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Let's talk about kings today. During the long journeys, the witcher constantly has to deal with politicians and rulers, although he does not like it. In the book novel, our hero often intersected with important "bumps": in the first game he worked directly with Foltest and was involved in government activities. And in the second game, so generally received the title “Assassin of Kings”. But then came the events of the third game, Nilfgaard went to the North, the prolonged war began. Since Foltest is dead and Themeria is now weakened, the king of Redania, Radowid VSrogi, stood up for the north.

No, not the Rondovid from the Small Log you could think of. This guy, bothering Geralt, or just has a similar name, or is it sending developers. Radowid is the son of Vizimir II and Hedwig of Malleors. He became famous as an unsurpassed tactician, winning battle after battle. During the Third Northern War, he took the opportunity and joined Kaedven to Redania. But he has one more trait besides a sharp mind and ability to fight. Behind the king’s back, everyone calls Radowid Mad, because he is incredibly cruel and knows no mercy. Maybe by the wave of his hand kill both an ally and an enemy. It is because of his orders that you see so many witch hunters in Novigrad and all over Velen. As well as the unfortunate, persecuted mages, which are destroyed and burned at the stake. In the task, which we consider further, he even ordered to kill Geralt, because he knew too much. Great attitude towards the allies, right?

During the walkthrough of the storyline you could already meet Radowid, and more than once. For example, during the quest "Get Junior", Roche takes you to an informant to find out about the location of the Bastard. And suddenly the informant was Radowid, who plays chess. He will help the witcher - not for free, of course. After this quest, you will see the insane king a few more times and make sure you tell the truth about him. Why am I doing all this? Carrying out a side task of Novigrad, you will have the opportunity to influence the outcome of the war, completely change the political structure of the country and even kill Radowid. Well, not with your own hands, but you will greatly contribute to this. Interesting? Then get to the point!

Where to get the job

The task during which it is possible to carry out a coup d’etat and kill Radowid is called “Affairs of state importance”. For it is necessary to fulfill several conditions:

  • Complete the “A Deadly Plot” side quest.
  • During the passage of the plot task “Blindingly Obvious” it is necessary to tell Dijkstr that the emperor Nilfgaard is looking for his daughter in order to give her the crown.

This quest is of global importance and the fate of Themeria and the Northern Kingdoms depends on it. In addition, one of the variants of the passage will block access to one ending of the game.

Important! The task must be completed before you complete the “On thin ice” story task. Otherwise, the quest will be failed.

Witcher 3: Wild Hunt quest “Affairs of national importance” - the walkthrough of the mission

During the dialogue on the instructions “Blindingly Obvious”, Dijkstra appointed us a “date” in the port. We go to the desired warehouse, which will help to find the label on the map, and knock on the door to start the cut-scene. The main minds of the North - Vernon Rocher, the mater of the Thaler and Dijkstra in person have already gathered in the warehouse.

At the beginning, Dijkstra will describe the situation as a whole - everyone understands that Radowid only harms the north, so it would be better to get rid of it. But there is a problem - the king of Redania is seated on a ship with a bunch of guards. It is almost impossible to lure him out of there, and it is foolish to storm the base.

That is why the witch called here.

Passage of the quest (Reason of State Witcher 3)

If you remember, not so long ago, the king hired a witch to search for Filippa Eilhart, and that is what we will use. In short, the plan is as follows - Geralt comes to Radowid and declares that he has taken refuge as a sorceress. It is supposedly located on the bridge that leads to the Temple Island, where an ambush will be arranged. Radowid confides witch, go for the sorceress, and here he will be caught off guard.

How to kill Radowid

If you answer “I do not participate in this” or “This is not for me”, then the task will immediately go into the category of failed. You will lose the opportunity to get one of the endings, you will not be able to achieve the autonomy of Temeria, the insane king will remain on the throne and at the end of the plot will subdue all the Northern Kingdoms.

The Witcher Philip Aylhart Radovid s Quest

So, on the hands. As it turns out, our main tactics (Dijkstra and Thaler) will not take part in the trap. Of course, they come up with excellent strategies, but the fighters are so-so. They will wait for Geralt with Roche and Ves in Madame Irene's theater, which is currently empty. That's all, go to Radowid, whose ship is parked near the warehouse in the port of Novigrad.

Consequences of choosing

At the exit from the warehouse, the White Wolf will stop Philip. She will laugh at the naivety of the conspirators and will say that Radowid will never believe in their plan. She hates the king with all her heart and agrees to help, even if she was not asked. During the dialogue, the sorceress will give the witch a ruby ring with a redan eagle, which belonged to Radowid’s father. This will be weighty evidence that will help lure the king beyond the ship.

Philip will help kill Radovid

Now is the time to go to the ship. It is located nearby, just turn the corner and run along the port.

