Rdr 2 Robberies: Bank, Shop, Train, Stagecoach, Pharmacy, Home


Robberies in the Wild West - the usual case. You can not earn honestly, then go and take money from others by force. Many gangs here became the talk of the town. Their glory flew ahead with such speed that even the best Arabian horse could not keep up. The flattery's fame for the robbers, she urged to decide on incredible adventures with miserable chances for success, but in addition to money as a reward they received the status of living legends, which were told in the meanest taverns and who were afraid to tremble at the knees.

Arthur Morgan - the central character in the game Red Dead Redemption 2 was no exception and also stepped onto the slippery slope of the criminal. However, he got into a rather unusual gang, the leader of which was not originally pursued the goal of enrichment. He robbed, driven by the desire to restore justice. Dutch van der Linde considered himself Robin Hood, who takes away from the rich and distributes the loot to the poor. Of course, later his illusions broke about hard reality, but the motives of the founder of the gang were noblest. So, the gangster is alive not by robbery alone, but we will talk about them today.

Rdr 2 Robberies: shop, bank, train, stagecoach, pharmacy, home

If you have squandered all your savings for a couple of poker games or bought an expensive, but very necessary thing, then financial matters can be easily corrected. In the game world, Arthur only needs a gun, a mask, a fast horse, and a little recklessness with courage. You can rob anywhere and anyone: passers-by, private houses, shops, pharmacies, train passengers and even their gambling partners.

Shop Robbery

Shops and small shops - this is a simple goal for the robber. For a start, take a stroll through the city, posing as an idle onlooker, and look at the store more impressive. The more buyers it will crowd, the more revenue is stored at the box office. Then you need to wait until the flow of customers subsides. It is generally better to enter the store before closing, when only the seller remains there. He will not be able to expose you, so you can persistently wait for the moment when the door closes behind the last visitor. Now it's time to put on a mask and set the gun on the shopkeeper. By the way, about the masks: in the open spaces of the game world you can find unique ones. Masks in the form of a cat's skull, pig and lamb heads are not sold in any store. They are given free to attentive players who do not miss such a prominent item while traveling. After Arthur sends a cannon to the seller in the menu, select the item "Rob". Most of them are compliant and give money immediately.

Robbery shop in the game RDR 2

If the seller refuses to "cooperate" with the criminal element, do not hesitate and shoot him. In addition to money from the cashier in the store, you can grab a bunch of useful things in the household. Feel free to wool shelves and counters, you can take anything you like from them. After the shop is cleaned, it's time to tear the claws. Run out into the street, jump into the saddle and jump at full speed. Sometimes, if Morgan hesitates, gawkers on the street may notice him. The most courageous will run to report to the local peace officer. If news of what happened comes to the sheriff, the player will know about it first: on the map the peace officer will be marked with a red eye. It is better to find and shoot a snitch so that it is difficult to get involved with real bandits.

The game has a number of objects, the robbery of which can be considered a noble cause. Such stores, as a rule, have their own "skeletons in the closets." These include a store in Strawberry, a pharmacy in Valentine, or gun shops in the towns of Saint-Denis and Rhodes.

Interesting objects - shop in Strawberry

Gun Shop in Saint Denis and Rhodes

For the robbery of the latter, the store needs to be walked around the front: not far from the back door, Arthur will see a small window leading to the basement. Behind the bars of the lattice will be a boy in sailor uniform. Talk to him. He will tell you that the owner of the shop keeps him in the house by force.

Behind the shop bars is a man in sailor uniform

Now we need to return to the main entrance. Feel free to go to the store and set the gun on the seller, but do not shoot him. A man will take you to the basement. Shoot the chains chaining the boy. Now the criminal will tell about the reasons that forced him to keep the prisoner in his house, after the story he will give up on the robber and ask him to take everything he likes. Arthur needs to grab a shotgun and search the box, which is located here in the basement.

Bank Robbery

The bank will appear at the very beginning of the game, but you should not go into it alone. The maximum that Arthur has time to do during his debut is to clean the cashier. It’s impossible to get to the storage without a good plan and friends. We'll have to wait, as the bank robbery will be the goal of the quest "Sodom? Return to Gomorrah". According to the mission, Arthur will talk with old Bill the day before, who will give valuable instructions. After that, it's time to get ready: take a mask, a gun, cartridges and dynamite, if you decide to resort to drastic measures. Then go to a meeting with other members of the gang, who also "go to work." In the bank you need to break in and immediately go to the cashier.

Bank Robbery - RDR 2

Pushing a shotgun on it and call for appeasability is not worth it. With the bank teller do not need to stand on ceremony. In order for it to open the vault, it will have to be hit hard. Now you get to the safe. It can be opened in two ways:

  • Undermine why and needed dynamite.
  • Pick up the code. It is not as difficult as it seems at first glance. For the relationship with the dial, use the left stick of the gamepad. When the rotation of the dial will slow down, then you are getting to the correct numbers.

The first method is good for its radicalism, but the player will create too much noise by an explosion. This will quickly attract increased attention from law enforcement officers. The second will take a little more time, and for such an adventure, as you know, every minute counts. Get out quietly in any case will not work. A bank robbery will surely attract the attention of lawyers, so get ready for a shootout while escaping.

Mission: Rob the Train

With the passengers of the train shake a lot does not work. Everyone usually has only a trifle in his pocket, but during a robbery, you can also collect jewelry, which, by the way, will bring more income than the contents of the purses. First you need to be on the train. You can simply wait for him on the rails, then chase after him and jump from the back of the horse directly onto the roof of the train. In another embodiment, Arthur takes the train at the station. Before you instruct the passengers on the gun and shout "Hands up," you need to wait until the train departs from the village. Nearby there should be no stations or towns. Then you can go to the driver and at gunpoint to request to stop the train.

