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The wildlife of Red Dead Redemption 2 impresses the players with its diversity. One of Arthur’s main activities is hunting. And in the game world, this process is really not much different from the real hunt: you need to prepare for it in advance, choose the right equipment and weapons, study the habits of prey, sneak up, get to the right point on the carcass. More than 200 species of animals from bats to forest giants bears are found in different areas of the map.

In addition to the usual animals and birds in Red Dead Redemption 2, there are also "Bosses" of the animal world - the legendary animals. Arthur can kill everyone only once, that is, in the game, these rare representatives of certain species - piece instances. The legendary animal is different from its fellows: it surpasses them in strength, dexterity and health. Some have external features. These are usually differences in coat color. Killing such a rarity is a difficult task even for an experienced hunter who will have to apply all his skills and experience. In Red Dead Redemption 2, there are 16 legendary animals, it's time to get to know each of them closer.

The hunt for the Legendary Pronghorn

Let's start with the fact that the pronghorn in its path can be met by Arthur only after passing through the 6th chapter of the story. This legendary animal is found in the Rio Bravo area in New Austin, which is located southwest of the small town of Armadillo. Although the game is sure to warn Arthur if at least one animal from the category of the legendary appears, the player himself will easily distinguish the rare fork from the ordinary one. If the latter have a brown-reddish color with white markings, their legendary brother is covered with snow-white wool. The animal is small, but very careful and fearful. Thanks to these habits, the pronghorns managed to survive and retain the status of the oldest artiodacty of North America. It is difficult to catch the legendary Pronghorn by surprise. You will have to sneak up on it, using all your camouflage skills. From the horn of the big elephant, Arthur can make a unique amulet, which is called so ("Amulet from the horn of the blue big fork"). It makes it possible to save animal carcasses from deterioration that will be transported on a horse after a hunt.

Legendary Pronghorn in Red Dead Redemption 2

Location - Legendary Pronghorn

Legendary Deer

The animal is found in the forests of Black Bone Forest near the town of Strawberry. After his murder, it is possible to create an amulet from the horns of a male deer. The item will allow you to get better quality loot during the carving of carcasses. Legendary deer are larger than their relatives. It has a distinctive ash gray and light brown mixed color. The sight and scent of a red deer leave much to be desired, but his hearing is excellent, so one should sneak up on prey very carefully. A frightened deer will rush into the thick of the forest, from where it will come again soon.

The Legendary Deer - Red dead redemption 2

Location - Legendary deer

Legendary Cougar - a dodgy predator

It is possible to open the hunting season for the legendary puma, as well as for the fork, only after successfully walkthrough through the same 6th story chapter. Arthur will open the town of Tumbleweed - the main landmark for searching the habitat of this rare predator. Not far from it is the Shchebaty ridge, the possession of the legendary puma. It differs from its fellow glossy, black fur. Puma - night animal. During the day, they either sleep or rest in the shade. On the hunt, she goes out at dusk. The predator is graceful, cunning, dodgy and very dangerous. Arthur should not be allowed close to him, because the animal is capable of making dizzying jumps with incredible speed. After the kill, one more rare item can be made from the prey - "Amulet from the puma's canine." He will permanently increase by 10% the bonus to Arthur's stamina experience.

Red dead redemption 2 - The legendary

Location of the legendary Puma on the map

Mission: kill the legendary Vapiti

This noble beast dwells in New Hanover in the Cumberland Forest. Legendary Vapiti is a large red deer with short, white fur. The animal has excellent hearing, so it is not recommended to approach it closely during the hunt. As soon as Vapiti feels the presence of a person, immediately rush into the thick of the forest. To kill this animal, Arthur will have to aim accurately from a distance. The Amulet is made from the horn of a deer-wapiti. The item increases the amount of money found by 10%.

