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“The Beast of Toussaint” is the plot task of the “Blood and Wine” supplement in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The quest is the second plot task and will begin as soon as you kill Golyat in the mission “Embassy from the wine region”. The background is that a beast started up in Toussaint who kills people, and the princess decided to hire a professional to get rid of her.

A professional, of course, is Geralt. After defeating the giant, Milton will report that the beast from Bokler has again attacked civilians and will offer to lead the witcher to the crime scene. After that, our mission will begin, so let's move on to the walkthrough.

The mission “The Beast of Toussaint” - Walkthrough

Milton will lead us to the shore where the attack was made. The soldier, fortunately, no longer exists, unlike their traces.

Walkthrough of the mission (The Beast of Toussaint)

We investigate prints, we move further along the coast and. ... we dig at a flock of scavengers. The Scurver are a subspecies of Rotfiend, so be careful, do not fall under the explosion when the monster dies. Quen also helps well from the explosion if you are carried away and in time did not move away from rottenness. Milton will help you, but don't expect much from him.

Having dealt with a handful of attacking monsters, we continue to search the crime scene. There will be a lot of useless things.

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - The Beast of Toussaint

And to advance on the mission, only bloodied nets and the trail from the boat that was loaded into the water are needed.

Things necessary for the mission (The Beast of Toussaint)

The knight will offer Geralt to dive under the water and look for more clues. One cannot do without it, so we dive in and explore the “charms” of the underwater world of this river. Among the heaps of garbage there is an item we need - a napkin with a monogram of DLK.

The Beast of Toussaint - monogrammed napkin

So, what could we find out after all the finds?

  1. There is no corpse on the beach anymore. Guardsmen fished him and took him away in an unknown direction.
  2. Our main evidence is a scarf with unknown initials.

Milton will help us with the evidence. The knight recognizes the surname “Louis de la Croix”, his former friend, with whom he had not seen for a long time. Not wanting to put pressure on the sick, the witcher will offer to go to “The Cockatrice Inn” tavern nearby and ask the locals. The witcher will be alerted by a girl in a purple cloak who has been watching them all this time from the bridge, but the knight will calm him down - it's noisy, it is not surprising that many onlookers have gathered around.

In the tavern of the knight immediately recognize and welcome to the table. Milton de Peyrac-Peyran will introduce the witcher and tell about his purpose of the visit to the wine region. In the tavern we will also meet a fisherman who found a corpse in nets in the morning and pulled him ashore. From the story we learn that the soldiers “confiscated the corpse”, loaded it onto a boat, transported it across the river and took it to the basement of the winery Corvo Bianco. At the same time, the girl who watched the detectives from the bridge will come out of the tavern. Coincidence? I do not think.

Events in Corvo Bianco

After talking a little with the peasants and after hearing stories about the beast, we go to Corvo Bianco to inspect the corpse. Milton will have to leave us, because even before leaving for Velen, the princess obliged him to participate in the annual treasure hunt, where he will now go. The Witcher will not miss the moment to play a trick on the knight and on his role as the Hare, but he will know that this is an old Toussaint tradition. According to legend, Hare did a lot of things and stole a unicorn horn, a phoenix egg and a goldfish from a pond. Hare was threatened with a “brutal trial”, and, frightened by the punishment, he began to run away, having lost all the collected jewels. According to the rules of the game, the residents of Toussaint should search the entire garden and find the missing rare objects, and the Hare himself in Milton’s face will hide. Who will find him, he won.

Remember the rules, they will come in handy soon.

Corvo Bianco is located not far from the tournament fields and “The Cockatrice Inn” tavern, go there. Already approaching the manor, the witcher will hear the sounds of battle and see the wounded soldiers. Terrible sight, in fact. Who could cut a whole detachment of soldiers? Inspect the corpses. One of the guardsmen had his throat broken, the second died of one quick blow, and the third received such a stunning blow that the blood from his ears went. On the fourth body there were obvious wounds from the claws, and the cart standing nearby was easily turned over by the attacker. Our opponent is a vampire, but which species? Most likely, neither ecimma nor fleder ... more like brooksu. It's time to find out and go down to the basement.

The Beast of Toussaint - Corvo Bianco estate

Attention! Known bug, meeting with which, you can not get into the basement. The dying guards in the winery will not appear, no corpses can not be examined, and the lattice in the basement will be completely locked. Roughly speaking, the events in the winery did not begin at all. The bug was found on versions 1.22 and was fixed in patches. But, if you run into him, you’ll have to log in before talking to Curolisk and go back to Corvo Bianco.In the basement will also be dying soldiers who are no longer help, and the source of all deaths will be waiting in the farthest room. In the round room, the witcher sees a naked woman leaning over the corpse of Louis de la Croix and examining his severed arm. But we'll deal with the corpse later, first the girl.

Walkthrough of the mission - The Beast of Toussaint

Geralt recognizes the woman - after all, it was she who was watching us from the bridge and left “The Cockatrice Inn” inn. But what are her motives? She is hardly driven by bloodlust, because she has not touched the body. But Brooks will refuse to explain, close the door from the room and attack the White Wolf.

How to beat brooks

Brooks' most unpleasant ability is to become invisible. To get her out of this state, you need to either lure to Yrden, or throw a “Moon Dust” bomb. Aard can also come in handy and knock the vampire down on the ground, but Igni will not be able to set it on fire, it will only cause a little damage. Axii in this battle is useless, so forget about it completely. The second unpleasant skill Brooks is a loud scream that does a lot of damage and can knock an opponent down to the ground. To dodge, try to jump away from him or hide behind Quen. The most useful potion will be “Black Blood”, which weakens and poisons vampires.

After defeating Brooks, be sure to collect loot and mutagen from it and begin to examine the corpse of Louis de la Croix. To advance on an assignment, be sure to inspect the throat and arm. In the throat of the killed, there is a purse with Nilfgraard crowns, and the hand will be still warm. Strange, but the hand does not belong to the corpse and looks unusual. Take it with you to explore later. The only thing that can be understood is that the poor fellow was killed not by Brooks and the Toussaint Beast is still at large. We will be able to get more information only from Anna-Henrietta, whom it is time to see. We leave for the tournament fields and ask Palmerin de Lonfal to arrange a private meeting with the duchess.

But, on arrival, Geralt notices that a terrible turmoil is happening around. What is this noise about? As the witcher learns from Palmerin, her Excellency has already arrived at the tournament, and if they hurry, they will have time to meet her before the battle begins. On the way to the princess, the witcher will notice how the workers of the tournament fields are trying to attach a bunch of bells to Charlei's tail, which should weaken the monster. But this, together with the noise from the stands, will only provoke the monster more strongly and can infuriate. Geralt shared his fear with the knight, but he would reassure him that everything would be fine.

And everything went as usual - because of the oversight of the gladiator Guillome, Charley got rid of the bells, Geralt and Palmerin had to intervene in the battle to help the unfortunate knight.

Fight witcher with Charlea

How to beat Charlea

The main weakness of the monster - he is completely blind, but has excellent hearing. If you stop moving, then Charley will not be able to attack you, and Palmerin will attract all the attention to himself. This is also better not to allow, because the knight may die. When Charley collapses into a ball and begins to ride across the arena - immediately use Quen and jump away from his trajectory, which should help. Wait until he crashes into the stands and you can hit a couple of blows to the head or belly. Oil against relics will significantly increase your damage in this battle.

Aard will also be very effective in a battle and will immediately knock Charley off, giving you the opportunity to make some quick strikes. Bomb “Samum” bring the same result, so you can alternate and slowly beat the thick-skinned. After the victory, Charley will not die, but will significantly weaken and you will have a choice:

  • To finish off Charley - the Witcher obeys the will of Anna-Henrietta and finishes the monster with one finishing blow.
  • To spare Charley - Geralt will ignore the mob of the crowd and the princess's request, sheathe the sword, and the peasants drag off the weakened Charley.