Mission: Rob the Train

Everything, now every second counts, it's time to go to the cars and "wool" the audience. Usually it is not necessary to hit anyone on the trains, passengers are very accommodating, you just need to point a gun at them. Do not hesitate and demand to give besides money and also trinkets. Remember that the guards will catch up in 3-4 minutes after the start of the robbery, so there is very little time. After the loot moves to Arthur, it's time to get out. Hop on a horse and jump at full speed. Be sure to check if anyone is on your tail.

What is valuable transported by stagecoach

Stagecoaches are freight carts that will constantly move back and forth and regularly come across Arthur’s eyes. Some carry low-value goods, others are guarded, and still others go empty. Before attacking a stagecoach, make sure that it is not empty, otherwise all efforts will go down the drain. It makes no sense to push the gun on the carrier, it is easier to shoot him immediately. Now you need to jump into the wagon and sort out its contents. Carefully search all crates. If the protection should be with a stage coach, you must first shoot it, and then take up the driver. Just because they do not give up, so get ready for a shootout. After the robbery, you need to take away the legs, but quickly, until no one has snitched at your disgraces to the sheriff.

What is transported by stagecoach in the game RDR 2

Raid on the Pharmacy

It would seem that a good thing can be in robbing a pharmacy? What if someone urgently needs drugs that Arthur can take with him, but with a pharmacy in Valentine is not so simple. The doctor who works here is not really a decent doctor, but a hard-boiled smuggler. There are several secret rooms in his pharmacy where gangsters are seated and a lot of money is kept.

Location Pharmacy in Valentine

The trouble is that just so you can not get into these rooms. Even dynamite will not take them. Arthur will have to wait until someone from the random characters talks about the true essence of the doctor. Only with a tip, the player can go into the rooms with the owner. If the information has already been received, then the case is small: it remains to collect equipment and equip a fast horse. You will need not only a cannon and cartridges, but also a bow with arrows or a knife, since the thugs that the doctor harbors are best removed quietly so that the guards do not prematurely run off. Leave your horse in the backyard, put on a mask and go to the pharmacy through the main entrance. By the way, only through him it will be possible to leave the crime scene. Put a cannon on the doctor and ask him to take him to a secret room.

Threat to the doctor with weapons that he would take to the secret room

There is no need to beat or kill him, because in reality he will be a coward, but you shouldn’t be able to remove the gun too soon. He may try to escape and warn members of the O’Drists, gang. The easiest way to throw a lasso on him and tighten. Temporarily immobilized, he will not pose any danger at all. When the doctor opens the door, kill the criminals from the bow, then grab the money and the gun (Schofield's collection pistol) that lie on the table.

Schofield Collection Gun

There is also a safe in the room, but you shouldn’t mess with it. First, it can only be undermined, and this again will cause extra noise. Secondly, if you also clean out the safe, which stores the personal savings of the doctor, the reward for your head will increase. No matter how carefully and quietly you act, outside you will still be waiting. It is better not to join the exchange of fire, immediately jump onto the horse and jump away from the pharmacy. In the game, in any case, you will be recognized, but the reward for the head, if you do it all right, will assign a scanty one.

Private homes as a good source of income

Rob Arthur at home will not have to be so often. The lead can be obtained along with the next mission or from a random character, who out of kindness will tell you where you can live in the district. In some houses there are caches, that is, you can take a good sum from them. After four such successful robberies, Arthur will get the “Breaking into the penetration” achievement. Jackson's house is one of those places. It is located just below the Braithwaite manor south of Rhodes.

Private homes as a good source of income

About the house Arthur will hear more than once from strangers whom he will meet during his travels. Here he will be led by one of the quests on knocking out debts from Strauss. You cannot complete the mission and rob the house at the same time, so you will have to come back again later. To find out the location of the cache, as you should scare the kid who lives here. He will pass you this information with giblets. In addition to money, do not forget to bring a gun hanging over the fireplace. An estate called Rocky Seven is marked on the map as Willards-Rest. The quest is usually mentioned the first name that can put a player into a dead end. It is located north of Annesburg.

Cache in Rocky Seven House

In the house lives the widow Charlotte. Arthur must come first and help her. The woman does not know how to get her own food, so she will meet the guest starved. Arthur will have to first teach her how to hunt, and the next day show how to shoot. Charlotte will invite a player for dinner. Do not refuse food and safely stay in the house for the night. In the morning, near the bed you will find a box with money. Take it and go, there is nothing more to take here. In addition to these two places, many pleasant surprises will bring an abandoned estate near Van Horn, She-Porte, Watson's hut, Aberdeen's pig farm and Lonnie's seedy house.


Do not get involved in robberies too much, as it will negatively affect your reputation. People will avoid you or even cross the street. Avoid unnecessary sacrifices. For most, it’s enough to see the barrel of a pistol in front of his nose, so that any thoughts of heroism will instantly erode from the head. Just in case, you can shoot a couple of times in the air. The sounds of the shots act magically on the hostages: they lose their will and cease to resist. The more victims, the greater the penalty for their misconduct will have to be paid later.

Most of the money is in the cash registers of the gun shops. If you compare stores in large cities and provinces by profitability, it is better to choose the first. There you can cash in well. Be sure to carefully study the place of future robbery, pick up an arsenal and order the horse to wait for you, so that you don’t have to stamp around instead of quickly hiding yourself around the crime scene. Always go to the case only in the dark, so the risk of identifying your identity is reduced.