Red Dead Redemption 2 - All Endings | How you can influence the Final


Red Dead Redemption 2 won the fans with its realism, and in life, as you know, happy end is extremely rare. Immediately you need to warn the reader that you should not get acquainted with the material, if he did not pass the game completely. The article contains spoilers that spoil the effect of surprise in the end. Although all the tracks lead to the same final confrontation, the player can still indirectly influence what the end will be. We have prepared a guide on the options for the final.

The end of the Morgan storyline

The end of the Morgan storyline

Let's start with the most unpleasant news: Arthur Morgan dies at the end. No tricks of the players can change this fact, although attempts have been made and made repeatedly. When the first wave of gamers reached the finals, the news about how bad surprise prepared Rockstar Games for fans of the franchise, quickly spread around the game forums. In principle, this could be guessed if we analyze the situation. Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption, in which, as we all remember, Arthur is not at all. If such a colorful character does not appear in future events, then something definitely happened to him.

This did not stop the fans and the stubborn search began for a cure or an alternative way to save the hero. Perhaps the players looked under each bush and talked with all the characters to try to find out at least some grain of information. The developers have put a fat point on this fruitless search. Arthur can not be saved. The character will live in our hearts, but the world of Red Dead Redemption 2 will definitely lose it in the end.

Search for drugs or an alternative way to save the main character

Although in the variant endings Arthur can be killed, if he survived, Morgan would not last long. There is no cure for tuberculosis in the game world of the Wild West, as in that era, consumption was not treated. Here the game once again confirmed the status of highly realistic.

Given Arthur’s lifestyle, it’s easy to guess that he shortened the time allotted at an amazing speed. Overnight stays in nature, walks in light clothes in the cold, drinks, regular chases, physical exertion for patients with tuberculosis are absolutely contraindicated. He was not going to lie down in a bed and quietly fade a character adored by many. This is not in his spirit, it is better to die in a duel on revolvers. Moreover, what kind of bed rest can be talked about, when the Datca gang begins to rapidly fall apart and the entire last chapter (when you need to play for Morgan), he will frantically try to save at least some of her pieces.

Arthur Morgan disease and game endings options

The beginnings of the disease players will be able to notice towards the end The character will have a suspicious cough, which at first can be attributed to a slight cold. Then Morgan will have the opportunity to visit a doctor who, after an examination, will make the categorical diagnosis of tuberculosis. The disease does not knock out Morgan in one day. His condition will deteriorate gradually, but rapidly. The last chapters of the character will start to lose weight quickly, an unhealthy skin tone will appear, food will cease to restore health indicators to the full. To stay afloat until the finals, you will have to use "doping" - amulets to enhance the characteristics of the hero. Morgan will be slower to run, and all the usual things will be given with great difficulty. This once again underlines the gaming realism of Red Dead Redemption 2. Performing missions will also seem more difficult due to the poor health of Morgan.

The realism of the game RDR 2 - with the disease Arthur increasingly difficult to perform tasks

After so many crimes with his hands stained with blood, Arthur will eventually come to his atonement. In this vein, a disease can be viewed as a punishment sent for all its sins. This interpretation is appropriate, given the fact how often in the game there are quotations from the Bible.

Arthur s life will lead him to redemption.

How can you influence the final

First you need to figure out what determines the final. As mentioned above, the player can affect how exactly Morgan’s life ends, but the fact of death cannot be changed. Honor will play a key role in this (reputation, karma). Every gamer knows that there is an honor score in the game. Morgana and with a big stretch can not be called a positive character, but even the bandits must have their own code of honor, which does not allow to slip into the category of inveterate scoundrels. If Arthur rampant throughout the game, kill those who do not pose a threat to him, then his level of honor will be low.

How can you influence the final

This is easily noticed by the behavior of others. Ordinary residents will avoid Morgan and try to limit contact with him as much as possible, since it is not known that such a villain will come to mind in the next second. If a player decides to go crazy, it will come around to him at the very end. Depending on the level of honor, a character’s death can be either noble or unsightly.

Factors affecting the endings of the game, such as the level of honor

All variants of the endings of the Game RDR2

Let us recall the background. Dutch Van der Linde is the founder of a familiar gang player, a mentor and a man who replaced Morgan’s father. Initially, he behaved like a noble thug, which enchanted Arthur, who dreamed of following him and taking an example from him. As often happens in life, Dutch eventually began to be disappointed in their ideals. Arthur began to notice this. The game begins at the moment when the main character is experiencing an existential crisis, he is at a crossroads.

Dutch Van der Linde - the founder of the familiar gang player, mentor and man who replaced Morgan

For Morgan, the point of no return in relations with Datchem was the murder of a magnate. The gang began to fall apart gradually with the arrival of Mick Bell, a misguided Cossack, who had to conduct sabotage and subversive activities in order to split the grouping from the inside. He succeeded, as Mika surprisingly managed to gain the confidence of Datca and become a close friend for him to the displeasure of Morgan. In the end, Arthur learns that Bell was a rat and will be confirmed in his suspicions, but Datca will not save it. The leader of the group will change dramatically and there are even hints in his game of mental insanity.

For Morgan, the point of no return in relations with Datchem was the murder of the magnate

The final disassembly, when Dutch refused to rescue a member of his gang who was captured, put an end to their grouping. Money was left in the burning camp, and nearby Morgan there is Marston, surrounded by pursuers. John needs help because, unlike Morgan, he has a wife and child who give him hope for a bright future. Here the player will be faced with a choice:

  • Return for the money to the burning camp, that is, to go on about greed.
  • Rescue John from the Pinkerton Bloodhounds and give him a ticket to another life.

If a player has a high level of honor, then regardless of the choice, Morgan will die of exhaustion from his death, finally defeated by the disease, with the first dawn rays of the sun. If the level of honor is low, then Arthur, rushing for money, will fight with Mika and will be stabbed in the back with a knife. If he does go to help John, then he will still be killed by Mick, but already shot in the head after Morgan distracts the attention of his pursuers from John. The first option is more like killing a rat that is trying to crawl into a hole to lick wounds.

Here it is worth getting into the drama of the scene. Morgan dies, the gang's money will no longer be useful to him in this life, but on the eve of his death he can really help his friend, whose son so much reminded him of his own murdered child.

The moral choice is the hardest. Here, the player sees with his own eyes what the consequences of the actions of Morgan have led to, so the most logical thing to do is to atone for his sins by saving someone else’s life.

The moral choice is the hardest. Here the player sees with his own eyes what the consequences of his actions lead to.

This game does not end there. Ahead of the gamer waiting for two more chapters with a linear plot, where he will play on behalf of John, who gradually moved to the role of the main character. During a conversation with one of his comrades, Marston learns that Morgan was buried on the same slope, where he could not far from the Mysterious House. His tombstone meets the dawn every morning. If there is a desire, then the burial place can be found walking up the hill.

Banda Van der Linde died with Arthur, but one of the perpetrators of the collapse of the group will be punished by John and his comrades, who will still track down Mika.

During the end of the game for Morgan, depending on the level of honor, the player will see a coyote or a fallow deer, which obviously symbolize Arthur's release. With a high level of honor in the credits is a quote from the Bible.

Although on the Internet there are still rumors about the secret ending (the fifth in a row) in the game there are only four options for the final, from which the final result does not change.