A Deadly Plot - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences


“A Deadly Plot” - an additional task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which Dijkstra will offer you as you progress through the plot. This is the first mission of the chain associated with the coups and the attempted assassination of King Redania. Even if you do not want to kill Radowid, I still advise you to agree to the first task, because it is fascinating, fast and very funny. Like all the trolls of the universe, but more on that later. In general, I highly recommend this quest for the passage, so we immediately get to the point.

How to get the Quest and How to Start

There are some difficulties with getting the job. Let's start in order:

  1. First you need to perform a task “Get Junior”. During the walkthrough, you will come across Vernon Roche, an old friend of Temeria from The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. And also you will meet the radan king Radowid .
  2. The second required item - finish side job “Now or Never”, which is associated with Triss Merigold and the escape of the magicians from Novigrad.

Our mission must be completed before the witcher sets off to the Isle of Mists, otherwise it will be considered failed, like many other tasks. Should I do the job? Of course. If you miss it and refuse, you will lose the opportunity to get one of the endings of the game, just as you will not get the next quest - "Reason of State". Well, this mission is very funny, so be sure to advise to pass.

You can get the job from Dijkstra immediately after the completion of "Now or Never." The former spy of Redania himself will approach the White Wolf while Triss is loaded onto the ship. In the cut-scene, you can talk to Count Reuven and hear his proposal for a regicide. Specifically, this task from the chain of "A Deadly Plot" will not affect anything, so you can safely agree to it, but the next quest will have significant consequences.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Deadly Plot”: Walkthrough

As if Geralt did not deny the proposals of the cunning Dijkstra, he will still invite you to a private conversation at the end of the dialogue. In order to start it, you must appear in the secret lair of a spy - the attic of “Passiflora”. Most likely, you have already been to this large brothel and will be able to easily find it, and if not, then you need to go to the north of Novigrad, guided by the mark on the map.

The door is closed - what to do

To get to the secret room, you have to go up to the second floor and first talk to the Marquise Serenity. Only the owner of the institution has access to a secret door that leads to the lair of spies and conspirators.

Attention! A bug is known, because of which, even after talking to the Marquise, the door is closed and there is no way to open it. How to continue the task? The simplest thing is to load the save before talking to the mistress. If it did not help, then try to move somewhere from Novigrad using fast moving and go back, and only after that start a dialogue or try to open the door. The bug was often found on earlier versions, but later it was fixed in patches.

The beginning of the quest: A Deadly Plot - The Witcher 3

Right behind the door, a staircase to the third floor begins, where Dijkstra is already waiting for us. You can choose any option, it will not affect anything. In any case, the conversation will lead to the appearance of our friend - Vernon Rocher. Then the two conspirators briefly introduce the White Wolf. So why did they need a witcher?

Walkthrough of the quest Deadly Conspiracy - in The Witcher 3

Somewhere in Velen, the third participant in the coup d'état, who was collecting information under the cover of a shoemaker, disappeared. Witchers are excellent trackers and can easily cope with such assignments with the help of witcher's instincts, so Geralt was called to the meeting. For more information, we can find out from Gregor, one of the Redan soldiers, at the Frontier Post.

At this dialogue is completed, which means we immediately go to the destination.

Quest: A Deadly Plot - Location

Gregor will have to wait for the witcher, but unfortunately he does not know the whereabouts of the shoemaker. But he will give us a weighty hint - a few days ago, the patrol saw an abandoned wagon in the southeast of the post. Perhaps this was the wagon of the spy-shoemaker.

Optionally, you can ask the soldier why he helps the conspirators in the murder of his king. Before parting, Gregor will offer the witch a security certificate. If you already have it in your inventory, then the witcher will automatically refuse the offer.

Tips for completing the quest:A Deadly Plot - The Witcher 3

The wagon is actually located in the south-east of the post - in the forest near the path. Nearby is a camp of bandits with a hostage in a cage - if you haven’t released him yet, now there will be a great opportunity!

How to continue the Task

Running up to an abandoned wagon, we turn on witch's flair and notice traces of struggle on the ground near the van. The next remarkable find is scattered shoes. Remember the story in which the children left bread crumbs? Here is a similar situation, only with different shoes. Inspect a couple and go on the shoe trail.

Continuation of the quest - A Deadly Plot

All shoes will be scattered along the barely noticeable path, so I think you will not get lost. The main thing - more often use witches' intuition and carefully look into the high forest grass.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - A Deadly Plot

At the end of the path, a shoe trail leads you to a rock troll standing in the middle of the road. He will be busy collecting those same shoes that we came here for.

Trolls in A Deadly Plot quest

You can immediately say goodbye to him and try to search for a spy yourself, but I advise you to talk. Rock troll - a simple guy and immediately lay out what they found shoemaker, so that he made them shoes. They are him and two more friends-trolls who are now with a shoemaker in a cave. The cave entrance is right behind the troll, a little to the left in the mountain. I think you will find it right away.

Important! Do not immediately run into the cave - stop at the entrance and listen to the unique lessons of the mat. The translators obviously diverged and tried their best. The dialogue is very funny, like the trolls themselves, who are not able to pronounce a mate. As a small lesson will end, you can safely go into the cave and join the dialogue.

Walkthrough quest:A Deadly Plot

In the missing spy, Geralt immediately recognizes his old friend from Vizima - Thaler. It is not surprising that the Temer spy was hiding under the guise of a wandering shoemaker. Those who played in the first part of the trilogy are well aware of this guy, because a lot of tasks are connected with him, including a couple of plot ones. So, the spy is in the clutches of the rock trolls. What to do next?

Killing trolls or not - forceful and peaceful walkthrough of the mission

  • I have no time. Let him go, or I will kill you - a forceful solution to the problem. Hearing threats from the witcher, the lads immediately pounce on you. The one on the street will also join friends. In the end, you will have to fight with three rocky thugs. Thaler will not approve such a decision. Though they tired him out, they don’t kill them for being idiots.
  • I need this man. He will go with me -> I will take him for a minute, and then I will immediately return him - a peaceful solution to the problem. As mentioned above, the trolls are stupid and will easily believe such deception. Geralt and Thaler will promise to go for the skin for large shoes and peacefully retreat from the cave, without killing anyone. Thaler, as a diplomat, will praise the witcher for resourcefulness and peaceful developments.

Peaceful version of the walkthrough of the mission:A Deadly Plot

What consequences are waiting for you? Nothing serious, only condemnations of Thaler, and his own conscience. Should I kill the trolls? As for me - no. The guys are stupid and deliberately do not wish us evil, so you can just cheat and choose from the cave by peaceful means.

Completion of the quest - A Deadly Plot

Now, you just have to lead a deceptive shoemaker to an abandoned carriage, and the task will be considered completed. Before you break up, you will have the opportunity to ask him about the murder of Radowid . Unfortunately, here you will not learn anything important, only in the next quest “Blindingly Obvious”.

After the quest, find Thaler, or rather his van, can be found near the Seven Cats Tavern near Novigrad.

Interesting! Remember the task in the White Garden, in which a man took the only frying pan from an old woman. If you carefully passed this quest, you might have noticed a cracked monocle on the floor, as well as a note with scraps of political phrases. I think now you have guessed exactly who this monocle belonged to, and who then made the pogrom. Although the item is in inventory, it cannot be returned to the owner. He will always remain in the pockets of Geralt. On this mission, “A Deadly Plot” is completed.

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