The legendary Vapiti - Red dead redemption 2

Location Legendary Vapiti

Outwit the Legendary Fox

The legendary fox lives in a place that is indicated on the map as Mattock Pond. It is near the town of Rhodes. Unlike its relatives, the rare fox has a white color and a bit larger. From it you can make "Fox Paw Amulet". The thing is very useful in all senses, as it forever increases the action of the Eagle Eye for 5 seconds. The legendary beast goes hunting only after dusk. In the daytime, its activity drops sharply. The fox possesses legendary cunning and caution, despite its natural curiosity, therefore it is not so easy to approach it at a close distance sufficient for a shot.

The Legendary Fox - Red dead redemption 2

Mark on the map where is the legendary fox

Legendary Boar

Let's start with the pleasant: from this animal it turns out "A talisman from a boar's canine" useful for Arthur's horse. It permanently reduces the rate of consumption of its stamina and health by 10%. As with most talismans, one ingredient is not enough to make it. Arthur will have to extract another cobalt petrified wood and add a gold earring to its reserves. To find a boar, you need to move north of Saint-Denis in the area of ​​the swamp Bluewater. The legendary wild boar has a brown color and differs from its relatives by its large dimensions. You should not let a close up angry animal close to you. In a frontal attack, a boar has no equal: it pulls down any obstacle in its path. On the hunt is better to take either poisoned arrows or a rifle.

The Legendary Boar - Red Dead redemption 2

Location of the legendary boar

Legendary Alligator - Dangerous Albino

The skin of this rare reptile is completely white, and its dimensions are much larger than those of its fellows. Alligator lives in the marshes of Lagras in Bayou-Nva. Arthur will be able to hunt for this animal only after walkthrough the story quest "Outback Search" in Chapter 4. The legendary alligator, like his fellows, is an excellent master of disguise. He can spend hours waiting for his prey, merging with the surrounding landscape, and then at one moment to sharply move in a dash and close powerful jaws on a fluttering carcass. The legendary alligator is doubly dangerous. If a player goes to the legendary hunt for this reptile for the first time, then it is better to save before going. The chances of a person against such a colossus are very low, you will have to apply all your skills and abilities. From the legendary reptile, you can make a "talisman of an alligator's tooth." Predator tooth is just one of the components. In order for the item to be assembled, you will have to additionally get a gold composite bracelet and dig out the handcuffs during the Civil War. Talisman reduces the rate of consuming the status of "Dead eye" by 10%.

The legendary alligator - Red dead redemption 2

Location - Legendary Alligator

Legendary Elk: what will give the carcass Elk

The legendary elk lives in the northeast. The main landmark for his search - the river Kamassa. It is necessary to go along its coast to the north and sooner or later along the way, this large beast will meet with luxurious ash-gray wool. Color and large size - two business cards of the legendary beast. Although it may seem that the moose is clumsy animal, it will not be easy prey. Elk has excellent hearing and very poor eyesight. While tracking down a legendary animal, it is better not to give out your presence prematurely. The lack of grace in the movements does not prevent the huge beast to rush into the thicket at the slightest sign of danger. From it make "Amulet of elk horn". It permanently increases your health experience by 10%.

The legendary elk in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location - Legendary Elk

The legendary Brizzly bharati

If Arthur has a legendary grizzly carcass in his bins, a piece of quartz and a silver chain bracelet, he can get a rare "Bear Claw Talisman". Item reduces your health expenditure by 10%. The legendary owner of the forest is found not far from the ranch Emerald. The main landmark is the inscription GRIZZLIES EAST on the map. Grizzlies are easily recognizable by their enormous size (it is much larger than other bears of this breed) and the numerous scars on their face, which indicate that the beast is a shredded loaf and knows what the hunters are worth. Do not let the animal close to you. Although he seems slow, a bear can abruptly go on the attack. The best weapon for hunting the legendary grizzly will be either a bow with improved arrows, or a sniper with a telescopic sight, which has high accuracy when shooting at long distances.

