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Imagine the Wild West without guns, gangsters and hot-tempered cowboys is almost impossible. With the help of weapons, most conflicts are really solved here. No man, no problem. Going on a hunt without a weapon is also a pretty stupid idea. Some traps with bait and cunning traps will not be full. What should a person do if he shoots badly? Learn to aim better and train accuracy. This advice is good for real life, and in Red Dead Redemption 2, bad shooters have a unique chance to save their skin or get a tasty lunch from a smartly-made victim. This chance is called the "Dead Eye".

Red Dead Redemption 2 - Dead eye

The ability that Morgan has by default. Its effectiveness will grow with the character as the story progresses. It is difficult to do without the "Dead Eye" when hunting for nimble and dangerous animals, during duels and gang fights, when the enemy crushes with quantity. The game has five levels of ability that will open upon completion of certain missions. At first, "Dead eye" will simply be a good help in the shootings, and after that it will be difficult to manage without him during the hunt for large predators or legendary animals. In the guide, we will analyze this ability from beginning to end.

The story of - Dead Eye

In fact, this is just a mode of slowing down time for a few seconds, which is enough for a player to aim at a better target. It can be used both automatically and manually. Which mode is available to Morgan depends on the level of ability.

History skill - Dead eyes

"Dead eye" - a skill with a long history. This feature of game mechanics debuted in the game Red Dead Revolver, which was presented by Rockstar Games back in 2005. The first game in the Red Dead line, in which even the main antagonist could use this ability.

In Red Dead Redemption, which is the sequel to Red Dead Redemption 2, the Dead Eye has changed. The ability appeared levels that could be obtained as the walkthrough of the plot. At each new level, the skill became better and certain bonuses were added to it. Red Dead Redemption 2 "Dead eye" was inherited in the same form in which it was used in the previous game of the series. To activate the ability, you need to first select the victim, and then click on R3 / RS, depending on the console. Now you can safely aim and shoot. To release a couple of bullets, you need to press R2 / RT. The "Dead eye" is consumed, so you should not use it without any particular need. In another situation, when this skill will really be vital for Morgan, his scale may be empty.

Appearance Dead Eye in RDR2

Upgrade - Dead eye

A Dead eye, health and stamina - these are three indicators that the player must upgrade. Morgan has no level gradation, that is, the main character can not be pumped, but he can and should become stronger, stronger and more accurate. Each of these characteristics has its own separate scale of experience. The scale of the "Dead eye", the capacity of which can be increased, is next to the mini-map, highlighted in red. To go the game at 100%, you need to pump all three characteristics to the maximum. You can undertake the implementation of missions and not disdain even side quests, but this is not enough. There are also tests in the game, which after passing give certain bonuses. Here they are, and it is worth doing in their free time from the shootings and gang affairs. To upgrade the "Dead Eye" you need to focus on the trials from the categories of "Bandit", "Gambler" and "Apt shooter". We have already spoken about them in detail in the complete testing guide. Performing each individual task can bring Morgan 20-150 experience points to the ability depending on the difficulty of the task. After Arthur "closes" all three categories of tests, he will get a total of 1425 points.

Upgrade skills (Dead eye) in the game RDR 2

Bleed "Dead eye" the hardest. If for health and stamina, it is good enough to feed Morgan and regularly expose him to physical stress (rowing, jumps, swimming), then for the Apt eye you need to hunt, shoot, craft items and even cook food:

  • For pumping items, Morgan will receive a +1 point of experience for the "Dead Eye" ability.
  • For each cooked dish the scale will also increase by 1 point.
  • For an exact headshot from a short distance (up to 50 m) you can take from 1 to 5 experience points depending on the distance between the shooter and the victim.
  • For skinning carcasses of dead animals give at least 1 experience point, but you can get up to 10 points depending on the size of the prey. For a rabbit, for example, more than 1 point is unlikely to be obtained, but a bear or a deer will bring great progress.

