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The system of levels in Red dead redemption 2 is not provided, therefore Arthur Morgan can be pumped "naturally" or with the help of special items, which being in the inventory will indirectly affect its characteristics. For example, using physical exertion (fast running, regular riding, hardening) and moderate nutrition can increase Morgan’s health and stamina, which would have happened in real life if the character were a real person.

Red Dead Redemption 2 - amulets, talismans

Items that help make Arthur more enduring are talismans and amulets. Their main purpose is to help the character in different situations, so trinkets are not needed to decorate an exotic cowboy costume. Most of them will have to collect the ingredients, and one Morgan will receive for free as a gift for completing the quest.

Talismans and amulets make Arthur more resilient

In total, Red Dead redemption 2 has 15 amulets and six talismans. Here it is necessary to make a reservation, since one amulet and one talisman are available only to those players who additionally purchased special extensions for the game. In the standard version of Red dead redemption 2 there are only 14 amulets and five talismans. Both types of items affect the characteristics of the player and give him certain bonuses, so you really need to collect the ingredients for them. Some will help to spend less health, others will come in handy while hunting, shooting, or collecting herbs for tonics and poisoned arrows. We have prepared a detailed guide on amulets and talismans.

How to get an Amulet

Amulets in the game can only be made. To do this, you need a certain crafting element of the legendary animal, that is, the player will not be able to get these items accurately. After the animal is killed, you need to go to the buyer of the stolen goods, which is on the knee and make an amulet. Morgan cannot do this thing on his own, as the developers did not equip the character with the skills for this job.

How to get the amulet in the game RDR 2

After the amulet is made, it is not necessary to add it to the equipment. The presence of the item among the player's inventory already automatically "includes" the passive effect of bonuses. If the inventory has both an amulet and a talisman, then their bonuses are summed up. The player does not have to choose between them in order to adjust to the situation and strengthen only a specific characteristic or add a bonus to a certain ability. Amulets, like talismans, last forever.

What bonuses give Amulets

What bonuses give amulets in game RDR 2

As mentioned above, for the manufacture of an amulet only some part of the carcass of the legendary animal is needed. To find out which one, it is enough to read the full name, containing an unequivocal hint. The merchant will not be free to make an item for Morgan, so he will have to pay extra for his work. The amount for making different amulets is different and can vary in the range of 20-50 dollars. Below is a complete list of items and bonuses that they give the character:

  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary deer. This item increases the player's chances of getting top quality skins. Ideal for avid hunters. In some sources, there is a reservation about the horn of a "male deer", but the females of deer do not have horns in principle, so you should not be distracted by this clarification.
  • Amulet from the heart of the legendary wolf. This item increases Arthur's Stamina during stormy libations. Now Morgan can drink twice as much and not get drunk as before.
  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary Tatanka bison

    Amulet from the horns of the legendary Tatanka bison. The item will be useful to Morgan for close combat during skirmishes, as he reduces damage taken by 10% during such fights.

  • Amulet from the fangs of the legendary puma. Item increases stamina bonus by 10%.
  • Amulet from the paws of the legendary fox. The item prolongs the duration of the Dead Eye skill by as much as five seconds. Sometimes this is enough.
  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary deer-wapiti.

    Amulet from the horns of the legendary deer-wapiti. Increases the amount of money Morgan finds by 10%. Albeit a small, but still an increase to the budget of a free gangster.
  • Amulet from the tooth of the legendary beaver. Item reduces weapon wear by 10%.
  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary sheep. The subject gives a bonus to Morgan-Herbalist, as it allows to collect twice the amount of mint, thyme and oregano.
  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary Viloroga. Gives a good bonus for the hunter, who often has to transport carcasses of dead animals over long distances with the risk of spoiling them. If this amulet appears in the player’s inventory, the carcasses loaded on the horse will not deteriorate.
  • Amulet from the eyes of the legendary panther. An item reduces the use of the Dead Eye ability for three seconds. On the one hand, it may seem that three seconds is too little, but in some situations they can be decisive.
  • Amulet from the paw of a lion. Item increases earned endurance points by 10%.
  • Amulet from the fang of the legendary coyote. Increases bonus to "Dead-Eye" experience by 10%.
  • Amulet from the horns of the legendary elk.

    Amulet from the horns of the legendary elk. The item increases the number of experience points for health by as much as 10%.

Separately, it should be noted two remarkable amulets: from owl feathers and iguana scales. Owl feather amulet player gets for free. The subject is given as loot for the "clean" (no killing) passage of the quest "Archeology for Beginners". The player will receive this task in the sixth chapter. The item gives you a very good bonus: it increases the maximum values ​​of health, stamina and ability to "Dead Eye" by 15% If you look at the table of bonus interest for all amulets, then each of them throws no more than 10% to some skill or characteristic. Only a unique item based on owl feathers adds a whopping 15% bonus, so it becomes even more desirable for the player, but unfortunately, you can only get this trinket closer to the end of the plot.

