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“Beyond Hill and Dale” is the plot task of the supplement “Blood and wine” in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The assignment is available only if you decide to go peacefully during the passage of “The Night of Long” mission and set off to look for Syanna. At the end of the previous assignment, Geralt and Regis found the book “Land of a Thousand Fables”, said the cherished words, and the witcher found himself in a fairy-tale world with the help of magic. Everything is there: unicorns, rainbows and princesses, but you still have to work with your sword.

Let's go to a fairy tale and find out what secrets it keeps.

“Beyond Hill and Dale” - detailed quest walkthrough

After the treasured words of the spell, Geralt finds himself in a fairy tale. This is immediately noticeable - the color palette is much brighter than in the real world, unusual plants everywhere, huge mushrooms, colorful spores. Yes, Artorius Vigo tried his best. Immediately at the beginning of the path, we see a sign from the aforementioned magician.

Witcher 3 blood and wine long ago

However, we did not come here for fabulous characters, but to find Syanna and bring her to Detlaff. In any case, go along the path of the yellow brick. Here you can get a little lost - to get to the required place, look for the bridge - it is through him that we need to go.

Witcher blood and wine tale passing

Interesting! If you go downstairs, you can find red pepper under the bridge. What do you think, from what fairy tale? I will surprise you, not from what. This Easter egg is a reference to the Red Hot Chili Peppers music group, whose famous composition is called “Under the brigde”.

But at the end of the bridge you will have a surprise - archispora. Dealing with a monster is not difficult, but what do dangerous monsters do in a fairy tale for children? Who knows, maybe there are others. Continuing to run along the path, the witcher will hear voices that will lead him to Syanna and an unpleasant-looking granny with a cauldron.

Quest "Beyond Hill and Dale" - how to defeat the witch

Granny will be an evil witch (from the fairy tale “Hansel and Gretel”) and immediately become interested in the white wolf. We will not have time to say anything, but from Geralt they will already want to make goulash.

Witcher blood and wine tale passing

A fight with a witch is not one of the most enjoyable: she will constantly fly on a broom in a protective sphere and is completely invulnerable. And at the beginning of the battle, the grandmother will call on the archispora, with whom it is desirable to immediately straighten out. How to lower a witch on the ground? For this you need a crossbow or signs Aard and Igni. Periodically, the witch will pour Geralt with poison from the cauldron and take off the protective sphere. It is necessary to podgadat moment, and when the sphere will be removed, get into the witch from a crossbow or sign. Immediately after that, she will fall to the ground, where she will be an easy target for a silver sword.

But even here it is not all simple - her broom will help the witch. I advise you to kill the broom first, otherwise, if the battle drags on, the witch will sit on the broom again, rise into the air and call on the panther. So that the sorceress would not interfere with the broom, we throw Aksy into it, deal with the broom, and then with the grandmother herself.

Mission "Beyond Hill and Dale" - where are the beans

Immediately after the end of the battle, Syanna will run up to the witch’s body, search his pockets, and immediately run to open it with the key to the furnace. Jack will run out of the oven (from the fairy tale “Jack and the Beanstalk”), which almost burnt alive. As it turned out, Jack was the keeper of the beans, with which you can get out of a fairy tale - it was them who was looking for Syanna. But now he does not know where the beans are, because the Duchess Anarietta ordered them to be hidden, so as not to allow Syanna to get out into the real world. Where the beans are now Jack does not know, but Joss will be able to help us.

witch 3 long ago where the beans

After talking with Jack, we finally have the opportunity to exchange a few words with the heroine of the tale. White Wolf will tell about the purpose of his visit, intentions and what is happening in Bokler. Syanna did not plan to return to Detlaff, but if innocent people are now dying because of her, she will have to do it. Having agreed together to get out of the fairy tale, Geralt and a fellow traveler go to look for beans. There are three bean in total - red, blue and yellow, and with the help of them we will be able to grow a huge stem to the clouds, which we will choose from a fairy tale. It remains only to find Joss.

We leave further along the road of yellow brick and seize upon the gnomes. No, not on friendly little sparks, but on local protection from outsiders. The attacks and habits are similar to the game, they always attack in groups, and we will often meet during a journey through the fairy tale. After the battle with the dwarves, we will get to the meadow, from where a gorgeous view of the whole fairy kingdom opens. The color palette is very rich and colorful, rainbow and .... unicorns!

Witcher 3 blood and wine country thousands of fairy tales all fairy tales

A dace has changed over the summer, is not it? Saddled by a unicorn, Syanna will remember childhood, but Geralt will have Yen on their minds and their favorite stuffed unicorn. Having passed a little along the path, we will see a boy on a stump surrounded by a pack of wolves. True, for some reason, he will scream that there are no wolves here.

