No Place Like Home witcher 3: the passage and consequences of choice


"No Place Like Home" - one of the quests of Kaer Morhen in The Witcher 3.

How to Start

The task will start automatically after the three main tasks are completed: "Disturbance", "The Final Trial" and "To Bait a Forktail...";

The whole task is one big dialogue, but believe me, drunk witches will not let you be bored. As for me, this is generally the most fun quest game. Let's start the party, Yennefer dresses won't put on their own...

The assignment sends us to the large hall Kaer Morhen, where all visitors to the castle have already gathered near the dining table. Since all the tasks of Yen are completed, she will immediately begin to command Lambert and Esquel what to do next, but Veremir will interrupt everything. The old witcher will remind the sorceress, whose castle it is, and that she is here at a party. After he declares that he has guessed about Yen's plans and considers them extremely dangerous, therefore, he wants to try his own way, which is less dangerous, before proceeding with the lifting of the curse.

Quest: No Place Like Home - in The Witcher 3

It does not matter what Geralt Vesemir will answer, the consequences will not change. Vesemir declares that he will conduct an ancient rite with Uma, and he does not care much about the opinion of the sorceress on this matter. Taking the freak out for the night, mentor Geralt leaves the whole castle for the sorceress and the three witches. Well, our "youth", while the "adults" are not at home, decides how to get drunk.

Attention! If while passing the side quest “The Last Wish” you confessed to Yennefer in love, now you will have the opportunity to spend time together and watch the love cut scene. The enchantress herself will come to you and offer something that is not usually refused. Geralt can agree (choose “With pleasure”) or reject the proposal (second choice “Do not be offended, but ... no”). By agreeing, the witcher and the sorceress will be away from their friends for a long time, and if they refuse, you will return immediately to the table. True, someone will clearly not in the spirit. If you didn’t go through the “The Last Wish” side job at all, or you answered Yennefer that you don’t love her, then no offer from Ian will follow. Of course, except for the offer to drink as it should.

In order not to drink in silence, the enchantress will offer to chat and share news.

In order not to drink in silence, the enchantress will offer to chat and share news.

You can ask about the latest orders from Esquel and Lambert and listen to how they went. The story of Geralt begins with a replica of “Well, I ...” and will cause Lambert many questions. First, about the freak Uma, and after and about the sorceress Triss. His questions can be quite rude to respond (the translators have tried), but you can change the subject. Lambert will understand that it is better not to go to Geralt with interrogations, and ask Yennefer about what she will do with Uma. The answer about the test with herbs is shocking the poor fellow, and Lambert will get up with indignation, asking Yen if he is going to make a witcher from a freak.

You can intervene in a conversation or remain silent - it's your business, and the result is the same. Despite the impending drama, the enchantress patiently tells why she decided to do so. After the conversation, Esquel, in an effort to defuse the situation, asks Geralt to bring food from the kitchen. Yennefer will take advantage of this moment and go to sleep under the wishes of good night from the witches. In which, in the meantime, in the course will go much stronger drinks.

No Place Like Home - all the options and consequences of choosing each

And here are 3 witches left alone: Geralt, Lambert and Esquel. What will the three witches do in the company of alcoholic beverages?

No Place Like Home - all the options

  • The answer is “So what was there with this self-power”? will lead to a story from the life of Esquel.
  • “Maybe we’ll play cards?” - a game with a gwint against Lambert.

Important! If you have not played with Lambert before or won, this is your last chance to get the Triss Merigold Card. Playing with Lambert is one of the stages of the quest “Gwint: Old Comrades”. After completing “Visiting is good, but at home is better” the opportunity to play with him will no longer be, and you will not be able to get a card. If you have already won this card, you can simply play for money. The maximum bet of the game is 10 kroons. Lambert plays for Nilfgaard with a leader who can play Rain at any time. His troops are not very strong, but there are two spies.

  • “It's time to go to bed” - I highly recommend not using this option. Going to bed, you miss the most fun quest game. No, seriously, just imagine what could happen to three witches who are drunk as an insole.
  • “Let's have fun” - well, it's time to have fun. The guys decide to play the game “I never ...”. One person asks a question, and if a participant did this in his life, then he drinks. And if he did not, then, accordingly, he misses the turn. After each question we will have a choice whether to drink or not. Depending on the answer of Geralt, friends will comment on the events of your past accordingly.

