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Legacy Challenge is one of the alternative ways to play the Sims. The monotony of the game and lifestyle has pushed players from all over the world to create their own rules of the game. Such rules do not change the basic essence of the gameplay, but only include a set of certain characteristics and scoring, which makes the gameplay more entertaining and interesting, especially if the main lines of gameplay are already bored.

The main idea is that it is necessary to live an entire dynasty as one family and to change at least 10 generations of one kind in order to fulfill the requirements of this challenge. This way of playing is entertaining and interesting for players, as in this case you have to survive for generations and build a family capital from the beginning.

Many players, in addition to playing in this kind of challenge, make photo reports of the work done or video reports of their game actions. Therefore, if you have this kind of desire, you can enlist the support and advice of fans of your passage, and given the huge fan segment, it will be quite simple.

Requirements for the Report

For those who will keep reports on the progress of the game on your blog or on the youtube channel, there are certain requirements that must be met for full participation in the community. Their performance will discipline the player, as well as allow you to constantly monitor the results of the work done from the beginning to the 10th generation of characters.

Requirements for the first photo report:

  • The first thing that should be presented in the report is a screenshot of the create a SIM, namely life goals of the character and traits of his character;

    Create a SIM her life goals of the character and traits of his character

  • Next, you need to provide a picture of the purchased area and the Luggage of the family with armor "Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor";

    Next, you need to provide a picture of the purchased area and the Luggage of the family with armor

    Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor

  • Then screen the family budget.

Then screen the family budget

Until the family budget reaches the amount of 50000 mandatory condition is a screenshot of each recharge. When the amount exceeds the specified value, the family budget can be shown at the end of the report, without screenshots of enrollments.

A screenshot of the gameplay in the calculation of Simoleons

Necessarily need show career achievements individual: layoff with work, raising, new employment and camping.

Gameplay while boosting career

Tracking life goals and achieving its various stages is also subject to display in the report as a photo at the end of the week.

Just need to publish:

  • check-in and eviction of Sims on the site
  • birth of children, vacation trips
  • the adoption of bonus potions
  • death of game characters.

Therefore, if the player decides that he wants to share his achievements in the game, he must thoroughly approach the reporting of the work done by his characters. To do descriptions, etc. It may seem difficult, because you want to enjoy the gameplay more, and not think about every step, which is why there is an alternative option in the form of a video report, which can be produced on your channel.

How to Start

So we got to the most interesting part. If the issue with the report is resolved or you just decided that you will play for fun, then get ready for an amazing journey into a new previously unexplored game world "The Sims".

The first thing to note is that the game starts with a new family.

Demonstration of the main game menu

You need to create a character that will be the beginning of your dynasty. SIM can have any desired appearance and have qualities that will appeal to the player.

Depending on the add-on installed on the computer, you can create an alien, a vampire, well, of course a person. The character chosen as the starter should not have his personal history, as the game starts with a "clean slate". In the family, he or she must be alone and is in the "Young Adult".

Select the age of the game character

To complicate the game, you can take a ready-made random character, with established character traits and a standard appearance.

When finished, in the character creation menu, you need to place it on any empty lot. The main thing is that at the same time it had a size of 50x50.

Example of choosing a site that meets the conditions of the game

Example of choosing a site that meets the conditions of the game: Langraab

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Example of choosing a site: Sapphire Shores

Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

If the site is inhabited, it is enough to settle the created character on any free site, go to the edit menu of cities and clear the desired area.

Then overpower SIM on him.

The plot after its cleaning will cost 10000, having moved in on it, you need to go to the menu of construction and buy armor "Knight of the Octagon Table Suit of Armor" for 8200. Armor must be placed in the Luggage of the family, where they should be until the end of your dynasty.

Place for building you home - Sims 4

Summing up the primary result: your character is on the lot size 50x50 with a family budget of 1800 simolions and his task is now not just to survive, but also to become the founder of a family of ten generations.

Game Rules

This challenge has a set of requirements and rules for the game mode. Their observance is mandatory, otherwise the game will not be counted (this applies to players who will conduct an interactive report on their actions). If you play for fun, then honesty should be the basis of the game, first of all in front of yourself.

