Red Dead Redemption 2 - Weapons | Types | Recommendations for use


In the Red Dead Redemption 2 weapons assortment is even richer than in the previous part of the game. Here, you should carefully watch out for your revolver or rifle, as real cowboys of the Wild West did, who did not part with their favorite weapon, because such carelessness could cost them their lives. In the game, of course, you can always save or even start anew, but it is better to clean your weapon regularly. For this special oil is provided. If the purge is neglected, it will sooner or later affect the effectiveness of the gun.

Weapons in the game can be normal and rare (secret). The second can get (free of charge removed from the corpse) after passing special missions. This weapon is more suitable for collectibles to completely score a player’s arsenal. You can get it only once: if you do not pick it up right away, then you will not be able to present more. If you need to replace some parts in the weapon, then you can do it at the gunsmith through the settings. You should not walk around the neighborhood with a shotgun at the ready or with a revolver in hand. Each player has such an indicator as Honor. If you scare the locals with your strange warlike look, you will earn a bad reputation and Honor level will go down. In the guide, we give a classification by type of weapon: revolvers, pistols, magazine rifles, rifles, sniper rifles and shotguns.


The revolver is the favorite weapon of cowboys, which will become a real reliable "friend" during adventures in the Wild West. The revolver has a good balance of destructive power and ease of aiming.

The first weapon that Arthur will receive is a herdsmen revolver. After each shot from this model, the player will have to re-erect the trigger, so the rate of fire is not discussed, but for self-learning of a newcomer in the world of Red Dead redemption 2 this is quite enough. Such revolvers really used to stockpile cattle-breeders and ordinary farmers quite often. Life in the Wild West could not be called easy, so you had to defend your own possessions and always be alert: it is not known who will grant and with what purposes. One well-aimed shot from such a weapon is enough to scare away an unwanted guest, or even to take down his head. Sold such revolvers for each gunsmith.

Flaco"s revolver is an excellent model, in the opinion of many players the r category is the best, although it cannot be pumped. Polished bone handle and silver trim with ornate pattern complement each other perfectly, creating a unique weapon design. A truly worthy copy of the collection. You can find it only on the corpse of the legendary shooter Flaco Hernandez, who during his lifetime would never have parted with such a weapon.

Flaco revolver in Red dead redemption 2

A similar situation with the revolver Granger, which also can only be removed from the corpse after defeating another legendary shooter.

Red dead redemption 2 - revolver Granger

After Arthur passes the “Strange Kindness” mission in the second chapter, he opens up access to double-action revolvers. It is necessary to immediately make a reservation, this gun is completely useless in a shootout at long distances. It also deals a bit of damage. Such revolvers are only suitable for close combat, as they have a high rate of fire, but this figure was pumped to the detriment of accuracy. The Double-Action model can be purchased from a merchant after successfully completing a mission. If you spend on such an acquisition is not hunting, then you can wait for the third chapter and pick up weapons for free from Sean just before the robbery.

Double action revolvers are a great choice for melee

In the fourth chapter for the walkthrough of the side mission "Dukes and other animals" Arthur can get Algernon's revolver.

Alghernon revolver in the game Red dead redemption 2

After the epilogue of the second chapter, Arthur has the opportunity to return to the top of Mount Hagen and pick up Mika's revolver from the stiffened corpse of the owner. The harsh laws of the Wild West do not tolerate sissies who disdain to search the corpse for the presence of useful things in the economy.

In the second chapter, Arthur has a great opportunity to get a Smith-Wesson revolver. It also has a similar drawback, like the cattle-breeder's revolver - it has to be recharged for a long time each time after the shot, that is, it’s better not to stutter about the shooting speed. However, this model does more damage than Arthur’s first weapon. It can be obtained in two ways: for money after completing the mission, "Whether the blessed are blessed," or for free during the robbery of the unfortunate doctor in a place called Valentine (one of the side missions).

