The Witcher 3 Corvo Bianco - how to invite Friends


Corvo Bianco is an estate with a large vineyard in Tussenta, one of the oldest buildings in the principality and location in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. You can get to Tussent after installing the second large-scale supplement “Blood and Wine”. It belongs to the estate, oddly enough, Geralt. Yes, the witcher-wanderer finally got his home! However, we still need to work for him.

How to earn estate Corvo Bianco?

On the instructions of “The Beast of Tussent”, Geralt finds himself in the amazing state of Tussent, which is famous for its wines to the whole world. During the quest, the witcher arrives at the Corvo Bianco estate to investigate the corpse of the third victim of the wanted killer. In the winery, we find several broken bodies and understand that our opponent is most likely Brooks. And it is with her that we encounter going down to the cellar. Having dealt with the monster, Geralt returns with a report to Princess Anne-Henriette, who in the form of an advance gives the Witcher this estate.

Unfortunately, the winery is in a terrible state, and our duty, as a good owner - to do its restoration and return to its former beauty. In addition to the estate, White Wolf also received an excellent butler named Barnab Basil Foulty, who will help us with repairs and home ownership.

Immediately after completing the task “The Beast from Tussent”, we automatically receive the quest “Home, sweet home”, and we can look at the map where the winery is located. The mission has no minimum level, there is no need to fight here, but a tidy sum of money is needed. You can perform the task at any time, and right now it's time to do it!

When we get to the estate, we will see a butler, who, together with the entire servant, was hired by the Duchess at the expense of the state treasury. The name is our new friend Barnabas-Basil Foulty. After welcoming the owner of the house, he can tell the story of the estate of Corvo Bianco, or immediately go to the inspection of the farm.

The Witcher 3 Corvo Bianco

During a walk through the territory, we learn that Varvava Basil is from a family of butlers. His father was a butler, his grandfather was a butler, and it all began with his great-aunt. In addition, we learn a lot about the former owners of the estate, their wine, gardens and winemaking.

Butler in Corvo Bianco

Fortunately, the servants had already managed to remove the traces of Geralt's fight with Brooks, so the basement is clean and suitable for daily use. For this, Geralt, of course, thanks the butler.

Inspection of Corvo Bianco Manor

Manor Witcher got truly luxurious. Unfortunately, after so many years without owners, she is in a deplorable state.

How to return Corvo Bianco former beauty

After exploring the whole territory, we will return to the house again, and a new task will appear before the witcher - to return the former beauty to this house. And our new butler with pleasure in everything will help. Of course, the owner of the estate will not have to do anything - everything will be done by the workers of Tussent in the shortest possible time. But the money will need a lot.

Manor Restoration

Butler and servants will take care of all the troubles and contracts, Geralt only needs to pay for the materials, furniture and services of the workers. For a complete repair and restoration of the estate will need 14,000 Novigrad crowns. If you still do not have such an amount, you should first earn money. Selling armor and weapons that you find will help you get rich. Also sell all sorts of expensive things and complete tasks. Over time, the required amount will be typed. But do not worry, you do not need to pay the full amount right away. You can gradually reconstruct the property and buy the necessary furniture.

The first stage of the repair Corvo Bianco estate

So, for a start it would be nice to make a general repair and restoration of the estate. It will take 5,000 crowns and the whole 3 days. You understand that ownership is not small. In order to make it easier for Geralt to do witch-work, you can put a grinding stone in the yard (1000 CZK, delivery time - 24 hours) and a workbench for mending and improving armor.

The fastest repair option is to simply meditate for three days. During this time, and the estate in a decent view will lead, and the necessary supplies will be delivered.

Corvo Bianco Manor Repair

After seeing the results of the repair, we return to the butler. Here we learn that a secret room has been found in the wine cellar. I advise you to immediately go down and inspect the find. In the basement, with the help of an instinct, we notice a wall that easily shatters from Aard.

Alchemist laboratory korvo bianco

And behind it is the alchemical laboratory! It has everything you need for mutagens and elixirs, as well as a note from the former owner of the laboratory. On this the surprises of the first stage of repair are not over. Now, if Geralt will lie on the bed in his room for at least an hour, then he will receive a buff, which gives 500 health units for 2 hours of real time. In addition, thanks to the library you will get a buff on the experience gained (5%, 1 hour of real time lasts), and the entire supply of elixirs and bombs will increase by 1 (1 hour of real time is also valid).

In your bedroom you can also find a large bookcase, which contains all the books and notes that you found during your adventures. Now the estate looks much better than it was, but this is not the limit! Therefore, we return to the butler.