A set of rules to challenge:

  • The use of cheats in the game is prohibited;
  • Leaving the game without saving is prohibited, except when the game hangs or for technical reasons related to the performance of the game device;
  • Moving from the "family nest" is also prohibited (exception technical problem of the game). There are also restrictions on its settlement. For example, entry to the lot is possible only to the character with whom the marriage is concluded, any character can leave the lot of the dynasty, but it is impossible to return to it back;
  • In settings game must be set the next settings: normal expectancy life, included full freedom will character;

In settings game set next settings: normal expectancy life, included full freedom will character

  • The use of any rejuvenating item is possible for each SIM, but only once in his life;
  • To resurrect a dead character can't, the maximum that is permitted by the terms is to beg for death, when she visited a dying character;
  • You cannot evict a character who has not reached the "young age", as well as you cannot evict the heir of the dynasty from the game lot. Since the evicted heir loses all rights to inherit the title.
  • Suppose situation: inheritance title is happening on the principle of seniority, the second child not a direct heir left lot dynasty. After some time, the heir died, then his place is occupied by the third child of the family, who still continued to live on the site;
  • During game play of the dynasty would switch to another family forbidden;
  • You can edit public places in the game, but you cannot take items from them to game characters;
  • Character added to the family dynasty after marriage have to participate in the "extension of nature".
  • If you have installed the "Get to work" Supplement, where you can buy a shop, restaurant or Supplement "Cats & Dogs", where you can become the owner of a veterinary clinic, it is important to note that the purchase of such a lot cannot be used as an inheritance due to the fact that it gives a clear advantage for the family in terms of financial opportunities;
  • In addition to the game "Romantic garden" there is a well of desires. It can be used in the same way as anti-aging devices once;
  • The change in traits is possible, but this is done by random selection;
  • Pets can live in the family;
  • Gifts and rewards received during the game for personal goals, work or organization of celebrations can be used at your discretion. Creating with it the decor of the family nest or selling to increase the balance of the budget;
  • In the catalog of the game "Seasons" there is a possibility of purchase of a money tree. This permitted to do one times for entire dynasty, but only after 5 generation characters.

This is the list of basic requirements for the gameplay, it is worth noting this category of characters as vampires. So as they are creature’s immortal, then their key is counted on term life conventional SIMA, i.e. 85 or 105 with use of potions rejuvenation. Additionally, the life expectancy is counted 14 days for characters with the character trait "long-lived". You can also increase the life expectancy due to the game set "Parenthood", thanks to which the life of a vampire is increased by 8 days. After that, the character ceases to bring counted points, and in order that he did not take the "extra" place of the player, it can be moved from the site of the dynasty.

Starting a Family and Having Children

In the game, and in this case, there will be a number of restrictions on creating a family with a third-party character. The main requirements are:

  • The availability of have SIMA any history;
  • SIM gives the plot of the dynasty have to be a citizen, homeless or created your character. Instill a standard character created by the developers, you can only have a relationship with them, but nothing more. If you like the character of the standard game. It is enough to create his clone and delete the original to clean up the history of the character and play with him from scratch;
  • If the hooked SIM has contributed to the financial well-being of the family. This amount must be removed from the balance of the family. For example, buying something for the amount of his Deposit and sending it to the Luggage of the family until the end of the game;
  • To marry or to marry any character of the dynasty with no restrictions;
  • Spouse can be any gender and even race.

Example of family relationships of characters of different ethnic origin

With the birth of children or adoption there is also a number of game moments, namely:

  • Children can be had in several ways: giving birth or adopting. It is worth remembering that the male Sims can bear and give birth to a child from an alien.
  • Only infants are eligible for adoption;
  • Traits of children in the process of growing have to choose randomly;
  • To influence indirectly on the sex of the child using food, music, etc.;
  • If a family had a child of alien origin, it is possible to return to their home planet immediately after birth. If he lived in the family for more than a day, his return is prohibited.

Appearance of the game character during pregnancy

Another of the family characters in this story is considered to be ghosts. If in your family under life the specter of was member of family, then him can be offer accession to family. In this case, he will not be able to bring the family income and game points. If desired, the Ghost can be moved out, as well as any other member of the family.

