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In The Witcher 3 game “Through time and space” is a task that will help weaken the Wild Hunt even more before you finally deal with it. The task is not too difficult for an experienced player, but the secrets that you will learn from this guide will help you to complete the quest even faster.

Wild Hunt and its commanders

After the massacre of Imlerikh, Avallac'h decides that he should act more radically and lure Ge’els, one of the most faithful companions of Eredin, king of the Wild Hunt to his side. For the realization of such a cunning, the support of a strong Onemanian woman is required. Triss Merigold as an assistant recommends Corina Tili, already known to us from the passage of the assignment “Novigrad Dreaming”.

Walkthrough the quest: Through time and space in The Witcher 3

By the time he arrives in Novigrad, Ciri, accompanied by Geralt, all questions have been settled, so the heroes can only get to Ge’elsu, which is hiding in a world called Aen Elle. To do this, you have to go through several portals and visit different worlds, breaking through to the goal through space and time.

Walkthrough of the quest Through time and space

First you need to meet with Avallac'h on the third floor of the Rosemary and Thyme brothel. At the meeting, the elf will express admiration for how Geralt and Cyrill have cleverly dealt with Imlerikh, whose death has seriously weakened the enemy, causing the disarray in the ranks of the Wild Hunt. However, Erendir still has strong support in the face of two generals - Karantir, fanatically loyal to the owner and in whose loyalty there is no shadow of doubt, and Ge’els, who once served the former king left by Eredin. It turns out that the king was poisoned by the present lord of the Wild Hunt, but only a handful of people remember him, and Corin Tilly also knows, the truth of which was revealed in one of the visions.

The plan is simple: you need to deliver Ge’els to “Rosemary and Thyme” and show him how it was in reality (yes, one-girlmars can do it), which guarantees a reduction in the number of Wild Hunt generals by one more.

First Portal

He is in the abandoned house of Rudolf de Jonkheer - the same one where we had previously met Sarah and Korina, the Oneuroman. You will need to go down to the basement and in front of the furnace to destroy the wall using the Aard sign.

You will need to go down to the basement and in front of the furnace to destroy the wall using the Aard sign.

The portal takes the heroes to the desert world, where you need to clean up a small area about sandworms. Opponents are not too strong, so you will not get any particularly valuable loot. You have to move on until you can find the next transition.

How to Pass the Clouds

The next world is filled with clouds of gas. Here an unpleasant surprise awaits us: Avallac'h cannot teleport, so further we will have to rely only on our own strength. First you need to go down the path, go around the mountain and go to the area with gas dips. Turning to the right, run through a cloud of gas and get to the ledge on the opposite side. After moving through the ravines, you will find a place of power and be able to recharge your batteries.

Walkthrough clouds in the quest Through time and space

Further, running through the clouds, go down to the lowland, beyond which there will be a hill. There is a new portal. The next world is underwater. Difficulties with its passage from you, most likely, will not arise. Found the portal will take the witch in the icy world.

How to get to the lighthouse

To get out of the cave, break the ice wall using the Aaard sign. The character has a debuff in the form of cold damage, so you have to quickly get to the first of the shelters. You should not wait for a long time in open places, since the character loses health. Also, from time to time you will have to fight the hounds of the Wild Hunt.

On the way can come across boxes and bags with various valuable items. To restore your health, in each of the shelters you can make a fire and warm up. The notes found along the way tell you what happened to this world and why it is so unfriendly.

In this way, using short rushes, you can get to the lighthouse, where the witcher is already waiting for Avallac'h. In the dialogue, Geralt can get all the answers regarding the past of this elf. Placing all the dots above the “i”, you can go to the portal and transfer to the Ge’elsa Palace, which is located in Tir Na Lia.

Talking to Ge'els

The dialogue begins with intricate questions about the sincerity of Avallac'h intentions regarding Cirilla. Options of replicas, you can choose any, because the answers to anything do not wag. As a result, Avallac'h. who are quickly bored with empty talk, will offer to be transferred to the world of AenSeidhe, where the commander will be able to see with his own eyes the death of the old king and find out who is actually the murderer.

A oneromancy session will be held at Rosemary and Thyme. What he has seen will force Ge’els to renounce Eredin. As a token of gratitude, he will advise you to find the Solar Stone, which is able to lure the King of the Wild Hunt into a trap and fight with him on conditions convenient for Geralt.

There are no other ways to defeat the Wild Hunt. Then it remains only to pass a few tasks before the final fight.

Bugs and Crashes

No known bugs that can help pass the task "Through time and space", were not found. If the Witcher 3 crashes at any of the stages of the passage, you can use the console command to protect the task, or download a workable game save with the task already passed.

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