The Apiarian Phantom - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough


"The Apiarian Phantom" - one of the orders in the game The Witcher 3. For his walkthrough the character gets 120 experience points and 249 kroner. This base rate can be increased if it is possible to bargain successfully with the employer.

How to Start

You can take the contract in the village of Yantra, finding the appropriate announcement on the local board. It is called "The Apiarian Phantom". The text says that strange events occur in the apiary: a Phantom destroys bees and steals honey from hives. Holofernes Meiersdorf, the head of the family of lows, promised a generous reward to everyone who would help to deal with the uninvited guest and thereby return the family business to the well-groomed track.

The Witcher 3 - quest: Apiarian Phantom Key

The apiary itself, on which the honey-bearing Phantom wound up, is located at a substantial distance from the Yantra, so you will have to call on the Roach and make it move. Inside the estate Geralt will meet a family of lows living in an apiary. If the Witcher “Honor Among Thieves” task is completed, then in the dialogue it turns out that Rico is the younger son of Holofernes.

To complete this task, as in every investigation or contract, you will first have to ask witnesses. There are not many of them - one of the sons of Holofernes heard a recent one of the apiary workers shouting, after which he was found dead. The corpse turned into a piece of ice, and the bees that had flown along it also died. Since the body has already been buried, it will not work out.

How to walkthrough the quest: "The Apiarian Phantom"

However, for more information, you can inspect the scene, which Geralt will not fail to do. You can immediately run to the new mark on the map, without waiting for the lows, as they move very slowly.

To complete the task, it is important to inspect every piece of evidence found with the help of a witch's witch, since in the future you may encounter a bug. Of interest is a frost-covered hive, traces nearby and a pool of blood left over from the victim.

Detailed walkthrough of thequest:Apiarian Phantom Key

The traces will lead the witcher to the pond and break off at the water's edge. On the other side, where the chain of tracks stretches further, several level 18 Utopians roam.

Traces will lead to an unfinished house. The door to the basement is locked, but the one coming up will give Geralt the key.

Quest: Apiarian Phantom Key - how to open the basement

How to open the basement

If everything is done correctly - that is, to examine all the evidence without exception and get to this basement following the tracks left on the ground, you will not be able to open the basement with a pipe using the key provided with the bottom key. If he does not appear, and the door does not open, you should repeat the whole journey anew - from the scene to the unfinished house, inspecting every piece of evidence. Other bugs during the walkthrough of this quest is not noticed: all the scripts work correctly, and the events occur in the required sequence.

The Apiarian Phantom in The Witcher 3

After Geralt opens the door, the hound of the Wild Hunt will jump out. For faster completion of the quest, it is recommended to strike it with a silver sword or with the help of a witch sign, in order to sagrit and draw into a fight. Otherwise, the monster will begin to drive around the neighborhood, and it will only be possible to catch up riding on a raft.

This monster differs from the hounds, which were encountered earlier during the passing of the game, in that it is not a regular low-level mob, but a mini-boss from the contract, therefore the health scale and the damage done to it are appropriate. However, it is possible to use universal tactics that do not require separate preparation of potions and elixirs: hide behind the Quen sign and leave the attack line with the help of shoals, striking attacks while reloading the skills of the enemy.

Completion of the quest: Apiarian Phantom Key

And since the Wild Hunt in general and the hounds in particular freeze everything around, you can use the opposite element - to burn with the help of the Igni sign or to throw the bombs "Dragon's Dream" or "Dancing Star". Other bombs, including those that cause silver damage, are not so effective against this monster.

After killing the hound, you should remove the trophy from it. After that, you can return to the customer for a reward.