Red Dead Redemption 2 - Animals | Habitat map


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a prequel to the cult game, which already in the second week after the release broke several sales records and won approval from critics. The hunt for animals in the game is entertainment for real cowboys, but the prey still needs to be found and tracked down, which is not so easy in the spacious game world.

The developers of Red Dead Redemption 2 tried to bring the game world as close as possible to the present, so this or that species lives only in certain conditions that are natural to it. Far from the lake you will not find a crocodile, and sparrows are distributed almost throughout the region.

The activity of animals changes depending on the time of day: at daytime with the onset of darkness it decreases, and at night the contrary wakes up. Of course, Arthur must sensibly evaluate his strength. At the very beginning you should not attack large predators, but you can safely hunt for a herd of fearful deer. After pumping, Arthur will have the opportunity to exhaust even such dangerous animals as bears, for which they give quite decent money.

The hunt for legendary animals is a separate topic, which will also be covered further. We present to your attention a guide on animals in Red dead redemption 2.

How to find a specific Animal view

Each species has its own habitat, as in this wild nature. For some, it is extensive, dispersed and occupies most of the map, others huddle in tiny areas. In order to track down a specific prey, you will have to go to the habitat of the population, where the chance to meet it sharply increases.

Below are screenshots of a map with habitats marked on them for individual species. Under the cards contains information about the cost. The price is basic, that is, it may vary depending on the quality of the goods. Old shabby deer is valued lower than its fattened brother in his prime.

Bison, wild boars, blue jays, bears, grizzlies.

RDR 2 - animals location

Bats, badgers, alligators, armadillos.

Bats, Badgers, Alligators, Armadillos - RDR 2

Olushi, buffaloes, goats, frogs, hens, cardinals.

Olushi, buffalo, goats, frogs, hens, cardinal - RDR 2

Cows, coyotes, cougars, chipmunks, cormorants, condors.

Cows, coyotes, cougars, chipmunks, cormorants, condors - RDR2

Woodpeckers, wolves, vultures, waxwings, turtles, turkeys.

Woodpeckers, wolves, vultures, waxwings, turtles, turkeys - RDR 2

Songbirds, spoonbills, sparrows, snakes, toads, squirrels.

Rdr 2 Animals - Songbirds, spoonbills, sparrows, snakes, toads, squirrels.

Roosters, thrushes, sheep, ravens, skunks, rats.

RDR 2 animals location - Roosters, thrushes, sheep, ravens, skunks, rats

Rabbits, rams, quails, raccoons, forklongs, pigeons.

RDR 2 animals location - Rabbits, sheep, quails, raccoons, forklongs, pigeons

Deer, eagles, crows, crabs, cranes, ducks.

RDR 2 animals location - Deer, eagles, crows, crabs, cranes, ducks

Orioles, panthers, owls, oxen, muskrats, opossums.

RDR 2 animals location - Orioles, Panthers, Owls, Oxen, Muskrats, Opossums

Pheasants, pigs, bakers, pelicans, parrots, parakeets.

RDR 2 animals location - Pheasants, pigs, bakers, pelicans, parrots, parakeets

Barnacles, herons, moose, foxes, goats, geese.

RDR 2 animals location - Resins, herons, moose, foxes, goats, geese

Hawks, iguanas, gulls, herons, loons, moose.

RDR 2 animals location - Hawks, iguanas, gulls, herons, loons, moose

All legendary animals

The game has only 15 legendary animals. They can be classified into two groups: carnivores or predators and herbivores. The first includes wolf, fox, coyote, cougar, grizzly bear, alligator. Beaver, Viloroga, Great Horned Sheep, Tatanka bison, goat, hog and elk are considered herbivores.

In a sense, they are the best representatives of their own species. Outwardly, they are no different from their brethren, but they have a large amount of health and strength, so for example, killing a legendary forklift requires more power than killing an ordinary one. Legendary animals in the game are found only in one instance. If Arthur killed the legendary puma, then there is no need to look for the same. This fact must be taken into account during the collection of loot, the second chance in the game will not be presented.

