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“The Night of Long” is the plot task of the supplement “Blood and Wine” in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. After the assault, Detlaff disappeared, and the investigation of Geralt is not important. How to get out of this situation? In this quest, we will learn about it.

The assignment has 2 ways of passing - peaceful and forceful, on which the further development of the plot and the ending of the supplement depend. I recommend to make a save before the quest, so that later you can see the other ending or change your decision. But let's move on to the task.

The Night of Long - detailed walkthrough and all endings

A few days after the assault, Geralt and Regis arrive at the princess with a report. They are silent about their activities, but the fact remains that there is no Detlaff, Anna Henrietta will be angry at that. Vicious curses in the direction of the witcher will be interrupted by the guard, who will bring a message that Vampires attacked Beauclair. Lady Syanna did not appear in Tesham Mutna and the missing Detlaff kept his word. As soon as the princess takes herself in hand, Brooks will attack the palace. It is at this point that the “The Night of Long” mission will begin, and the witcher will have to take up the sword.

With the Bruxa, we have already fought, we know that yes how. We support Quen, in order not to get too much damage, put oil on the sword against the vampires, drink Black Blood and, of course, put Irden so that the creature will come out of invisibility. Once the vampire is done, you will need to decide what to do with Detlaff and the mess in the city.

Geralt remembers that Regis once mentioned a dangerous way to summon a runaway Detlaff to any place. Regis will confirm this and tell you what and how. Somewhere in the lands of Toussent resides one of the oldest and strongest vampires - Hidden. He has authority over all the vampires of Tussent, and they are bound to obey him. Therefore, Detlaff will be obliged to come to his call. It remains a “small” nuance - to find the Hidden and to persuade him to help. Old friend Regisa (and now Geralt) Oriana can help with this. She lives in Tussent and knows where the strongest vampire is hiding.

Witcher 3 The Night of Long

This path is very dangerous, so Regis will offer the Witcher a second, more peaceful option - to find Syanna and deliver her to Detläff. After all, this is what he is waiting for, and this will help to calm him down. Geralt makes Regis take an oath that in this case not a single hair will fall off Syanna head, and in the event of which Regis will side with the witcher, not Detlaff. But where did the princess sharpen Syanna? Perhaps Damien will help us find her.

The Night of Long - options for passing and the consequences of choosing

Geralt faces a tough choice. From your choice depends on the subsequent plot tasks, as well as the ending of the add-on. In order not to spoil, I will say simply: the supplement has 3 endings - “bad”, “good” and “secret”.

If you choose a forceful solution to the problem, a good ending, like a secret one, will immediately disappear. The end of your adventures will be very mournful without any way to change this. If you want to see several endings, I advise you to save before the quest, so that you can watch the other ending and, in which case, rerun the quest. By choosing the peaceful option that Regis has offered, you can get a good and secret ending.

Variants of answers:

  • I tend to force decision. Let's go to Oriana - a forceful solution to the problem.
  • I"m going to free Syanna. Talk to Damien - a diplomatic and peaceful option.
  • I dont know. I still need to think - no option, having chosen it, you can simply run around the palace, fight vampires and attack the loot. After that, you still have to go back to Regis and choose one of the options.

The power path is shorter, so let's first go to it, and then we will analyze the peaceful option.

Power version of the walkthrough of the quest - The Night of Long

As mentioned above, a forceful decision will lead Geralt only to a bad ending of the mission. You decide, so we go to Oriana's estate, until the vampires of Detlaff smash the whole of Beauclair. We already know the way there, so it’s easy to find an estate.

Oriana will hastily gather somewhere and Geralt didn’t expect to see Geralt. Above the request of Geralt to arrange a meeting with the Hidden One, she laughs, because to meet him is equivalent to death. Well, to trust the most secret secret of vampires to some witcher she did not want. But there is no time to think - Oriana has some urgent business on her nose, so she will ask Geralt to go with her. And you go to an orphanage, which is under Beauclair. Oriana maintains this shelter, and she received news that something was amiss now going on there.

The White Wolf and Oriana will automatically be transferred to the orphanage and will see a terrible sight - all the children of the orphanage are dead, except for one boy who was able to hide during the slaughter. The child will be too scared to give some answer to Geralt's questions, so we will have to calm him down with the help of Axia, or will Oriana be asked by the question “Monster?” What is a monster? After any of these options, the boy will calm down a bit and tell about the attack on the shelter.

As expected, the vampires attacked the orphanage. The guardians of the orphans threw all the children to death and simply fled, and the terrible fate befell the sister of the little boy. The story of the boy and the terrible sight of the orphanage will convince Oriana to change his mind and help Geralt. She agrees to help the witcher find the Hidden, for which he will have to bring her the head of a monster who interrupted all the children. In the end, Oriana will sing a lullaby for the little boy to calm her down, and on this quest “The Night of Long” will end and the next one will begin automatically - “The Call of Blood”. This quest can be obtained only if you went through the force, the peaceful path will have its own branch of tasks.

