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What kind of cowboy does without a pistol and a horse? Both save his life many times: the horse helps to “carry away his legs” in time, and the pistol is used to lay down those from whom these legs have to be carried. In the game Red dead redemption 2, the horse is a true friend and ally of the player. Most of the time here the cowboy will spend it in her company: hunting for many days, horse racing, traveling, pursuing and avoiding the chase.

We have repeatedly said that the RDR2 is very subtly transferred to the smallest details that make the toy a real "simulator" of the rich life of a cowboy. In the game world, as in reality, these animals have high intellectual abilities. The owner must take care, regularly take care of his horse, then the level of trust between them will increase.

Gradually, the animal becomes attached to Arthur and the faithful horse is much better than the new expensive horse with impressive performance. This is not at all pathetic. Bonuses from the level of the relationship between the horse and the owner in the game are more important than the high characteristics of a more pumped but unfamiliar horse. She does not trust the new owner and can, for example, flatly refuse to enter the deep river, which the horse, which Arthur has already tamed, will not do. We will analyze the horses in a small guide and learn how to use them, clean, equip, change, sell and even "resurrect."

A little horseback Guide

Arthur gets his first horse back in the first chapter. Of course, according to the characteristics, it is significantly inferior to more expensive breeds, but this is the first "friend" with whom you will master the basics of the game, so you should take it seriously. In the future, as you progress through the quests and progress in the game, Arthur will have opportunities to get horses of other breeds, whose characteristics are higher than the first "basic" one.

It is very simple to control a horse in the game; there is even a primitive analogue of autopilot. Arthur needs to mark his destination on the map and pave the way for him, and the horse will orient himself on the terrain. Although it is really very convenient for large hauls, such journeys "blindly" have their drawbacks: Arthur is completely open to attack, and in the Wild West you cannot relax for a minute. Who knows which detractors will cross your path?

In total, the game presents 19 horse breeds, which in turn are divided into 59 subspecies. Each horse has its own characteristics and color. If Arthur wants to get as many horses as possible and has available funds for this, then he should open more locations. Each of them has its own personal groom. He sells horses and harness to them. The first stable Arthur will enter will be located in Valentine.

First Stable for Arthur

The maximum player can hold four horses at a time, but switching between them is not so easy. All unused horses are “stored” in their stalls in the stable. If you suddenly need to urgently change the horse to another, which is already in the property, there will be no magic button nearby, you have to drag to the nearest stable, because you can replace one horse with another only there.

Replacing your horse is only possible at the nearest stable.

In addition to buying, selling and standing in the stable, you can order medicines and feed for the mount, a cleaning procedure, try on new equipment or “tune” its appearance. The main mission of the second chapter includes training the horse, which also takes place in the stable.

Where to find

Horses can be acquired in two ways:

  • Buy for the money.
  • Catch and travel for free.

Until now, there is a perception that before America discovered Columbus and Vespucci twice, there were never horses in this part of the world, or they were very out of time here "ended." Cortes brought with him not only the armed Spaniards, driven by greed and blood, but also horses. "Means of transportation" during clashes were repeatedly at large, after which they were carried off to wild prairies. So there were mustangs - homemade horses, who tasted the sweet aroma of freedom and decided to become wild.

Wild horses do not differ much from home characteristics, but have slight differences in color. Catching a wild horse is easier said than done. Animals quirky, fast and very "maneuverable." To throw a lasso aptly, you need experience and skill. By far the most desirable for players among wild horses is an Arabian horse. In the wild, there are only specimens of white color. They can be encountered if we move in a westerly direction from Lake Isabella, but we will tell about this in more detail later.

If the horse is still able to catch, then the savings are of course colossal, when buying for an Arab you have to unfasten as much as $ 1,250. Below is a map showing the habitats of wild horses of different breeds (and the Arabian horse including)

Map with locations Horses in the game RDR 2

What is the best horse in the game, where to find, how to teach

Let's talk in more detail about the best of the horses in the game - the white Arabian steed. Here there are Arabs of three colors: black, pink and white. The latter is characteristic only for wild horses, acquired can be either black or pink.

Arabian horse - the best horse in the game RDR 2

As we have already said, the highest probability is to meet the wild horse of this breed near Lake Isabella.

Location the white Arabian steed

It is cold there, so be sure to take warm clothes with you on your journey so as not to freeze your ears and nose. Since the game world lives according to the laws of the real, the behavior of the horse is difficult to predict. Arabian horses are usually burrowing, but the player can get into the moment of "good mood". If the horse of curiosity shows more than anxiety or fear, then do not rush to get a lasso. First, it is better to try to approach her, reach out, calm and maybe even stroke. After that, try to climb her back. When the horse finally realizes that he has fallen into the trap, he will show his obstinacy in all its glory and try to lose the rider. You have to curb it and show who is the master of the situation. If the horse is still frightened and set off on the run, glittering with unwrapped hooves, then you cannot do without a lasso.

The difficulty of capturing this particular horse is in the features of its color and the nature of the area in which it lives. It is cold here, and the foothills are covered with a thick blanket of snow. Pampering a horse against a white landscape is as difficult to see as finding a black cat in a dark room. You can go on the search immediately after the player opens access to the free movement on the map.

White wild horse is a great friend in search of the adventures of RDR 2

How to change

If you need to get rid of your horse, then make it pretty easy. First, Arthur must approach his acting horse and aim at it, while simultaneously pressing on the LT controller (L2), which will bring up the menu. It is necessary to select the option "Remove the saddle." Once it is in your hands, you need to go to a new horse, again "aim", bring up the menu and select the item "Put on the saddle."

