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Red Dead Redemption 2 is known for its realism. It will not be possible to carry around a mountain of things here, no matter how much I would like to take more on the road. Morgan is not a weightlifter and is not able to move quickly with a big load. For travel and travel at the disposal of Arthur has a personal and saddle bags, that is, you can load yourself and load the horse. Inventory in them is placed only in limited quantities. Shooting a couple of deer in the hunt and picking up a few burdock roots along the way, at the sight of another interesting subject, Morgan faces a problem. If you try to raise it, the game will politely, but adamantly, report an overflow of inventory. To take a new one, you need to throw something out of the old one or pump the bag. Having roomy storage for useful things is a necessity in the road, not a whim. How to make it upgrade and will be discussed further.

Rdr 2 - full guide to the bags in the game

How to open Bag

In order to open his personal bag, it is advisable for Morgan to move a short distance away from other characters and his own horse so that the team does not open a completely different game menu. Now you need to press and hold "right" on the controller. To look inside the saddle bags, you need to make a similar trick, but at the same time go up to the horse or even climb into the saddle. A bag is a small mobile warehouse. You can put provisions in it, some valuable items for sale, drinks for warming on cold nights in nature and many more useful things. Large and roomy bags are vital for hunting, fishing, during the collection of medicinal herbs, and even during raids and shootouts, because Morgan never disdain to search the pockets of corpses, where you can find a lot of interesting and valuable. So that you do not have to be torn between greed and prudence, bags must be pumped.

How to open the bag in the game RDR 2

What can be put and in what quantities

The number of places in the road inventory is limited. All items are classified into categories, and each of them has its own limits. For example, at the very beginning of the game you can put only five items from the category of valuables sold in the bag. If you already have three bottles of bourbon, although there are still empty seats, then the fourth report, alas, will not work. The sixth piece of meat also does not fit and will have to reluctantly leave. As a result, an unprepared player is forced to throw away something less valuable in order to put more valuable items in his inventory. You can get rid of these dilemmas by pumping the bag.

What can be put in bags and in what quantities

Bag Upgrade

Pumping a bag Arthur is engaged in a chef Pearson. He can always be found in the Datch's bandit camp. The character not only cooks deliciously for the whole gang, but is also considered an excellent tanner. He skillfully sews the skins for bags and makes excellent objects, but he is not Paganini to masterly perform compositions on one string. Pearson needs high quality tools for normal operation. They have to fork out for Morgan.

A set of tools for working with leather costs $ 225. The amount is not very big, but at the very beginning of the game that kind of money will seem fabulous. After completing the fight with greed and yet buying a set, Morgan must first give the tools to the master, and then go hunting. Travel bags are made from hides, so you will have to shoot more than one beast in order to increase the capacity of your inventory.

There are seven bag upgrades available in the game:

  • For tonics.

    Upgrade bags for tonics in the game RDR 2

  • For materials.

    Upgrade bags for materials in the game RDR 2

  • For provisions.

    Upgrade bags for provisions in the game RDR 2

  • For ingredients.

    Upgrade bags for ingredients in the game RDR 2

  • For tools or equipment.

    Upgrade bags for tools or equipment in the game RDR 2

  • For valuable items.

    Upgrade bags for valuable items in the game RDR 2

  • Bag Legends of the East.

    Upgrade bag Legends of the East in the game RDR 2

The last improvement deserves special attention, since it becomes available only after the previous six pumping and increases the capacity of all categories of equipment.

You can find out what requirements you need to complete in order to start pumping the bag in its menu.

Requirements for crafting

For each new upgrade will require the skins of different animals. Moreover, the skins should be of high quality, that is, first-class. If Morgan riddles a beaver during a hunt and brings a perforated pelt to Pearson, he will not receive any new bag, except for the original net for catching fish. Beginners in the game will first have to practice hunting to kill animals with one well-aimed shot.

First, you need to spend six simple improvements, after the completion of the last of them will open access to the most interesting upgrade - the Legend of the East bag. Postpone pumping capacity bags for later is not worth it. This should be dealt with from the beginning of the game, otherwise many items will have to be sacrificed during long journeys. If initially for each category only 5 basic places are given, then after all seven improvements the number of some of them will increase to 99. The difference is impressive. Now it's time to get acquainted with the requirements for dead animals, the skins of which under the tools of Pearson will turn into pouches:

  • To increase the number of places for tonics, it is necessary to shoot elk and goat.
  • To increase the number of places for food, you need to get the skins of raccoon and bison.
  • To increase the capacity of the cartridge pouch with valuable items, you will need to conduct a successful hunt for a rabbit and a beaver.
  • Iguana and boar skins contribute to the expansion of the storage section.
  • To increase the number of places for tools, you need to beautifully shoot the panther and elk.
  • The carcasses of squirrels and badger will be useful for upgrading the capacity of the bag for the category of ingredients.
  • For the most important and beneficial improvement, Morgan will have to go for the skin of a cougar (cougar) and a wolf.

In more detail about that where animals live, we considered in the article: animal maps with habitats. The extracted skins must be given to Pearson, and not sold to him. If Morgan gets paid, it means you can say goodbye to the hunting trophies, since Pearson will let them go for his own needs. Upset Arthur (after his abusive tirade subsides) will have to set off again and track, kill and flay the necessary animals in the second circle, and then carry them back to the camp. After the seventh pumping, you can forget about those unpleasant moments when you had to leave useful items, tasty meat or medicinal herbs that simply did not fit into a too small container.