Calloway's revolver can and should be taken away from its dead owner, whom Arthur must win in an honest duel during the mission of the “Most Noble Men and Woman” mission. If you do not pocket it immediately after the victory, then you can say goodbye to this model forever. And last, but not on the technical characteristics in this list - Otis Miller's revolver. He will get to Arthur after he completes the treasure hunt with the triumphal discovery of the chest in the town of Cholla Springs.

Calloway revolver in Red Dead redemption 2


Pistols are a good alternative to revolvers. You can shoot out of them much faster, because the weapon does not require reloading after each shot, but they have a significant drawback - they cause less damage than the good old revolvers. In principle, this is simply a more modern weapon, which is more convenient and familiar to use. As soon as the first pistols become available, most players put the revolver on the shelf, to the great disappointment of Jesse James and Wild Bill. If you really took to playing cowboy, then stay with him until the very end. And to do that is really more far-sighted: the best models of firearms appear late in the game, therefore it is more efficient to pass most of the missions with revolvers.

The automatic multi-shot pistol of the Wesson system (Vulcanic) becomes the first available weapon in this category. He is at the very beginning sold from any gunsmith. Vulcanic is certainly better than a herdsman's revolver, but its rate of fire is also not up to par. Even in real life, he was released in a limited series and did not find much love among buyers. In the game, this weapon can be called "episodic": bought, used, forgotten.

Wesson System Pistol (Volcanic) - Red dead redemption 2

In the fourth chapter, Arthur has the opportunity to purchase a semi-automatic pistol from gunsmiths, either in Valentine or in Saint-Denis. Although the model seems unremarkable, its shooting speed is impressive. The eight-charger is considered to be one of the best in this category.

Eight semi-automatic charging pistol RDR 2

All the same gunsmiths in the fifth chapter, you can buy a Mauser. The gun differs from the semi-automatic by a lower firing speed, but it allows you to shoot more accurately. In the shop Mauser two bullets more, which is another plus in the treasury of its merits. Simply put, Arthur will have to choose what is more important to him: speed or accuracy.

Mauser Pistol in Red Dead Redemption 2

For completing one of Arrow’s assignments, you can get a Midnight pistol by removing it from the cold corpse of the defeated owner.

Midnight Pistol in RDR 2 game

Shop rifles

This type of weapon is located somewhere in the middle between rifles and revolvers. They are inferior to the first in the rate of fire, damage, accuracy and firing range, but significantly superior to the second in the same characteristics. Store rifles will be a great help for a cowboy during a fight with a crowd of belligerent opponents at a short distance.

The first in the game appears karabinerna rifle. This is a basic weapon that is already available in the first chapter and is sold to every gunsmith. In comparison with the revolver, the gun is certainly not bad, but after Arthur tests the Lancaster rifle in the case, this simple model will no longer want to come back. After the walkthrough of the mission "American Pastoral" in the second chapter, all the gunsmiths appear that Lancaster rifle. You will have to get used to it, since most of the game this weapon will accompany Arthur in his adventures. High accuracy, good damage, a 14-charge magazine is a good weapon that will come in handy more than once and will save life more than once.

Rifle (magazine rifle)

And the last in this category is the Litchfield rifle. It becomes available after passing the quest "Goodbye, dear friend" in the sixth chapter. Weapons appear rather late, so many players still do not have time to evaluate all its advantages. Compared to the Lancaster, Litchfield's accuracy and reload rate is lame, but it does more damage and has 16 rounds in its store.

Litchfield Rifle - Red Rifle Redemption 2


They can rightly be called universal weapons, as rifles are suitable for shooting with opponents, and for hunting animals. Weapons can be used for firing at both short and long distances.

In the first chapter of any gunsmith can buy Varmint. This is the best weapon for hunting even the smallest animals. Bullets leave neat holes and do not spoil the skin. Even a rabbit can be riddled, and still the carcass will suffer little. It is better not to go out against a man with Varmint.

