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Fans of the game "The Sims" have a unique opportunity to plunge into the world of magic with the release of the eighth Supplement of the game called "Realm of magic". For players who started their game in the 2000s, it is no secret that a similar image of the game already existed in the first line of games. There, players were given a separate city in which to settle and live the carefree life of a wizard, and finally this opportunity became available for the players of "The Sims 4".

The Sims 4: Realm of Magic

The enhanced game was released for computer versions on September 10, 2019 and for game consoles on September 15, 2019. The game set became no less popular than the previous ones and was taken out, as well as most of the additions to a separate town called "Glimmerbrook".

Glimmerbrook - the city in which most of the addition is made

City - Glimmerbrook. The World of Magic in The Sims 4

How to Start

In order to comprehend the fascinating world, you need a character who will comprehend the magic from beginning to end. Ways to create a magician only two:

How to Start. Firstly you need create character

  • Create wizard in character creation menu;
  • Send a game SIM (not a mage) through the portal and ask the sage to turn him into a wizard.

Also, new life goals were added to the game when creating a character, which subsequently opens up new bonus features.

New life goals were added to the game when creating a character, which subsequently opens up new bonus features.

Another alternative way is to start playing with a family from the town of "Glimmerbrook". The town is home to two gaming family of magicians.

Mentioning the magic family, I would like to note that the game has been added to the characteristic ancestral traits. They cannot be selected in the editor, such features appear in children born in magical families. The longer the generation of wizards the more chances to become an ancient family and inherit the trait.

A significant disadvantage in creating a wizard is that mermaids, vampires and alien creatures cannot become wizards. Accordingly, the SIM must consist exclusively of the human race. Just for this form of life there is no possibility of alternative looks, like vampires, mermaids and aliens. But it is possible to add an unusual makeup for the game character.

Mermaids, vampires and alien creatures cannot become a sorcerer

In addition to external attributes Sims were added new clothes and household items, creating an additional entourage in the game.

The Sims have new clothes that create additional surroundings in the game Sims 4

Sims 4 - character formation for the game

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The Diversity of the Magical World

When the choice of the character for the game is over you can start to transform it. For example, a SIM was created that does not have magical abilities, but very much dreams of becoming something more. That is why settling in "Glimmerbrook", he goes through a magical portal to the world of magic.

Portal through which any character of the game goes to the world of magic

Pass through the portal - confirm that you really want to enter the portal

Entering the portal, the character gets to a hidden location, the history of which is based on the fact that in consequence of magical conflicts, the destruction of the world of magic occurred and the remaining sages try to preserve the remnants of the magical world in its existing form.

The location is 4 independent Islands, floating in the air and connected by portals.

When you enter the portal you will see a location representing 4 islands independent from each other

The first island on which the player gets, is a large area with an Academy located on it, where you can meet one of the magicians who bestow magical power, practice the potion of cooking, read books.

The first island - is a large platform with the academy

First Island Academy - Sims 4 World of Magic

On the second island you can get to the makeshift market, where you can buy:

  • Magic wand;
  • Books;
  • Broom;
  • Ingredients;
  • Magic pet, etc.

On the second island you can get to the makeshift market

The assortment in the magic shops changes once a day, so the missing ingredients can be found simply by waiting for the remaining time to update the day.

The third island is a duel area, where you can hold a magical duel.

The third island is a dueling square

And the last of the Islands is a garden where you can stock up on rare plants. But it is important to understand that the laws of nature (the change of the season) does not have power over the garden, but the exhibit purchased in it, planted on the game lot of the SIM will grow according to its season, and not all year round.

The fourth island is a garden where you can stock up on rare plants.

How to Turn a Character into a Magician

After exploring the beautiful world created by the developers, you can proceed to the most important thing is the transformation of the game character into a magician. To do this, you need to find one of the three sages and ask him to fulfill a long-standing dream of SIM. In return, this is not a difficult task required to complete the transformation, namely, collecting magic spheres. After which the character will be introduced in the "magical community".

Becoming a magician SIM available for the development of their abilities as vampires have this information reflected in the tab "Requirements". In accordance with the development of abilities the character will change ranks.

  • Apprentice;
  • Neophyte;
  • Acolyte;
  • Adept;
  • Master;
  • Virtuoso.