"Once upon a time" - passing a fairy tale

The rescued boy will turn out to be the Joss we were looking for. He is also the hero of the parable “The Shepherd-Prankster”, the same boy who constantly shouted “Wolves” until people stopped believing him. Talking with him will be pretty funny, because Joss) always lies. Well, more precisely, he always says the opposite to the truth. So, Joss, where are the beans?

  • What's up with the red bean? - he was not swallowed by the most human person in the whole country.
  • Do you know where the blue bean is? - The blue bean lies in an open field and nobody guards it three times.
  • Let's talk about the yellow bean - it is near the bald farm laborer who waits for no one, very deep, almost underground.

What conclusions can we draw from this conversation? The red bean, apparently, is in the stomach of some non-human creature. The blue bean must be hidden in an enclosed space with three guards, and the yellow bean must be very high above the ground in a girl with long hair. It"s time to deal with all this.

Witcher 3 "Blood and Wine" Country of a thousand fairy tales - all fairy tales

Tips Joss will help a little, so Syanna will offer the witcher to bypass all the fairy tales of the wizarding world, so they can find the beans. Let"s go straight in order. There are only six fairy tales here:

  • Girl with matches.
  • Three pigs.
  • Little Red Riding Hood.
  • Three Bears.
  • Rapunzel (is not this our maiden with long hair that is waiting for someone?)

Passage of the fairy tale "Girl with matches"

The little girl is in a snow-covered village, not far from Joss. True, due to overdue magic and changes in all fairy tales, now she sells no matches, but various drugs. Here you have a fairy tale for children.

Passage of the fairy tale "Girl with matches"

She does not sell beans, but Syanna will find the girl a ribbon, which she received as a child as a gift from Artorius Vigo and lost it long ago. A small drug deal, of course, does not want to return the ribbon for free, and Geralt will have a choice: win a ribbon in a gwint or buy it for 500 kroons. She plays with a weak Skoy’tael deck, so it’s easy to win. If you do not want to play or lost, you can always buy the treasured tape for 500 crowns.

Important! Getting the tape affects the ending of the add-on. If you want to go to a happy, peaceful ending, then win / get the tape is necessary. If you want to get an unobvious ending, then the tape should be discarded. Another important point, if you buy a ribbon for 500 kroons, the item “to show generosity” on the instructions of the “Path of destination” will be considered completed.

To the surprise of the witcher, there is even a board with orders in this village. On it you can find a job and respond to the request of the balbina goose for help. Taking an order, the additional task. The task must be completed while you are in the country of fairy tales, otherwise it will become unavailable.

Passage of the fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs” in the mission “Beyond Hill and Dale”

We go further along the path, stumble upon a regular detachment of gnome-defenders and see a house on the edge of the hill. As in the fairy tale, the wolf had already blown away the houses of straw and twigs, only the stone was left.

Passage of the fairy tale “The Three Little Pigs” in the mission “Long ago”

But our White Wolf is not a blunder, so Aard is boldly used, and the house immediately shatters into pieces. Pigs will not like it, so you have to put them on the bacon. They will constantly run, kick and butt. Having settled with them, we will finally be able to inspect the house inside and find the first bean on the table - blue. Well, that's good, it remains to find two more.

"Little Red Riding Hood"

From the destroyed house the piglets go straight along the path to the house of Little Red Riding Hood and the wolf. On the way, as always, a bunch of hostile gnomes will meet us. Near the house we will find a wolf dressed in a grandmother who will lie on the ground and complain of a severe hangover.

passage of the fairy tale "Little Red Riding Hood"

The wolf recognizes Syanna, and also we learn that one of the beans is with him. Unfortunately, he simply refuses to give him away, as well as conduct further conversation, until he is played a game with him. True, the Red Cap has already died and cannot help in any way, so Syanna asks Geralt to jump into the well, pull out the cape of the Red Cap from there, with which we can fool the wolf.

There's nothing to be done, the witcher will have to jump into the well and get wet. We jump, not being afraid to break, we immediately find the corpse of the girl and take the red hat off of it and sail through the underwater tunnel outside. Having emerged from the tunnel, we will be in the pond - do not rush to get out to the shore. At the bottom of this pond is the ship of the King Thrushbeard. On the “ship” you can find a chest with various trash, glyphs and Ole-Lukoil notes.