Important! I advise you to meditate, replenish bombs and elixirs, smear the steel sword with the Hanged Man's Venom before approaching the ship. There will be a long battle ahead with a large number of opponents and this possibility will not arise anymore. To get to the ship is enough to talk with the captain of the guard. He will ask Geralt to hand over his weapon and, without any questions, will transfer you to the ship. As Philippe predicted, Radowid will not believe the words of Geralt and will suspect treachery. Thanks to the sorceress, we have something to confirm our words. After receiving the ring of his father, Radowid immediately recognizes him, because Philip put them stamp when he served at the court of Redania. But why did not Geralt deliver the sorceress herself?

King Radovid the Witcher 3

Witcher answers that for this it is necessary to catch. All he could do was hunt down the den and steal the evidence. As agreed, we tell the king that Fili’s shelter is in a house on the bridge that leads to the Temple Island. Radowid believes the White Wolf (well, or pretends to believe), but on one condition - the witcher goes on the hunt for the sorceress with him.

After the conversation, we are automatically teleported to the southern part of the bridge of St. Grigor. The king will give the order to block the bridge and the neighborhood so that there are no unnecessary witnesses ... and kill the witcher, because he knows too much. So what is the name of this attitude of the king to the faithful subjects? With this act he will only confirm his madness and lack of principle.

King Radovid gives the order to kill the witch

As soon as the business smells fried, Rocher will arrive with our team to help us, which means that the killing of Geralt is postponed. Blue Crossbow crossbowmen in a second will shoot the soldiers who surrounded the witcher, and the game will give us the opportunity to participate in the brawl, taking the first sword in our hand.

Fight with the guard of King Radovid - The Witcher 3 game

Your first opponents will be 5 guards - the problem is that it is not clear what kind of blade. But you will be assisted by members of the Blue Stripes, so the fight should go smoothly. After defeating the first enemies, the cut-scene will begin, and Geralt will receive the witch-blades back. Now it's time to show them who the "Butcher of Blaviken" is here.

Your main task is to fight your way to the northern part of the bridge, killing witch hunters and Soldania soldiers along the way. But do not run forward headlong - so you can be surrounded, and it will be an unpleasant battle. Together with you, by the end of the bridge, the fighters of the Stripes will break through. Do not be afraid to use signs and bombs, you will not touch them, but against enemies they will be very helpful.

After killing all the Redan soldiers, at the end of the bridge, the witcher will notice the king hiding behind the boards, and the cut-scene will begin.

The mad king will not be so brave and will start knocking on the nearest door with shouts. And his cry will be heard! True, the “master” of the house will not make him happy, because the door will be opened to him by Filippa Eilhart herself. For a start, it will deprive the king of sight (here the phrase “an eye for an eye” is recalled at the right time), and after that he stabs the knife in cold blood.

King Radovid and Philip Ailhart

The Witcher and Rocher will arrive with the lads when everything is finished, and they will only have to watch the death of the Mad King. The enchantress will not lose time and, having turned into an owl, will quickly fly away from the bridge. Philip, of course, knew about our plans, because she overheard the conversation still in stock. But there is no time to find out who is right and who is wrong, it's time to get out of the crime scene. As agreed, straight to the empty theater!

The game will take us to an empty establishment, where we will meet with Thaler. Although the ambush did not go according to plan, but the result was achieved - after all, the evil king is dead. And this is a reason to drink, pre-clinking, and exclaiming "For Temerii!". And only now Geralt will devote to political plans of our strategists. The next day, the rejection of further partisan actions in the direction of the Nilfgaard will be signed, and Themeria will receive the status of self-managed autonomy. The country will have its own laws and courts, the administration and its own army within the framework of the Nilfgaard Empire. “Silver lilies will bloom again, even in the rays of the golden sun” - beautifully said, right?

After Geralt devotes himself to political plans, Dijkstra will appear and interrupt the fun. It seems that the Redan patriot decided to betray his brethren, to lead Redania himself and then to capture the entire North, including Temeri. Many Dijkstra soldiers will appear, he will give the order to kill Thaler, Rocher and all the witnesses. The witcher is not in the business here, so that he can easily leave.

What decision to choose and whom to support

If Geralt supports Dijkstra, the former head of the Redan intelligence will kill the Temer patriots, although we will not see this. The game will expose us from the theater, and the task will be completed on this. This decision will lead to the fact that Dijkstra will become the new ruler of the North. Nilfgaard lost the war, and Emgyr died at the hands of the conspirators. By choosing this option, you will not be able to get the ending of “Tsiri-Empress”.

Quest (Reason of State) - which solution to choose

If Geralt supports Temertsev, the Redan spy will order people to kill the witcher along with the rest. A battle against a dozen enemies will begin, so get better prepared, use potions, bombs and regularly cast signs. You have to kill everyone, even Dijkstra himself, who will also rush into a storm of battle. After defeating all the enemies, Rocher will thank the witcher and invite him to visit Vyzim when the war ends. After that, we will be put out of the theater door. As a result, Nilfgaard will win the war, and if during the task “Blood on the Battlefield” you brought Ciri to Vyzim to see his father, then now you will have the opportunity to get the ending “Ciri-Empress”.

This mission of the “Reason of State” game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will end.

"Reason of State" - video walkthrough

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