Principles of Inheritance

In every existing dynasty there are principles of inheritance. There are three basic principles of inheritance: gender, pureblood and the principle of choice. Before the storyline, the player should choose one of the principles of inheritance in his game and stick to it until the end of the story.

Before making a decision, it is best to consider all possible variations.

Example of registration of a family home

The principle of pureblood

  • Matriarchy. The founder of the dynasty is a woman, the title of heiress is transmitted through the female line of characters. An exception is allowed if the family has not been able to give birth to a little girl before the end of the childbearing period.
  • Patriarchate. The founder of the dynasty is a male SIM. Inheritance is made among male characters. An exception if the character is a boy and not born, and age at childbearing have been exhausted.
  • Strict matriarchy / Patriarchy. In this case, inheritance is made without exceptions, but strictly on the basis of gender.
  • Equality. The founder is a character of any gender and can transfer the title to any character.
  • Strict equality. The founder of the dynasty of either sex, but a transfer of title is the heir of the opposite sex. And alternates inheritance in the game.

The principle of pureblood

  • Traditional. The title goes only to children born in this family, adopted characters cannot participate in the inheritance of the title. Exception, if in family so and not was born child family dynasty. In this case, the adopted character can claim the title.
  • Strict traditional. Inheritance occurs only among children born in the dynasty. Adopted children categorically do not participate in the inheritance of the title.
  • Modern. In this method, all children participate, regardless of the way they appear in the family.
  • Tutorial. The heir can only be a child taken into care. The exception in this case is the absence of a foster child.
  • Strict guardian. The heir is only the adopted child without exception.

Principle of choice

  • First born. The heir is the first child born in the family.
  • Youth. The youngest character of the family is the heir to the title.
  • The dying man's last will. In this case, the heir becomes the one who had the best relationship with the head of the family.
  • Force. Decision issue title is happening in the process blows characters, winner becomes head of, but physically this title can take from the other granted are hereby winning scramble.
  • Merits. The heir becomes the character has attained the most success in their aspirations.
  • Accident. The title goes to any character, if you change the list of applicants, the title can be played again.
  • Character trait. Inheritance happens according to his character traits. It is important that the original character must be the founder of the dynasty. And forth inheritance occur have Sims expedited it’s have themselves.
  • Democratic. Refers to the players who will make the process of the game on display to the public, they can make a vote among their subscribers and they will choose the next heir.

In addition, I would like to note the principle of racial inheritance. This is also the case. In this case there are the following principles of inheritance:

  • Xenophobia. The heir must be of the same race as the founder.
  • Xenohart. The heir must be of a different race than the head of the family. This principle alternates throughout the game.
  • Breeding. The heir must be reproduced by the previous head of the family. Regardless of the gender of the reproducer. This means that if the head is a man he must reproduce the child from an alien or by changing its capabilities in character creation mode by checking the box on the ability to give birth.
  • Tolerance. The heir can be any character regardless of race.

It is important to know that, choosing the principle of inheritance "Xenophobia" or "Xenoarchate", it is necessary to take into account that the Union of man and an alien makes the appearance of a pure-blooded alien almost impossible. In this case, the role of the heir can take characters who have a character trait alien inhabitant. It is indicated by a green alien face.

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Points System

The challenge of the game ends when the heir of the 10th generation is born, after which you can sum up the game and count the points received.

Scoring in the game is carried out by category. In each generation, you can score a maximum of 10 points. Accordingly, the maximum value that can reach the dynasty is 100 points.

Additionally you can Earn Points for Example:

  • +1 point for extreme start. In order to carry out this type of start, you need to choose a plot of 64x64 (after it becomes empty without objects), the balance of the family will be 8000, after which you need to save up for armor worth 8200 without spending this money. And only after their acquisition, you can start the game in normal mode.

Additionally you can Earn Points: for extreme start

Hounds head - sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Chateau Peak - Sims 4 Legacy Challenge

Another option is an extreme start game with the addition of "Seasons", before settling you need to set the time of year winter and start playing.

You can select season to Play in, for Example: Winter

  • +2 points can be earned with the game set "Parenthood".