Another good help will be the tincture of valerian root, which temporarily increases the amount of experience gained. Finished tonic can be found if you move to the northeast of Dewberry Creek. There, the player will find an old, burnt shack, from which only the skeleton and walls, breathing its last, remained. If you go down to the basement and carefully examine it, then in addition to the 50 dollars hidden away on a rainy day and a cigarette card, you can also find ready-made tincture from valerian root. We should not forget about such useful things as talismans and amulets. To use the "Dead eye" player will be useful mascot from the tooth of an alligator, amulets from the eyes of the legendary panther and owl feathers. In order to pump the "Dead Eye" faster you need to make an amulet from the fang of the legendary coyote An item of as much as 10% will increase the bonus to experience ability. To pump it, having such a thing in your inventory, will be much easier.

Improvements (Dead eyes) with a talisman

Dead Eye - Levels

In total, Red Dead Redemption 2 has five levels of "Dead Eye":

  • The first level of skill allows you to simply slow down time. Access to the ability of the player receives after completing the quest "Old Friends" at the very beginning of the game. Morgan wins precious seconds that could cost him his life. Time slows down, and the target is marked with crosses in automatic mode. After the shooting points are set, the player will only have to click on the fire button (R2 / RT) and exit the Dead Eye mode. Shooting will begin, and opponents will be defeated. Accuracy at this level leaves much to be desired. Automation is more likely to interfere than it helps the player, so it can be called a "good" with a big stretch.
  • The second level gives a bit more options. It opens in the second chapter immediately after Arthur completes the mission "Let the oil spill." Now you can manually mark for aiming on one or several targets. This allows you to improve the accuracy of shooting. To set labels yourself, you need to press R1.
  • The third level makes it possible to remain in the "Dead Eye" mode even after the shots are thundered, but otherwise there are no differences with the second level. This feature allows you to finish off still living opponents who went unnoticed at the very beginning of the shootout.
  • The third level becomes available in the fourth chapter after the completion of the mission "Banking, old art".
  • The fourth level is opened after completing the quest "Fleeting joy" in the fifth chapter. Now in the "Dead Eye" mode, the vulnerable points on the opponent's body - the head and the heart - are highlighted. This improvement is useful to Morgan on the hunt. With the ability, you can now quickly kill large predators with one shot, and after skinning to get the highest quality skins.
  • The fifth level differs from the fourth only in that now not only the heart and head are illuminated, but also the lungs and the stomach. This will also be useful for hunting, especially if Arthur is going to go on a large legendary beast. A shot or a boar in a lung will certainly not kill a bear or boar, but a seriously injured beast will lose speed, which will allow the character to hunt him down / catch up / finish him faster. The level will open immediately after completing the “Farewell, dear friend” mission in the sixth chapter. Full Guide to legendary animals​

Interestingly, some players are mistaken about the number of tags, supposedly, you can bet as much as you want, and then shoot them all in a heap. In fact, it is not. You can put exactly as many tags as there are rounds in the possession of Morgan. As mentioned above, the ability to deplete as you use. The player can restore it. To do this quickly, Morgan needs to use either a miracle tonic or chewing tobacco, which have a "healing" effect on his body and abilities. Tobacco is always better to have with you. It is sold to merchants, but more often it can be found in the pockets of corpses, since almost all the bandits carry this “treat” with them.

Dead Eye - Levels DRD 2

This way to everything else is also free. In addition, the character can be sent to sleep or shoot as many opponents as possible in normal mode, the scale will be gradually restored. Some players consider there is a transition from automation to manual mode not as progress, but as degradation. In fact, the developers are all very carefully thought out. In the automatic mode (especially when there are many targets), the consumption of ammunition increases, and the accuracy of shots is lame. As we remember, in the game cartridges, although considered to be consumables, but not lying on the expensive. Ammunition Arthur has to get, including rummaging the bodies of enemies.

Pros and cons of using skills (dead eye)

Manual mode allows saving cartridges, which is useful for Morgan, because the player chooses targets himself and can mark the most vulnerable points on the bodies of enemies and animals, that is, he has the opportunity to kill with one shot. In addition, the manual mode allows you to use the ability more efficiently, since by accuracy Arthur wins over automation, which mainly distributes shots to opponents' limbs.

"Dead eye" allows you to instantly reload a weapon. This is a small gaming trick. If a player needs to shoot urgently, and there is no time to recharge, then simply activate the ability. He will have a full clip.