The legendary grizzly bear in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location Legendary Grizzly

Master of the Elysian Pond - the Legendary Beaver

This beast can be found in the Elysian Pond, which is located under New Hanover. On the hunt it is better to take a carbine "Varmint". The beaver differs from its relatives in white wool. It can be taken by surprise, but the animal is never removed from its native pond. Having sensed a person, the beaver dives lightning-fast under water and goes into cover: under the nearest snag or tangle of intertwined roots. A bean of the same name is made from the beaver's tooth. Item 10% slows down Arthur’s weapon wear forever.

The legendary beaver in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location the legendary beaver

Legendary Coyote

To find this rare beast, you need to move in a northerly direction from the town of Rhodes. It is found in the inner lands of New Hanover. The main landmark on the map is the inscription Old Greenbank Mill. The legendary coyote is larger than its counterparts, has a luxurious ash-gray fur. The meadow wolf, as it is also called, is an excellent sprinter, so it can leave the quarry and hide in an unknown direction if it considers danger. On the hunt it is better to take a carbine or bow. After the murder of prey is made "Amulet of coyote fang." Rare and useful thing for ever and ever increases by 10% bonus to the experience of an apt eye.

The legendary coyote in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location the legendary coyote

Legendary Wolf: tricky and dangerous

The legendary wolf has a thick brown fur, by which it is easy to distinguish it from its relatives. To find the habitat of a rare beast, you need to focus on the inscription Cotorra Spring on the map. The amulet from the heart of the wolf gives a very original effect: Arthur becomes more resilient in drunkenness. Very useful skill for the otvyaznogo cowboy who likes to spend free evenings in a noisy saloon. Now he will be able to drink twice the amount of alcohol before the state of severe intoxication. It is better to go to the wolf with a bow and poisoned arrows or with a rifle. Although wolves are gregarious animals and don't usually hunt one by one, the legendary beast has no problems due to the lack of comrades. Although he cannot “play” with a hunter, having exchanged roles with him and turning him into a sacrifice, his increased endurance and strength make him a formidable opponent even without the support of the pack. A wolf should not be allowed close and approach it from the leeward side. The excellent scent of the beast will help him quickly determine the presence of the hunter.

The Legendary Wolf RDR 2

Location the Legendary Wolf

Legendary White Bison

A talisman is made from the horns of the legendary bison, silver earring and a fragment of the abalone shell, which will reduce the depletion rate of endurance by 10%. To find a rare animal, you need to move in the north-west direction from Valentine. The legendary bison lives near the lake Isabella. The places here are cold, the temperature is below zero, so warm things cannot be done, otherwise Arthur is threatened with frostbite. Bison animals are large, and their legendary counterpart is a giant at all, therefore its heart can be stopped only with the help of powerful weapons.

The Legendary Bison in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location the Legendary Bison

Legendary Big Horned Sheep

This animal is found not far from the habitat of the legendary bison: in a westerly direction from Valentine, near a lake called Cattail Pond. You should take either a bow with poisoned arrows or a rifle. It is possible to identify the legendary ram not only by its large dimensions, but also by the characteristic ash-gray color of the wool. Amulet from the horns of this animal doubles the amount of materials during the gathering of mint, creeping thyme and oregano.

The legendary big-horned ram in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location big-horned sheep

Legendary Bison Tatanka

If it's time to hunt for this legendary animal, then go to New Austin. You need a place near Blackwater. Bison Tatanka lives in the Hennigan Stead district. For a powerful animal, you need to take a large-caliber weapon; it is not so easy to kill such prey from the first shot. The legendary bison is larger than its relatives. Body color is black, and on the head is thick, short wool of ashen color. An amulet is made from the horns of the beast. It reduces the damage that Arthur takes in melee by 10%.