The second stage of the repair winery

Barnabas Baznil will tell us how else you can improve the winery. For example:

  • You can purchase a new bed in the master bedroom. It costs 1000 crowns and will deliver everything in a day. After that, the 500 hp buff will change to the buff that gives 1000 hp.
  • Order two additional racks for weapons to decorate the house. Price question - 500 crowns, delivered just as the bed for the night.
  • Where the weapon is, there is armor. Together with the weapon racks we order armor stands. They cost the same as for weapons - 500 CZK, delivery is 1 day.
  • Although Geralt did not plan to invite guests, it is still worth making repairs in the guest room. Excellent guestbook shows the hospitality of the host. The repair will cost 1000 kroons and take two days. And there, perhaps, the guests will appear.
  • Roach survived with Geralt all possible adventures, so why not take care of her now? Let's tidy up the stable. I advise you to do this, because after repairing the stable, the Roach Stable will receive a 100% endurance bonus after each rest at home. The buff lasts 1 hour of real time, and the stable costs 2000 kroner and will be built for two days.
  • Want to grow rare plants for potions and bombs at home? Let's repair the garden and the greenhouse. The repair will cost CZK 2000 and will complete it in two days. After repair, the greenhouse will immediately give you the plants you need to create and change the color of mutagens, and in the garden there will be herbs for painting the armor.

Rare herbs in greenhouse borko greenhouse

That completed the repair of the winery, you did a great job. The estate began to play with new colors, the Roach was clearly pleased with the stable, and in the garden and the greenhouse the plants were already in full bloom. In honor of this, the butler will offer to open a bottle of wine, which was previously famous for the winery Corvo Bianco. Unfortunately, we have not received a dozen barrels of Sangreal from the Duchess, but do not be discouraged. The taste of the wine is really delicious. However, due to the disease of plants in the past year to grow grapes and make the wine itself so far can not.

This means that at the moment the winery does not generate income and in the coming year will not.

income from the winery korvo bianco

Attention! During the passage of the plot task "La Cage au Fou" Geralt will have the opportunity to spare the spotted vikhta. Having cast a spell over the monster, the Witcher would lead Marlena de Trastamar to Corvo Bianco. The white wolf will offer the girl to stay in the estate, to which she gladly agreed and decided to work in the kitchen. During the passage of additional and plot tasks you can get trophies and scenery that can be placed in the estate.

All trophies and decorations:

  • Just pictures. You can buy paintings from many merchants in Bokler, and then post on the walls of the estate.
  • The winner’s cup is the reward for winning the Gwint while completing the “Gwint: Big Tournament in Bokler” task.
  • Golden rod of joy - you can get this trophy if you showed sympathy for the whirlwind in the storyline “La Cage au Fou”. In this case, you will have a disenchanted cook.
  • Golden Fist - a trophy that Geralt will receive for winning fist fights. A side task “Fist fight” can be found on the bulletin board in Bokler.
  • Statue of Reginald de Obbre is the reward for the minor task Goodness, Gracious, Great Balls of Granite!, if Geralt returned the stolen genitals to the patrons of the exhibition. The statuette is located near the entrance to the cellar.
  • Portrait of the hierarch Hemmelfart - this picture you get from the redmen, after the release of Dandellion from the captivity of the guards on the instructions of the “A Poet Under Pressure”.
  • The Geralt Shield from Rivia or the Raviks Shield from Chertorog is an item you will receive on the instructions “The Warble of a Smitten Knight”. The name of the shield depends on the name Geralt indicated in the application for the tournament.

Well, the building was repaired, decorated, now you wonder how to invite friends?

How to invite friends to Corvo Bianco?

And to invite guests to the witcher's house, unfortunately, is impossible. However, after the passage of the main plot of the game and the passage of the plot additions “Blood and Wine”, suddenly one of your friends suddenly comes to you. Who it will be depends on your choices as you progress through the game. You will receive guests on the assignment of “No Place Like Home”.

  • If in the original game the witcher has built a relationship with Triss, then the enchantress will suddenly decide to visit him. We will meet her immediately in the house of the winery and will take to a cozy place that is great to lie in the sun and do nothing. In the conversation, we will learn how things are with the sorcerers in Kovir and recall the past.
  • If Geralt chose Yennefer, then the girl will come to Corvo Bianco and decide to live with the witcher. From conversations it will become clear that she is not against staying here forever.
  • Interesting! Together with Yen, he will also move the already well-known stuffed animal of the unicorn. If in the original game Geralt did not build a relationship with the sorceress, or built with both and left alone, then Ciri will come to the witch. If the story of the game Ciri became a witch, then as a souvenir they bring the head of a gakain from Angren, whom she killed herself. And if Ciri became an empress, she would tell about how her training was going on and complain that she did not like to rule the empire.
  • If Geralt was not in a relationship, and Ciri went missing, the old friend Butter would visit the witcher. Our dear bard will bring with him a picture (his own portrait) that hung in his cabaret in Novigrad. Friends chat and discuss the latest incidents in life. In the end, Buttercup will declare that he has decided to stop with Geralt and will start playing the lute.

Triss in Corvo Bianco Manor

Unfortunately, the rest of the girls Geralt, such as Keira Metz and Shani, are not provided by the developers.

Bugs that can be found during the arrangement of the estate

Some players do not build after payment. Most likely due to the fact that they left Tussent during construction work. It is not known exactly how this works, so it is better to immediately meditate while working or do not leave the limits of the wine region.

More detailed repair of the estate you can see in our video.