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What could be a cowboy without a hat? In Red Dead Redemption 2, almost all the characters wear this headdress and almost all lose them during skirmishes and chases. This is the reality of gangster life. If you buy a new hat after each disassembly, then you will not get enough money on them. The loss of a hat for a player is certainly not critical, but it can be frustrating especially if he has spent a lot of money or time to get it.The game protects Morgan from extra cash costs. The hat can be easily returned; for this purpose, the player has as many as three ways, which we will discuss further. And you will find out what unique hats are in the game and where to look for them.

Full Guide to the hats in the game RDR 2

How to return a lost Hat

Most often, Morgan loses his headgear during shootings and chases. The easiest way to regain lost is to go to the object and pick it up, putting it on your head again. Unfortunately, the situation does not always allow you to do it calmly, especially when it comes to a confrontation with numerous opponents. Here it is far more important not to lose a life than a hat. If you go back to the place where Morgan allegedly lost his hat, and she was not there, then you should not despair. The headdress had disappeared, but he was not going anywhere from the inventory of Morgan. By the way, using this method you can choose not only your own, but also someone else's headdress, which you like. It will be stored in the wardrobe in the "Hats" menu in the "Found" section, and the stolen items will go to the "Stolen" section.

How to return a lost hat in the game RDR 2

The second option is the least popular. The hat can be picked up from your own wardrobe, which is located in the Datca Van der Linde gangster camp. You can get into it not only through the camp. Morgan opens access to the wardrobe in any hotel in the gaming world, you just need to rent a room.

How to return the hat through the camp wardrobe

In order not to mess around with the camp wardrobe every time, the hat must be moved to the inventory of saddle bags in advance, then it will be easier to pull it out. To return the item in the third way you need to climb a horse. Hat by default will be stored in saddle bags. To extract it from there, you need to go into inventory, being in the saddle.

Rare hats: where to look for them

There are unique Items in Red Dead Redemption 2. They can be found only once in specific places. Searches for rare gizmos are required for those who want to complete the game at 100%. Among them are unique hats. Perhaps the most extravagant hat can be called a three-cornered hat that once belonged to a pirate. Getting it is not so easy. To get to the place where the object is hidden, you need a boat. This will have to get hold of $ 360 for the acquisition of the ship. The option to go surfing is not even considered. No matter how hardy Morgan was, even to him such a distance cannot be overcome. To search for a pirate headdress you need to go to the lake Flat Iron Lake. It is conveniently located between the cities of Roads and Blackwater. The player needs an island that is closer to the shore with a Roads location.

Triangular hat in RDR 2

Location Triangular hat - RDR 2

After arriving on the island, the player needs to move to its north shore. Here there is an old, half-ruined ship of pirates. The three-cornered hat should be sought inside the dead ship. For the kit to it, you also need to find a broken pirate sword, but it is hidden on another island, which is just south of Saint Denis.

The rare hat of the civil war is in Fort Brennan

A rare hat from the Civil War can be found in Fort Brennan. It is located almost on the border of Lemoyn and Hanover locations.

A lot of tracks lead to the fort, so the player can go any way they like. Inside you will be met by emptiness and ruin, but near one building with a half-destroyed roof Morgan will find embers from the fire. This is the identification mark. So the required is stored in this house. The player needs to go inside, go down the stairs to the basement and find his hat in it. She will lie in the corner, but do not rush back. In addition to the hat, a unique knife from the time of the Civil War is also kept in the basement, so it should also be grabbed. The item will lie on the pile of boxes.

Perhaps the hardest thing to find a Nevada hat. This item is safely hidden in a rock behind a waterfall, north of Window Rock and west of Cottora Springs. The main guideline for the player will serve as the intersection of the railway and the river Whinyard Strait. From the stone slab on which the hat rests, the railway is perfectly visible.

Hat Nevada - the rarest hat in the game

The location of the Nevada Hat - RDR 2

The Viking Helmet is another unique headgear, which, however, Arthur is unlikely to wear. The collection item is included in a rare set, along with an ax and a crest. They are all hidden in the “Old Tomb”, which is located north of Annesburg.

In addition to the unique headgear in the game, there is a rather large assortment of hats, in which Arthur will surely find what he likes. Outfits can be changed at least every day, if the player so wants to dress up Morgan. Bowlers, caps, worn caps, hats of planters, military intelligence officers, cylinders, felt hats.

Already used cap instead of a hat for Morgan

Bowlers, hats planters for Arthur in the game RDR 2

How to choose and wear another hat

The player can pick up a matching costume for Morgan's headdress and make his cowboy unique. The most favorite outfit should be kept in the horse's inventory, so that if something happens, it can be easily returned.