Location the Bison Tatanka

The legendary bison location

Legendary Panther

It is possible to begin the hunt for it only after all nine tests of the master hunter have been passed. The predator lives in the area of ​​the Braithwaite manor. From it you need to move eastward. A rare amulet is obtained from the panther’s eye, reducing the rate of flow of the Apt Eye for 3 seconds by 10%. Panther is one of the most dangerous predators. It is very difficult to take her by surprise. Excellent vision, scent, hearing make the beast almost invulnerable. You do not have to hunt down the panther, because you will most likely be the prey in this hunt. The panther will not wait for the moment when she is cornered and will have to go into a deaf defense, she will just attack herself while you can still take advantage of the suddenness.

The legendary panther in the game Red dead redemption 2

Location the legendary panther

Legendary Lion

Lion in the game RDR 2

The lion in Red Dead Redemption 2 does not fall into the category of legendary animals, but it is certainly a strong and very dangerous animal. Since there are no lions in nature in the Wild West, this rare specimen will be free completely by accident. It can be found and killed in the game only once, so that the beast in all parameters can be equated to the legendary. On the road near the ranch Emerald will turn over the cart with wild animals, which are shown in a traveling circus. After a brief conversation with an upset man wearing a woman’s dress, Arthur will agree to this job.

Morgan will receive a side mission "Of course he is British" and in addition to the emerald, which will give him a pseudo-circus artist, Arthur will be able to take away the paw of a dead lion.

Location where you can find a lion in a mission

Unlike zebra and tiger, which Morgan will have to catch in the first place, the lion will have to be killed. The first one obediently follows the character’s horse with a lasso around his neck, and the second one buys the bait and will voluntarily climb back into the cage. Between these events, Arthur will meet a circus aide. She, along with the false lion, who will be painted dog, the first to go in search. The dog will be successfully lost and tiger will tear it to pieces, and he will go to the cage for this bait.

A real lion will show all his temper. This is the only animal from the trinity, which managed to escape far enough. At first, he will be locked up by the confused workers of the Emerald ranch. They will prop up the door, not knowing what to do next. It is in this position that the unlucky farmers will be caught by Morgan when they go in search of the last fugitive. In the story of a strange incident at the ranch, passers-by will tell him, so do not be shy and ask everyone who meets along the way. Rumors here spread faster than the wind.

The attack of the lion on Morgan in the game RDR 2

Morgan will show wonders of courage and will be the first to look into the barn. As soon as he enters there, a roar is heard at the far wall, and the lion successfully disappears, having escaped from the other side. You will not have to search for it for a long time. The beast, having tasted the intoxicating air of freedom, has already managed to find a victim and launch its fangs into it. Morgan must go on the bloody trail, which will lead him to the predator. The lion will hide in another barn. The beast lurks, apparently feeling the threat coming. Now you need to act with lightning speed, as the reaction of the lion is amazing. Without the ability to "sharp eye" is not enough. If the player is only a moment slow, then reaching the character, the lion will tear him to pieces in the blink of an eye. These predators are unsurpassed hunters, and a beast cornered becomes twice as dangerous. After successfully killing a lion, he needs to be skinned. Paw is useful for making a talisman. It can be done here on the Emerald ranch, but do not immediately rush to the buyer. First you need to return to the place where the cart turned over, and tell the customer what happened. He will thank the player with an emerald worth $ 50. Now you can go to the buyer and give him a paw for making a talisman and a precious stone for sale.

The paw of a lion is useful for making a mascot

Skins and Ingredients

The hunt for legendary animals has an obvious advantage: from whatever weapon Arthur scorched, no matter how many holes in the carcass, the skin will still be of excellent quality. You can turn the carcass of a panther or beaver into a sieve, and its value will not decrease due to this. Clothes from legendary skins are sewn by the character Hunter. Although he travels the map along with his mobile shop, the main location of the merchant is located in the town of Saint-Denis. To make an amulet of legendary ingredients, Arthur needs a Buyer. There are several such characters in the game. One is located near the Hunter in Saint-Denis, and the other can be found at the Emerald ranch.

The guide to the world of hunting for legendary animals for Arthur will be Hosia Matthews. After the conversation, he will present the newcomer with a card on which the habitat regions of the legendary animals will be marked.