Warmint rifle - the best weapon for hunting small animals

The Springfield rifle is also available for purchase from the very beginning of the game. It inflicts a lot of damage, but after each shot it needs to be reloaded, since the rifle of the same name with a shutter without a magazine has become the prototype of the game weapon. In fact, not much different from the usual revolver. It is worth buying it, if only for the sake of interest, in order to play around with a new little useful toy.

Springfield rifle - deals great damage, but low rate of fire

And finally, the third on this list is a bolt rifle (Action Rifle) with a sliding bolt. The ideal weapon for shooting at medium distances. Everything is perfect in it: damage, accuracy, reload speed, range. Appears in all gunsmiths after completing one of the quests in the third chapter. In reality, the bolt rifle was created in order to replace the Springfield rifle, but the modification attempt was unsuccessful, since dirt was regularly blocked in the side bolt in field conditions. This created difficulties during the shooting, and in war, as you know, seconds of delay can cost a soldier his life. In the game, this lack of weapons does not have.

Bolt Rifle (Action Rifle) with Sliding Gate


This type of weapon has a destructive power, causes great damage, but its accuracy suffers, so it is better to use it for shootings at short distances. The best marksmen use weapons of this class when hunting for large animals. This only makes sense when the vital organs on the body of the prey are highlighted in red (available after reaching 4 lvl "Dead eye"). Then you can try your luck with a shotgun.

The first in the game appears bleed. It is already available in the first chapter, every gunsmith has one. The main advantage of the weapon is that it can be used as an auxiliary one. Cutting is only suitable for shooting almost point-blank, if the enemy or predator on the hunt came too close. For long distances, the gun is a little more useful than a log in the hands: you can only throw it at the enemy and play on the effect of surprise to carry off the legs, while it is still relatively intact.

Breeze for shooting at short distances

Next Arthur can buy a double-barreled shotgun. It also opens in the first chapter. Ideal for shooting in closed spaces. A rare shotgun goes to Arthur for free, complete with his master, nicknamed the Hermit, whom the player will find during one of the missions just north of the town of Annesburg. The character is wild, does not contact with people and lives in his own hut. In all the oncoming starts firing without warning, so be careful.

After completing the quest "Let the oil spill" in the second chapter in the gun shops will appear pump-action shotgun. A good weapon for shooting at close distances. Suitable for hunting and shooting. Many players on it and stop, which is the best recommendation for weapons. After each shot needs reloading, but the rate of fire keeps a good one.

Pump shotgun ideal for hunting and shootouts

In the fourth chapter, a semi-automatic shotgun will appear on sale from gunsmiths. In comparison with the pump model, the rate of fire is higher, but accuracy suffers. Is it worth it to spend money on it - an open question. And the last to open multiplayer shotgun in the sixth chapter. The weapon is not much different from the pump-action shotgun, the truth is six rounds, not five.

Semi-automatic shotgun - characterized by increased rate of fire

Sniper rifles

They have high accuracy of shooting, ideal for hunting large predators, which can not be approached closely, and for killing opponents in shootouts at not long distances. Slow shooting speed is completely lost on the background of the merits: accuracy and high stopping power. Sniper rifles are used only with a telescopic sight. In the second chapter, after completing the quest "Let the oil spill," a rifle with a crane bolt (Rolling-Block) appears at the gunsmiths along with the pump-action shotgun. High damage and accuracy make this weapon one of the best for long range shooting.

Sniper rifle with crane shutter (Rolling-Block)

After completing the Magic for Sport mission in the third chapter, a rare rifle with a crane bolt can be removed from a dead sniper. If you do not pick it up after the exchange of fire, you will not be able to get this weapon anymore. Finally, the last weapon in this list and in this guide is the Carcano rifle. Appears at gunsmiths after completing the quest "Goodbye, Dear Friend" only in the sixth chapter. Unfortunately, there is too little time left to enjoy this truly magnificent piece of weapons art. Compared to its predecessor, it has a higher reload rate, which makes this weapon an ideal option for firing at long distances.

Carcano rifle has a high rate of fire and recharge