After collecting the loot we go to the beach, after which the cut-scene with Syanna will begin immediately, in which she will put on a red cape and go to play the role of the Red Cap in front of the Evil Wolf. As in the fairy tale, the story of the wolf will end the slaughter. Geralt (as a hunter from a fairy tale) will deal with a volkolak, break his belly and find a red bean in a pile of small garbage. Two of the three are left last!

Before moving on, Syanna will lead a dialogue about her past. If you want to get a happy ending in the final, be sure to listen to her story and choose the option “Well, tell me what happened to you.” Having refused to listen to the story of a girl, at the end of Geralt a poor ending of the complement will be awaited.

“Three bears” and “Goldilocks”

Our next place to visit is the lair of the three bears. Bears will sleep soundly, and will wake up only if Geralt wakes them up himself or takes enchanted food from the table. Here we can search the body of Goldilocks (we know her as Masha), but we will not find anything. The last tale remains - Rapunzel, whose tower is located in the heart of the fairy-tale kingdom.

Walkthrough of the fairy tale “Rapunzel”

Approaching the Rapunzel Tower, Geralt and Syanna will notice a wandering light beside her. I advise you to follow him to get a unique sword and armor. A light will lead us to a small lake south of Dolgovlasky Tower, near which the knight’s corpse will lie. We luta the poor fellow, we get the armor, other objects and by the body we must select the steel sword Vitis.

Now you can go to the tower itself.

ведьмак 3 давным давно дюймовочка

At the foot of the tower we see a damaged stone staircase, on the ledge of which you can easily climb with a regular jump. The climb does not take much time, you have to jump a few times, climb the wooden stairs, climb the spiral staircase, and you find yourself in the Rapunzel room. True, Dolgovlaska did not wait for her prince and. ... hanged herself on her own hair.

Therefore, her evil spirit will immediately attack you. After a certain percentage of health, the ghost will disappear and invoke a lot of skeletons, which are very painfully beaten, so be careful.

When the ghost is finished, we look around the room and find the last yellow bean that we needed on the bed.

Interesting! On the bedside table can be found enchanted food. Its magic is that it immediately appears again after you pick it up. You can fill a full inventory of food, but, unfortunately, all the enchanted food and many items that you found in the fairy world will disappear after completing the quest from the inventory.

If you do not want to descend the stairs from the tower, being afraid to turn up, you can take a “leap of faith” from the bridge at the top of the tower. After the jump, Geralt will be in the water and the cut-scene with Syanna will immediately begin.

Quest "Long time ago" - leap of faith

With fairy tales over, it's time to get out of this world. The map will indicate the place where it was necessary to stem to heaven. We're fine, but otherwise we won't have any problems. At least our heroic tales won't rise.

A long time ago - a fight with a guard in the clouds

In the clouds, we will be met by a careless defender of the castle - the Giant from behind the Clouds. The tactics of the battle will be the same as in the battle with Goliath at the very beginning of the supplement “Blood and Wine”. You can shoot him with a crossbow in the eye, or you can figure it out in the old and hopeful way - with a sword.

After defeating the giant, Syanna will offer Geralt some fun and declare directly that yes, she needs a man. You can refuse - it will not affect anything, however, if you agree, the most unusual erotic scene in the game is waiting for you. Even Jennifer would envy sex in the clouds.

Witcher 3 a long time ago ending

Having finished “affairs”, we can go to the exit from the fairy-tale world. But on the bridge of the castle we will see another firefly, which should also be followed. In the cave where the light will lead us, Geralt will find a unique sword - Gesheft, as well as a fun easter egg for the game “Dark Souls” in the form of a fire with a sword.

There is nothing interesting in the castle, except a donkey who defends the need with gold (from the fairy tale “Table - cover yourself, a golden donkey and a baton from a bag”). What to do with a donkey? Never mind. Of course, you can fill up pockets of money, but they will also disappear when you return to the real world, like other fabulous things.

In the courtyard of the castle we will find a well, which is the exit to the real world. We will have to make another leap of faith, after which we will again find ourselves in Bokler.

Completion of the quest "long ago" The Witcher 3

At the exit, Regis, who found out about the location of the exit from the fairy tale in his diary, will be waiting for us, and after a little dialogue, the story quest “Once upon a time ...” will end.

Quest “Once upon a time ...” - possible bugs

Immediately after the release of additions, there were many bugs. Some players found a bug in which Rapunzel did not attack them, but simply hung in their bodies and the skeletons did not appear, others were faced with the fact that three little pigs do not attack the witcher, which is why it is impossible to raise the beans. Many bugs were fixed in subsequent patches, but if you encounter any of them, try to ship and start collecting the beans in a different order.

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