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In the Red Dead Redemption 2, a gang is a big family of a player, about which he, like the others, should take care, invest his money in the common cash register, help his comrades. The camp is your prop and the "center" of the gang's life. It can even be called a "family residence", to which all roads eventually lead. Here, van der Linde's gang is going to great advice for planning looting. In this place, all the gang members can truly relax, gather strength, refresh themselves, have a good sleep, clean up, soak their throats, or slack off bikes around the fire.

After the successful completion of each mission, you need to reconvene in the camp to discuss future plans and details of the next quest. The camp has its own separate treasury, funds from which are spent only on the needs of the gang. It does not depend on the material well-being of Arthur himself, but he, like the others, must put his hand to its enrichment. The camp consists of several tents and dilapidated carts, which are randomly scattered in a small area.

Rdr 2 camp: Item equests for gang camp

We present to your attention a full guide through Arthur’s gangster camp and a short overview of the sites of other gangs.

Camp requests

During the game, gang members will periodically ask Arthur to bring certain things to them. So that such a request does not cause confusion, we offer a brief excursion on simple, strange and even unexpected wishes and requests of comrades in a gangster case.

The first about a favor Arthur asked himself Dutch. He will need a pipe. Fate has thrown this subject quite far: it will be hidden in a house located in the Great Valley, West Elizabeth.

Smoking pipe for Datch in the game Rdr 2

Just find and pick up the phone will not work, because inside Arthur will wait for an unpleasant surprise in the form of a fierce and hungry bear. A predator is dangerous and can easily lift a player if he lingers. Arthur will have only three options:

  • Give up and let yourself be killed. If you come here a second time, then the bear and the trail will get cold.
  • To cheat bear vigilance and to tiptoe into the house through the back door.
  • Kill a clubfoot and bring not only the tube, but also the carcass of a predator.

The choice is up to the player. In the third chapter, Kiran will ask him to bring burdock root to him, for a love potion.

Burdock root for love potion for Kiran

You will recognize it by the bright purple flowers that adorn the lush bush. Jack Marston is another gang member who loves to tickle his nerves with gibberish. One day he will turn to Arthur for help: you need to get a book of horrors. Pulp fiction will lie on the bedside table in the bedroom at the Downey Ranch, near Valentine.

The Horror Book for Jack Marston

The bedside table can be recognized by its characteristic details: a kerosene lamp and a photo of a granny, who probably also enjoys horrors, are on the table top. Then the bandit Sedi will ask her to get a mouth organ - great fun for the evening by the fire. The sought is in a house near the station Fletnak. Arthur needs to go inside and find an accordion among all sorts of things that are laid out on the shelves of the corner rack.

Harmonica for Cedi - great fun for an evening by the fire

Another representative of the fair sex - Molly will ask her to find a small pocket mirror. Girls remain girls even being in the gang. For the subject you need to go to the northeast of the ranch Emerald. You will have to find a seedy little house. In the bedroom there will be a bedside table. A metal mug, a candle in a candlestick and a flask that fell on its side (probably due to fatigue) are laid out on it in artistic disorder. Among these, certainly useful for falling asleep objects, and there will be a small mirror. His diminutiveness can play a bad joke with a player: when he gets to the place, Arthur may just lose sight of such a small detail.

Small pocket mirror for Molly)

Old Bill will surprise you the most: he needs lipstick for his hair. Who would have thought that the harsh gangsters so carefully monitor their appearance. You will have to go to one of the shops of the town of Rhodes. On the shelves, among other products, you will find a golden yellow jar of lipstick. You have to pay for it, but you don’t feel sorry for a couple of dollars for Bill?

Lipstick for hair for old man Bill

Distinguished Susan will give you, perhaps, the most difficult task. While cooking dinner, she wants to spice up the dish with an unusual ingredient - mint leaves. We will not argue about tastes and wondering who might like roasted meat with mint, but just heading south from Riggs station. The player will find the grass, if he is very lucky, on one of the meadows. Unlike burdock, mint has no distinctive features: it is only slightly lighter than the rest of the grass in the meadow. This is the difficulty: the player can pass by the desired object many times, but fail to notice it, so well the grass is disguised as the environment.

Mint Leaves for Seasoning - Susan

In addition to these items, gang members will occasionally be asked to find a fountain pen, alcohol, oleander, rabbits, a necklace, bourbon, and even a healing cream. It is possible that the player will get the false impression that he has become an errand boy, but the fulfillment of such tasks improves the relationship with his comrades.

Camp items

This is what the camp map looks like if you translate all the symbols:

Camp items on map with symbols in RDR 2

The camp is equipped with everything you need: food, medicine and even alcohol. Supplies do not arise from the air. It is assumed that they are bought with money from the general treasury, so the availability of these items depends entirely on its condition. If the gangsters are not greedy and the ticket office is regularly replenished, then in the camp there is always something to heal and eat. Although it is technically considered that all members of the gang replenish the treasury, de facto the "account balance" depends on the investments of Arthur. Now look at all corners of the camp.

The medical center is located in the Strauss van. He can take healing tonic for health.

The medical center is located in the Strauss van.

The butcher Pearson is in charge of the provisions; any housewife can envy his culinary talents. He trowels will prepare everything that the player will bring him. The availability of provisions also depends on the supply. He also takes the carcass of animals killed in the hunt for exchange for money or the manufacture of new equipment from the skins.

Butcher Pearson, any housewife can envy his culinary talents.

In the dining room you can cheer up with a cup of hot coffee and have a bite of fragrant stew. The drink in the camp never ends, so they can indulge themselves without interruptions. To get an extra portion of stew, you have to wait a bit. Coffee and dish based on chicken stew helps to quickly restore the effect of the "Dead Eye".

