they are the only set of armor with a hood, which is automatically removed when Geralt puts on masks.

The armor looks quite interesting and superficially resembles (at least according to the association of the author of the article) the ammunition of Altair from one famous game universe.

Where to Find the School's Grandmaster Armor

To obtain a drawing of armor, you must go through the famous quest "Witcher Antiquities: Grand Master Armor of the Cat School".

Stage 1 - a visit to the house of Bartholomew de Lone

- To be this location to the south from the “Merchant Factory” and to the west - “Ruins of the Gallion Palace”, at the point marked with a marker.

Mark on the map where you can find the cat school Grandmaster armor

Stage 2 - Move to the nearest point “Ruins of the Palace of Gallion” and follow to the indicated house;

- On arrival, go around the estate on the right, as the gate is locked, and using the destroyed forests climb over the obstacles;

- Understand the bandits who run the ball there;

- After the “eviction of the bandits” there will be an opportunity to talk to the clerk who describes the property;

- In the same building, using witches, find a picture in the corner, behind which there will be a letter indicating the future direction of the search;

Stage 3 - You will be sent back to the “Ruins of the Palace of Gallion”, where you will have to fight with a fairly large and well-armed gang;

- Do not kill the leader of the gang before you “send to the other world” everyone else, because after the leader kills you will see a splash screen with gratitude from the Tussenta army;

- A chest in which there are drawings and further instructions around a huge fire on the ruins of the viaduct;

- From the notes of the leader of the gang, it will become clear that the next destination point is the location “Stuffy Pits”;

- Upon arrival, Geralt will face the Archispora, after the destruction of which it will be necessary only to find the diary of the mean witcher Lexandre and the long-awaited drawings.

Wolf School Grandmaster Armor

This armor belongs to the middle type, for Geralt preferring a balance between the use of attacks and signs of force in the attack.

A distinctive feature, in addition to a very “brutal” appearance, is that their production does not require the presence of a master set of armor, which greatly simplifies obtaining the “Grandmaster armor of the Wolf School”.

How to find the Wolf School Grandmaster Armor

You can get a drawing, of course, after passing the corresponding quest "Witcher Antiquities: Grandmaster Armor of the Wolf School."

Stage 1 - as you know, to complete the quest, you must visit the location "Ruins of the Palace of Termes", which is located near the "Farm Gelenserov";

Mark on the map where you can find the Wolf School Grandmaster armor

- Next, you should pay attention to the quote from the diary entry

“According to legend, ghosts dwell in the dungeons of Termes. I don’t know if it’s true or not, but both scientists and the witcher disappeared without a trace. ”

This quotation says that ghosts will stand in your way, for which you need to prepare well for certain;

- When visiting the ruins will need to find a shield that is difficult not to notice, as it is poured bright purple;

- Find a device whose inspection will demonstrate that certain items can be placed in it;

- Remove the shield and find a skeleton in front of the ruins, a search of which will give another important element - purple ruby;

- Start the device found earlier and go down the opened stairs.

Stage 2 - Be prepared for the ghost attack and his three assistants ghost-dogs;

- Keep the right side and pay attention to the locked door;

- Go down into the opening, which can be found on the left side, through it you will get into the corridor, not paying attention to the doorway, break the wall of the already existing cracks;

- Defeat scolopendromorph and break another “marked” wall;

- Jump down and get rid of the ghosts again;

- Find the room on the right and with the help of witch"s instincts determine the remains of the witcher Adon;

- Take away from him three drawings;

- Return to the initial location and find the crypt with the remains of the elven king Divafafa;

- There you will find the bag of the witcher Adon with three more drawings and interesting enough diaries.

In order to get out, it will be necessary only to go through the passage (opposite the crypt) and get to the very closed door, where there will be a key on the floor, which will help us to enter the World.

Gryphon School Grandmaster Armor

How to Find - Gryphon School Grandmaster Armor

The search for the drawings necessary for the manufacture of armor should begin with a reading of the passage from the story of Lazar Lafargue

«He took some order at Fort Ussar, and he needed better equipment. He showed the drawings to the teacher, made a deposit - and he was never seen again. One night he left the fort and never returned. They say he was in a hurry, so maybe he left something in a hurry. It is worth looking in Ussar, although now the fort lies in ruins»

Stage 1 - visit to Fort Ussar

Mark on the map where you can find - Grandmaster Armor of the Griffin School

Despite the beauty of the landscape of the ruined fort, there is nothing to look for there. Take a look around and find the ruined staircase, under which three drawings and a report of a certain captain of “Firabras” will be found. After reading the report, it will become clear that further searches lead to the Montcran Castle.

Stage 2 – exploration of the castle "Montcran"

Exploring Moncran Castle - Finding the Griffin School Grandmaster Armor

The castle is in close proximity to the ruined fort of Ussar, so the path will not take much time.

- You should prepare for the battle, as the numerous "Hansa" has settled in the castle, but the battle itself (if desired) can be avoided, since searches are limited to the first tier.

- Find the wall using the witch"s flair and use the “Eye of Nejelen”

- Take a good look around and pick up everything you find and among the objects found there will be a crystal for teleport

- Using the witcher"s flair in the niche again, find the mechanism that will open the passage

- There you will find the teleport itself, which is launched using the previously found crystal

- Get ready for a meeting with the Golem and after sending him “to the next world” take away the missing drawings and leave the location.

Grandmaster Armor School Bear

This set corresponds to its name, that in appearance (which is a colorful furry shoulder pad), that in the characteristics.

How to Find Bear School Grandmaster Armor

The location of interest in the search for drawings is again indicated by the record by Lazarus Lafargue:

«I remember a huge witcher with a bear head medallion .... He was clearly not rich. But he promised that he would soon receive the required amount: he took up the order in the Tufo vineyard, where the house fell apart»

Stage 1 - based on the information received, it is logical to conclude that it is necessary to search in “Village of Floviv”

How to Find Bear School Grandmaster Armor in The Witcher 3

- Having visited this village, you will immediately be struck by the fact that one of the buildings has a significant inclination, which may mean carrying out any excavation

- Inspect the building and identify a blockage that can be cleared with the Aard sign

- Go through the passage and open a small chest where there will be three drawings of equipment made for Yunod from Belhaven

- It is also necessary to pay attention to the found diary of Charite Gontrand de Tufo, from which it will become known that he once accepted the assignment and went to the caves by the stream in the forest of Marcesente

- Without using the mark for quick movement, visit the bulletin board and take on your own the “Monster from Tufo” task, which Charite never completed - this is not of exceptional importance, but the buns for the task will not interfere, since you still need to go there

Stage 2 – the caves are located a little higher and to the left of the village of “Floviv”, and it’s quite difficult to miss it, as there are signs

Stage 2 Search - Bear School Grandmaster Armor

- After the descent, immediately pay attention to the left side, where the boulders are thrown, there you will find a warning that you have to fight with Skolopendromorf, but since you have taken the task and in the end you will need to kill “Charlya”, so prepare “Oil against relics. "

- Continue the search and in the end you will find the remains of the same Witcher who could not complete the task, and get the blueprints needed to get the armor.


The last thing I would like to note in the framework of this article is a reminder that the manufacture of grandmaster armor of witch schools requires a gunsmith of the appropriate level, which is (the previously mentioned) Lazarus Lafargue. It is located in the vicinity of the castle "Bokler" north of the City cemetery.