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Money rules not only real, but also the game world in Red Dead Redemption 2. The higher the purse of the player, the more useful things he can buy, which will have a positive effect on the passing game. There is never a lot of money, but more often Arthur lacks it catastrophically. Life will regularly throw up opportunities to earn honestly and not so much; the main thing is not to pass by and not to miss this chance. We present a guide for money: a guide on how to make money and how to spend it correctly.

Where to make money in RDR 2 - Robberies

Robberies as a source of income

Let's start with the most interesting and of course illegal. Robbery is a great way to improve your poor financial situation. For robbery, you need only three things: a horse, a gun, and courage. The faithful horse quickly throws you to the scene of the crime and takes you twice as fast from there after the black deed is committed. Going to a robbery without a gun in the Wild West - an idea for chickens to laugh. The people here are not as frightened as in more "decent" states. Even at gunpoint, some will persist and will not give up the money / will not open the box office. You can shoot a couple of times in the air as a warning, bruise the face of a stubborn person or even kill him. Many newcomers, feeling impunity, resort to the latter option, even without apparent need. You should not kill recklessly, since each life taken away is a strong blow to the reputation, which brings you one more step closer to the status of an inveterate gangster and a social outcast. You can rob anyone whom your heart desires: passers-by, carriages, stagecoaches, passenger trains, shops, pharmacies and residential buildings. Some robberies will bring only expendable change, while others - a real big score.

Rdr 2 - Bank Robbery

About such "cereal" places can be found during the gameplay. Although it is safer to hunt in the outback, gun shops and small shops located in large cities will help to fill a wallet. Bank - this is the ultimate dream of the soul, eager for free money. Going to it without preparation is suicide, so it’s better to wait for a trip to the bank vault, which will emerge as a regular task at one of the stages of the game. To pass the wait before this grand event in the life of any burglar can be interrupting on petty theft.

Rdr 2 - Train robberies

Do not forget about disguise of identity. You can not go to the case without a mask, because in this case you will be 100% recognized, and the ads with your brutal physiognomy will decorate the sheriff's office. Although the game can not avoid hunting for their own skin. Anyway, sooner or later (in the same robbery of the pharmacy in Valentine) you will appear in the "police reports", and for the capture will be appointed reward. The more blood you take during the robbery, the higher this reward will be. Do not go broke on paying fines to lawyers.

Rdr 2 - robbery with a mask

The game has enough shootings, small-scale skirmishes and large clashes between gangs, so do not hesitate to search the cooling corpses of the dead: with them you can find valuable things, in addition to priceless ammunition.

Giving help

Diametrically opposite way of earnings. During his travels, Arthur will meet quite a few random characters who will influence the state of his wallet. If someone asks you for help in the game, show the wonders of kindness and extend a helping hand. Do not refuse to those in need, as they will be sure to thank for their salvation. Some prefer to repay with a solid wooden "dollar" and buy a gun or a hat to the benefactor. If you like the gift, you can keep it, but more often such equipment is sold.

Helping others - people will surely thank

For the money you can buy something more useful and necessary. Others rescued the tongue, but they speak sensible things. Usually they give tips on some kind of "cereal" place where you can profit from something. For example, one rescued can tell about the arrival of the train with the rich passengers in the cars, and the other will share the secret about the doctor from Valentine. By the way, it is impossible to make a raid on a smuggler’s pharmacy without this random help: you cannot get into secret rooms.


What to do repentant (temporarily) criminals? Of course, to catch the same inveterate scoundrels who have not yet reached that state of Zen to accept their own repentance. In the open spaces of the Wild West, criminals roam literally in droves: small and bigger. It’s not so bad to make money on them. To open the bounty hunt, just go to the sheriff's office and find a poster with the image of a wanted criminal. Before you declare to the threshold of the local "stronghold" of the law, make sure that you yourself are not wanted. Otherwise, there will be some kind of uncomfortable embarrassment: you will be “received” under white ruchenki still lukewarm.

Source of income - bounty hunting RDR 2

After the player finds the poster, the location of the fugitive offender will immediately be reflected on the map. It remains only to spur the horse and go after. It is better to take the pursued alive. During the bounty hunt, you can not only earn, but also clean up the ranks of competitors, if you take only members of other gangs. For example, the most numerous and enduring group of O’Drists, launched their tentacles in all locations. It’s impossible to completely kill them, since the gang will still recover every time, like Phoenix from the ashes, but the members of the group often fall on the honor roll in the sheriff’s office.

Mini game in the Game

Mini-games are another good way to earn extra money, without doing anything special. How did you even imagine the Wild West without gambling? Of course, here in almost every eatery are cut into cards, dominoes and try to fool luck in more dangerous adventures. You can play in the camp with your gang mates or in saloons.

Games in the game RdR 2

There are four main types of games in Red Dead Redemption 2:

  • Poker;
  • Black Jack;
  • Dominoes;
  • Five fingers fillet.

If almost everyone is familiar with the first three, at least in a nodding manner, then the name "fillet of five fingers" can be a dead end. The rules of the game are outrageously simple, but each player risks his fingers in the literal sense of the word. The participant puts one hand on the table, and the second, in which he holds the knife, must fall exactly between spread fingers. It is necessary to do lunges with a knife in a certain sequence, which will be notified by the appearing icons near the fingers. Slip will lead to injury with a stream of blood, picturesquely flowing down the tabletop. The one who runs the game faster without cutting off his fingers will win.

