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“A Poet Under Pressure” is a plot task in the game The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, which can be obtained in Novigrad. After a long chain of missions, the witcher will finally have the opportunity to save his lost friend and find more information about the whereabouts of Ciri. You will receive this task automatically, but depending on your decisions in past quests, the mission will be somewhat different. Go to the quest itself.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt “A Poet Under Pressure” - Walkthrough

Where to get the quest

Yes, and it is not necessary to take it, it is enough to complete the plot task “The Play's the Thing”, And our mission will begin automatically. Now you know where to get the quest, then go to its essence.

How to ask Dijkstra for help

If Geralt found out about the whereabouts of Dijkstra's treasury during the walkthrough of the quest “Count Reuven's Treasure”, then it will be possible to ask Dijkstra for help. He, as always, can be found in the baths, and depending on the answers, you can bargain for a couple of helpers for the raids.

  • Three will be enough - choosing this option, Geralt will get three assistants and this is where the conversation with Dijkstroy ends.
  • I would rather have something on “eleven”, “I can’t tell you this” - after these options, four healthy people will come to the aid of Geralt.
  • I'd rather have something on “eleven”, “I want to attack a convoy of temple guards” —this is the best option, after which you will receive six guardsmen.

If Geralt did not find out about the whereabouts of the treasury, then you will not be able to get help. The first item of the task will be the direction to Zoltan to the ambush site, where we are going, guided by the mark on the map. The ambush on the guard caravan will take place east of Novigrad, on the road between the Seven Cats tavern and the Vegelbud Residence.

Dwarf is already waiting for us in the ruins on the top of a hill, from which you can clearly see the river and Novigrad. Apparently, everything is ready, which means you just have to wait for the caravan.

A Poet Under Pressure - the walkthrough of the mission

Suddenly, Priscilla will bring news from Dudu. It says that Dandelion will be ferried to Oxenfurt only at dawn. After this news, she will ask to stay with our heroes.

Leave Priscilla or not

I advise you to leave Priscilla, because even if you refuse her, she will remain. Poets are very wayward. Until dawn is still long, which means you can pass the time for the party in gwent or preparation equipment.

A Poet Under Pressure - Leave Priscilla or not

If the witcher agrees to play cards, the task will continue immediately after the end of the game in a gwent, regardless of whether you win or lose. You won't get anything for the victory, so the game will be just “for fun”. Buttercup's beloved is played with a Skoy’tael deck and has a lot of cards with the “Muster” ability. Her leading card is Francesca Findabair (Daisy of the Valley) with the ability to “take an extra card at the beginning of the battle”.

If Geralt refuses the party in Gwent and chooses the preparation for the battle, then after a small video the task will continue. Without our participation, Priscilla played with the red-faced man, and he would praise her for her knowledge of the basic rules of the game (apparently, she blew it).

As is always the case, the plan only worked in half. It was possible to stop the convoy from the prison, as well as to start a fight with the guards and witch hunters, but with Dandelion it was not so lucky. One of the hunters threw him over the saddle and sped off in an unknown direction at a gallop. Who will save the bard? Well, as always....

We leave drawn of Dijkstra (if you got them) to fight with the temple guard and go in pursuit. You can, of course, join the general brawl, but there will be no reward except loot from the bodies of the guards.

Dandelion Ring

The hunter rode away from the ambush site, so you have to trust the witty scent. The first hoof prints that go to the north can be found on the southwestern side of the hill. We cut in the flames of our instincts and slowly walk along the coast, looking for prints on the ground.

A Poet Under Pressure - the rescue of Buttercup

It is not difficult to follow in the footsteps, but it’s very difficult to fight off utopians who will constantly get out of the water. But you can not deal with them, but just run away away on the Roach.

Important! Here, on the shore of the pond, you can find a signet-ring with a pegasus, which belongs to Buttercup. If you have already missed it, go back along the tracks, carefully peering into the ground. Looks like the bard specifically dropped the ring to help friends track down the kidnapper. After the assignment, the Buttercup ring can be returned to the owner, for which he will be very grateful. This can be done after the opening of the Cabaret, as get the job to go to Madame Irene. On the ring tips from the bard will not end. Going a little further, for the apiary, you can find another sign - paper sheets with verses. So we are on the right track, moving on! At the fork in the road, turn right and head straight for the peasant camp.

Quest A Poet Under Pressure - we are looking for Buttercup ring

There will be a lot of traces in the settlement of peasants, so finding the path yourself will be problematic. Let us ask the peasants if they didn’t have a shouting bound bard here. You can ask about it at the blacksmith, who is at the exit from a small settlement. From the conversation it will become clear that the Buttercup's abductor was here and turned left. To the left of the blacksmith, so from our side it will be right.