The Tussenta

Consequences of choice and a good ending

What is better to choose? At your discretion, but if you decide to spare the monster, the item “show the virtue of mercy” will be reckoned for the side task “The Way of Destination”. A good ending will remain available anyway. It is hard to say how much this merciful act is, because Charley continues to torment the arenas and make the gladiators continue to fight with him.

And now, finally, the witcher will have the opportunity to talk with Anna-Henrietta and explain that such “entertainment” with monsters can lead to great casualties. After a short conversation, the princess will lead Geralt to the captain of the bokler guard Damien de la Tour to learn more about the victims of the Beast.

Anna Henrietta in quest Bestia from Tussent

The captain will not hide his dislike for the witcher, but he will not dare to disobey the order of the ruler, so he will tell everything he knows about the victims.

  • The first victim of the Beast was Count Vladimir Crespi.
  • The second victim was Ramon du Lac.

Upon reflection, we will come to the conclusion that the Bestia is killing the former knights of famous families who have disgraced themselves. Foolishness, greed, shame instead of honor. From the list of canonical virtues, only courage and mercy remain. Our friend Milton, who previously was in the squad with the deceased, is likely to be the next victim, and now plays the role of the Hare in the Toussaint fun.

Can you save Milton in the game The Witcher 3

Hurry to his aid, before it's too late!

can you save milton the Witcher 3

Reaching the palace gardens, the princess and the witcher will arrive at the height of the annual hunt for the Hare. The ruler will try to keep her composure and not scare the residents of Bokler, but there is a snag. No one knows where the Hare is hiding right now, and to find out, we will have to take part in the game and get all 3 items: a unicorn horn, a phoenix egg and a unicorn horn. Remember the rules Milton told us about earlier? Here they are useful to us.

Where Milton Hid

To speed up the search for phantas, Anarietta will offer to split: she will go for a phoenix egg, and the witcher will have to get the fish and the unicorn's horn. Time does not wait, so quickly go on assignment.

How to get a unicorn horn and a goldfish

Let's start with a unicorn, because it is closer to us and will give a number of advantages. In a small clearing, you will notice an ordinary white horse, with a toy horn attached to its head. Well, people need to get out somehow. Unfortunately, this is not Roach, so the horse, seeing Geralt, will immediately begin to run away.

Bestia from Tussenta - Unicorn Horn

Remove the horn in two ways:

  • Take an apple or carrot from the basket, slowly approach the horse and remove the horn from it.
  • Just use Axii. The horse will come to the witcher at the same second, and you will get one of the fantasy for the puzzle. But this option carries with it the consequences - other game participants will not like such tricks, and they will come to understand. If you do not want to fight, repeat the same trick and calm them down with Axiom, or you will have to fight with your fists with three noblemen.

Our horn, it's time to go for the fish. “Unicorn” can ride and ride it through all the gardens, which will greatly accelerate the movement. Reaching the pier, dive into the water. With the help of witcher's flair you will notice a lot of fish tied with a rope to the stones at the bottom. We need - the most extreme on the right, relative to the coast. How quickly you would not be looking for her, some nobleman snatch it in front of Geralt. We will have to act barbarously and spoil the nobility of the nobility - grab the goldfish from their hands, smash the key and remove it from the wreckage.

Quest Bestia from Tussenta - the key of the goldfish

The third clue, the phoenix's egg, has already been found by Anna-Henrietta. Well, as I found, rather, having broken the rules, I ordered the noblewoman who mined it to give the find. But we are now not up to the rules and correct manners, the life of a knight at stake.

Having all the clues, we can finally solve the riddle and find out where the Hare is hiding. The riddle is: “the first syllable is warm in my heart, the second one is hidden in the fox, and the last is kept by all the courtiers”. To solve it, you need to take the first syllable of the word “warmer” and “fox”, and the last syllable of the word “face”. It turns out - the greenhouse! For the correct answer you will get the praise of Anarietta and additional experience, and if you make a mistake, she will solve the riddle herself.

Completion of the mission of Bestia from Tussent

On this task “The Beast of Toussaint” will end and the next “Blood Run” will begin.

Mission video

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