    In this case, the point is counted for the education of the child's character traits. They can be positive and negative. Just 10 traits character.

    And still one pass can be obtaining if nurture in one Sime 5 traits character positive or negative.

  • +3 points can get the owners of the Supplement "Seasons" and they relate to the implementation of the traditions of the family.

    After the death of the founder of the clan, you must create two holiday. One must be created on the day of the Creator's death. On this day, the main tradition is "memory".

    The second holiday is the day of the founder's settlement on the territory of the dynasty. In a lot the occasion is as necessary to supply only one tradition at its discretion.

    Further, after the death of each heir on these days, one trait of tradition is added in turn (one heir=one trait on any of the days). These days you can make a day off for employees and students, as well as decorate the house at your discretion.

Points count like this:

  • +1 point for one of two holidays with 5 traditions;
  • +1 point if the heir has reached the status of gold holiday with 5 traditions;
  • +1 point in case of achievement of gold by all family members of the Golden status of the tradition.

Example of displaying a successful achievement in (Traditions) category

Each additional point from the listed categories can be earned once for the entire game. Only Sims living on the dynasty plot can earn points. These points are plus after the end of the dynasty.

There is also a system of penalties in the game, namely:

  • -1 point for disconnecting unpaid electricity;
  • -1 points for each water cutoff;
  • -1 point for each child taken away by the social care authorities due to lack of proper care.

Having studied how you can increase your level of points consider their main method of accrual. It is based on the categories in which they can be achieved.

Category "Family"

Is one of the easiest ways to achieve points, as the first is awarded automatically with the appearance of the founder SIM. Then the scoring goes like this:

  • +1 point is awarded for each generation in which the heir has reached a "young age";
  • +1 point is awarded for 10 children born or adopted in one generation.

Category of "Wealth"

Points are awarded in the process of the financial state of the family. In this case, all family income is taken into account, including the balance of the restaurant, shop and veterinary clinic, if it is owned by the family at the moment. The calculation of points is as follows:

  • +1 point for 75000
  • +2 points for 120000
  • +3 points per 200,000
  • +4 points for 320000
  • +5 points for 510000
  • +6 points for 830000
  • +7 points for 1300000
  • +8 points for 2100000
  • +9 points for 3500000
  • +10 points for 5700000

Example of simoleon balance display of a game character

The last point can be replaced with the purchase of all business bonuses, if the family owns the business.

Category "Knowledge"

This category depends on the number of skills pumped up to the maximum value. Skills for all history of a family, including children are considered. Points are counted according to the following principle:

  • +1 point – 3 skills
  • +2 points – 5 skills
  • +3 points – 8 skills
  • +4 points-13 skills
  • +5 points-21 skills
  • +6 points-34 skills
  • +7 points-55 skills
  • +8 points-89 skills
  • +9 points-144 skills

Leveling skills of the Game character

Additionally, you can be awarded another + 1 point for learning all the skills in the game, taking into account the child. Not necessarily the same SIM and in the same generation.

Category of "Creativity"

Adding points in this case can be achieved using the family legacy created by your dynasty Sims.

+1 point can be obtained by perpetuating the memory of the founder or heir, and his first spouse (if any). This can be done in the following ways:

  • Compose a piece of music in honor of SIM. To do this you need to have the skill of playing a musical instrument and the level of its possession is not lower than 8;
  • Draw a portrait from a photo. To do this, you need to redraw the SIM on the canvas. To create a masterpiece, you need to have a level of drawing skill not lower than the 8th;
  • Take a picture of your SIM. Photos can be created by having the skill of the photographer is not lower than level 5;
  • To perpetuate the memory of creating long Comedy routine. The room should not just be created, but also to show completely at one of the passing parties. Level of Comedy for create numbers should be not below 8;
  • Write a biography. Create the perhaps reaching 10 level skill writer;
  • Create a video game. To create a game in honor of the SIM you need to have a developed video game skill at least up to level 9.

So same +1 pass can be awarded for fulfilling one SIM to example, two of three creative aspirations.

Category "Love"

This category not only brings points to the family, but also interesting character traits manifested from the unions of children.

