The Witcher 3: the best silver sword Aerondight


We have already sung a lot of praises about the beauty, thoughtfulness and scale of the Supplement "Blood and Wine", which ended (at least for today) the adventures of the white-haired Witcher Geralt of Rivia.

In addition to the beautiful twisted plot and several endings, as well as the beauty of The Toussaint edge, players have also received new weapons, some of which have migrated to us from the past parts of the game universe.

One of the most striking and popular items was the legendary silver sword "Aerondight", which we will talk about today.

Game history of the sword

In the first part of the game "The Witcher" Geralt receives Aerondight as a gift from the lady of the Lake as a reward for helping to solve the conflict between the water and the peasants.

She accompanied her gift with the following words:

«Take this sword as a sign of my favor. Once the blade of a great warrior, it lay in the depths for ages, awaiting your arrival»

In the second part of "The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings", the advantage and beauty of this silver sword could only be appreciated by Geralt when manually importing saves from the first part.

The most complete disclosure "Aerondight " received in the framework of the DLC "Blood and Wine", where it will require the best human qualities to get it.

How to get a Sword

To get the sword, Geralt must complete the Quest «Test Yourself with the Trials of the Virtues» during which the Witcher must confirm: Honor, Wisdom, Compassion, Generosity and Valor.

It should be understood that the confirmation of these five virtues is possible only if certain decisions are made that will affect not only the quest "Test Yourself with the Trials of the Virtues", but also the course of the entire storyline and the availability or unavailability of additional tasks.

Having confirmed all five virtues, Geralt will have to go to lake selyavi (near Beauclerc), where he will have a fight with the hermit.

It is the victory in this battle that will bring the spook the coveted sword, which will be given to him again by the Lady of the Lake, reminding him that this is the last time the sword returns to Geralt after a loss.

Characteristics of the Sword

The Witcher 3: the best silver sword Aerondight

No wonder many consider Aerondight the best silver sword in the game, because its key features are the generation of a charge that increases the damage of the ball by 10% with a maximum value of 100%.

Damage indicators 560-640 units-weight 2.86.

Charges are spent over time or when taking damage. A fully charged sword always deals critical damage. Killing the enemy with a charged sword drains it at the same time permanently increasing the damage of these weapons.

This sword is also notable for the history of its appearance. The episode itself with the presentation of the sword By the lady of the Lake and the need to confirm the five virtues are direct references to the story (legend) about King Arthur and his sword Excalibur.

Everyone should evaluate the advantages of the Aerondight sword, it is possible (and it is quite likely) that this is the sword that you have been looking for throughout the game.

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