Peaceful version of the walkthrough of the mission

After choosing a peaceful path, you will have access to all three endings - good, bad and secret. Therefore, if you wanted to look at the tragic, then it is still possible even with the diplomatic option.

So, you need to return Detloff Syanna. Where to look for her? Damien should help us in this. If you immediately chose a peaceful path, rather than a neutral option, then there is an opportunity to go in search of a guard along with Regis. He will be great to help us in battle, which will not be superfluous. From the words of the guard, we learn that the captain is now protecting the area near the pier. So there we will look for him.

If you went on a search with Regis, then you will be together with the Garkains and Fleders. But Brooks and Alp Regis will not touch. Well what can I say, a real gentleman. Just do not run away far from Regis! Otherwise, go searching alone.

Unfortunately, there is no Damien in the square, instead of him a disgruntled fleder will meet us. Judging by the battlefield, the guards could not hold the quay and retreated. With the help of witch's withering we notice traces that lead to the side of the square.

witcher 3 The Night of Long

Following in the footsteps, friends will find a barricade of carts. If the guardsmen were at war with people, it could help, but not against the vampires. Only corpses can be found around the barricades, and the trail of blood leads further - to the market square. Instead of smiling sellers you will be met here by Brooks and the Alps. As mentioned above, Regis will not help in fights with female vampires, so Geralt will have to figure it out for himself.

The bloody trail will lead the heroes to the main square of Beauclair, where we will find Damien with the guards. The guys barricaded themselves in the Cianfanelli Bank, but before talking, you need to get rid of the forward fleder.

In this battle Regis will not take part either, so as not to show the vampire essence to the guards. Yes, as always, Geralt has to deal with everything. After the battle, a dialogue will begin with Damien, whose eyes will come to the forehead from the power of Geralt, because this vampire interrupted half of his squad. But now is not about that. Help us friends Damien wants not immediately, so you have to persuade him.

Witcher The Night of Long - what to choose

Do not be afraid, choose any remarks, in the end Damien will still split up and tell you what he saw as the Duchess accompanied prisoner Syanna to the children's room in the palace. Are they there, childhood decided to remember? Or is Syanna prison a dollhouse? In this we need to understand.

The Night of Long - children's room

Variant of the answer “Let's go to the nursery” immediately teleports you to the designated place, and if you chose “We will meet on the spot”, you will have to run yourself. If you teleport, then immediately near the door to the room the fleder will attack you. And if you ran yourself, Regis will deal with a vampire by your appearance.

The Night of Long - witcher 3 children s room

The door to the room will be closed, but Regis will provide us with a friendly service and open the children's room from the inside. At this point, the game freezes a bit, apparently Regis needs time. If for a long time nothing happens, try to approach, move away from the door, it should work.

witcher 3 wild hunt The Night of Long

The children's room will be empty. You can see a lot of toys, children's items, music boxes and other things. But what we need in the plot is the diary of a governess. It is located on the second floor on the table.

Witcher 3 quest: The Night of Long - ending

In the diary there are records about the childhood times of Anna-Gunrietta and Syanna. Consider the answer options and find out which option you need to choose.

Important! For a good ending, be sure to read the first and second paragraph of the diary.

witcher 3 wild hunt The Night of Long

  • Syanna gave me a homemade postcard - the first mandatory choice for the plot ending. But for the promotion of the plot it is not required. From the recordings we learn that in childhood the girl often had nightmares, which resulted in her drawings. And when the nightmares went away, she slept on the same bed with the duchess.
  • Today, the girls had a falling out - the second mandatory answer for a good ending of the supplement. But, again, for the plot there is nothing important. In childhood, the girls quarreled and fought.
  • Today, for the first time, I visited the Land of a Thousand Fables - and this is already what we need. The court magician Artorius Vigo created an illusory country in which the sisters constantly played together. In order to be in the illusory world, you need to open the book "Land of a Thousand Fables" and say the right words.
  • His princely grace cares about his daughters - an optional answer. When the girls were small, magicians were invited to the palace for inspection, and one of them discovered the “Black Sun” syndrome in Syanna.
  • Studying the Nilfgaard is difficult - not an obligatory answer option either. Like all children, girls when learning a language perfectly remembered curses, and did not learn the language itself.

Now, we now know where Syanna is. But how to get to the Land of a Thousand Fables? There is no necessary book in the children's room, but there is a closet with a key. Suspicious, very suspicious. If you look at the picture that hangs right next to the stone stairs, then you can find the cherished key.

witcher 3 (The Night of Long) - Good ending

We open the closet door for them, and here it is - the book “Land of a Thousand Fables”, in which Syanna is sharpened. As soon as you take the book, Geralt will utter the cherished words and the task “The Night of Long” will be completed, and the new “Long time ago ...” will begin.

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