Red Dead Redemption 2 - Treasure map


What can you do in the Wild West besides hunting and regular fights with other cowboys? Of course, a treasure hunt. In these territories, not a gang of inveterate bandits who robbed banks and trains were operating. They hid the loot of good in secluded places until better times, but the best times were rare, therefore the treasures still lie in anticipation of their finest hour. In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are such caches, where you can get hold of gold bars and other useful things like unique weapons. Find the hidden treasures to help maps that as you progress through the game, will come across Arthur. In the guide we will tell you how to get these cards and what can be found with their help.

Treasures of Jack Hall's Goons

According to legend, the group of Jack Hall robbed banks and trains, with the same cruelty getting rid of witnesses, like the gang of Jesse James. After putting a cross on their criminal activities, rumors began to circulate that they had hidden most of the loot somewhere in the New Hanover area. Search for these treasures at random is useless, but you can find clues. The keys to the cache are three cards. The path to each subsequent is indicated on the previous one.

The first is the treasure hunter Maxim. This character will meet Arthur in the second chapter near the town of Fletnek during the execution of the quest "All That Glitters." Fletnek is located south of Valentine. When you get there, look for the character in the north-west direction from the station on the ridge with a picturesque view of the river. The old hunter will tell the beginner about the intricacies of treasure hunting and will offer to honestly buy a card for a small amount. If Arthur responds with a decisive refusal, the seller will halve the cost, indicating that he is ready to bargain. You can buy, or you can ignore the offer and shoot the treasure hunter, selecting the card already from the dead man. On the one hand, the act is not very worthy, but on the other - less competitors, more chance of success.

If Arthur ignores the seller altogether, then you can get the card a little later, in the game it will not disappear anywhere and will wait for its time in the bins of the stolen buyer.

Location of the first part Treasure

Arthurs first treasure map - the treasure hunt begins)

So, with these doodles on a piece of paper begins a real treasure hunt: adrenaline, excitement and thirst for profit. On the map, Arthur will see the location of Caliban's Seat: this is a unique mountain range, which is located near the Maximo habitat, south of Valentine. a narrow ledge on an almost sheer cliff. Then you need to find a relatively convenient place to climb up and pull yourself up to the very top. Here it’s time to look around, there will be an old tent near one of the rare pines, perhaps left to I hid the second part of the map. This tent is the main landmark, because there is a descent to the ledge under it. It’s only one there, so it’s impossible to get lost even with all the desire. The path to it, too, will not be easy: you have to jump over obstacles, and catch up more than once.

Location of the second part of the treasure map

The second part of the treasure map, which will indicate where the third part is stored

The second map will tell you how to get to the cache with the third part. It shows the location of Cotorra Springs. To get there, you need to move south from Valentine. On the way, the town of Fort Wallace will meet. In this area is quite cold, so before the trip you need to warm up well. Be careful, just in this area - the habitat of the legendary wolf. A dangerous predator can be caught by the player completely by accident, so you need to be alert while traveling. To make it easier to navigate, open the map of the area: the right place is located in the area of ​​the first letter "O" in the name of the location on the map. Arthur needs to find one noticeable glade, with a boulder in the center and three geysers around the perimeter. At the base of the stone "composition" there is a slot in which the map waits for its treasure hunter.

The third part of the treasure is located on the base of the stone "composition"

The location on the map of the third part of the treasure map

The third part will finally complete this treasure hunt and lead to the place where Jack Hall’s treasures are hidden, which, by the way, will not be as impressive as legends said. At the end, only two gold bars are waiting for Arthur, but you can also make good money for them - $ 1,000. The place is located near the lake O'Creagb's Run. The main landmark is the natural formation of the Three Sisters in Ambarino in the Grizzlies East region. The lake will be slightly north. To get there, you need to go through the Emerald ranch and move in a northerly direction until the landscape changes. Hilly terrain will inform you that you are almost there. The map lies under a boulder, which is located in the center of a small island in the middle of the lake. He will have to row, and this is fraught with rapid loss of stamina. It is better to back up your strength with tincture before the final spurt in the hunt for gold bullion.

Treasures - Great Expectations

In this treasure hunt, the player will also have to get three different cards, but Arthur’s high hopes for a good reward at the end of the path will be justified. The first map must be taken away from the treasure hunter. This character appears by chance and is easy to miss. He can be caught anywhere between Strawberry and Valentine, so be vigilant in the area.

If you did not have time or simply did not want to search, then subsequently the card will appear from the buyer of the stolen goods, where almost all items that Arthur did not collect on time go to. The hunter usually stands on the edge of a cliff with a paper in his hands with a look of a complete madman and mumbles the absurdity under his breath. If a player approaches him at a sufficiently close distance, then a white dot will appear on the map, indicating a random event. The old man will not give up the card voluntarily, even for money. He can be intimidated (putting a gun to his head), tied up or simply killed, only then this piece of paper will fall into Arthur’s hands.

Treasures of "Great Expectations" in the game RDR 2

Treasures "Great Expectations" - location on the map

The first map shows the location of Cumberland Fall. To get there, the player must move in a southwesterly direction from Valentine. First you have to come from the west to the base of the waterfalls from the right bank of the river. Near one of the rocks, Arthur will find a fallen tree, you can cross the waterfall through it. There is a map behind one of the streams: there is a small depression in the rock, you just need to reach out. Now that the player has taken possession of the second card, you can go in search of the third.