After a few questions, Lambert will complain about the cold and go to the toilet.

How to complete the quest: No Place Like HomeGeralt and Esquel, taking advantage of the lack of a third, will decide to discuss it.

  • “How are you with Lambert?” - Esquel will assure that he is already used to and just tries not to say any things with him. Unfortunately, there are too many such things.
  • “In my opinion, it’s not cold” - yes, Lambert always froze, how many friends remember him. But the aforementioned frost doesn’t take long and shows up to friends in a new hat.

All choices in the quest: No Place Like Home in The Witcher 3

Boasting a boon, he will begin to parody Vesemir, teaching and instructing our witchers. Apparently, back in the year 1112, Vesemir was in this hat a quadruple Mammiel and hustled over the girls. As we can see, booze is in full swing and in the right direction. Taking off his hat, Lambert will ask what we will do now. The answers are all the same.

And the witches will run out of vodka, and with it the new entertainment. Esquel will go for the supplement, while Geralt decides to talk heart to heart with Lambert. And then the talk starts from “Do you respect me?”

Geralt decides to talk heart to heart with Lambert

Over time, the witches will notice that Esquel has not returned, and vodka, respectively, too. Having not decided what is more important for them, Geralt and Lambert decide to go in search of Esquel. Here we get control over the character.

Well, how to say control. Staggering, with a dull look and a twofold picture, Geralt, with the help of a witch's sight, is trying to locate the traces of his friend. We notice the first traces at the hearth - lucky that Esquel has run into wine, it will be easier to find it. Far from sober gait we follow in the footsteps that lead us out of the castle.

We notice the first traces at the hearth - lucky that Esquel has run into wine, it will be easier to find it.

The path of Geralt in the quest: No Place Like Home in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Looking for a friend in the assignment (No Place Like Home)

Along the way, Geralt crouched down to examine the trail, for which Lambert laughed at him. Like, look, the witcher with his eyesight has to sit down to look at something on the ground. Geralt retorted that if he bent down, the entire contents of his stomach would already be on the same floor. At the end of the chain of tracks, we notice a missing friend, who lies down to rest near the goat.

How to complete the task (No Place Like Home) in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

We approach the poor fellow, wake up and go back. But here Lambert comes up with a brilliant idea - they need to find a woman, and the fact that they only drink this man’s company. Geralt immediately warns that if they wake up Yen, everyone will feel sorry.

But what if you contact an elf magician by megascope, who recently “repaired” Geralt and invite her to teleport to the castle? And if the girlfriends grab, it will be generally wonderful.

"Visiting is good, but at home is better" in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

  • “Do not drink anymore” - after this the booze will end, and you will wake up in the morning to the next task, connected with the removal of the curse.
  • “You're a genius!” - the fun continues! Three drunk men will immediately carry the witcher into the room with the megascope and begin preparations. One idea is more awesome than another, and the witches decide not to scare the elf with their faces. How to become more beautiful? Of course, wear Yennefer things and pretend to be magical.

Three drunk men will immediately carry the witcher into the room with the megascope

  • “Bad idea” - the witches activate the megascope in their clothes.
  • “We climbed into dresses” - Geralt decides to set an example and is looking for some things Yen in chests. There are leggings that now need to wear.

Geralt and friends in a womans dresses.

The game immediately strips the witch to the waist and the cutscene begins. The friends of the White Wolf, as you can see, also pretend. Next Geralt reads a very complex magic spell and begins the session.

Next Geralt reads a very complex magic spell and begins the session.True, the witches suffered a setback and they did not contact the elf and her girlfriends, but the hierarch Hemmelfart while he was sitting in the toilet. If the witches put on women's dresses, then he will be afraid that he was attacked by a bed of wizards. In the other case, it will decide that the witches came for him.

And then at the height of the fun, Ian will come and send the drunkards to sleep.Ian come and send the drunkards to sleep.In the morning Geralt will wake up already to the next task - “Va Fail, Elaine”.

Video of the quest "No Place Like Home" The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt