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“Get Junior” is a story task in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which you will receive during the main quest chain of Novigrad. The task is quite long, it can be completed in various ways, and it is also possible to meet old friends from past games. At the end of the quest, you have to decide the fate of the Bastard Junior, and the consequences depend on your choice.

What will happen if you do not kill the bastard? This and more you will learn in this passage. But first you need to find him, so decide whether to kill Bastard Junior or not, we will be at the end.

Get Junior - Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - detailed quest walkthrough

Having learned from Priscilla about Buttercup’s plans, Geralt, as always, has to save her friend-poet. In search of Buttercup, you must go in search of Sigi Royven, who has large baths in Novigrad. Hurry up and immediately go to the bathhouse, guided by the mark on the map.

At first, the witcher didn’t want to let him into the establishment at all, answering that the owner was now busy and in general he was not up to some unknown visitor. However, it cost Geralt to give his name, as the doors of the bath in front of him immediately opened. The manager of the bath, Happen the Eunuch, met us and led us into the dressing room. Whoever Geralt may be, the bath is a bath, you know, they do not go to the steam room in armor. There are five different lockers in the dressing room, you can use any of them.

After dressing the witcher, wrapped in a towel, the Eunuch leads to the VIP area, which is located at the far end of the hall. In the bath you can see a large number of visitors, as well as hear about the next outrages of people Bastard or compliments to Geralt.

In a separate room we see the three heads of the underworld of Novigrad: the King of Beggars (whom we already met during the search for Triss), Sigi Royven (aka Sigismund Dijkstra, familiar to us from past games and books, the former head of the Redan intelligence) and not yet familiar to Geralt the red men. Drawf turned out to be Carlo Varese, nicknamed Tesak, the leader of the gang of redmen in Novigrad. He met Geralt not too cordially, and the witcher was not particularly polite with the short man. From your answer option the passage of the quest will not change.

Quest The Get Junior - baths

True, the conversation will have to be interrupted for a while. Armed people bastard will rush into the baths and start killing innocent people. We left all the weapons and armor in the dressing room, but Dijkstra had a little bit in the VIP room. The kings of the underworld and the witcher will have to fight literally in one hip towel, so be careful, use Quen all the time and don’t catch a random vanshot.

A fight with the people Bastard Junior in the bath

Having beaten the attackers, let us return to the conversation again. As it turned out, Slasher himself is looking for Bastard Junior, and do not mind getting even with him. Therefore, before retiring, he will offer his help in the search to Geralt. After this, the side task “Novigrad's Gang”, the comments and the passage of this task will appear in another guide.

Get Junior - Gangs Novigrad

Following the Slasher, the King of the Beggars will also be removed, leaving Geralt and “Roiven” alone. Dijkstra is not a fan of the Slasher methods and wants to find out what the Bastard is seeking before just killing him. Therefore, he advises the Witcher not to use the help of the redmen, but to solve everything himself. Dijkstra also gives us a tip-off at the Bastard's place in Novigrad - our own house on the island, an arena in tunnels and a casino. If we don't find the Bastard there, then we can find some clues.

Caches and Refuge Bastard Junior

It does not matter in what order we will explore the necessary places, so we will start from the house - the shelter is located not far from the bath, and this is the fastest and most dust-free place.

House of the Bastard in Novigrad

The master of the house was not there, however, the tesn redmen already had time to work here. The building is turned upside down, all the people of the Bastard are killed, complete chaos reigns in the house.

House of Bastard Jr. in Novigrad

Using witch vision, we can search the shelter, inspect the papers lying on the floor and a few items on the second floor. However, nothing interesting, we will not find, and the commander of the redmen will not say anything meaningful. After inspecting all the things highlighted in red, the task item will be fulfilled, which means that it’s time for us to go to the next institution.

Bastard Junior Casino

Our second destination will be the casino. At the entrance there are already two Gatekeeper Bastard, protecting the entrance. It’s just impossible to get past them, so you have to talk and decide what to do.

Bastard Junior Casino in Novigrad

Variants of answers:

  • Maybe we will agree? - just agree, unfortunately, will not work. The idiots will only laugh at the witcher and the dialogue will end. When you talk again, there will be only two possible answers - kill them or use Axius.
  • I will come in if you need to - over your corpses - after this option you lose, you can go through this item peacefully, and also play strong players with gwint. You have to kill the gatekeepers, as well as all the Bastard people you meet inside the casino.
  • Here is my invitation - money, as always, solves any problems. For 200 coins Geralt will immediately be let through to the casino, and will also complain about the Novigrad currency.
  • I think you will let me in, after all - Aksiy works as always without fail. However, to use it, it is necessary to pump the mark at least to the second level. The guards immediately let the witch in and even wish him luck in the cards.

If you went to the casino peacefully, you can easily climb to the second floor. Three professional gvint players are sitting here, and in order to advance on the mission, you must win at least two of them. Unfortunately, you will not receive cards for winning, but you can raise up to 100 crowns from each.

Important! Avoid answers related to Bastard Junior. If the players understand that you are interested in their leader, then the massacre will begin immediately. Imagine that you just came to spread cards.

Game Guint: players and their decks

The first player - a man in a lilac hat who sits directly opposite the stairs, plays for Nilfgaard. He has a pretty strong deck, there is a scarecrow, a penalty, hero cards, spies and ordinary troops with great force. In short, the full set. Its leader is Emhyr var Emreis, Emperor of Nilfgaard with the ability to see 3 cards from your hand. Because of high power maps, it’s better to leave weather maps in your hand. Of course, they don’t act against the heroes, but ordinary detachments with attack 10 will be able to neutralize.

The second player who wears a blue hat and sits against the wall is the most meticulous. In dialogue with him there will be many options associated with Bastard Junior, avoid them all and just offer to play cards in order not to provoke a massacre. He plays for Monsters with the leader Eredin Bréacc Glas of King Aen Elle, who doubles the attack ability of all melee units. He has many “Double” cards, so you can try to make him lay out as many cards as possible in the first round, deliberately lose, and then pick up the victory in the second and third round.

The third player in the red hat at first does not want to play with Geralt in gvint, but the witcher will introduce himself to the knightly title, which he was awarded in the novel “Baptism by fire”. Our “gallant nobleman” plays for squirrels, and its leader is Francesca Findabair aisy of the Valley, whose abilities allow you to draw a card at the beginning of the battle. In the deck he has “Twins”, weather maps, penalty, Mysterious Elf and Saskia.

Having won at least two players, a dealer will approach Geralt with a proposal to go up to the third floor to play for big money.

  • If you refuse, everyone who is on the second floor will pounce on the witcher. You will have to fight with more than 10 opponents in a small room.
  • If you agree, then going upstairs you will be locked in a room with three guards. The game for a large amount was a trap - those who win a lot in the Bastard casino are simply killed. After any of your answer will start a fight.

Richo Lows - Talk and Release

Having settled down with the gangsters, Geralt will notice the bound and battered underworld that is in the room. To advance on the plot with him is to talk. The nickname is Rico, and he is a spy for the Beggar King, who has been uncovered. During the espionage, Rico found out that the Bastard had contacted the Redans, it was this clue we needed. Then there is the option to release the bottom or leave bound. If you release - get the job “Honor Among Thieves”, for which you will get a good reward. Having collected all the interesting loot, we can leave the casino.

  • If the dealer has taken you to the third floor, then you will have to fight the battlefield - the chase will begin, all the people of the Bastard, who remained on the second and first floors, will attack you.
  • If you get upstairs yourself, having killed all the casino guards before that, then the new ones will not appear - you can safely leave the premises.

Attention! Actually, we already possess the necessary information to advance on the task - the link of the Bastard with the Redans. A sub-item has already appeared in the journal, in which it is necessary to contact Dijkstroy and ask about it. If you want to complete the task as quickly as possible - go straight to Dijkstra, but then the item “Crush the Bastard Junior Ring” will fail, you will not be able to participate in gladiator fights, get loot and experience. We are not looking for easy ways, so we set off for the arena. During the casino search, you could find a “Certificate” that would allow you to safely enter the arena. There is another way how to get it - not far from the entrance to the tunnels, near the Marabella orphanage, the Nowhere tavern and the Vilmerius Hospital, the poor will be attacked by gangsters and killed. You should wait for this, and then pick up the “Testimony” from the poor man’s body. If you did not find it, then just forget, you can go inside and in many other ways.

Ring and Stash Bastard Junior in the arena

At the entrance to the tunnels you will also find gatekeepers. Here, too, there are several options.

  • My name is Zhdan, and I have a contract - this option is available only if you have found the documents, namely “Certificate”. Geralt will present himself as a invited fighter and calmly pass inside.
  • I'll pay you - the standard version, only this time not 200 crowns, but only 100.
  • I think that you want to miss me - our favorite sign is Axii, but, like near the casino, a second level of skill is needed.
  • Skip it, or kill it — power walk, you will not be able to participate in the battles in the arena and you just have to cut everyone out.

Arena Bastard Junior

From the gatekeepers, we learn that Igor is in charge of everything in the arena, and we need him for it. We pass through the tunnels, gets into the room with a large number of people and speak with Igor, who sits in the center of the room on a chair.

If you want to participate in the battles in the arena, and not to massacre immediately in this room, Geralt, again, you can not talk about the Bastard Junior, namely, choose the option "I want to protect Bastard Junior." If you are revealed, you will have to fight immediately with everyone in the room, including dogs. And if the negotiations were successful, then it’s time to try yourself as a gladiator. Prepare all the necessary elixirs, bombs, as well as the poison of the hanged man, for many of our opponents will be human. Animals will also be, namely endriagi, dogs, wyvern and bear.

Entrance into the arena of Bastard Junior

The first opponent of Geralt will be a Gustav Roene - not a very difficult fighter. As with all people, it is effective to use Aksiy and to approach for a strong blow. After winning the Witcher will be given the choice - to finish off the enemy or leave alive. If you have mercy, he will help you in the next battles.

In the second wave of enemies there will be 3 dogs and 2 fighters with Skellige. Having dealt with them, you will fight with the wyvern, endriag and endriag warrior, and the last opponent will be the bear Boris. Having finished the bear, a cut-scene will begin, in which some person still unknown to us will appear on the balcony and congratulate Geralt on the victory.

Meeting Bastard Junior

It turns out this is none other than Bastard Junior. However, it is not possible to catch him now, because after the dialogue, all people of the Bastard will attack Geralt at once. First, Igor himself will appear on the arena with several guards.

How to get into the cache Bastard Junior?

After killing Igor, be sure to pick up the key from his corpse. We will need it for further passage.

The key to the chest in the ring Bastard Junior

This key is necessary to open a small chest, which is located in the same place where Igor had been sitting before. The chest will be an interesting message that describes the cache in the arena and how to find it. Why not take advantage of aiming and sneak into the cache of Bastard Junior to pick up his treasure?

Report on the cache of Bastard Junior in the arena

In order to get to the cache, we need:

  1. Exit Igor's office and turn to face him.
  2. Go to the left door.
  3. Go to the burning torch on the wall and use witch's flair.

how to get into the cache of Bastard Minor in The Witcher 3

Here Geralt will notice the traces of the moving wall on the floor, and the non-burning torch on the wall. To open the cache you need to light a torch and use it again. In the cache you can find good weapons and armor, as well as “Mysterious letter” and crowns. From the letter we learn that the Bastard is not just friends with the Redans, but works for Radowid himself - King Redania. Now we just have to go to Dijkstra with this information.

As it turned out, the former connections of Dijkstra are useless to us, we even have such connections. An old acquaintance of Geralt of the Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings, the commander of the Blue Strips, Vernon Rocher, also has some business with the Redants and campsite near Novigrad. Learning this information from Dijkstra, Geralt goes straight to the camp of the Blue Stripes, which is located near Oxenfurt.

At the entrance to the camp, we will meet the sentinel, who does not want to miss us. Further events depend on the decision you made in The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings:

  • If in the last game you took the side of Vernon Rocher, then after any remark in the conversation with the patrolman Roche will appear and greet the witcher.
  • If in the last part you joined Yorvet, then you can pass by the sentinel only after a massacre. You can also deceive him with the help of Axia Level 2 (well, as always).

Quest (Get Junior) - Vernon Roche

Learning from Geralt details about the Bastard Junior, Vernon agrees to help us. All the same, he was about to meet with the spy of Redania and invited Geralt to go to meet him.

Getting to the right place is not difficult. Again we meet in Roche on the bridge near Oxenfurt. Then we go together to the chess club, however, instead of a spy in the club, we find Radovid Redansky himself. After discussing chess, Radovid surrenders to Geralt the location of the Bastard. And besides this, it gives advice how it will be easier to get into the estate - introduce yourself as a pimp. But, as we understand, free cheese is only in a mousetrap - for his help Radovid expects reciprocal help from Geralt. We will know the details of this later when the king calls us to his ship. From the chess club we run straight to the estate of Bastard.

After a conversation with Radovid, if you have not completed the “Gang of Novigrad” task, it will fail.

Passing the mission Get Junior 

Depending on how Geralt’s conversation with the gatekeepers takes place and whether he performed the task of “Gang of Novigrad”, you will either have to break through to the estate by force, or we will be shown a secret passage.

How to use the secret move to the shelter of Bastard Junior

To get to the estate quietly, you must follow the advice of Radovid and introduce yourself as a pimp. In this way we will be able to use the secret passage to the shelter. We choose the dialogue option “I am about girls” and the next one “I am new here”. Not too smart guards believe the witch and send him to the back door, through which Bastard Junior usually deliver the girls.

Going into the right house, we find the secret passage - a hatch in the basement, we pass through the tunnels and find ourselves in the basement of the house Bastard. The house will have to deal with the sixs of the gangster and climb the stairs to the second floor. If you could not pretend to be a pimp, then Geralt will have to kill the gatekeepers, get the key, because the door is closed, and then cut out all the guards in the courtyard to get into the house.

How to use the secret move to the shelter of Bastard Junior

On the second floor, before the eyes of Geralt, an unpleasant picture immediately appears - a hanged girl. Search Bastard will not have long. Going into the room, we see another 3-4 dead girls and the hero of the occasion, who is trying to call the guard (sorry, that she is already dead). Geralt did not expect the Bastard to be so ... Bastard, and began to beat the gangster for prevention, seeing so many corpses of innocent girls around.

The battered gangster laid out everything he knew about Ciri, about Dandelion, about how they came to him for help with the magic phylactery. For this, he forced them to steal Dijkstra's treasury, and then instead of reward he kidnapped their friend Dudu, hoping to lure Ciri and Dandelion into a trap. At the same time, the mission “Ciri's Story: Visiting Junior” begins, in which we can play for Ciri, slap on the cap Bastard Junior and escape from his estate, interrupting the guard.

After listening to all the information, Geralt wondered what happened next with Dudu and Ciri. The younger declares that he knows nothing about it, only that Ciri is wounded in the back. Next Geralt need to make an important decision.

Kill or not Bastard Junior - choices and consequences

  1. If Geralt decided to leave the gangster and the murderer alive, he threatened to tell the rest of the kings of the underworld about the Bastard's links with Radovid before leaving. After some time, the Bastard will lose all his influence in Novigrad and fall to the level of a street beggar. Watch this pathetic picture we can while performing the task “Payback”. Dudu will live with Buttercup in Sage and Rosemary.
  2. If Geralt killed the gangster, then later his place will be taken by the familiar Doppler Dudu. Having taken the place of the leader, he will promote the Bastard's business and direct him to a positive, non-gangster course.

Which option to choose? Decide for yourself. Personally, after seeing all the dead girls in his house, I chose the death of the Bastard. And at the same time, Dudu found an occupation with which he masterfully coped, sending the Bastard guys to the bright side.

Kill or not Bastard Junior - Choices and consequences

The only way out of the estate is through the main gate. If you got inside through the back door, you will have to kill a few more gangsters in the yard. As soon as Geralt comes out of the gate, he will immediately be met by the guard Radovid and forced to go to an audience with the king. After a short conversation, the witch will be released, and we can finally complete this task. To do this, go back to Priscilla in “The Kingfisher Inn” and tell all that we learned about Dandelion.

Younger Hunt - Mission Completion

This completes the “Get Junior” quest and will automatically end. You will be able to see a detailed task in the video.

Get Junior - video quest walkthrough

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