5 finger fillet game in RDR2

Although the fillet is not without danger, this exercise is very useful, as it helps the beginner to remember the location of the buttons on the gamepad. If you are blown to pieces, left with pockets full of holes, then why not pobianyan and shoot a more successful opponent? You can even rob opponents in the game, but you should not try to do a similar trick in your own camp with your comrades. Below is a map showing the places where you can play.

Marks on the map where you can play

Trade, hunting and missions

This is surprising, but the money in the game can be earned honestly. Just trade. Sell everything you get (can be mined and not very honest).

Trading and Hunting in the game RDR 2

Hunting trophies are especially useful in this regard. Stuff your hand on ordinary animals, and then go on tracking and shooting of the legendary. Do not roll out your lip much: each rare animal in the game is found only in one specimen, so it will not work twice to kill it. But they have several useful bonuses:

  • In the legendary, you can shoot from any weapon, even cannon-balls (if such were found in the game), you can’t spoil a rare pelt;
  • In addition to carcasses and skins for sale, you can get components for valuable artifacts and amulets.

Part of the mined is better to give to the butcher of the Pearson camp. He will find the use of trophies and feed the gang with a delicious dinner, which will only strengthen the relationship between Arthur and his comrades.

A deer hunt that would strengthen the relationship between Arthur and his comrades

Got thanks from the rescued hat? Go to the store to sell it. Scrape the jewels from the train passengers during a robbery? So help out for their money. Caught a great horse or got a luxury gun? Get rid of the old ones, and even earn on it.

Money can be obtained for completing quests. Let's face it, the awards there are not particularly impressive, but they still bring some kind of income.


Perhaps this is the most difficult and at the same time an interesting way to make money. In the expanses of the Wild West, in the caves, hollows of old trees, on the icy bridges and in the rock niches hidden treasures. Each of them leads a long, thorny path that can’t be mastered in a couple of hours.

The treasure map in the game RDR 2

Usually the road to the treasure is lined with several maps, where each previous fragment indicates the location of the next. As a reward, Arthur receives weighty gold bars that can be easily exchanged for money, although you can get some good trophies.

Where to spend money

The answer is quite clear: where the soul wishes. Arthur's life is so good that today the wind is walking in his pockets, and tomorrow they are already filled to the top. Of course, meaningless shopping is better to do less, since it will slow down the process of passing the game. The main charm of the game world - you will never be lost, anyway, at least something, but turn up your arm. What to spend money on? When traveling, you have only two of the most devoted "comrades" - a weapon and a horse.

What to spend money on in the game RDR 2 - weapon

It is in them that you need to invest to the fullest, although the game always has a free, but difficult to access alternative. For example, a high-class horse can be caught independently, and a good pistol can be taken away from the owner or stolen.

Upscale horse can catch yourself

Do not forget about your own bandit camp. He also needs to be pumped by investing money. The camp is your base and the only place that can be called "home".

Where to spend money - camp development in RdR 2

There is another expense graph - clothing. Calling Arthur Morgan a big mod will not turn the language, so that the costumes will be minimal. You can spend more on entertainment. At least the same gambling can both empty their pockets and bring a good income.

Money Bug (Glitch): Bottomless Wallet

It is not customary for honest players to use loopholes such as bugs, but sometimes the soul requires fun. In Red Dead Redemption 2 there are two bugs that can change the material well-being of Arthur. In each of them it is important to observe the following sequence of actions. Before you use the bugs, you need to disable autosave. To gain access to unlimited stocks of money, you need to go to the lake Mettok, which is located just north of the town of Rhodes.

Location Lake Mettok - a bug for unlimited money

In the vicinity of the reservoir there is an old stump with a hollow, in which a box with a bundle of money is hidden inside. First you need to get a box from the hollow and examine it. After the casket opens, nothing can be taken from it! Now you need to save manually and reload into the newly created save. Re-go to the miracle box, select a pack of dollars and hold the Square (A) on the controller for Arthur to take it. Everything, until the button is pressed, Arthur will take the same pack over and over again and put it in inventory, but the money will grow indefinitely until the player is bored.

To get the same endless supply, but no longer money, but gold bars, you need to ride a horse and jump in the north-west direction from the Fatnek station. You need the village of Limpany.

Infinite supply of gold bars - a bug in the game RDR 2

Be sure to go to manual save before hike. In the village, you need to find the office of the local shirif, from which only a charred body remains. Go inside and immediately approach the lawyer's table.

Local Sheriff Search

In the locked box is a note and a gold bar, the cost of which, as you know, is as much as $ 500. There is no need to touch anything else. Again, click on the Square (A) controller to put the loot into inventory, save it manually and re-enter the game. Although the ingot was taken into account by the game and hit the inventory, there will be a second in the drawer, exactly the same. The procedure can be repeated as many times as desired, but keep in mind that Morgan cannot take away more than 30 ingots. It remains only to hand over the loot to the buyer and earn money for it. The bug with bars works only if the player has not yet bought the Special Horse Stimulant Pamphlet from the seller of the stolen item.

Camp in the game red dead redemption 2