RDR2 Survivalist Challenge Guide


Tests in Red Dead Redemption 2 are optional tasks that are still worth doing as you progress through the game. Unlike missions that push the plot forward, the course of events is not affected by the test. They are given to the player gradually: as the previous ones are done, the following will appear. Some of them are easy to perform, moreover, the execution of tasks will occur by itself, since it is also part of the gameplay, and for others it will be necessary to sweat well.

Tests in the game - Red Dead Redemption 2

Challenges are another way to diversify the gameplay and a great gift for those who love to collect achievements. After passing the player will receive not only a sense of inner satisfaction, but also valuable rewards. There are more than 90 tests. They are classified into nine categories. After the gamer collects all the achievements in one of them, he will receive a valuable prize. When all the tests from all categories are completed, Arthur will have access to the unique Wild West costume - clothing that gives excellent performance bonuses, although many do not really like his design. Real cowboys paid attention to the quality of clothing, and not to its appearance.

Maybe the suit is sitting badly, but it gives a lot of bonuses: it increases the number of knocked out exp, reduces the depletion rate of the ability Dead eye and health, the damage that the character receives while riding and in melee. Tests can be performed at any convenient time: combined with the passage of missions or select a separate evening specifically for a specific achievement. Introducing the full test guide in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Professional thug

Test professional gangster in the game RDR 2

Since Arthur chose this slippery track, he would have to comply. To prove to everyone what a great thug he is, Morgan will need to perform a series of actions:

  • Detain five townspeople. The building is simple and can be completed at any time.
  • Rob two whole carriages and drag them to the nearest buyer of stolen goods. In addition to performing the test, the player also stuffed his wallet.
  • Increase the reward for your own head to $ 250, that is, to commit a series of atrocities, thanks to which Morgan is considered more dangerous than before.
  • Clean out cash registers in four different stores, in one day. It is necessary to choose a "fatter" town, where there are enough trade shops, since it is undesirable to rob shops that stand right next to each other, this increases the risk of being caught by lawyers.
  • Recall the gypsy youth and engage in horse-riding. It is necessary to take 5 horses away and hand them over to the buyer, who lives and conducts his illegal activities in the town of Klemens Cove.
  • Catch, tie and leave any character on the railroad three times.
  • Rob 5 trains. At the same time, it is important that Morgan never once died during a shootout and not be caught by representatives of the law, who, as you know, arrive at the crime scene very quickly. Otherwise, the attempt will not be counted in the test.
  • Go to the Emerald Ranch neighborhood where you need to find seven carts to steal. The loot must be handed over to the buyer living on the ranch. You can take the wagons to any other point on the map, but then they will have to be dragged to a particular buyer, which is not very convenient.
  • To engage in petty theft: clean the pockets of passersby trembling at gunpoint. In this way, you need to collect an amount of $ 50.

If a player performs all these tasks, then he definitely deserves the title of honorary bandit. Interestingly, most of the tests do not even require targeted execution. For example, the same robbery of passers-by in any case will be performed gradually every time Morgan turns out to be aground.

The title of honorary bandit after completing all the tasks

Avid hunter

Survivalist Challenge - Inveterate Hunter

Hunting is an alternative way to earn money for Arthur, who also brings a lot of pleasure. To show that Morgan has become a real "man of the forest", you need to complete the following tasks:

  • Carefully shoot the three rabbits (not from a shotgun of course) and after lighting get three beautiful skins that are not tainted by bullet holes.
  • Skinned three deer.To become a man of the forest, one of the tasks is to refresh three deers
  • Use binoculars to hunt down 10 different animals.
  • Skinned three grizzly or black bears.
  • Attract the attention of a curious animal and commit a "clean" death as much as five times.
  • Using a bait, lure a herbivore (at least the same deer) and a predator, and then kill the prey.
  • Track down and finish off the Legendary Panther. About where you can find legendary animals can explore: Legendary animals - Red dead redemption 2: habitats.
  • Catch one of a pair of playing possums.
  • To catch three fish, but without using a fishing rod.
  • Kill with arrows five cougars and skin them, getting skins of first-class quality.

After all the Challenges Arthur will not be afraid of the legendary animals.

After passing all the tests, Arthur will not be afraid of any Legendary Grizzly or Alligator. These quests can be done in batches during their travels. It is enough to allocate an evening or a couple of days for several missions and calmly tackle their methodical passage.

Inquisitive researcher

Inquisitive researcher

Morgan in search of treasure - the main entertainment gangster

In this category "only" two tests, but what! Morgan needs to find a treasure map that he will perform in any case, because the hunt for gold bullion is one of the main attractions of the gangster’s gambling nature. To perform the second task will have to spend a lot of playing time, because Arthur will have to collect 9 treasures. The road to each of them will be difficult and will take place in several stages, so there is no sense to rush things. This test cannot be completed at the beginning or even in the middle of a game.

