Blindingly Obvious - The Witcher 3 | Walkthrough | Choices and consequences


Blindingly Obvious - This is one of the plot tasks of the third act in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The storyline of the game is already coming to an end, and our heroes are trying to collect as many allies as possible for the last battle with Eredin. This quest is a sub-mission of the mission “Final preparations” and will appear automatically during the progress on the assignment. The whole quest will take place within Novigrad, and in principle it is quite short. But it’s better to prepare in advance, because ahead of you is a difficult battle with one of the most powerful sorceresses of the Lodge. Let's move on to the quest itself.

How to Start

With this just no problems will arise. During the mission “Last preparations”, climb to the second floor of the cabaret of Buttercup and start a conversation with Triss, who is in one of the rooms. After that, the cut scene we need will immediately begin.

First of all, Triss will be very indignant at the thoughtless act of Geralt and Ciri. Going together on a coven, and even fighting one of the Wild Hunt generals? Madness! However, which answer option you would not choose, it will not affect anything. Having listened to the accusations against us, we turn to the very essence - the restoration of the Enchantress Lodge.

Unfortunately, here everything is not so smooth. Almost none of the sorceresses gets in touch, which greatly complicates our situation.

Interesting! If you have already completed Yennifer’s Great Escape errand, you will have the opportunity to tell Triss about your successes in freeing Margarita.

If everything is clear with Margarita, then where to look for Philip? Fortunately, Triss has one clue. Recently, she was able to find out that the owl, which belonged to Zoltan Khiva and all this time was on the ground floor of Sage and Rosemary, is an enchanted Philippe Eilhart. I think that attentive players could already guess about it, because even before that, Filia often turned into an owl. In addition, Zoltan’s pet was blind, and we all remember what happened to the eyes of the sorceress.

Walkthrough of the quest: Blindingly Obvious - The Witcher 3

The sorceress was “stuck” in this position from the fact that the sorcerer, who had recently been burned in the main square of the city, cast a spell on her, and also fixed a two-dimensional bracelet on her paw so that she could not take on a human form. But after the good news, the bad ones immediately follow. It turns out that Zoltan lost his owl in the cards. Oh, these red people ...

Fortunately, Triss has one clue left - the Feely pen. With this thread and spell, we can find the missing sorceress, but for this we need one of the city fountains. Further, Geralt will have to make a choice: go to the fountain right now or meet with a red-haired girlfriend already in place.

If Geralt chose the first option, then the game immediately teleports our heroes to Passiflora and the cutscene begins.

If Geralt chose the second option, then you have to get yourself. Passiflora is located in the very north of Novigrad, and you can reduce the distance by quickly moving between areas of the city.

A quick move between the area of the city in the quest: Blindingly Obvious

However, you can quickly get to the right place with the help of running, focusing on the mark on the map. Triss will be waiting for you near the appointed place, and as soon as you get closer to her, the cut scene will begin.

The Witcher 3: the darkest thing under the lantern - we move to the place where Triss awaits us

Before the ritual begins, the sorceress tells the White Wolf to look carefully at the water of the fountain, after which he will begin to read the spell.

If Geralt confessed Triss love, then first a house with a garden will appear on the surface of the water. This will have nothing to do with the whereabouts of Philippa. If you ask Triss what it was, she will ask you not to disturb her and let her concentrate. The next picture will be the Novigrad baths, and after them - the face of Dijkstra.

If Geralt confessed his love to Yennifer, confessed to both, or did not have an affair with anyone at all, then baths will immediately appear on the water, and then a former Redansky spy.

The spell helped us a lot and now we know that the sorceress is in the bathhouse owner we know. This time we will not be allowed to move quickly, so we will get to the next location on our own. Fortunately, the baths are very close. Most likely, Dijkstra did not forget how Mrs. Eilhart sent the killers to him, and now she wants to take revenge on her. You could even say that a spy yearns for revenge.

Interesting! If Geralt started an affair with Triss and saw a house with a garden during the spell, now you will have the opportunity to ask the sorceress what it was. The girl will remember a little, but still tell. As it turned out, King Kovira Tancred made her an advantageous offer: to take not only the position of royal adviser at court, but also become the head of the Council and the Chapter of Sorcerers, which he was going to revive. It doesn't matter which answer option you choose, so ask what you want. Triss gladly accepted the king's offer, because that is exactly what she dreamed about. And about the house with the front garden - this is her estate, which, she hopes, will soon become their common estate with Geralt.

And now we're running to the baths. If you don’t remember the road well, you can focus on the route on the radar, or just follow Triss, who will run with you. Before you reach the entrance, you will hear explosions and noise. The two-dimensional handcuffs seem to no longer hold back a powerful sorceress. Three frightened employees of the establishment will jump out of the bathhouse doors to meet the heroes.

It is enough to go inside to understand what is happening. Philippa was finally able to take on a human form and even began to throw fireballs in all directions. Diistra will hide behind a column at the entrance, but his team will be less fortunate. Perhaps one of them has already turned into a magical barbecue. The appearance of the White Wolf and the sorceress will not please him, and their desire to intervene all the more. The spy does not intend to give his former girlfriend into the hands of Geralt, because he has not even revenge.