An iguana scale amulet reduces damage while in the saddle

An iguana scale amulet reduces the damage that a player takes from opponents while in the saddle by 10%. A great option for the chase with a shootout. An iguana scale amulet in the main plot cannot be obtained. Some players heard about this item and tried in vain to find it, but the developers gave clear explanations on this issue: the amulet is available only to owners of add-ons to Red dead redemption 2. If you really want to get a rare item, you will have to get a wallet.

After killing the legendary animal and getting the cherished part of the carcass, you should immediately go to the nearest outlet. If the mined with such difficulty is lost, it will still appear from the buyer of the stolen goods. Purposefully hunting for legendary animals solely for the sake of amulets is not worth it. Hunting should begin only after the player has trained on the usual representatives of a particular type. We must not forget that the legendary animals in the game are found only in one specimen. Once having killed the legendary wolf, the player will not be able to meet him again. Each rare animal has its own habitat. About where some animals are found, tell our detailed guide to the legendary animals. Good knowledge of the terrain map will help not only to prepare for the hunt, but also to avoid an unexpected encounter with a dangerous beast, if Morgan feels that he is still not ready for it.

How to get Talismans

The talismans in the game are much more difficult to make than amulets, since the list of ingredients for each of them consists of at least two components with one exception (the talisman of the crow's claws). Parts of the ink carcass of the legendary beast are not enough for the buyer of the stolen goods to be poshamanil and give the finished item to Arthur. For the manufacture of four talismans need women's jewelry that fall randomly. Bracelet, earrings, chain bracelet Morgan still get, but better sooner than later. Morgan cannot affect this random loot, but there are situations in which the chance to get what you are looking for is enhanced:

  • These values can fall out only when women are robbed.
  • Should often go to train robbery. They love to ride ladies from high society, who have with them a lot of expensive jewelry. Among the heaps of trinkets you can find something useful.
  • It makes sense to visit a couple of private houses in which women live. In the cabinets and drawers in addition to mirrors and cosmetics, you can find earrings or a bracelet.
  • Be sure to check items that are transferred to the buyer for sale. Some of the ingredients can be packed into the general heap, and after transferring the good into the greedy little hands of an illegal merchant, you cannot get them back.

Ingredients for the talisman will still fall out, but the game itself will decide when to do it better, so you should not expect to make these rare objects at the very beginning of the game.

List of ingredients and bonuses

We now turn to the manufacturing process itself. Below are the "recipes" for each talisman:

  • Talisman from the claw of the bear. The item permanently reduces the health expenditure rate of Morgan by 10%. To make it, you need the claw of the legendary grizzly Bharati. The animal is dangerous, so without training on the legendary beast is better not to go. In addition, the player will need a silver chain bracelet that falls randomly and a piece of quartz. The second ingredient Morgan will receive for free if he takes part in a side quest called "Test of Faith" from archeologist Deborah Mac Guiness. It will have to be executed if the player wants to complete the game 100%. The quest provides for receiving three awards, among which the desired piece of quartz is listed. We have already written about this mission in more detail in one of the bones guides: what we need and where to find them.
  • Talisman from the horns of the legendary bison. This item affects Stamina, which depletes 10% slower with it. First you need to find the legendary bison and successfully kill their prey. In addition to the main component, you will need a silver earring and a great rarity for the Wild West - a fragment from the abalone shell. With an earring, everything is clear - you need to actively rob the fair sex. This rarity can be found only in one place - in a wooden house in Rhodes. It is better to come from the side door, then Morgan will immediately come across the table, where the fragment lies.
  • Talisman of the legendary alligator tooth.

    Alligator tooth talisman. The item reduces by 10% the rate of expenditure of the ability "Dead eye". To make this useful talisman, you have to go to the marshes of Lagras, for the tooth of a huge alligator-albino. Also, the player will need a composite gold bracelet, which can only be obtained by robbing a woman. The handcuffs of the Civil War are the third component of the talisman. Their player will receive for the implementation of the first part of the mission "Smoking and other hobbies." After sending the first batch of cigarette cards handcuffed fall into the inventory of Morgan.
  • The talisman of boar tusk. Item gives a great bonus to Morgan's horse. Now her stamina and health will be exhausted by 10% slower. To make an item, you need to get the legendary boar's fang, a gold earring and a cobalt petrified tree during the hunt. Earrings, like other jewelry fall randomly, but for a piece of wood will have to go on a long journey to Lake Isabella in the area of ​​the Grizzlies mountain range. Dress warmly, as it is terribly cold there. Morgan will have to wander along the snowy shore, where the cart abandoned by the owners must stand. In it lies the chest, and in the chest there is a piece of cobalt wood.

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Separately, it is necessary to note two talismans: from the claw of the crow and from the dead's eye. A raven claw talisman reduces weapon wear by 20%. This is an indispensable item for active shooters. For its manufacture will only need an ancient brass compass. You can find the item in the framework of the quest "Geology for beginners" when you need to collect rock art for the "customer" of the mission. After completing the quest item must be picked up on the table in the house of Sinclair. If the player forgets about the compass, then the house will be locked up and get inside only with the help of a trick (to save and load right next to the desired hut). It is better not to complicate your gaming life and pick up the subject immediately. The Dead eye mascot prolongs the action of the Dead Eye ability for 5 seconds. This item is not available in the main story. It can only be received by players who have installed a special extension.