A successful hunt for legendary animals will help you get the achievement "Zoologist" and "To the bone." A map with an approximate location of the habitat of the legendary representatives of thirteen species will fall into the hands of Arthur at the beginning of the game, after completing the quest of Jose - the search for the legendary bear. On the map there is only legendary wapiti and deer. By the way, if a rare instance is nearby, the game itself will warn Arthur of this carefully, that is, you can safely explore the surroundings in the hope of stumbling upon a legendary animal by accident. The map allows targeted hunting, which increases the chance of getting loot. Below is a screenshot of the map itself and the marks in those places where legendary species live:

Map of legendary animals in RDR 2

Animal world

Nature in Red Dead redemption 2 is diverse, there are about 200 species of animals and birds. The game has alligators, bears, wolves, sheep, chickens, bats, ferrets, frogs, snakes, eagles, crows, rats, sheep, skunks, and even crabs. The real world of wildlife, as in reality. Each animal has its own characteristic habits. For example, cougars are agile and dangerous predators. They can immediately attack the gaping Arthur at the most inopportune moment. Deer gather in flocks and at the slightest sign of danger they start running. Wolves also live and hunt in groups. If Arthur is surrounded by a wolf pack, he will experience all the delights of the position of the hunted prey: animals will begin their game with the victim, taking advantage of numerical superiority. Alligators are incredibly dangerous predators who possess a talent for disguise. They hide on the sandbanks and can wait for their prey for hours, pretending to be a log. At first glance, bears can be easy prey, because the target is so large, but they have a large supply of health and strength, so it’s not easy to kill a forest giant.

The habits of all the animals in the game are based on the habits of their real prototypes. If Arthur shows carelessness and pretends to be himself while hunting, it’s not a fact that the prey will start running, flashing its paws. Some non-scared specimens may even come closer out of sheer curiosity, alerting the ears. If Arthur did not kill the prey from the first shot, he is faced with a choice: to finish off or condemn to suffering. Dead animals can be used as bait for large predators in the best hunting traditions, and the remains are suitable for scavengers who do not disdain breakfast with a taint.

In addition to the pleasure of the hunting process, Arthur also receives a material reward, pumping skill, food, components for talismans. Pelt, meat and even bones of prey can be sold. To find out the cost, simply look at the animal through binoculars. Arthur will immediately see the quality of the instance, which will be displayed in the number of asterisks (three maximum).

It is better not to spoil the skins, so the best way to finish off the victim is an accurate shot to the head. A lot of shot holes reduce the amount of meat that can be obtained from an animal. The mechanics of the hunting process are as close to real conditions as possible. What it will be: successful or failure, depends on many factors. First of all, it is the preparation and skill of Arthur. It is necessary to choose the right equipment, track down the animal, carefully get close to it at a distance of a shot. If Arthur comes to the mining not on the leeward side, then he will smell it and may slip away. Particular attention should be paid to weapons. With a shotgun it is good to hunt large animals, and a rabbit a shot will tear on rags and Arthur as a result will remain empty-handed. For small animals, ordinary arrows are used, for medium ones, poisonous arrows or firearms are used, in large ones you can only be killed with the help of improved poisonous arrows or machine guns, rifles. The top of the hunter's skill is a clean shot of exactly the vital organ.

The carcass can be passed into the hands of Pearson, who will prepare a delicious dinner for the whole gang, or eat alone at the fire to recuperate. Each type of meat is prepared according to a specific recipe. Parts of the bodies of animals go to the creation of souvenirs, if Arthur has no desire to load the horse and drag the carcass to the butcher entirely. Feathers of birds are used to create special arrows, fat is a component of gunpowder, skins are used to make equipment, and skinning of carcasses pumps hunter's skill. By the way, when creating talismans, parts of some animals are also used, so hunting in Red dead redemption 2 is a very useful thing in every sense of the word. Rare animals in butchers are highly valued, so you can cut a good sum at the deal.