Select Spellcaster Perks when create magician

Increasing the level of magic, the magician can learn new spells, improve skills, open access to magic recipes, etc. At the same time, there are fewer and fewer errors and the quality of magic works improves.

So same, as and have of the vampire under this emerges opportunity additional bonuses, but, as and in already known us example the negative bonuses will have added character on an equal footing with positive.

Choose additional bonuses for sorcerers (note: negative bonuses are added in the same way as positive ones)

During the level of magical power of the character will change and visual animation, which visualizes the various magical actions taken by the game character. For example, reading without hands, stirring potions with a wave of a wand, etc.

In the process of developing the level of the character’s magical power, the visual animation will also change.

The character's magical progress will be displayed in the spell book. It stores information about the successes achieved and what you want to strive for.

Character s magic progress is displayed in the spell book

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What is Worth Paying Attention

The characters of this category appear the rate of charge of the magic. An overabundance of magical power can trigger the death of a character, so do not neglect this factor and monitor the fullness of the scale.

The magic charge is displayed in the character's needs menu.

Magic Charge Indicator - Spellcaster Charge

Each level of magic charge has its pros and cons. There is a possibility of leveling the constant control of this indicator with the help of special bonuses, but they are available only to advanced magicians.

Becoming a magician SIM can also participate in a magical duel, they are held on a special site, and in any convenient place and can take place in different ways depending on the choice of the type of duel.

When you become a wizard, a sim can also participate in a magic duel.

Not worth forgets and Pro curse, their so same can be incur on individual having experienced failure in practice magic, duels and camping on D. Curses more just are subject to beginner’s wizards. Lifting of curses perhaps only reaching expert skill magic so is worth closely applies to failures.

What Kind of Magic to Choose?

Becoming a wizard character opens the opportunity to join one of the three magic schools, which are the wisest wizards. Turning to one of them, the game SIM can: become a wizard, stop being a wizard, acquire new knowledge and skills, increase your level of magic.

Becoming a wizard character offers the opportunity to join one of the three magic schools

Turning to one of the schools, a game sim can acquire new knowledge and skills

Sim training in the school of magic

Schools of magical Sciences vary greatly among themselves, if one of them is aimed at facilitating the everyday life of the character, the second offers to commit magical mischief. The third will provide the opportunity to possess spells of the elements. In any case, you can learn as one desired direction, and become a student of all three schools at the same time.

Spells schools can be study on books, obtain knowledge winning in duel or referring to sage. The game features 24 spells to learn, but the three best can be obtained from the sage reaching the maximum level as a wizard.

The characters are presented the opportunity of studying alchemy as an integral part of magic, it has its specific features. There are 15 types of potions available in the game. You can learn them in books, from mentors or just by practicing.

Characters of the game are given the opportunity to study alchemy

Effects from potions can be diverse, as and the use of. Another plus to the alchemical capabilities was the fact that thanks to the addition of "Get to Work" the character can open a store and sell it magic potions of their own production.

Magical Paraphernalia

To become a wizard is only the beginning of the path of the magician of magic, in order to be realized in this role you need to purchase magical attributes, namely: a magic wand, ingredients, a broom and even an animal.

Magic Wand

Magic wands have a special variety, but a character can perform a magical act without them. They are the creation of the atmosphere/surroundings, but not its functionality. And despite its diversity represented their power is invariably the same.

Sim can also use a magic wand.


Magic broomsticks are also presented in a sufficient selection, but visual flight will not be presented. As in the part with vampires, the character will sit on a broom, take off and immediately teleport to the desired point. The only thing that will make a variety - is the process of learning to use a broom. A novice magician can fall from it during takeoff and landing until he has mastered enough experience.

Broom in the game Sims 4 - to teleport to the desired point


Magical Pets are enclosed in special spheres, after which you need to tie the animal to the SIM and they will travel together inseparably. If the animal gets bored it can be returned back to the sphere, and it will appear in the Luggage of the owner.

Pets also exist in the game - they are enclosed within a special sphere

Add the animal to the sim and they will inseparably travel together

Existing home a cat or a dog as it is possible to draw in the magic, but besides visual changes, their behavior does not change, and cause a magical effect can have a negative impact on the animal.

All this and much more can be purchased on the market lot by passing the portal.

In General, this game set leaves a pleasant impression of its capabilities and diversity. Colorful and exotic hidden location makes you want to come back again and again in the magical world of "The Sims".

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