Best Gaming PC case to buy 2020


When it comes to buying the best gaming PC case there is more than one thing to consider. A PC case is not just a convenient box that is used to stop your motherboard and other components from spilling out. Such as ensuring your gaming gears got sufficient airflow not to burn out is one of the key things to consider. And about all leading best PC case manufacturing companies take care of this issue and build cases that offer sufficient air-flow. The other features such as aesthetically pleasing design and acoustic performance are the factors that can be handled without a good budget.

So, in this guide, we are going to review the best gaming PC case that helps your gears not to melt out in hot. We mostly focused on the cases which share quality build and showcase unparalleled performance. These are the two most important factors that make a PC case stand out.

Without further ado let's get started.

1. Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL

Lian Li O11 Dynamic XL - ATX Full Tower Gaming Computer Case

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Lian Li is one of the biggest names in the world of the PC case. The product was hit when it was released in its XL version is also taking the PC casing world by storm. The product has to share a non-standard layout and seamless design. The casing is meant for cooling water but it does not mean you cannot get your gaming PC built-in here. So, before using the product make sure to have all the efficient amount of fans.

The casing comes with a spacious enclosure, which means you can have any size of motherboards from Mini-ITX to E-ATX. And apart from the motherboard, you can also put additional accessories as well.

The PC casing has to offer more space inside compared to its predecessor. It is even easier to install, and placing your ambitious system is a breeze to install. It also comes with hot-swap drives, which is a great thing to consider compared to a standard cages mount.

The features the casing comes integrated with tailors custom water-cool builds. Everything almost there is tool-free and easy to access, which is an astounding thing to behold in PC casing. It comes with various radiator support and fans. The front I/O ports are standard, and it is good to behold Type-c onboard.

The best gaming PC case comes with eight expansions at the back, and an option to vertically mount your graphics too. In a nutshell, it is one of the best PC cases you can have today. It comes with great GPU cooling, hot-swap drives and many other features that make it nicest and to take care of your precious gaming rigs.


  • Great interior layout
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Quality construction using top-notch material
  • Uninterrupted tempered glass onboard
  • Hot-swappable drives


  • Expensive
  • Better for water-cooled build

2. NZXT H510

NZXT H510 - CA-H510B-B1 - Compact ATX Mid-Tower PC Gaming Case

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NZXT H510 mid-tower case is famous due to more than one reason. The best PC case has to offer clean construction, minimal design and above all, it comes in hands at an affordable price range.

The brand is no stranger to the premium casing and the brand offers another premium product in the affordable price range. With the first glance, you would recognize that the product is from NZXT. The product speaks for the brand and offers impressive cooling performance.

The case supports motherboard up to ATX and comes with spacious inside space. It also incorporated 120 mm Aer Fans, impressive water cooling support, seamless cable management brackets and above all tough tempered glass.

It also has a USB Type-C port to the model and features a vertical GPU motion option, which is a great option in a tempered glass case.

With its two-tone glossy metal panels, the case renders a sleek feel and the cable bar rounds off the design nicely.

Considering the price, the H510 is really something you must not overlook. It is one of the best mid-towers available on the market right now. The case will make and look your PC build superb with minimal effort, thanks to the design created by the brand.


  • A great value at this price
  • Great thermal performance
  • Clean, modern design with all bells and whistles onboard
  • USB Type-C support
  • Cable management supports


  • Elite version is pricey

3. Phanteks Enthoo 719

Phanteks Enthoo 719-High Performance Full Tower Case

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A big PC case does not mean to cost big money. This Phanteks Enthoo PC case is enough big to swing a cat inside, and if you want to house a large GPU, that too. The case is solidly built and shares an impressive sleek back exterior with a tempered glass side panel.

Not only it is a big tower that shares all bells and whistles to cope with your needs but it looks amazing and shares premium construction. The chassis of this PC case is near unbeatable at this price.

The PC case supports various motherboards from EEB to all the way mini-ITX and even dual system setup can be fitted into it. For a streamer or a content creator, it is a hands-down option, as you would be able to fit everything inside of this full-tower. Some may pull you down by saying it a budget or cheap priced full tower, but not let them back you off and fool you. This is a classic option to go with, a classy chassis without any doubt.

It comes with a water-cooling, it is a must feature to have in a PC case and go a long way to support custom loop setup. It comes with various drive options, with 11 places to mount 2.5 inches SSD and 12 spots for 3.5 inches drive.

The budget PC case comes with a radiator and fans support option, the addition and support of a fan hub make it the ideal option to go with. The only drawback or you can say a feature to include, or you would have appreciated if it had come integrated, you need to tidy up the cables in this build.


  • Affordable price range
  • Plenty cable management room
  • Great value
  • Eye-catching design


  • Too tall for some desks


The Internet is an awesome invention. Without moving from the spot you are sitting on, you can look for the infinite option of best PC casing and if you like any, can place an order to get that product reached your doorstep.

We have reviewed our top three best gaming pc case, what are the best option to go for at an affordable price range. If you can afford big money, you can go further and explore other options too. Remember, if you just spend some more time and buy the best gaming PC case, you would not have to buy any other for a long time. So, have a close look and see what falls right on your criterion, need and budget range.

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