Arthur needs to collect 9 treasures, the road to each of them is very difficult.

The road to every treasure is difficult and consists of several stages.

Wild West Survivor

Wild West Survivor - Artur Challenges

Morgan, as you know, often has to live in the wild, so he must have excellent survival skills: the ability to fish, hunt animals and make weapons from improvised means. To obtain the status of an experienced survivor, you must pass the following tests:

  • Go fishing where you need to catch three instances of blue-jigger sunflower (this is just an exotic name for one of the local fish species).
  • Buy a Varming rifle and shoot five different animals with it.
  • Tame five different animals. You can use traps to catch them.
  • Hunt down and kill five scavengers. To catch them off guard, you need a bait in the form of a dead carcass of another animal. It is desirable that she lay down for at least a day, so that the smell emitted was stronger.
  • Go to the river Bayou and catch fish there. There is nothing difficult in the task, but there is a small reservation: the fish must be caught either from the ship or standing on the railway tracks, so it's time to pack the fishing rods.
  • Make five types of arrows: small, poisonous, dynamite, fiery and improved.
  • To make three original weapons: the Molotov cocktail, the homing tomahawk, explosive dynamite.
  • Catch and catch a fish weighing at least 19 pounds.
  • Kill eight small animals with arrows or successive shots.
  • Try to catch the fish of the same species in all the waters of the game world.

To catch the fish of the same species in all the waters of the game world

The last quest of course you need to constantly keep in mind and perform it consistently during their travels, since the game world is big enough and to run around it with a fishing rod at the ready for a couple of days will not work.

Bandit can not do without a doctor

Bandit can not do without a doctor

It is now medicine has jumped above the head and instead of a decoction of medicinal herbs, patients are stuffed with medicines and weighed apparatus suckers. During Arthur's wanderings across the expanses of the Wild West, he will repeatedly have to prepare a potion or dine with pretty mushrooms that grow on a fallen stump. The forests are full of pasture and natural medicines, but if a person does not understand them, then he will rather die than be cured or satiated. Morgan manifests itself as an excellent herbalist. This can be considered a legacy of his childhood, when the boy did not sit diligently at home, but studied the world around him under the strict guidance of Datca. To prove that a great herbalist came out of Morgan, you need to pass the following tests:

  • Collect as many as 11 herbs in order to season the meat dish with them. Black pepper and paprika in hermetic bags at that time were not sold in every shop, so the taste of the dishes was made more savory with the help of herbs that grow nearby: wild mint, oregano, red sage, creeping thyme, vanilla. This list is advisory, not mandatory. Herbs can be gathered at your discretion, so long as they are good for food and can really be seasoned, and not poison the dish.
  • Find and use oleander to create six poisonous guns. As you know, the plant is very toxic, due to the high content of cornerin and oleandrin.
  • Collect one grass of each species. You can start this task without much haste, since there are 43 plant species in the game. Each of them has its own habitat. They are scattered throughout the map, so quickly pass the test, alas, will not work with all the desire. It must be kept in memory and periodically checked with a list of already collected herbs, so as not to miss those that have not yet been found.
  • To pick up and eat 4 types of spicy berries.
  • Make 7 items from sage and other components.
  • To show the talents of an avid mushroom picker: collect five mushrooms and feed their horses. Why horses and not to yourself? Perhaps this is a fungus test for poisonousness from the game's developers.
  • Collect a collection of 15 types of herbs.
  • Make 9 items, in the composition of which there is an Indian tobacco.
  • Independently produce 5 different tonics with a healing effect. There are no special requirements for the ingredients.
  • Find and "destroy" 6 yarrow. This implies six bushes of the same plant, and not six of its subspecies, which are not in the game, but which a player who has misunderstood the task can search in vain.

Search plant for other gang members

By the way, some plants Arthur will have to look for other members of the gang. For example, Hosia once asked for American ginseng for him, Kieran would need burdock root, Javier would have to look for the same oleander, and Suzanna would need two oregano flowers.

The most accurate shooter of the Wild West

The most accurate shooter of the Wild West

Despite the health problems that arise towards the end of the game, Arthur is a born shooter. This will help him special skills. A number of quests will help test your own vision:

  • Launch Dead Eye mode and shoot two different animals at once, without leaving this mode.
  • Trim the wings of three birds in flight.
  • Get on the train, wait for the moment when he sets off, shoot five birds in flight from this platform.
  • Shoot 6 different animals, while not changing and reloading weapons.
  • Tomahawk to fall into any sacrifice, which separates a distance of at least 80 feet.

    Assignment: Tomahawk to get into any victim, which separates a distance of at least 80 feet.

  • Shoot someone's head seven times in a row, that is, alternately firing seven bullets at one point.
  • Buy a long-range gun and shoot the victim with it. The distance to it should not be less than 600 feet.
  • Turn on Dead Eye mode and shoot hats to three people without entering from it.
  • Without reloading or changing weapons, disarm three opponents.
  • Purchase a long-range rifle with a sight and shoot three birds in flight, firing bullets consistently.

The most difficult for any shooter is hit in a moving target, so the player will have to try not to miss the mark on the birds, but this experience will help to get out alive from numerous skirmishes.

The most difficult for any shooter is hit in a moving target.

Cards, Money and Excitement

Cards, money and excitement in the game RDR 2

Another popular entertainment in the Wild West is gambling. This is not only a way to have a great evening, but also to earn extra money. Arthur will find rivals for himself both in ordinary saloons and in the parking of his own gang. In the first case, if you lose, you can even shoot your opponent and select honestly won by force. In your own gang, of course, it’s not worth it. In the game world, you can try your talent in blackjack, poker, dominoes and five-finger fillet. Only the last type is considered traumatic, where a player’s hand and a knife are used. To become the best gambler, you must pass a long list of tests:

To be the best gambler, you need to go through a long list of challenges.

  • During the game of blackjack, double and win five hands at once.
  • Win three fillet wins.
  • Win five hands in poker.
  • To win in three rounds in dominoes, but not pull the tiles against two or one opponent.
  • Bankrupt the poker places at each location. It is enough to bring to ruin only one in every major city.
  • Visit Strawberry, Van Horn and Valentine. In each of the locations win once in Fillet.
  • In Blackjack, win three hands with three or more hits.
  • Win dominoes three games in a row.
  • Winning poker in a row three times.
  • Visit Van Horn and Rhodes where you need to beat the dealer.

After that, you can safely call yourself a master of gambling and a pet of fortune.

Gambling Master or Fortune s Pet in RDR 2

Experienced Rider

Tests experienced rider in the game Red Dead Redemption 2

The horse is the main vehicle of a cowboy and his loyal comrade. Any gangster in the Wild West must master horse riding. The developers have prepared another list of tests for Morgan, who will now have to prove that he will definitely be able to get on with the horse:

  • Overcome the obstacle in the buckle in just 15 seconds. If the obstacle is too high, and the level of trust between the rider and the horse is too low, then the animal will most likely be frightened and refuse to go further.
  • Shoot 5 rabbits from the saddle.
  • To overcome the distance from Valentine and Rhodes in just 5 minutes.
  • Trample five animals with horse hooves during a race.
  • Successfully throw someone's lasso and drag him along for at least 3,300 feet.

    Throw a lasso on the Mustang to travel and keep yourself

  • Overcome the distance from Strawberry to Saint-Denis on a horse and spend no more than 9 minutes on it. Contact with water bodies (enter the river) is prohibited, otherwise the task will not be counted.
  • Catch every horse breed and get rich on selling them of course.
  • Shoot 7 enemies without leaving the saddle while doing so.
  • Kill nine predators with the same conditions.
  • Ride from Van Horn to Blackwater and meet in 17 minutes. It is also forbidden to approach reservoirs.

It is forbidden to approach water bodies, because with their help it is possible to shorten the path, and this cannot be done. The game takes into account such a petty scam and nips him in the bud.

The prohibition to approach reservoirs during the passage of the task in the game RDR 2

Weapon Expert

Gun Expert - test for Arthur

Here you will have to show all your skills in dealing with various types of weapons, although the emphasis will be placed on melee weapons. This is not surprising, for the accuracy of Arthur there is another category of tests, but here you will need dexterity and skill. A real weapons expert will have to complete the following missions:

  • Kill three birds of prey using tomahawk.
  • Buy a shotgun, make ammunition for it and shoot 10 opponents with their help.

    Buy a shotgun, make ammunition for it and shoot 10 opponents with their help.

  • Kill three enemies with throwing knives for 10 seconds.
  • Destroy the five enemies in the saddle, while using only 1 throwing knife to kill each one.
  • In one fell swoop with the use of dynamite checkers put four opponents.
  • Destroy three enemies with knives.
  • Destroy four enemies using a single tomahawk. It is assumed that the player will throw it, pull out the dying person or the corpse from the wound and throw it again.
  • Fill up inventory with a long-barreled shotgun and send to the next world with its help 15 people.
  • Take a bow with you and go on a raid on enemies. Kill 9 opponents with this weapon only.
  • Overcome the grizzly bear with throwing knives and without taking damage for themselves.

List of revolvers used in the game Red Dead Redemption 2

The last quest to beginners may seem something fantastic, but throwing knives are a dangerous weapon, and a bear has many vulnerable points that you need to aim at in order to kill it faster.