Everything, now you can climb onto the back of a new horse and ride astride the horizon already with it. The need for such actions most often arises when your horse was accidentally shot during a mass brawl and you found an alternative among the enemy horses who lost their rider. Immediately throw the saddle on the new horse is not worth it. First, you need to calm and stroke him a little, otherwise he may show his bad tempers at the most inappropriate moment.

After that, you need to go straight to the stable. Here you can sell the newly acquired horse or keep it to yourself and put it in order. Keep in mind that you have to re-pump it, because all the bonuses and privileges remained with the old horse. The level of communication between the rider and his comrade also fell to zero.

If you need to change one of your horses to another, you will have to drag into the stable, because you can not whistle and call a horse from the stall at a distance in the game, but this can be done if Arthur dismounted and moved away from the place where he left it.

Horse characteristics

In the game Red Dead Redemption 2, horses have three main characteristics:

  • Overclocking
  • Speed.
  • Health.

Each characteristic increases with the growth of trust between the horse and the rider. Subsequently, the horse will cease to be afraid of hard-to-reach places, without fear will begin to enter deep rivers during the crossing and will begin to learn new "chips": walk sideways, stand up. The level of pumping is also influenced by the care (cleaning, joint bathing, regular feeding, treatment, communication) and the distance that the rider traveled on his horse.

Horse breeds

There are seven categories of horses in the game, each of which has its own "specialization":

  • Ordinary. These are the most affordable horses that will delight the rider low cost. In addition, they are often found in the wild. Tennessee Walkers, Morgans fall into this category.

    Buy of ordinary horses Morgan in RDR2

    and Kentucky Shortlers.
  • Peasant or workers. Resistant breeds that are designed to work in the field. They can not develop high speed and do not keep pace during the race, but they are inexpensive. Breed category: American Paint

    American Paint - horse breed in RDR 2

    Wormblad, Appaluz.
  • Pods. They are also often found in the game, as well as ordinary. Horses in this category can boast excellent physical endurance, but are unable to develop high speed. Ideal for harness with a cart. This group includes breeds: Suffolk, Sheirs

    Breed horse - Suffolk, Sheirs in the game RDR 2

    Belgian Belgian breed horse in the game RDR 2

  • Fighting. Their specialization is reflected in the name: it is better not to find a horse for a skirmish. They have a very high indicator of health and, consequently, endurance. The group includes breed: Halbred

    Beautiful horse breed: Halbbred (Fighting Horse)

    Andalusian blessing.
  • Racehorse. The element of these horses is a fast ride. They can take a strong acceleration, but do not have such high levels of health, such as pigtails or war horses. The group includes breeds: American trotter

    American trotter (Racehorse breed) in the game RDR 2

    Knockout, Thoroughbred horse.

    Knockout, Thoroughbred horse - a breed of horse in the game RDR 2

  • Hybrid horse. In the game, representatives of this class, like the next one on the list, are rare. To get such a horse in your stall is good luck for the rider. These horses combine the characteristics of any two categories that have been described above. For example, Mustang

    Mustang combine breed of several horses

    combines the characteristics of a working and fighting horse, the Missouri foxtrotter - working and fast

    Missouri Foxtrotter - combines working and fast

    and the Turkmen breed combines the strengths of fast and combat.

    Turkmen breed combines the strengths of fast and combat

  • Multiclass. Elite group, which includes the Arabian racers. These horses are the best in performance. In the game they have no equal, but the cost of such pleasure is rather expensive.

    Elite group, which includes the Arabian racers, the best racers in performance

In their four stalls, it is better to maintain diversity and keep horses from different classes for all occasions. If fast haul is to be done, then a race will be needed, and for transporting animal carcasses, it is better to choose a combat or plow horse. The only disadvantage of keeping your own mini-herd is the need to pay attention to each horse in order to maintain the same level of trust.

How to put a cargo on a horse

In the game, the horse is used not only as a means for rapid movement between locations, but also as a temporary “storage” for things. Clothes, equipment, weapons and skins of dead animals can be put on the horse’s back. You can not put in the horse inventory jewelry products. To put something in her inventory just go to the animal, what you are looking for at that moment should be kept on your back. Capacity inventory has its limitations. It can not be increased, so you have to choose between important things and not so much.

How to clean and sell horses

Long hauls not only exhaust the mount, but also cover its skin with dirt and dust. There are three ways to clean a horse in a game:

  • Lead into the river. Water itself will wash away everything. This is the easiest and fastest option, when there is no brush at hand, and a stable is not located nearby.
  • Brush clean. It is not in the standard set of inventory. You can buy a brush in a stable for money or get it for free after completing the quest "Leaves with wounded pride."
  • Order cleaning in the stable. Professional grooming care is much more effective than the two previous options. The horse will be not only clean, but also healed, which will positively affect its performance.

To get a brush during self-cleaning, you need to look in the context menu and select the appropriate tab. You can also sell a horse only through a stable. This is especially true if the player decided to change the mount to a more pumped one, but he does not have enough money to buy.

How to resurrect horse

The horses in the game die once and for all. The player should take care of his faithful friend. If, however, a terrible thing has happened and, for example, a horse was shot, you can cheat and use the "bug": reload from the last save. You will completely lose the progress that was achieved in the period after the horse’s death, but it will remain alive. If the horse is seriously injured and struggles with the approaching agony, then he can be given emergency help.

For this you need the healing elixir of Horse Reviver. It costs $ 10 and is sold both in stables and in regular stores. The medicine instantly improves health. On long and difficult journeys it is better to take a bottle with you on a rainy day. To avoid such situations, you should not let the horse gallop in the woods, if he hits a tree at full speed, you can get a mortal wound. You also can not force him to jump from a great height, leave one-on-one with predators and substitute enemies for bullets. The horse is your friend, even if it is only a game, therefore it is necessary to treat it as a friend and faithful assistant.