  • +1 point is obtained for every 3 character traits of the spouse of the founders or the spouse of the heir, which were not previously the first spouses of previous generations. This will help to score a maximum of 9 points if each new spouse has three character traits that were absent from previous generations of spouses.
  • +1 point for the implementation of SIM love aspirations.

Category "Sport"

The number of points in this category depends on the number of accomplished aspirations of the character. So, too, are our aspirations. The calculation is for the entire history of the family. The calculation of points is as follows:

  • +1 point – 1 aspiration
  • +2 points – 2 aspirations
  • +3 points – 3 aspirations
  • +4 points – 5 aspirations
  • +5 points – 8 aspirations
  • +6 points – 13 aspirations
  • +7 points – 21 points
  • +8 points – 34 aspirations
  • +9 points – 55 aspirations

So same +1 pass can be awarded for fulfilling family all available aspirations adjusted for childhood. It is possible to count not within one generation, but within several.

Category "Food"

Points of this category can be obtained only once.

  • +1 point can be obtained by buying the most expensive equipment for the kitchen, and improving it for example a stove or refrigerator.
  • +1 point is credited for cooking a high quality dish available when you reach level 10 of the "baking" skill.
  • +1 point for full mastery of cooking skill, namely: cooking, gourmet cooking, baking and bartending skills.
  • +1 point for completing two Sims ' culinary aspirations. Perhaps the achievement of the aspirations of different Sims, but in one generation.
  • +1 point goes to the player if his SIM recovered, eating homemade food.
  • +1 point for Sims sitting at the same table in the amount of at least 6 people.
  • +1 point goes to the player when his Sims reach the top of two branches of the culinary career.
  • +1 point for cooking ingredients of the highest quality. In the dish they should be at least two.
  • +1 point for cooking a high-quality food or drink for your significant other during a date.
  • +1 point for high quality food and drinks prepared for the company during the party. Food and drink can be prepared by different Sims, but during the same party.

Get Points of category: Food

Category of "Nature"

In this case, the scoring depends on the add-on installed on your device. Depending on it, points are awarded.

  • 1 point – 10% of collections;
  • 2 points-30% of collections;
  • 3 points – 50% of collections;
  • 4 points – 70% of the collections;
  • 5 points – 100% collections.

Additionally, you can be awarded +1 point for a complete collection of types of death Sims.

The same is charged:

  • +1 point for complete career completion of each type;
  • +1 point for a complete collection of emotional pictures;
  • +1 point for the collected collection of awards for the aspirations exhibited on the site. That is, a collection of all existing potions that can be purchased for aspiration points.

Category "Downloads"

For each event held at the end of the SIM is issued a badge of distinction: gold, silver or bronze. Each grade has a point system.


  • Gold – 3 points;
  • Silver – 2 points;
  • Bronze – 1 point.

The sum of these points collected during the dynasty and gives the final score to be credited:

  • 1 point – 20 points;
  • 2 points-30 points;
  • 3 points – 60 points;
  • 4 points-90 points;
  • 5 points-150 points;
  • 6 points-200 points;
  • 7 points-400 points;
  • 8 points-600 points;
  • 9 points-1000 points.

Additionally, in this category, a +1 point is awarded for a SIM who has achieved gold in all organized events, including receiving gold for a date.

Earned Rewards for Legendary date -Sims 4

Category of "Evil"

The number of points in this category directly depends on the number of rejuvenating potions. They have kept at lot of the dynasty of the reach of Sims place. Calculation of category points goes like this:

  • 1 point – 1 potion;
  • 2 points – 2 potions;
  • 3 points – 3 potions;
  • 4 points – 5 potions;
  • 5 points – 8 potions;
  • 6 points-12 potions;
  • 7 points-20 potions;
  • 8 points-30 potions;
  • 9 points-50 potions;
  • 10 key – 80 potions.

Rewards Store, for this points you can buy upgrades

Thus simple way is fought counting all earned key for game dynasty and on its completing the, can be assess work, done for 10 generations game characters in the system point accounting.

If the result does not satisfy the player, you can always try first, because this way of playing is not just unusual, but also carries the Creator of the dynasty for a long time.

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