Arthur can choose a character and play with him in one of the gambling games that will help pass the time and perfectly cheer up. The winner takes the bank and takes the cash prize. Of course, it’s hardly possible to earn money on a new horse, but it’s enough for lipstick hair. During the game of cards or dominoes, partners unleash their language and you can not only improve relationships, but also get a personal quest.

Gambling RDR 2

If ammunition is suddenly over and it's time to replenish supplies, then you need to look at the "warehouse" of gang ammunition. Although such a problem for players who do not allow any cartridge to disappear, it rarely occurs. In his own tent, Arthur can rest and sleep. Though a marching option, but some kind of house. And finally, the most "tasty" - the treasury, cash or obschak gang. It is necessary to look here after each attack and unfasten one-tenth of his "earnings". After Arthur gets an accounting book for camp improvement, it will also be stored here.

Replenish ammunition or cure wounds and sleep Arthur can in the camp

When Arthur enters the camp, three icons appear at the bottom, each of which indicates the presence of three main types of supplies: ammunition, drugs and food. If they are highlighted in red, then the rest is scanty. If it is white, then there are enough supplies, but it could be added. When the icon is highlighted in yellow, the camp will soon begin to burst at the seams of the number of stocks. If you give Pearson a couple of hides for free, you can change the look of the camp: a skeleton may appear at Arthur’s tent, and a wolf's head will be hung out over the entrance to the camp, so that uninvited guests will be discouraged.

Camp Upgrades

In the second chapter, Arthur will pass a side quest from Strauss “Usury and other sins” at the end of which he will find an account book. Here you can pump over various camp facilities and get bonuses for it. You can spend as money from the general treasury, and your own savings.

Camp upgrades RDR2

After Arthur receives this volume, undoubtedly valuable to the gang, the book will be in the camp community. Upgrading medicines, ammunition and provisions will expand the range of items that fall into these three categories.

The account book will allow you to expand the range of items, upgrade drugs and ammunition

As the level rises, more and more funds will be required to pump the same object. Next you need to upgrade the tent Datcha, after which you can "pull up" and the rest of the housing. An upgrade of the leader’s home will increase the size of the mandatory contribution from each member of the gang and increase the level of trust between the comrades. Behind the tent Datca need to pump their own. Arthur will be able to move quickly and replenish his inventory with new accessories for the horse.

Next in line is the stable. A stall is necessary for a horse not only for a comfortable rest. When Arthur's horse has a place to return, he can call her to the camp, if in some unthinkable way a gangster managed to lose her somewhere in the forest, for example. The chicken coop is another useful object that will regularly supply the stew to the table of gang members. This tasty, and most importantly, nutritional product allows you to quickly restore the effect of the "Dead eye", as it became the main ingredient of the camp "chef's dish" - stew.

On the last pages of the book you will find at least useful tools for skin treatment. They are necessary to Pirson - the camp cook, the butcher, and also the tannery to the master. If he wields with the help of special tools, he can pump the spaciousness of Arthur"s horse saddle bags and make interesting objects for camp needs: sheds, tablecloths, and carpets. All this is useful in the life of the gang.

On the last pages of the book - useful tools for leather processing

The raised morale of the gang affects the state of the camp. So that the comrades go all the time in a good mood, you should not be greedy and take part in small camp work, take the prey from hunting and fishing to the cook for the whole gang, regularly replenish the communion, pump over Pearson, who will change the menu, thereby making the guys happy. In his tent, Morgan can rest, sleep, shave and change dirty clothes, but there is nowhere to wash here. To freshen up, you will have to either lug to the nearest reservoir, or visit the hotel, where you can take a bath in comfort.

All camps Locations

The game has more than 20 camps. Below is a map on which each one is marked.

All camp locations on the map

Listing locations: Solomon's Folly, Gaptooth Breach, Fort Mercer, Quaker's Cove, Twin Rocks, Pike's Basin, Fort Riggs, Radley's Pasture, Grizzlies Mining, Ewing Basin, Colter, Six Point Cabin, Bacchus Station, The Loft, Radley's Pasture, Shady Belle , West Bayou, Lakay, Kamassa River, Mossy Flats, Willard's Rest, Hanging Dog Ranch, Cumberland Falls, San Luis River NE, Bear Claw.

Even with a big stretch, the relations between gangs can hardly be called "friendly." Each of them pursues similar goals, so the destruction of the camps of gang opponents is quite logical: either you or you. Representatives of other groups can be found anywhere in the map. Some will simply demand that they give the contents of their wallet, while others will try to ensure that Morgan has a meeting with the heavens. Some gangs operate only at certain locations, while others are scattered throughout the map. For example, in almost every corner of the game world you can encounter representatives of the gang O'Driscolls - one of the most numerous.

Tasks to eliminate competitors will periodically fall out as secondary missions. Arthur will have to completely clear the enemy camp and destroy all the bandits. Usually there are no more than 4-5. It is preferable to sneak up unnoticed, and not to climb with a battle cry on boarding. In addition to the juicy reward in the form of a large amount of exp and money, the player will receive a unique loot card.

They will help to find a way to one of the treasures with which the lands of the Wild West are rich. Usually such precious things are kept in the stashes of the ringleaders of gangs, so their tents need to be shaken with particular zeal. Maps will indicate the area in which to search for treasure. The search is of course difficult to call simple, since you will not find a red cross and the inscriptions "dig here" under it on the game cards. You will have to search manually, but several weighty gold bars are worth the effort. The camp of the bandits, even after the complete destruction of the whole gang, will be gradually restored, so that after a while they can be returned to them again for the next raid. Many players prefer to “roam” between the enemy camps, making a kind of detour: while the ruin is carried out in the western regions, the camps from the eastern regions are being restored.