Attention! If you decide not to ask the peasants, but to figure it out for yourself, you risk losing the trail. The task will not fail, but you will spend a lot of time. After the settlement, the tracks diverge in different directions and you will need to go to the right.

Walkthrough of the quest: A Poet Under Pressure - The Witcher 3

The words of the blacksmith will quickly be confirmed by the new find - Dandelion's jacket. Strong-smelling clothes will be lying on the ground near the hooves. This will be our new landmark. Again, we cut in wit smack intuition and run on, now focusing on the smell.

The new trail will lead the witcher to the horse's corpse, which means we are almost there. Not far from the corpse is a hut, try to look there. On the approach to the house, you can hear the quarreling reds and lows. You can inspect the horse and immediately go to them.

Search for Buttercup in The Witcher 3

It will immediately become clear that Dandelion is being held in this house. At least, because from behind the walls you can hear his abuse with the kidnapper. But the house is so easy not to get, because the entrance is barricaded. There's nothing you can do, you have to ask for help from the little sturdy.

Short-stature will not be delighted with what is happening. The hunter who broke into their house was not exactly in their plans - they would very much like to get rid of uninvited guests. That is why they agreed to help the White Wolf, although they had harmed at first. After a small dialogue, we get the key to the cellar, which is located behind the house. Opening the hatch, do not try to jump down - immediately break. We'll have to use the stairs, and even better - to make a save. Known glitch in which the hatch in the basement does not open even after receiving the key. Corrected in patches, but if you run into him, then try again to talk with the “dwarfs” or to ship before talking to them.

Quest: A Poet Under Pressure - The Witcher 3

In the cellar drawn staged a workshop for painting something. It is not clear what exactly they did there, but there will be a lot of paint spilled (after the assignment, you will find out what they did there). But now we don’t care, because we need to get into the house. To do this, you need to run to the end of the underground room and climb the stairs to the hut. All this time you will have the opportunity to hear the voice of Dandelion, persuading the hunter not to kill him. However, nothing new. Going upstairs, we run to save a friend.

Hearing the noise raised by Geralt, the witch hunter silenced the poet with his gag and immediately attacked the witcher. It is inconvenient to fight in such a small room, he also has a lot of health, and he constantly does counterattacks. For increased damage, use the poison of the Hanged Man's Venom, and also constantly throw Axii, which will give a couple of blows. Having dealt with the enemy, finally be able to save the poet!

Completion of the quest: A Poet Under Pressure

Friends definitely have something to talk about, but then later, you first need to get out of here. Near the house you will already have to wait for the allies in the face of Zoltan and Priscilla. What same Buttercup will answer question “Where is Ciri?”.

Funny or not, the poet himself does not know where the girl has gone. The last time a bard saw a witch on Temple Island was when they tried to escape from the people of Bastard Junior. After this, the task will be briefly interrupted and will give you the opportunity to play for Ciri on the instructions “Ciri's Story: Breakneck Speed”. After that we will return to our heroes.

After the story, Zoltan and Priscilla will leave friends alone, and we will have the opportunity to ask all the questions to Buttercup. Why did Ciri need phylactery?

But that Dandelion does not know either. Only that the girl really wanted to fix this thing, so the bard and took her to the Bastard. She also tried to deal with a curse, about which he, too, did not know anything. But the bard remembered the words of a curse that will help us in the future.

And what do we have? Ciri is gone again. The only thing that we now know is that it is not present either in Velen or in Novigrad. It remains the last place - the Ard Skellig archipelago. There Yennefer is waiting for us, and Cyril may be there. After the conversation, Dandelion will go home to Novigrad and will ask Geralt to go to Rosemary and Thyme.

Important! Be sure to talk to the redmen and the lows that stand near the hut. In addition, they themselves will aggressively call you. The owners of the house are grateful to the witcher for having saved them from uninvited guests, and even prepared a gift - a portrait of the hierarch (as it turned out, they forged paintings in their workshop). If you skip the dialogue with the little ones, then there will be no other way to get a portrait.

Choices and consequences

What to do with the portrait? There are two options.

  1. The portrait can be presented to Dandelion. The bard will hang him in a cabaret on the first floor. Visit him and notice the picture above the back door.
  2. Geralt will be able to hang a picture in his estate in Corvo Bianco. It will only be available in the latest major addition, “Blood and Wine.”

At this mission, “A Poet Under Pressure” - is completed.

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