The second part of the treasure map "Great Expectations"

Treasure Map: High Expectations - RDR2

The map will lead to Lake Barrow Lagoon, which is located between Mount Wdowya and Lake Isabel in the Grizzlies West location. In this area, subzero temperature, so without warm things in the way you should not go. Pay attention to the name of the location, it is easy to meet a bear who is crawling in the bushes, so during the trip you need to be alert and grab a gun in case of an unexpected acquaintance with the forest owner. To get to the lake, you need to move in the north-west direction from Valentine. When the player arrives at the scene, you will have to step on the thin ice of Barrow Lagoon and find a fallen tree - an improvised bridge between the island, held down by the stranglehold of frost, and the shore of the lake, bristling with sharp rocks. The third card cache is located right on this bridge approximately in the middle. You need to climb it and fumble around.

Lake Barrow Lagoon, which is located between the Widows Hill and Lake Isabel in the Grizzlies West location.

The third card cache is located right on this bridge.

Finding the last cache of treasure will be the hardest. Players who previously went in search of a rock image in the mountains, north of Fort Wallace, will find it easier to navigate the terrain. First you need to get to the mountains themselves: for this we are looking for a path that leads east from the Fort. It will lead to the foot of the mountain. It is necessary to climb almost to the very top, and then make a descent between two noticeable pines on a rocky ledge. Now it's time to move forward until you get a rock image on the way. From this place to the treasure will lead a narrow stone eaves, stretching upwards. When it breaks off abruptly, you need to jump twice to the lower stone platforms, which are located like large steps in the stone stairs. It remains quite a bit: to move forward along the ledge, bending his head until you stumble on a cache with three gold bars.

Treasures of the - Poisonous Path

Nobody knows anything about this cache. None of the characters in the game will tell you about the "Poisonous Path" and will not sell the cards, they will have to be found on their own. The first map can be found in a box under the bed in an old hut near Cairn Lake, which is located in the West Grizzles location.

Location Treasure - Poisonous trails

To get to the place, move southeast of Colter. In the same area of the player will lead the quest to find Flaco Hernandez, so you can kill two birds with one stone and not to dangle between locations several times. A careful search of the box will give its results - the first card will fall into the hands of the player.

Treasures of the Poisonous Path - To get to the place, move southeast of Colter.

Location of the first treasure map

The place is located in the north of the town of Rhodes in the state of Lamon. The player needs a road to Scarlett Meadows. The main landmark is a rock drawing that will meet along the way. At this point you need to stop and go straight from the cliff past a conspicuous tree down the hill. Focus on the dried tree with a spear-tip, as it can be seen from afar. When the player comes to the place in front of him there will be another trunk of a dead tree: lower and with a hollow almost at the very base. The second card is hidden in this hollow.

The location of the second part: of the treasure map of the poisonous trail

The place is located in the north of the town of Rhodes in the state of Lamon. The player needs a road to Scarlett Meadows.

The next item is a stone mound to the west of the town of Van Horn, which is located north of Saint-Denis. It is easiest for the player to reach the local station on the stage, who regularly walk here. Now you need to find a road leading to the river Kamassa. Approximately in the middle of the path to the river Arthur will see the railway tracks. He must cross them and climb the slope. In the distance an abandoned tower will loom. If you climb on it, you can see the characteristic image of a snake, which is on the map. Her "tail" is twisted with rings around a hill, in the center of which is a stone embankment. This is where Arthur needs to go to get the third card.

The next item is a stone mound to the west of the town of Van Horn, which is located north of Saint-Denis.

Location of the third treasure map

Now it's time to go to the lake Elysian Pool, which is located in the center of the location of Roanoke Ridge. We need to move in the north-west direction from the post Van Horn. When a player gets to the lake, he needs to find the very place where the local river flows into it and forms a waterfall. It's time to dismount and go through the water wall, behind it will be a cave. Reach out the flashlight, as it is dark here. The cave will be a long tunnel, which will gradually expand. Now you need to turn into a small manhole on the right and get to the new cave, where the player will stumble on a fork: turn right on it. Be careful, the course ends with a rare cliff. Now you have to go on the left side of the ledge and gently jump down. The player will spend some time on the fifth point by inertia, until he plunges into a puddle. There is a wall near the puddle. It remains to climb it, pulling up on his hands. There a player and will wait for four gold bars, totaling $ 2,000.

Chick's Treasure

In the second chapter, the player will have to go through the quest "Money and other sins" from Strauss, according to which Arthur will have to find a couple of malicious debtors. Among them will be Chick Matthews - a good guy who, to his misfortune, once borrowed a tidy sum from Datca van der Linde and was unable to return it. Arthur will go in search of Chick, who will break into a run when he hears his name. The player will catch up with Chick on a horse, throw a lasso and interrogate the caught debtor. During the conversation, Chick will give Arthur a map on which the location of the treasure with money is marked.

Location - Treasures of Chika

We need to make a reservation right away that these funds will go to repay Chick's debt, and Arthur will receive only thanks for his help, that is, the treasure will not weigh down the player’s wallet, but will become one of the turning points in the game storyline. When compared to other treasure maps, then finding the desired cache is quite simple. This quest can be considered a training before the real hunt for wealth.

The card will lead the player to a place between the Three Sisters, Moonstone Pond and HeartLand Overflow, which is not far from Valentine. This is the territory of the forest, where money is hidden in the trunk of one of the trees. This is the only catch - you can kill a lot of time in search of the desired tree among the forest.