However, we still need to intervene. Whichever option you choose, Triss will remain at the entrance, and Geralt will go to Philippe. Enraged magicians - this is just his specialty. While we were arguing with Diykstroy, Mrs. Eilhart managed to subjugate several fighters from the Diastra gang. Before reaching her, the witcher will have to fight them. Since they are already under the spell, the sign of Axius will have no effect. This will greatly complicate the battle, because, as you can already understand, Axii is the most effective way to deal with people. Use Quen to defend against unnecessary strikes, Hanged Venom for extra damage and Aard to knock down opponents and finish off with one hit.

Having finished with the enemies, well, or simply having run around them, we get to the VIP room and go down the stairs.

Basement under the bathhouse: Blindingly Obvious

It is impossible to get lost in the basement under the bathhouse. On the one hand there will be a dead end, and on the other, the way we need. The enchanted guards did not end there, so two more will be waiting for you below. One of them with a shield, so without Axia will have even worse. Use Aard and bombs to unbalance him and have time to make some quick strikes.

While the witcher dealt with the remaining bandits, Philip cast a spell on the stone troll of Dijkstra - Bart. You could already meet him during the quest “Treasures of Count Royven”. Funny fellow, like all the rock trolls of the universe. Running a little along the corridor, you will come across Bart face to face.

Kill the Troll or Not

As soon as you get into the room, a dialogue will begin in which you need to make a choice - kill Bart or decide everything peacefully. Personally, I left him alive, because the witches do not kill sentient beings. If you really need a troll mutagen, then you can get it on Skellig, killing an aggressive troll that respawn every game day. And absolutely nothing will fall from Bart, so this will be a meaningless murder.

  • I need her - Geralt is not in the mood to negotiate with Bart, so he grabs the blade. The troll has a lot of protection and health, so here you will need little against ogres, which will significantly increase damage. With Quen, you can defend against attacks, and then make lightning strikes. Loot from the ogre, as mentioned above, will not be.
  • I want to help her - Geralt can convince Bart that the sorceress has a stomachache, and he can help her. The troll at first hesitates, but the witcher can easily circle him around his finger and gain the right to go on.

Whether to kill the Troll or not in the quest:Blindingly Obvious

Whatever method you use, now the path to the sewer canals is open. On the way, we will meet many charred bodies, which is a hint of what lies ahead. Filia will be waiting for us in a spacious room at the height of several floors. Before we can reach her, she will summon the powerful fire elemental, with whom the main battle will be.

Meeting with Sirloin, which is located at the height of several floors

I warn you right away, the battle will be difficult even at the lowest level of difficulty. Make sure in advance that you have all the necessary elixirs (Swallow, Thunder, Raffar the White), as well as oil against magic creatures, because the golem is still a thick creature. In addition to the fact that Geralt will have to fight with the called creature, Philip will throw magic charges all this time, which cause a lot of damage. The place where the charge hits will be highlighted in purple, which will help you better position yourself and not get caught in an explosion.

If the golem could set you on fire, then use Quen to knock down the debuff. The fire on the sewer floor can be extinguished with the help of Aard, but over time it will reappear. Try not to get extra blows to avoid burning, jump away from Philippa's attacks and hit the floppy golem.

When the magical creature is finished, turn your back on the sorceress and climb the stairs that you will see on the left. There is a hole in the stairs that you need to jump over, and if you didn’t succeed, then you need to try again. Climb the ledge, turn around the corner and run to Philippe to start the cutscene. On this battle will end.

Kat scene with Philippa - The Witcher 3

The White Wolf will be able to convince the sorceress that they are not going to hand over her to the guard, handcuff or try. They need her help, so Triss was looking for her. Filia is a little indignant, but in the end he will agree to listen to us and will go with Geralt to the baths.

Choice and Consequences

At the exit from the VIP room, Diykstra will block the way for our heroes. Redansky the spy has not yet taken revenge on the sorceress who framed him, and certainly intends to do it. Can choose any of the three replicas, so far they do not affect anything.

The choice and consequence in the quest - Blindingly Obvious

But the next dialogue is very important. It depends on your answer whether you can get one of the endings of the game and complete an important task that will affect the entire fate of the Northern Kingdoms.

  • Strongly alienate Diistra - this task will be very pleased with the fact that he read Sapkovsky’s novels. In the book “Hour of Contempt” Geralt broke Dijkstra’s leg, which the spy complained about more than once in the third part of the game. And now, if you choose this option ... Geralt will break his leg. Here is such an easter pun. Unfortunately, this option has one big minus.
    Having broken Dijkstra’s leg, you won’t be able to get the ending “Empress Ciri”, and you won’t be able to complete the important task “Cases of State Importance”.
  • Let us go, and I’ll say that Emperor Nilfgaard is looking for - a missed Easter egg, but instead, decide everything peacefully and discover many possibilities. The exchange of secret information for the sorceress will suit Dijkstra, so he will allow the butcher from Blaviken to pick it up. If you have already completed the assignment “Deadly Conspiracy”, now the former spy will offer you to meet in one of the depots to finish the job. Philip will like the guys' plan, and she will even give a couple of tips about the assassination attempt on King Redanya. During the conversation you can choose any remarks, they will not affect anything.

With diystroy sorted out, now you can safely go about your business. After meeting with Triss, he and Philippe will open a portal and transfer to Sage and Rosemary, and we will have to walk. Well them, these portals.

On this task “Darkest under the lantern” will be completed.